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Archives: September 25, 2020

Discover holiday magic! The holidays begin November 6!

Some cute animals gifs to make your night easier.

Is anyone else having a serious attitude problem with their job?

Bill and Hillary Clinton paid their respects to the Notorius RBG

Trouble for Eric Trump NY Deposition

Judge says U.S. must defend or delay TikTok app store ban by Friday

My county is not messing around. Voter press release just now...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Lie in State on Friday. Here's What That Means.

Breonna Taylor's family attorney calls for 'peaceful protests in her name'

Officials spar over Breonna Taylor case: 'Let people see' evidence

Electoral college

Trump's schedule for Thursday, September 24, 2020

Fu@k Donald Trump!

Innocent Madoff investors must pay back profits, court rules

Michigan Legislature eases processing of absentee ballots

Kentucky Senate candidates take up Breonna Taylor case

Demonstrators confront self-styled militia groups in Louisville

Kissing cowboys: the queer rodeo stars bucking a macho American tradition

Who owns NewsNation DUers?

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats that Democrats are to win in 2020.

Dr. Fauci cautions that a vaccine won't eliminate the need for masks and public health measures

Tweet of the hour

Come again?

See you're not talking about the COvid-19 deaths and infections

looks like act blue has taken over all the democrats web site fund raising

George Takei: He really is such a petty bully, isn't he? Brava, Duchess, thank you for speaking out

Jason Johnson tweet: Tell again how #BlackLivesMatter is supposedly instigating all the violence???

Few Police Officers Who Cause Deaths Are Charged or Convicted

Long Lines, 2-Hour Wait Reported on First Day of Early Voting in DuPage County

Alexei Navalny's apartment seized while he was in a coma

Brazil Seeks $2.7 Billion With Postal Service Privatization

5 Ways Climate Change Affects Americans Joe Biden For President 2020

Just watched my Dvr'd copy of Conan OBrien with Michelle Obama!!!!!!!!

Left Behind Joe Biden For President 2020

For a brief moment, Trump comes face-to-face with political reality

Trump loses...what incentive for Pence to pardon him?

Sen. Tammy Duckworth: "If Donald Trump had been on the battlefield with me in Iraq back in November

Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Mastodon fossil discovered in Colombian gold mine

Mastodon fossil discovered in Colombian gold mine

I Can't Believe THe Senate Passed A Resolution Affirming Peaceful Power Transfer

The COVID Memorial Project for the trump Plague

Autumn leaves 2

Too many white people have proven they can't be trusted to use 911 responsibly --

EU mission visits Venezuela in run-up to parliamentary vote

What about the census?

I literally don't think I can watch

Will it be over if Biden wins?

Any former (or current) D&D players here?

Member of health secretary's security detail tests positive for coronavirus

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

California fire tornadoes had winds up to 125 mph

Donald Trump's Women Problem: Poll says Red State Women are Backing Joe Biden

It's time to compare trump to Hitler

So if election night, shows that Biden is leading, does trump say wait for the mail in ballots?

Just got an odd fundraising call

Saint-Saens: 'Fantaisie for Harp'

Nearly Half of Suburban Voters Support Joe Biden, Poll Says

I saw a yard sign a block up from me that read.....

Trump promotes health care 'vision' but gaps remain

Background: Why Trump (by G. Lakoff)

In Other Rock News

Inslee, airline leaders drill down on COVID-19 safety ahead of holiday travel

Elizabeth Warren FTW (regarding Lindsey Graham):

GOP downplays Trump's refusal to commit to peaceful transition of power: 'The President says crazy s

Gil Shaham plays Korngold's 'Violin Concerto'

Russell Wilson on decision in Breonna Taylor case: 'It's devastating'

Brand New Pew Research: The Changing American Electorate-9/23/2020

Senator Sanders Interview With Rachel At Bottom Of Hour nt

Trump's Ohio suburb slide signals peril in industrial north

Bernie Sanders: Despair is Not an Option

Fox News polls: Biden +5% Ohio, +7% Pennsylvania, +11% Nevada

Just discovered a bridge on the internet, felt a need to get its image where it could be seen.

McEnany calls chants against Trump 'appalling'

Dr. Al Gross for US Senate - Lifelong Alaskan

Trump Team Plots His Departure

09/25 Mike Luckovich- Cornered

Obama Plans Fundraisers with Kamala Harris

El Salvador woman freed after six years in jail following stillbirth

Hey, voters! The MD Board of Elections started sending out mail-in ballots TODAY!

Roy Moore sues Alabama over COVID-19 restrictions

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats the Democrats win in 2020.

Bernie just said Dan Coats (DT's Bud) said "We ned a bipartisan commission to oversee our

Bernie is bringing it on Rachel.

Could Congress declare a fraudulent election

HORROR: Trump Won't Commit to Transfer of Power

Protests EXPLODE Over Breonna Taylor Charges

Historic Win: White House Ordered To Provide Sign Language Interpreters for COVID-19 Briefings

Think of voting as if you won the lottery.

Joe: I applaud Congress for passing Savanna's Act this week.

For yuiyoshida

It's kinda embarrassing when my own son tells the world how little effort it takes for a disciplined

Billionaire who donated to Trump in 2016 donates to Biden

OK what's the new film online everyine's been talking about?

Matt Gaetz accuses GOP's Kelly Loeffler of bribing Trump with $50 million to push out her rival

Obama warns of a 'decade of unfair, partisan gerrymandering' in call to look at down-ballot races

Apparently this is a traveling brigade! First at the airport outside Pence's event, now over hwy. W

Fox host Lou Dobbs claims 'no point considering' Trump election loss

Nina Turner starts own PR firm with Lobby Group Mercury Public Affairs, former client of Manafort

Republican US Senators from Biden-D 2020 States/Democratic US Senators from Trump-R 2020 States.

Trump slapped down by Electoral Commission chief over call to dump mail votes

"Political hit job": GOP's Biden report littered with debunked claims and "Russian disinformation"

Donald Trump says coronavirus 'sounds like a beautiful place in Italy'

#Atlanta strippers have pulled off the best voting #ad campaign I have seen yet. Because... Atlanta

S. African song inspires the world to shake off COVID-19 blues

Obama won Iowa, Ohio, and Florida TWICE. one suspects biden may win them once

Fighting Back Against Trump's New Plot To Steal The Electoral College

FL-15: DCCC adds Alan Cohn to Red to Blue program

"There goes impartial justice for all when a president's Tweet gets an immediate response like the m

FL Minimum wage amendment poised to pass

Democrats alert inspector general that GOP's Biden probe "directly implicated" Perry in corruption

Bob Woodward: Trump Is 'Putting A Dagger In The Constitution'

Lindsey Graham Says He's 'Getting Killed' In Campaign Cash Because Foes 'Hate My Guts'

Trump campaign accused of running ads with Republican operatives posing as 'real people'

Michael Beschloss: "You want to go into history to look for something like this?"

Pennsylvania Women for Biden/Harris has 113,000

'This was preventable,' Pelosi says at memorial in D.C. for coronavirus victims

"If you do decide to give Lindsey Graham some money..."

Sixth ricin letter sent to Brooks County sheriff

Firefighters From Mexico Arrive in California to Help Battle Wildfires

Guess who? "dude is so fucked up"

Dam! This is a text message from my very conservative boss tonight whose son is military

Alberto Fernandez urges to rebuild an Argentina for all

Why is it that Minnesota cannot have good BBQ?

Trump is stealing $7 billion from taxpayers to buy votes

"Dementia J. Trump, slurring & mumbling. It is bizarre."

Best line of the day from Nancy Pelosi.....LMAO!!

2008 Fox News declares Obama elected president then diminishes him...

N.C. pastor yells 'white power' from truck during weekend Trump parade, videos show

Ret. Adm. on endorsing Biden: Trump is most serious threat in my lifetime'

Biden plan estimated to create 66% MORE jobs than Trump in next four years.

Bernie Sanders First Major Public Address 2020

MORE INFO on the bullshit Luzerne ballots story.

Amazon Prime Offers to Aid Peaceful Transfer of Power by Shipping Trump Out in Twenty-four Hours

I love Amy Klobuchar's takedown of Weasel Teddy Cruz!

California Dreaming

My best girl & companion crossed the rainbow bridge

Joyce White Vance: It appears that DOJ is briefing the WH on election-sensitive criminal cases.


Very Much Alone Joe Biden For President 2020

Just saw the latest Hamill/Stewart Uber Eats ad...

My Trump Good Bye Party Play List. Feel Free To Add Yours


N.C. pastor yells 'white power' from truck during weekend Trump parade

Find Your Local Stop on the DFL Pop-Up Shop Tour!

Defining pro-life - Sack cartoon

There were more people booing trump at the Supreme Court building

Just say no to drugs.

Manhattan DA says they are investigating why "between 2004-2014, Trump faced billions in liabilities

The striking thing about Joe Biden is that he acknowledges when he gets it wrong.

"And of course, because irony is doing fine in the pandemic."

North Dakota, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Trump Features Steel Plant That Laid Off Hundreds in New Ad About 'the Best' Economy

Vermont, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

MAGAts busting Trump's chops to his face.

Manhattan DA says they are investigating why "between 2004-2014, Trump faced billions in liabilities

Federal Judge Hands McCabe Big Procedural Win Against Barr - discovery & litigation can proceed

Eric Holder: regarding the Supreme Court

Illinois, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Some Covid-19 Patients Show Signs of Heart Damage Months Later

Fox successfully argued that Tucker's reputation is so bad reasonable viewers know to be skeptical

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Donald Trump Refuses To Guarantee A Peaceful Transfer Of Power

Toronto's Scotiabank Arena to be open for voting registration, Nick Nurse says

Trump administration advances plan to cut protections for largest national forest

A massive 'tsunami' of plastic waste covers Honduras beaches

Paul Millsap opening his Georgia training center as an early voting precinct

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian Evening Hymn-'O Gladsone Light'

The Daily Social Distancing Show: No Officers Indicted For The Shooting Of Breonna Taylor

"The US President has "undercover operatives" working for him???"

Plane Stolen In Mexico Crashes In Guatemala; Cocaine Found Next To Dead Men Onboard

Who kidnapped Michael Beschloss and replaced him with a firebrand?????

How Donald Trump Helped Guatemala's Former President Shut Down Anti-Corruption Investigations

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Bob Woodward - Why He Kept Trump's Coronavirus Comments Secret

Dog perfectly imitates owner on crutches

The scam behind the $200 drug gift certificates

Bexar County election officials bracing for a late surge in voter applications

Sarah Huckabee Sanders HUMILIATED in brutal interview with Australian reporter

Jonathan Antoine - Country Roads (A Music Video for Our Time) Brit Got Talent winner

Nazareth - This Flight Tonight

Allegheny County delivers nearly 70,000 mail-in ballots to post office

"Trump Can't Just Refuse To Leave Office"

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats the Democrats are to win in 2020.

Democrats in Pa. scramble to limit number of 'nekkid ballots'

Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen

Iowa Poll: Sen. Chuck Grassley's favorability is under 50% for second consecutive poll

Joe Rogan Snags $14.4 Million Lake Austin Mansion

Black Sabbath - Wheels of Confusion / The Straightener

Seth Meyers - Trump Holds Massive Rally in Pittsburgh Despite Pandemic - Monologue 9/23/20

NC-GOV: Dan Forest asks Trump administration to investigate NC Democrats over mail-in voting

So after @PhRMA said no, Trump is going forward w the "Trump Cards," but w taxpayer money

Republicans may unwittingly stimulate the economy in 2021

GA-SEN: Abrams, Jewish activists push Lieberman to cede to Warnock in Senate bid

Louisville Police Major comments on protests or Why police culture needs to be changed

Seth Meyers - Trump Refuses to Commit to Peaceful Transition of Power: A Closer Look

Puppy excitedly welcomes home owner

Afghan Whigs - Algiers

We just secured a preliminary injunction that BARS the administration from curtailing #2020Census...

Detroit Pistons, Michigan Secretary of State unveil ballot drop box before Election Day

What a concept

HBO documentary "Agents of Chaos" is excellent.

Michigan lawmakers give time on absentee ballots, require video monitoring of drop boxes

Spotted Tomi Lahren and Kayleigh McEnany on my run this morning

Dr. Fauci Speaks About COVID-19's Disproportionate Impact On Latinx Community

Dog plays dead to avoid going home & entertains the crowd!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on President Trump & transfer of power:

Why Does the U.S. Army Own So Many Fossils? (Atlas Obscura)

Dayum Bernie! I just heard what you said today and I gotta say that's a whole different...

Reason 1,593,004 to GOTV, Brett Kavanaugh perjured himself during his 2018 confirmation.

Bills to wipe criminal records clean pass Michigan Legislature

Democrats prepare bill limiting U.S. Supreme Court justice terms to 18 years

Early voting via absentee ballot starts Thursday in Michigan

The two Republican members of the North Carolina State Board of Elections abruptly resign

"This is Something our Founders Feared" Former Trump NSA H.R. McMaster Blasts President's Comments

North Carolina State Board of Elections holding emergency meeting after members resign

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Trump's Plan to Steal the Election

Truck plows through Hollywood crowd protesting Breonna Taylor's killing; at least 1 injured

Truck drove through the protest in Hollywood.

Pennsylvania GOP disputes assertions in bombshell Atlantic story

Let's talk about Trump's comments and the Republican response....

Just sent a letter to the public editor for NPR

He is Killing Us All

Breonna Taylor Case: Grand Jury Secrecy Breeds Distrust, Need for Reform

FLIPPABLE: Abigail Medina for CA-SD23

In another clash with lawmakers, Wolf vetoes bill blocking his efforts to fight climate change

Lambda Legal discusses LGBTQ stakes in Supreme Court

La chanteuse Juliette Greco est morte

NC-SEN: Tillis says he has 'grave concerns' about voting by mail in NC after board settlement

de Visee, Renie, Elgar, Gabunia, Mozart

trump's Racist obsession with genes and eugenics

KS-SEN: For the first time in almost a century, Democrats can win a Senate seat in Kansas

CO-03: Boebert Battles Pueblo Vets Over Mugshot Billboards

Cats annoying Owners

Chris Hayes: Danger Of Trump Is Born Of His Unpopularity, Not Political Strength - All In - MSNBC

Amy Klobuchar is on FIRE and did NOT come to play.

This guy is bringing free television to Detroit -- and the networks are pissed

A Grave Address from Bernie Sanders on the stakes of this Election and the Pathology of trump

Bernie Sanders on the Serious Stakes and how trump will Cheat

Lawmakers' power to redraw Pa.'s political maps could be more limited in 2021

Trump's Own FBI Director Contradicts His Election Attacks - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

How is everyone doing?

I was in the grocery store earlier today and I see a woman in the produce section

Louisville police major on antifa and BLM: 'They will be the ones washing our cars'

Just Sayin' Is All

Why the Democratic Party Needs Thugs

Bar service a no-no: Gov. Wolf plans to veto restaurant bill, encourages certification

My flight with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Dr. Anthony Fauci hulks out on Rand Paul

ME-02, MI-08, MI-11, PA-08: Confident DCCC cancels ad buys for some Dems.

Choose your side...

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: "Osi Is Hriston'-'As Many of You As Have Been Baptized Into Christ'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/24/20

Stephen Colbert - Guest Rep. Katie Porter

Democrats are once again challenging more GOP legislative seats than vice-versa

Mudusa Song/ Plaything of the gods.

Sammy Wilson MP pictured not wearing mask on tube

Get Your Vote In As Early And As Safely As You Can. Overplan! - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

May Every Woman Find Her Marty Ginsburg

Magawa the mine-detecting rat wins PDSA Gold Medal

Breakfast Friday September 25 2020

Anyone got the worlds smallest violin?

We Will No Longer Be America After Four More Years

New numbers - Coronavirus Cases: 7,185,516; Deaths: 207,538

COVID-19 delays Rio's Carnival for first time in a century

What would your question be for a reporter to ask trump?

Trump's own FBI director contradicts his election attacks

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, September 25, 2020

So is someone tracking the covid cases following Trump rallies around the country?

Mary Trump: Take it seriously that Donald Trump may not hand over power

Biden's Lead Grows in Virginia, According to Christopher Newport Poll

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats that Democrats win in 2020.

Louisiana cop arrested for shooting someone...himself

Members of Congress, Tribes, State Governments call to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline

If States can secede from the Union, can't they also be kicked out?

Publicly traded firms paid dividends, bought their own stock after receiving PPP loans to pay employ

Let me get this straight: Trump will sign an EO that gives insurance to pre-existing conditions

Is it me or do I see a lot of bots posting here?

How State Republicans in key states are preparing to run out the clock on the election

Dave Aronberg on Morning Joe: All the talk re: what can happen is to discourage & demoralize Dems

Last night the DU goal for Biden-Harris went up again

N. Korea's Kim apologizes over shooting death of S. Korean

On the positive side, Trump and his gang have a long track record of incompetence. Yes he is

So you believe a guy who's lied over 20,000 times to you...

Blackrock Owns $400 Million Stake In 3 Amazon Basin Meatpackers, But They're Oh So Green

Executive Order on An America-First Healthcare Plan; September 24, 2020

trump is boxing us in again

Study: Hawaii (Big Island) Reefs Lost 45% Of Keystone Fish Biomass In 10 Years

Ex-Tennessee trooper Harvey Briggs denied ripping mask off of protester; cop, video say otherwise

Putin proposes Russia and US "reboot relations in the field of security." incl. "electoral processes

Researchers show conscious processes in birds' brains for the first time

At The Amazon's Mouth, The Bailique Archipelago Is Disintegrating From Dams, Diversions And Seawater

I can't wait for the day

950 Superfund Sites Vulnerable To Warming, Rising Seas; Shitstain's EPA Won't Even Say "Warming"

Right to Carry Gun in Public Debated at Ninth Circuit

Written English question about usage of a comma

Oh, Great. Conditions Right For Potentially Record-Breaking West Coast Heat This Weekend

Don't be afraid, my fellow DU'ers

August 2020 2nd-Hottest Global August On Record; Odds Of Top-Five Status - 99.9%

Shitstain Administration Releasing Tongass Forest Logging Plan, Because FUCK YOU EARTH

Teenage brothers from McLean launched an online tutoring service for elementary school students

Surge of Ballot Requests Already Setting Records

Wolf Blitzer uncharacteristically critical on Twitter:

Koala Considered For Endangered Listing (Along W. 27 Other Species); Driven By Fires, Habitat Loss

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss

COVID19 is not a pandemic"--it's a "syndemic".

Tha past four years have demonstrated that Trump couldn't organize a two car parade and would

"In the last 36 hours, DOJ has..." (Twitter)

When Greenwash Fails - The Sad, Sad Story Of Cory Gardner: Closet Trumper & Bald-Faced Liar

I want to buy a speaker so that I can listen to music or podcast on my iPhone and get a better sound

In a very republican, affluent, mostly white, educated, Columbus OH suburban neighborhood of ...

The origin of Superheroes: Power Girl

Return of mail in ballot to drop box

Tucker Carlson's successful defamation defense: No "reasonable viewer" would believe him

"Everything's For Sale" - New Documentary On American Public Lands Opening Online Today

The Rundown: September 25, 2020

Fuckoffee, anyone?

The Democratic party is the one side of the struggle that makes the choice to live in reality

IKEA Donates Cost Of Its Furloughed Maryland Workers To Regional Charities

Dancing cheek to cheek?

Paris: Several wounded in attack near former Charlie Hebdo office

More Pathetic Greenwashing From Lindsey Graham; Apparently He Held A Hearing Once

Every ploy Trump has tried over the last two months has succeeded in doing one thing

I took a tour of my neighborhood, this morning, to check out the yard sign situation.

Hey Trump, if so worried about the stock market

Could Republicans ignore the popular vote and choose their own pro-Trump electors?

Winner don't cheat & cheaters steal what is not theirs!

Autocrats who actually have the power to fix elections don't announce their plans to do it

Best summary of Trump's "healthcare vision" I've seen

Ocean Heatwaves Directly Tied To Global Warming; "Blobs" Like 2014's May Become Permanent

A short post on 14th week of phone banking South Central Mi. all good.

The first debate is this week. How does Biden debate a liar?

Get Up Stand Up

'His abuses have escalated': Barr's kinship with Trump fuels election fears

Austria to Welcome Skiers This Winter, Just Not Apres-Ski Parties

Two injured in Paris knife attack near Charlie Hebdo's former office

Over 80% of Britons not heeding COVID-19 self-isolation rules, study finds


Patagonia Has Been Telling You to Vote the Assholes Out for Years

Best logical explanation yet of why 45's ballot disqualification charade is just that!

May I point something out?

Toles on our hopes for the future

The Mail-In Ballot Hysteria

How much is a black life worth?

So, at Kroger's this morning...

'Everyone sees the train wreck coming': Trump reveals his November endgame

Happy National One Hit Wonder Day!

Peepaw trump Whines To Florida Crowd That Media Covered A Hurricane More Than His Nobel Nominations

What do you think - a bear, or the Pope?

The Russian trolls are out Re mail in voting

How to Debate Someone Who Lies

Article on EV.COM Debunks plan to bypass voters.

Trump and McConnell are speeding the GOP to permanent minority status

Doesn't cost him anything from the timid MSM and republicans are fine with it.

Hell yes! Great news on the census!

On the Subject of Selection of Presidential Electors

RBG has arrived at the Capitol

Sen. Cornyn's challenger slams super PAC using her tattoos to frame her as 'radical'

In seeking to boil the frog , Trump has been steadily increasing the temperature

I Had a Vivid Dream Last Night - A Trump and Biden Dream

Open letter to all who still have jobs

Groups decry proposal to roll back Alaska forest protections

Amazon Prime Offers to Aid Peaceful Transfer of Power by Shipping Trump Out in Twenty-four Hours

Absolute proof USPS is deliberately delaying mails.

Thank you Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Health Care Plan, Simply Explained

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam tests positive for Covid-19

Told BIL not to call

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to end local restrictions on restaurants

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Dear Daughters"

De Niro celebrates Ruth Bader Ginsburg,tears into Trump: 'A criminal who will stop at nothing to win

Kyle Rittenhouse makes first court appearance the day after his mother, lawyer got standing ovation

What does "Warrior XII" (12) mean?

No, it's not your 'God-given right' to buy a new gas-powered car

2020's Happiest States in America

Trump: "The laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother's womb in the nights month"

Trump Botches COVID: People at Home, Angry, Out of Work, Bored, Mail-In Voting Surges--All His Fault

Meadows attacks Wray, pushing FBI to probe voter fraud

Judge says 2020 census must continue for another month

Denyce Graves awesome as always.

BTRTN: Get Ready for 2020's "October Surprises"... Here Are Ten of Them.

BTRTN: Get Ready for 2020's "October Surprises"... Here Are Ten of Them.

Obama backs Ossoff, Warnock U.S. Senate bids in Georgia

Doobies to Bill Murray: Stop using our music to sell your ugly shirts

Michigan Legislature eases processing of absentee ballots

Thinking about the debates is making me giddy lol

Trump administration rescinded 'Courage Award' for woman who criticized Trump

Invasive sea lampreys in Great Lakes, and the lake trout they prey on, puzzle scientists

Ian Tyson was born on this date.

"LadyG got ads to buy. We see the truth behind the lies"

DOJ got busted trying to destroy our faith in our democracy.

Publicly traded firms paid dividends, bought their own stock after receiving PPP loans to pay employ

Prediction: there will only be one debate.

This is an unbelievable hidden ball pitch.

Background on Luzerne County, PA where they "found" the discarded Trump ballots

Point for discussion...recent polls do not include Trump's comment about not leaving.

At Pentagon, Fears Grow That Trump Will Pull Military Into Election Unrest

'His abuses have escalated': Barr's kinship with Trump fuels election fears

"I'm wearing a mask !"

I hope Joe Biden has read Woodward's book ahead of the debates. There is a lot more in that book

Pennsylvania Cop Slashed $5,500 Worth of Tires After Being Denied Alcohol: Charges

Virginia governor, wife, test positive for coronavirus

Quick poll on DUer predictions for the upcoming debates

RBG's trainer paying respect:

Joe needs to point out over and over that there is a difference between strong and mean.

Trump has lost patience with CDC head after series of mixed messages

Democrats build big lead in absentee ballot requests in New Mexico

Roderick C. Young, a magistrate judge and former prosecutor, appointed to federal judgeship

Dead but not forgotton

The Biden Train +O'Jays. You're Welcome

Pieces of shit Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy Reportedly Skipping Ceremony Honoring RBG

Trump Whines To Florida Crowd That Media Covered A Hurricane More Than His Nobel Nominations

Chris CRISPY threatened to sit on BLOOMBERG - is that attempted assault or attempted murder?!1

Pushups for RBG

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy did not attend the Capitol ceremony to honor #RBG

Neither Scumbag McConnell nor Douchebag McCarthy are at the memorial service for RBG.

In today's Trump tax case oral argument before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals...

Non-VA doctors.

DLCC to spend $16 million this fall in battleground states

London police officer shot dead inside police station

Powerful Breonna Taylor protest sign.

Putin says Russia and U.S. should agree not to meddle in each other's elections

518 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 28 deaths

The Congresswoman You Deserve - Kate Bolz for Congress

CBS Interviewer Rudeness

One of the best sources of COVID info I've seen.

DOSE OF JOE - Sep 25

Plastic and paper bag ban passed by NJ lawmakers, heads to governor

Hamill: 'So far, so good...'

oh MY :D

Switching slates of electoral college members needn't work everywhere in order to work

Our Democratic leaders need to fully understand that we are in a partisan era and act accordingly

Kentucky lawmaker who proposed "Breonna's Law" to end no-knock warrants statewide arrested ...

ON MSNBC: This young lady is bringing it.

Lindsey Graham complaining about Unemployment benefits Vs. Lindsey Graham begging for money

Ilhan Omar: If Democrats want to win, focus on nonvoters

The (Stolen) Pendulum of Justice

UPDATED: World War II Flyover Postponed

2 charged for handling of virus outbreak at veterans home

UPDATED: World War II Flyover Postponed

How to Debate Someone Who Lies

Joe Scarborough: Trump and McConnell are speeding the GOP to permanent minority status

John Lithgow's New Book: Trumpty Dumpty Wanted A Crown - Verses For A Despotic Age

America has a serious Stupidity problem.

How to Win a Debate With a Bully (like Drumpf the Scumbag)

Fox News Told Them COVID Was Fake. Then They Got Sick.

KANA CHAN TV!! Going to eat a lot of Japanese snacks in America!

Putin says Russia and U.S. should agree not to meddle in each other's elections


Trump administration rescinded Courage Award for woman who criticized Trump

TL:DR the discarded Trump ballots were discarded because ...Trump and GOP lawyers won a lawsuit ...

Largest California wildfire threatens marijuana-growing area

Damn Subway better get my order right this time- NO ONIONS

Friday TOONs - Decision 2020

"Police officer in Portland violently shoves a complying protester from behind"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's personal trainer at the Capitol!

Hey, all you Marines and brats of Marines

Cozies by theme. Good list.

A member of HHS Secretary Alex Azar's security detail has tested positive for coronavirus.

Operation 8 Piece is go!

White supremacist killed in shootout with San Luis Obispo County deputy (CA)

At Pentagon, Fears Grow That Trump Will Pull Military Into Election Unrest

House GOP super PAC seeks to shore up additional Republican seats

A chin strap is not a mask. n/t

9/25 Daily Dose of Joe

Trump's Supreme Court pick could turn back the clock on civil rights

With AstraZeneca's vaccine trial still on pause in US, questions abound about mysterious illnesses

Email from Sharice Davids' campaign - Obama just endorsed her!!

Has Velveeta Voldemort commented, in public, on his being being booed 9/ 24/20?

Karen PSA

Brazilian Mailman Takes Selfies With The Animals He Befriends On His Job, And People Love It

Publicly traded firms paid dividends, bought their own stock after receiving PPP loans

This is the way..

RECORDS REVEAL: 1.5 Years After Hurricane Maria, FEMA Had Sent Only $3.3 Billion To Puerto Rico GOV

In NJ, there exists a Progressive, registered as a Democrat, who

U.S. court lets House move forward with challenge to Trump's border wall

Minnesota priest who says COVID-19 is a scam told to halt such preaching

Pierce: Lindsey Graham Is Pleading for Cash Like a Televangelist Peddling Miracle Spring Water

Some in Oregon Wildfires' Path Never Got Evacuation Alerts

Kyle Cheney thread - In the last 36 hours, DOJ has:

In Open Letter Endorsing Biden, Restaurant Owners Say Donald Trump Has Failed the Industry

Michael Beschloss: "This is the way dictators come to power."

If the vacancy for RBG remains open for arguments to the USSC re the ACA,

2 vehicles hit Breonna Taylor protesters in Los Angeles

Guaranteed to make your tree burst into flames.

Hunter killed by grizzly in Alaska identified, incident called 'surprise attack'

So, Sarah, if Jesus Christ were on the ballot you'd "be happy to vote for him" according to your

Trump's Remarks on the America First Healthcare Plan; September 24, 2020

Betsy Devos' nephew, Ben Wierda, the moment he realizes how tight his pants are

The Translator Relay: Don Mee Choi

Supreme Court Showdown Carries Consequences for Obamacare

Pence's Remarks at a Made in America Event; September 24, 2020

In a stupid argument on Youtube about masks and some guy posted a CDC article that is confusing

Kim Jong-un has apologised for killing of South Korean official, South says, in highly unusual move

Kelly Loeffler's Family Has Taken In $3 Million in Farm Subsidies

Tucker Carlson: George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor, actually had it coming.

I wonder if those on the Electoral College feel proud for what they did, overriding the popular

New talking point I've been hearing: BLM is coming to your neighborhood!!!

A Seattle police officer rolled his bike over a protester's head. He's been placed on leave.

And now it has a name.

We got a positive test at work. We are Teleworking/quarantine for 2 weeks.


Jr. looks rough:

The police in this country are completely out of control.

Wall Street donors are abandoning Trump and jumping ship to Biden

Pentagon Worries Trump May Pull Military Into Election

Woodward: Trump rooting for 'quadruple train wreck on Nov. 3'

Why is Joe lowering himself to debate this corrupt dictator...?

Wall Street Journal rips Trump's 'preposterous' refusal on peaceful transition of power

I have limited bandwidth.

Breonna Taylor's family demands release of grand jury transcripts

'What guts?" New MeidasTouch video calls out gutless, lying Lindsey

Trump's schedule for Friday, September 25, 2020

What I'm expecting Trump to do during the Debate on Tuesday:

COVID-19 can't crush human rights, UN gathering declares

Some Washington school districts make plans to move forward with limited in-person learning

Repeat After Me, "It Will Never Be 'Normal' Again." : Wry Wing Politics

Tacoma Public Schools won't resume in-person learning Monday due to N95 mask requirements

With 'profound sorrow': Ginsburg lies in state at US Capitol

Two photos...where we were, where we are, where we can be AGAIN if we just frigging VOTE.

Some protesters say Seattle police officers chilling free speech with recent arrests

RGB's legacy, and why girls rule

I hope Biden makes this about values and morals. Since he's folksy he needs

Dakotas Proving Masks/Social Separation Essential

Joe Biden reaffirms commitment to protect LGBTQ youth, workers;

Kamala 'Momala' Harris looking out for our seniors (Sen. Feinstein)

Iconic Ivar's Plans to Close Acres of Clams and Salmon House Until Spring 2021

Memo details how Dems can stall or stop GOP rush to confirm Trump SCOTUS pick

Republicans Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy Skip Ruth Bader Ginsburg Ceremony Despite Invites

Up to $6.5 Billion lost from Florida's economy from 'snowbirds'

Louisville police major on antifa and BLM: 'They will be the ones washing our cars'

Lol, 'If you give Lindsey money he won't have any incentive to work'

I'm sorry but any boss who makes an employee steam his pants while he is wearing them is a pig

Brianna Keilar is doing it again - castigating the trump administrator and Kayleigh McEnaney...

I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!

DeJoy Says Mail Sorting Machines Were Stripped For Parts And Can't Be Reinstalled

Texas woman says she was fired from Whataburger for wearing Black Lives Matter mask

So Megan wasn't on The View yesterday but "back tomorrow" but again NO Megan...

Any ideas? I just had 2 boards replaced on my outside stairs. The new boards are pressure treated.

What the hell, Michigan. Candy corn?!

How well is the USA doing with COVID 19 compared to other countries that actually are doing well?

Why is trump having super spreader events still knowing its spreading this deadly virus?

Ron Paul suffers possible stroke or medical issue during live stream

Two charged in deadly COVID-19 outbreak at Massachusetts veterans' home

Trump's Latino roundtable spirals off the rails as he questions Biden's brainpower after ranting 'I'

Are some black holes wormholes in disguise? Gamma-ray blasts may shed clues.

AQUATIMEZ -- NIJI (RAINBOW) with Lyics in English (my favorite all time song)

This left me speechless.

Trump Issues The Constipation Proclamation

Waukesha GOP Women's Event: Standing ovation for mother of Kyle Rittenhouse

Cartoons 9/25/2020

Fire victims voter information

Just tweeted this to the orange menace. I am hoping to ruin his day.

Stores ask employees to remove 'BLM' pins

Emerson College Wimp poll...

US nears 7 million Covid-19 cases as 23 states report rising numbers

Former intelligence agency director Robert Cardillo speaks out against 'erratic' Trump

For Those Displaced By Southern Oregon Fires!

Need more caffeine. In another thread, where KY was mentioned, my mind hit the gutter. Is that

Here are the structural reforms for police that I can think of

Why Four Pivotal Swing States Likely Won't Be Called On Election Night

Biden Takes Trump's Favorite Line Of Attack, And Fires It Right Back At Him

If you've been denied by FEMA you can appeal-

something new

Trump announces $6.6 billion in prescription drug discounts

trumps Sheep

District 5 Rep Pam Marsh FB page

Florida governor reopening state's economy despite spread

Don Jr. needs an intervention due to his drug problem

People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Elderly Cats

Trump to buck local officials with 'gargantuan' rally they say poses 'severe public health threat'

Southern Oregon Residents Displaced or in Need of Help! Some resource links posted in OR Group!

Who Invited the Far-Right Oaf Keepers to Downtown Louisville?

More Americans call Trump a 'wimp' than Biden

Why is the Trump campaign sending rent checks to a Long Island P.O. box?

Pelosi Slams Trump Executive Order As An 'Insult' To Those With Preexisting Conditions

Florida governor lifts all restaurant restrictions, bans mask fines as COVID-19 spreads

Majority of Americans support abolishing Electoral College system in favour of popular vote

Dr. Deborah Birx reportedly says she is 'distressed' at direction of White House COVID-19 task force

UPDATE: Facebook now says it will reject Trump ads prematurely claiming victory Nov. 4

Washington's main weather radar is broken and could be out of service for many days

Opinions I played Trump in Clinton's debate prep. Here's what Biden can expect.

I accidentally left two pounds of 80-20 ground beef on the counter overnight.

Check out THIS poll, Trump 57% Biden 43%:

Majority says winner of presidential election should nominate next Supreme Court justice, Post-ABC p

Daily Beast: Did Russian Spies Use Diplomatic Cover to Run a Global Cocaine-Smuggling Operation?

Cockatoo finding out he is going to the vet

Studies with monkeys find early attachment brings generations of benefits

I'm still a proud Republican, but we must defeat Trump

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/25/20 - Seven-Million-Cases Day

Ben Carson's notes caught on camera at Trump event: "I am your friend and I am very loyal to you"

Great article on Facebook disinformation and broken democracy.

Dear Joe: During The Debate, Point At Trump's Dilated Pupils and Say "This Man Is DRUGGED."

Lie Witness News - Trump Replaces Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Ivanka

You are a socialist if you believe in . . .

The Uber incompetent Trump campaign has mistakenly gotten my phone number.

Lake Trump? How about Staten Island's Fresh Kills Landfill & North Arlington (NJ) Erie Landfill?

On this day, September 25, 1946, Bryan MacLean was born.

Ron Paul doing better after on-air stroke-like medical thing

GovTrack hiatus message

Bloomberg unveils $40M Florida TV ad buy

Underwood takes over as chair of House cybersecurity panel

Philadelphia city treasurer facing federal fraud charges, U.S. attorney says

Facebook busts and boots 3 extensive Russian Troll Farms

I just found out Post Secrets has a twitter.

Photos Of An Elderly Couple That Has Been Together For 72 Years

Photos Of An Elderly Couple That Has Been Together For 72 Years

Estonia imposing Magnitsky Act sanctions on Belarus officials for crackdown.

Gollum Pleads and Whimpers To Have Just ONE MORE Rub Of The Ring...

George Takei: Governor DeSantis, please explain why you are allowing restaurants and bars across you

A military plane has crashed in Ukraine in Kharkiv oblast near the town of Churbuyev.

Confirmed-Barr briefed trump on PA ballot investigation

Hey George.....where's my check!

Nicole Wallace is wearing her fustian print blouse.

Gov. Ralph Northam and First Lady Pam Northam have tested positive for COVID-19.

President Trump's will nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court tomorrow.

A Student Just Proved Paradox-Free Time Travel Is Possible

Yay! New Biden/Harris sign

Slate. "Was the Identity of Q Just Revealed?"

You Won't Believe What This Husky Looks Like Now

Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy decided not to attend her memorial

They will kick him out of the WH

"I find it very interesting how the show "Masked Singer" hit America in January 2019..."

Sources Say Trump to Choose Amy Coney Barett for Supreme Court

How Journalists Covered the Rise of Mussolini and Hitler

This made me smile! Cute TikTok with Joe.


El Salvador's president says military files on civil war massacre were destroyed

Aww, Rep. Swalwell brought his daughter to pay respect to RBG:

Are You Scared Now?

Down Ballot races: Corporation Commission

Will the Democrats pack the court if Amy is nominated/confirmed?

Trump pledges to make Juneteenth a federal holiday, designate KKK a terrorist group in pitch to Blac

Trump Will Nominate Amy Coney Barret

Progressive Tim Canova won't vote for Biden, supports President Trump's policies

Wolf asks that Trump's Saturday rally in Harrisburg be canceled, calls the event "dangerous" and

Just a little bit ago on Nicolle Wallace's show, Joyce Vance spoke about her father-in-law

The Lincoln Project: The Choice

The Lincoln Project: The Choice

"Not Leaving Comment" :A Ploy to Distract From Supreme Ct Appointment.(my opinion)

Trump FAIL: About Those 9 Discarded Ballots from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

We need to delegitimize the Supreme Court and the best way to do that will be to prosecute Trump

Elephant with small baby, amazing interaction and behaviour.

Justice, Finally, for a War Crime in El Salvador

Obamas are 'most admired' man and woman in world: poll

Was Ron Paul rushed to a local church for his medical care?

Glacier Defenders Say Senate Board Is Chipping Away At Protection Bill

Obamas are 'most admired' man and woman in world: poll

Hoisted on their own petard. The ballots were discarded because of the "naked ballot" ruling of the

A voter fraud conspiracy theorist called Philly election officials corrupt. He didn't like the

'Apocalyptic' fires are ravaging the world's largest tropical wetland

'Apocalyptic' fires are ravaging the world's largest tropical wetland

CSU quarantines 900 students bc of Covid in wastewater...

"Things I trust more than donald trump":

Zombie storms are rising from the dead thanks to climate change

This dog and rat were thrown out like trash -- then they found each other 😍

Ron Paul hospitalized after suffering medical incident during livestream.

Biden just won Florida!

An evaluation of Trump's and Biden's economic policies by Moody's economist Mark Zandi

If Amy Barrett accepts the nomination, then she's a hypocrite

Woman Fosters A Shy, Scared Cat And ... 😍

Is it possible that Trump's nomination will be defeated?..any chance at all? Just asking.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 25, 2020

South Jersey mosque reaches $550,000 settlement with City of Vineland in discrimination case

COVID-19 victims for trump 2020

Coronavirus: Vitamin D reduces infection and impact of COVID-19, studies find

"The reason he says he won't leave... is to make us forget it's not up to him."

Trump assails Black Lives Matter in appeal to Black voters

Will trump attend the Biden/Harris Inauguration?

Oh, Man. You Know Trump Is Butchering His Speech In Atlanta When Fox News Cuts Away From It To Talk

Trump is laughing at Democratic panic

Alabama Shock Poll- Doug Jones 51% Tommy Tubberville 48%

Sounds of Blackness: 'Optimistic'

Has DeJoy and that shitstorm fallen by the wayside? Will he get away w/destroying the USPS?

Oregon Fire Victims Voter Information

Mom tased for resisting arrest after refusing to wear mask or leave middle school football game

Nicole Wallace said Amy Barrett was just selected as SCOTUS pick.

I don't use this verbiage often but this is a whole vibe. simple as that

'I Feel Sorry for Americans': A Baffled World Watches the U.S.

This is exactly who they are

Jury awards $3 million to former prison inmate over sexual harassment

Pa. cop went on $5,500 tire-slashing tirade after being denied booze at restaurant

For my 10,000th post.

Time to start looking at state ballot proposals to ensure abortion rights.

President Obama names his 2nd wave of endorsements. 💙 Thank You Mr (still-my) President

Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States and the leader of the free world

Voting without a mask?

Will Only The Party That Controls The Senate Get Its SCOTUS Nominees Confirmed From Now On?

Trump Got a 'Kick Out of' the Election Fears He's Stoked

780,065 votes have been cast in the 2020 US Presidential election.

Democratic Strategy For The Barrett Hearings.

I voted today.

I have voted, now it's your turn!

Hey, look who else doesn't wear a mask!!!

Hmmmm, looks like Barr is as equally sKeered at Red Don is. Barr's prolly done something illegal too

Democrats should not delay Amy Coney Barrett's nomination. Let it proceed.

Kentucky's only Black female legislator arrested on felony rioting charge at Breonna Taylor protest

Just convinced my CEO to close the company for election day

Donald jr challenged to take drug test. looking more like Fallwell Jr every day. "Twump"

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1: III

Do we have an "I voted" avatar. Think it would be nice to see those start popping up

"Mr. President, I am your friend and I am very loyal to you."

Transgender woman killed at army checkpoint in Colombia, prompting outrage

Transgender woman killed at army checkpoint in Colombia, prompting outrage

I don't think Trump should leave the White House

China says it's coronavitus vaccine will be ready for the world by 2021: ABC News

Ari just reported that Trumps pick is Barrett!

Trump 2020-Fuck your Feelings

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown declares emergency in Portland as Proud Boys rally approaches

Posted without comment

Some 3,500 U.S. companies sue over Trump-imposed Chinese tariffs

Two generations of empowered women have arose since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973

Rep. Gerry Connolly is my Hero of the Day

My favorite Republican ad against Trump

I can't believe I'm getting mailers for Trump.

Canada's New Democrats will back Trudeau's government, averting election

Amy Coney Barrett

How to say "F off" politely

BREAKING: Federal Court BLOCKS Texas' repeal of straight ticket voting option.

Family demands release of evidence in Breonna Taylor's case

Do any of you remember back to Y2K?

Federal Court BLOCKS Texas' repeal of straight ticket voting option.

Puppy adorably discovers his reflection in the mirror

Cute Yard Sign Seen Locally

Good puppy dog

Federal judge blocks Texas' elimination of straight-ticket voting

Trump supporters are illegally crossing the US border into Mexico

Hilarious Anti Lindsay Graham Ad From Lincoln Project

Hilarious Anti Lindsay Graham Ad From Lincoln Project

from K. Starr re: RBG.Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Equality's Gracious Champion

Just got off a call with the North Carolina Democratic Party on volunteer needs

Bloomberg just rolled out a $40 million ad buy in Florida

Our county Democrats finally got some Biden/Harris signs in. Wish me luck, tomorrow.

i am not sure most RW religious nuts who want Roe vs Wade

In Biden's healthcare ad which of his little boys has his leg in traction? That whole family is so

Amy Coney Barrett hid her membership in the religious group that inspired hit TV show The Handmaid's

Trump Is Escalating His Coronavirus Lies

"But I can almost guarantee you know a Jakob Schmid." (Good German story)

If there is a way, Pelosi and Shumer & Experts on Our Side, Will Figure It Out..

VOTER FRAUD - No doubt about it

A current 30-year federal prosecutor speaks truth to power about Barr...

More than 150 restaurant owners endorse Biden, citing Trump's COVID-19 response

OMG. Apparently Ron Paul had a stroke on live video. (Warning: video posted)

Four years ago today...

Report: Trump Thinks His Attempts to Steal the Election Are Rip-Roaringly Hilarious

Justice Ginsburg's Trainer Honors Late Justice With Pushups At Capitol Hill Memorial

Kamala: Why are so many powerful people trying to make it so difficult for us to vote? Because they

The code: How genetic science helped expose a secret coronavirus outbreak in Iowa

GROAN---A few dad jokes on a dull Friday nite

Lawyer Robert Barnes thread: Background on Amy Coney Barrett as a judge

*Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg In Conversation

The one of the best obits ever....

My favorite color is Fall in Wisconsin..share pics of the color changes in your area! 🍁🍂

9/27 Mike Luckovich: What swinging pendulum?

Senate Democrats say they will press President Trump's SCOTUS nominee to commit to recuse herself

Friday's cool neighborhood lawn sign:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson denies DOJ effort to dismiss Strzok/Page lawsuits. Discovery to follow.

Joe: The unrelenting impact of climate change affects every single one of us.