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Archives: September 26, 2020

Current Assistant US Attorney speaks out against Barr's abuse of power

Gov Cuomo: Mr. President, stop making illegal threats. Maybe you will wake up your DOJ.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats win.

Could we see a Kamala Harris / Jaime Harrison ticket in 2024?

OK Friday Night News Dump....How many shots am I gonna need before watching Rachel?

Will either Obama do any actual or virtual campaigning?

Brett Terhune: The Masked Singer programmed you to where a mask (((Satire)))

BREAKING: Federal Court BLOCKS Texas' repeal of straight ticket voting option.

Friday Talking Points -- Plotting A Coup In Plain Sight

Somewhere I saw this song dedicated to RBG I think it fits

What we know about Amy Coney Barrett's judicial abortion record

My Dad just told my husband that there won't be an election

Biden predicts Trump will leave office if he loses election

'I Feel Sorry for Americans': A Baffled World Watches The U.S., NYT

Temp worker tossed Pennsylvania ballots Trump complained about, official says

'I Feel Sorry for Americans': A Baffled World Watches the U.S.

Trump, via Sarah Cooper, on Climate change

Here's every time Lindsey Graham begged for money over the last few days...holy shit is he pathetic

Louisiana AG investigates school for suspending 4th grader after teacher noticed BB gun during onlin

Joe: Thanks for a great trip, Minnesota! Don't forget that early voting is now open across the state

*Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg In Conversation

Joe: Today, Justice Ginsburg made history one last time -- and I was grateful to be there to pay my r

Massive Attack - Angel

Breonna Taylor's family joins protesters in Louisville

It tweeted angrily about Gov Cuomo


Blaire Erskine: WE GOT FRONT ROW SEATS TO @realDonaldTrump 's NEWPORT NEWS RALLY

Making kitty candy rolls

Heard On Joy's Show

Dennis Quaid: Randy, Hold My Beer! Star in Trump's $300 million ad campaign on COVID 'despair'

The FULL Fourth Circuit (en banc) reinstates our earlier victory in South Carolina (witness req.)

Historians and election experts warn Trump is behaving like Mussolini

Massive Attack - Protection - ft. Tracey Thorn

White People Emergencies...

As Trump Considers Amy Coney Barrett, He Faces a Tightrope

Salvatore's Hospitality will not host Saturday rally for Trump

New Really American ad: Trump Destroys Democracy

"Belligerently Ignorant"

Notable legal opinions of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett

Style Council - the Paris Match - ft. Tracey Thorn

NASA has narrowed the source of an elusive leak on the space station to 2 Russian modules ...

James Carville's take on Trump's motivation

Judge removes Trump public lands boss for serving unlawfully

Amy Coney Barrett has voted by mail in Indiana at least 3 times in the past 5 elections.

I voted in Oklahoma! (So did my husband.)

PG&E Warns of More California Blackouts to Prevent Fires

Everything But the Girl - Wrong

You can help save a wounded pet: Get your Lindsey Graham photo in the mail with a small donation.

6 year old little Irish girl hilariously insists on going to the pub

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Matt Lieberman disses Barack Obama's endorsements...

Don't Make Me Over

Pebble Mine CEO resigns after recorded comments released

Senator Franken queries Amy Coney Barrett in 2017

Absent the ACA

I don't know what this show is about, but it looks hilarious.

I'm teaching remote- PBS-I get a "walk-through" and I get marked down because

Pebble Mine CEO resigns after recorded comments released

Florida man calls 911 after neighbors yell 'Shoot! Shoot!' during hockey game

Republican Governor Charlie Baker blasts Donald Trump

Appeals Court signals it's out of patience in fight over Trump's taxes

Ever seen anyone cut a really tall palm tree? Oh my god...

GM is selling a $5,000 electric car in China

Federal judge removes Trump's public lands chief in win for Democratic Montana Senate candidate

Breonna Taylor protests: Police use flash bangs hours before curfew in Louisville

About 9% of Americans exposed to COVID-19 by mid-summer. That's a long way from herd immunity.

On Rachel now - Intel Official Robert Cardillo

New Seattle-based tree-free toilet paper startup gets high-profile investors

Ok, Trump told the truth?

Great Hard interview: Australian interviewer nails Sarah Huckabee Sanders on her & Trump's lies

Lots of mail in the wrong boxes the past week or so

PA county official: DOJ identified discarded ballots as being for Trump

Judges Reject Trump's Arguments in NY/DA Vance Tax Returns Case & Signal Impatience at Delay

I heard that it's One Hit Wonder Day. So many great songs

Help stop Lindsey's suffering

The WAP remix you didn't know you needed.

This message is for the Pennsylvania voter. Pass info on.......

Drumpf's Unkindness Turning Red States Blue

Rachel is interviewing Olivia Troye,

Who is going to play Trump in Biden's debate prep sessions? Nt

Judge Rules Tucker Carlson Is Not a Credible Source of News

Fox News Slams Democrats For Repeatedly Attempting To Undermine Confidence In Autocratic System

tRump's $500B Black America Plan

Mitch McConnell's re-election campaign slapped with FEC flag over suspected accounting errors

US senators demand action after AP exposes palm oil abuses

PG&E's outage maps (or planned outages)

Consider some of the people whose lying could have a great personal impact on your life:

The election that could break America.

Trump's Choice

Trump readies a debate onslaught -- and Biden allies worry

Ginsburg's Personal Trainer Honors her with Push Ups in front of her Casket

Thousands of Proud Boys plan to rally in Portland, setting up another clash in a combustible city

Can you guess what happens when people get health insurance?

Seeds of Revolution

Sepultura "Territory" Vocal Cover By Māra

This Week in Hell: Idiot White Men and the World They're Ruining (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The Dreadhead Cowboy asks for help days after animal cruelty arrest: 'Lori come help me. I can't do

Utah family sues police, claiming 'gratuitous violence'

Pennsylvania mail ballot voting dosen't look to complicated!

Rachel is reporting good news: Millenials are volunteering in droves to be poll workers.

Trump's Fear And Rage Exposed: Bob Woodward On Trump's Mentality And Lies - The Beat - MSNBC

Congressman John Schiff just now

This is such a mental slog. Bits from a conversation I had today with my daughter and my wife

over turning ballots will also fuck up senate races also-they will fight to take /keep senate

Federal Judge Ousts Trump's Top Public Lands Chief

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz. Ask me anything.

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats are likely to win.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Zombie Storms, MTA's Poop Ban & Uncle Ben's Rebrand

Trooper quietly buried amid scrutiny over Black man's death

Trump tells MAGA rally he would be stupid to give up power peacefully

New Don Winslow video: #StopTheMadnessStopTrump

I found this about Trump supporters

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What Is the Monetary Cost of Police Brutality? Billions

US senators demand action after AP exposes palm oil abuses

who is that weasel that Bakari Sellers is kicking his ass?

I would like to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the strong conservat

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Guest Jeff Daniels - Who Is James Comey?

That little shit Rittenhouse's mom got a standing ovation at a GOPer event in Wisconsin tonight.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 26, 2020 -- The Essentials: Starring Marius Goring

I'd like to help you, Lindsey, but I'm afraid if i gave you money, you wouldn't have the incentive t

I thought about Justice Ginsberg the whole time I was watching

Seth Meyers - Judge Rules Eric Trump Must Testify in Trump Organization Finance Probe Monologue 9/24

So, let's get this straight

This 116-year-old Democratic Club in Bethlehem and others could fold under financial strain of

Urging followers to 'camouflage,' QAnon attempts to rebrand

Hang onto your butts, impeached tRump is beating Biden/Harris in this one poll

Bill Maher told it like it is tonight. There is no stopping republicans now

'It's every red flag,' Trump-ordered HHS ad blitz raises alarms

Obama Proposes Cancelling White House's Cable to Get Trump to Leave

U.S. housing head Carson notes suggest friction with Trump aide tasked with ensuring loyalty

Let the crybaby start their rant!

Kansas college president who canceled Ivanka speech resigns

Coalminer's daughter comes out top in Afghanistan's university entrance exam

Voters struggling with witness rules in early voting

Argentinian politician quits after kissing partner's breasts in online legislative session

Bloomberg rolls out $40M ad buy to boost Biden in Florida

First Quarter plus a little, tonight.

Stefania de Kenessey selections. (I'm tired out.)

Biden Flags

What a great Celtics - Heat game tonight!

Federal judge blocks Texas' elimination of straight-ticket voting

Will SCOTUS favorite end up disappointing conservatives?

Yevgeny Sudbin plays Rachmaninov's 'Liebesleid'

Follow Marc E. Elias: We had THREE major wins tonight in TEXAS, MONTANA and SOUTH CAROLINA!

Oregon lawmakers demand answers after a report alleges that the Trump administration spied on protes

Folks, It's Been Reported that the "Top Military" is "Having Talks" about Peaceful Transition

Race for Texas House majority has kept the contest for speaker quiet

Why Arizona Is Tilting Blue: 'The State's Clearly in Motion'

Why Trump will leave peacefully (an opinion) If Trump refuses to leave peacefully there will

Does anyone know about how long it will take to destroy ACA

On Facebook, NC's Republican candidate for lieutenant governor lashes out, insults

If the SCOTUS strikes down the ACA, how about an emergency Medicare Option?

New FOXNews poll shows 46% percent of Americans believe Trump won the first debate...

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/25/20

Cheap Drugs From Canada? Another Fail by Drumpf!

TX-03: DCCC Chairwoman Bustos Names Lulu Seikaly to 'Red to Blue' Program

John Fugelsang on Ken Starr

If you're having a rough night

Everything I got is done and pawned.

For the Pro-lifers in response to RBG

At the Purchaser's Option...

Johnson and Johnson vaccine produced strong immune response, early results say - CNN

Red House Painters - Medicine Bottle

Dallas' COVID-19 Numbers Are 'Precarious' Amid Schools and Restaurants Reopening

IN-GOV: How a mask mandate might be hurting the re-election chances of Indiana's Republican governor

"A follower sends this batshit crazy fundraising letter from Trump. This is next-level insanity."

Mid-September. For shame-those 'in charge' that should have, could have.

No ad needed. Sarah Huckabee Sanders humiliated herself all on her own.

when we were young, Yes

David Plouffe: Any coverage of Trump's autocratic attacks on voting should lead with...

Chris Hayes: This is all just lawless, anti-democratic thuggishness under the pretense of lawyering

Please tell me this is a real tweet from Trump.....OMG!

Florida reopens state's economy despite ongoing pandemic

This is awesome. John Lithgow wrote a limericks about Alexander Vindman.

Hey Ya!

DEMOCRACY DOCKET /Resource/ Every State Voting Info from litigation to how, what, where & Much More

We're back to a two cats house - Maya and Sabra!

I dare you to find any leaves that are the same.

"Wow -- it really is shocking to realize that Lindsey Graham once had a soul."


Who's playing crooked Donnie in Biden's debate prep?

Has this been posted? Michael Caputo's project for HHS - an ad campaign against despair of COVID

Donald Trump is not the Arbiter of the Election

Less than 1% of calls to state unemployment call centers were answered, audit shows

Pics from St. Nicholas' Cathedral, where I went yesterday

"Amy Coney Barrett's rant about the Constitution is terrifying"

AMY CONEY BARRETT, 2017: "Roberts pushed the Affordable Care Act beyond its plausible meaning

Johnny on the Spot

FBI Agent In Flynn Case Had Doubts About Investigation, Document Shows

He's leaving...I see: YooRa on Trot God Rising

I have no explanation for why these briefings and the scientific evidence just doesn't seem to click

Keep Me In Your Heart-Warren Zevon

The Rolling Stones - Monkey Man (Official Lyric Video)

Republican election officials resigned after call with lawyer for 'very unhappy' NCGOP BY WILL DORAN

Here is the only way Trump is maintaining his loyal followers

David Bruce: 'Cymbeline-1,2,3' Dover Quartet

Ron Paul had a stroke on camera. . . .

Prince - Sign O' The Times (Live at Paisley Park 12/31/87)

Danzi's 'Concertino for Clarinet and Bassoon' 1,2,3

This is what White Trash looks like

Senator Booker suggests an appeal to the repigs' "sense of decency."

2 Arizona congressional candidates have posted about the QAnon conspiracy theory

WEEZER Thread...


Obama to join Kamala Harris for 2 Democratic fundraisers

Arizona Biden/Harris yard signs STOLEN

University of Delaware announces layoffs, other measures as budget deficit grows

Republicans sue to block Michigan ruling on late absentee ballots, who can return ballots

Michael Abels: 'Global Warming'-Chicago Sinfonietta

Obama urges voters to focus on down-ballot races to combat gerrymandering

Tchaikovski: 'Hymn of the Cherubim' (Orthodox Christian)

Robert Cardillo guest commentary in Denver Post 9/25/2020

Beethoven: "Sextet for Winds', II. Adagio-David Schifrin, clarinet

I see idiot Jr's hand in this

'Summer' by Joe Hisaishi

Not old enough to vote, but old enough to help: How teens are helping to avert an election crisis

Racist, homophobic letter sent to Biden backers in Erie, Pa., area

A Google search for 'Jewish baby strollers' yields anti-Semitic images. An extremist campaign may be

Putin inventing new Cold War with US to deflect russian voters' attention away fro domestic problems

Life In a Glasshouse - Radiohead - Amnesiac - 2001

Poll Shows Biden With 32-Point Lead, Hogan Still Popular, Voters Embracing Progressive Policies

Breakfast Saturday 26 September 2020

If MAGA was around in 1776

Questions mount for Maryland's next session

Take That: 'Could It Be Magic'

Gratitude for today

Next week, foam containers for carryout food will be banned throughout Maryland. Not everyone is

Baltimore cop charged in series of domestic incidents in Harford County; remained on force after

These People

Maryland Man Gets Year in Jail for Hosting Parties Violating COVID-19 Crowd Restrictions

Oregon Governor Sends State Police to Portland for Protests

remember when trump appointed Chris Kobach to uncover those three million illegal voters?

"1776" history project :"cultural marxism?"

Feds: Relax protections for woodpecker endangered since 1970

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are going to win.

Mystics' home court will be voting supercenter, elections board says

Jimmu Sommerville: 'You Make Me Feel'

En Vogue-'Don't Let Go'

Appeals Court Resurrects Lawsuit to Stop Trump from Diverting Funds to Border Wall

Biden Now Predicted to Win 352 Electoral Votes: FiveThirtyEight

Full appeals court to take up ex-Congresswoman Corrine Brown's fraud case

Judge removes Trump public lands boss for serving illegally

New Orleans police ex-lieutenant charged with embezzling almost $330,000 from Catholic church

Africa has defied the covid-19 nightmare scenarios. We shouldn't be surprised. (WaPo)

Amy Barrett's Senate Judiciary Questionnaire for 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

In typical "flood of lies" fashion, in recent days Russian officials have said Russia destroyed

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that favors Democrats.

Trump Destroys Democracy

UK government issues gender identity guidance for teachers

Hon, I just had the strangest dream ...

European Union police have arrested the head of the Kosovo War Veterans Association and have said he

Good news out of Il-13th for Betsy Londrigan and Joe Biden

Trump Says Abraham Lincoln 'Wasn't Big' on Hispanics

The false link between Amy Coney Barrett and The Handmaid's Tale, explained:

We Are Facing a Monumentally Important Election

Progressive group buys domain name of Trump's No. 1 Supreme Court pick

We Will Remember...

Ukraine plane crash death toll rises to 26, with 1 survivor

Country living blaring a car horn at cows crossing

Executive Order on Protecting Vulnerable Newborn and Infant Children; September 25, 2020

"Enlist Now!"?

Migrations Of Arctic Char, Most Northerly Freshwater Fish, Slow Or Stop As Water Warms

Does Trump realize he's endorsing Kamala Harris' bill?

Your USDA Sec: "Climates Have Been Around With Us For Many Many Years" - Then Some Lies

The Irrational Exuberance Of Carbon Capture: Another Pilot Plant Shuts Off Because Of Low Oil Price

Judge asks district attorney why he didn't take Trump's tax returns weeks ago

A favorite chant from decades of street protests: "The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated"

Zero Minutes On Climate In 2012 Debates; Five Minutes In 2016; Silence So Far In 2020 (Of Course)


YOU raised $18,722.00 for Biden-Harris & 0 for Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & 0 4 duhneece on 9-25-20

At least 1,400 Virginia voters get duplicate absentee ballots amid rush to meet high demand, ...

Not One, But TWO Climate Hack Appointments To NOAA: Some Details On Both

This is not a drill. The Reichstag is burning.

The Fight Over the Fight Over California's Privacy Future

Plans for high-speed rail move forward in two southern states

Womp Womp: UK Now At Risk Of Losing Expanded Weather Research Center, 250 Jobs Because Of Brexit

Trump has the ethics and uses the techniques of a child molester.

CA Heat Spike Coming: Expect Temps 15-20F Above Normal Across Much Of North, Rising Winds This Week

A bucolic autumnal landscape from the Garden State as the sun was setting


My Mom turned 86 yesterday...

Read half of "The Shipping News." Gave up.

Even If We Meet Paris Goals Of 2C , Antarctic Ice Loss Will Raise Sea Levels By 2.5 Meters

Trump is the worst threat to our democracy since the 1930s

And now a word from a sponsor of Despair.............really Despair

Okay, you're going on a trip and can only take 10 tubes of paint.

Lamar Alexander Openly Hopes A Supreme Court Fight Will Distract From COVID, Shitstain's Performance

The Supreme Court is finished: Republicans have killed it. Now it's time to fight back

My cousin and my Mother-in-law both died on Thursday

Trump administration diverted $300 million in CDC funds to make advertisements on how to 'defeat des

Senate Bill Would Eliminate Hydroflourocarbons By 2036

'You Bet Your Ass I've Got Regrets.'

The McConnell / Trump SCOTUS, summed up in a succinct, brilliant and tragic paragraph.

Psychologist Stephen Soldz: With Trump's coup threat, America now faces a "defining crisis"

What Happens To Carbon Credits When The Forests That Capture Carbon Burn Down? OR Case In Point

Any breed could do it': dogs might be a Covid tester's best friend

This rings true!

It's Not Right, But You Might Have to Vote in Person

Welcome to Florida, A vacation to die for...

Loser trump Plans To Spend The First Debate Personally Attacking Biden

USMC Considering Shuttering Parris Island Recruit Training; Reorganizing & Because Of Global Warming

The Supreme Court is finished: Republicans have killed it. Now it's time to fight back

Trump unveils 'Platinum Plan' for Black Americans

Trump's threats to reject peaceful transition have made America look 'ridiculous the world over':

Dance to the Music

What kind of judge would do that?

It's Climate Week, And The Corporate Greenwash Bullshit Tide Is High

This electoral college crap has to go. I'm so tired of having

Will the Evangelical Christians be Donald Trumps Achilles heel??

Eric Trump: President would concede election 'if he got blown out of the water' by Biden

Album, Abbey Road, released this date in 1969

Newport, PA, man charged in $9,000 theft from Scout troop

NC gets federal grant to buy corridor for Raleigh-Richmond high-speed rail

NC gets federal grant to buy corridor for Raleigh-Richmond high-speed rail

70yo Trumper Neighbor: "I can't wait for the election to be over. One's crazy, the other senile."

Listen to Margaret Atwood (in 2017) talk about the three major influences on The Handmaid's Tale

We Are going to beat Trump...believe

Mail-In Ballot Accepted!

African-American voters show big increase in early voting in North Carolina

George Gershwin was born on this date.

Houston-to-Dallas bullet train given green light from feds, company says

Marty Robbins was born on this date.

The Strongman Con: How to stop worrying about Trump stealing the election

'I feel sorry for Americans': A baffled world watches the U.S.

Something called 'EZOIC', took over my whole screen for their ad! Ugh!!!

Guys, we are right now, more than ever, caught between a rock and a hard place.

Alone In The Wilderness

George Takei: If Trump's only job was to stand on 5th Avenue and shoot someone, every 2 and 1/2 minu

White supremacist killed in shootout with California deputies, sheriff says

One scenario on November 3:

I have a doomsday scenario if Trump maintains power illegitimately but am reluctant to post it

Pumpkin Spice Macaroni & Cheese

People of Praise: Former Member of Group Tied to SCOTUS Front-Runner Amy Barrett Calls It a "Cult"

Amy Coney Barrett: spotlight falls on secretive Catholic group People of Praise

Can you believe this BS- Gold threads, an eagle with a mini-gun and a gold belt buckle

We don't even need to look at Barrett's record

Michigan's racial disparity disappears in new virus cases

Chuck Schumer Fears for Queer Daughter's Marriage After RBG's Death

I'm way too excited about possibly getting a Biden/Harris sign, today. Too much isolation, I guess

Robert Cardillo, who served under six presidents and briefed Trump: "I can be silent no longer."

Think before putting your dog on a diet

Liar-In-Chief tRump's health care sham

Just had a thought...

"Law enforcement officers are ministers of God sent to punish evildoers and to resist law enforcemen

Lyft Will Offer Free Rides To The Polls On Election Day for Underserved Communities, 1/2 Price

I will see you ON THE STREETS

Amy Klobuchar is on FIRE and did NOT come to play.👀👀

An anecdotal tale of split-ticketism in my district

I just voted for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris!

Republicans want Bloomberg investigated for helping non profit that pays felons' fines

Democrat who opposed equal marriage defeated by gay drag queen in landslide victory

The People of Praise religious wacko Cult tied to Amy Coney Barrett

Wisconsin Republicans are trying to shut down a voter registration/ballot witnessing event...

Man....I Need To Get This Out!

Joe Biden: Minutes after the race is called, I'll call Dr. Fauci and ask him to stay on.

A Rare-Earth Samarium Oxide Catalyst for Electrocatalytic Nitrogen Reduction to Ammonia

Trump's Message on the National Day of Prayer and Return, 2020; September 26, 2020

I'm mystified why Rs claim SC appointments and confirmations as huge achievements for Trump

Nate Silver: One thing Democrats could do--with basically no strategic downside...

My Minnesota Ballot Has Been Accepted and Will Be Counted

Experts are warning of a coming surge of Covid-19 cases in US

trump's "tremendous, fantastic job"

Here's an idea I hope the Biden debate prep team has covered.

Meet anti-Semite Deacon William Graveman

A Republican governor who is as angry as every Republican should be right now...

457 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 35 deaths

Robe awaiting Trump's next Supreme Court Justice...

Once Barrett is confirmed to SCOTUS will we have a confederacy of right wing dunces on the court?

Bishop J. Strickland calls for Christian Theocracy

Florida Waited To Open So Hospitals Won't Be Overflowing With The Dying On Election Day

I am impressed with Reddit's general political page


Why is it ok to raise money for a 17 year-old who killed two peaceful protesters but

More than 90% of Americans are vulnerable to Covid-19

The abortion issue and the impending loss of legal access.

'I FAILED SOCIETY'Anti-pedophile subreddit used by QAnon fans is banned after moderator 'admits

'Ready to Deliver:' Read the Post Office's Mandatory Pep Talk About Election Mail

I hope all of you are having this type of morning

Look who hitchhiked in on the wild bouquet (spider)

'Stocks hit dour milestone: the fourth straight week of losses' - CNN

Beer for your dog? Busch Beer launches new 'brew' for canine companions

I think this singer, Vanessa Collier, is on tbe cusp of bigger time

So Trump may not leave peacefully?

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/26/20

Hoping someone with resources that I don't have can make these signs and bumper stickers

The Fanatic (The Atlantic)

Here's hoping that in 2021 things get better and keep getting better.

I think this might be a sure sign of my political party affiliation. Or, in other words, SUCCESS!

DOJ's announcement about the Pennsylvania ballot investigation is so deeply wrong...

Prison For Anyone Who Helps Trump Try To Steal The Election - Judges Included

Breaking news: Georgia halts Logic&Acccuracy testing for Nov elections; serious database flaw found.

Army commander orders Canadian soldiers to call out racism in the ranks

Let be smart about the ACB process...

Of Course Democrats Have A Plan!

Senate Judiciary Democrat says he'll meet with Trump's SCOTUS pick

Trump, WH demand FDA justify tough standards for coronavirus vaccine, raising concerns of interfere

Buffalo police officers no longer required to wear names on their uniforms

A very concerning report about neo nazis in Germany

When the *Klansman* goes low Joe should go lower

Kamala: It's in these moments that our shared humanity and belief in our own power to bring about ch

Stray cat follows car home and then becomes surrogate mother to rescued kittens:

I'm a sucker for a sappy movie... I am

"Only weak and frightened people resort to schoolyard bully nicknames,

Let this sink in

The Mendacity of Mitch McConnell (Molly Jong-Fast)

Trump Cheers Aryan Race

tiedrich in the morning

I'm using grammarly.

Love Love Love this RBG voting graphic.

The Comey Rule Trailer

Time for another episode of "no, just because you call it an executive order doesn't make it law."

Anybody else feeling this way lately?

If you're worried, understand this: high turnout stops all chicanery

Nearly A Million People Have Already Voted And Data Suggests The Majority Are Voting For Biden

RNC and Trump campaign robocalls urge Republicans to vote absentee by falsely claiming Dems oppose

Supreme Court Fight Returns Lindsey Graham to Spotlight

Well, I struggled with this, I think I'm done,

These fuckers can't get anything right.

Hundreds sit on Brooklyn Bridge in Breonna Taylor protest

Four U.S. states including Wisconsin report record one-day increases in COVID-19 cases

Puddin Puddin Puddin Puddin Puddin Puddin Ain't that a slippery groove

Error discovered on Georgia touchscreens in US Senate race

Former GOP lawmakers on endorsing Biden: Trump is no Republican, 'lacks basic self-control'

Joe and Jill Biden talking to voters in Nebraska

New neighborhood lawn signs for Saturday!

Voters' poorly marked ovals could lead to contested ballots

GREAT news!! Federal Judge Ousts #Trump's Bureau Of Land Management Chief

California power shutoff: Nearly 100,000 customers may lose power over fire danger

So is it officially "Democrat" vs "Democratic"

Wisconsin Republicans tried to stifle a plan for poll workers to collect absentee ballots

trump's behind closed door racist mutterings

Ernst breaks promise on Supreme Court nominees because she says Democrats are mean

Louisville sees third straight night of Breonna Taylor protests despite curfew

Houston-area water may be tainted with brain-eating microbe

Great rant from Gov. Charlie Baker

'Help me': Graham begs for cash in tighter-than-expected race

Are other counties having a problem getting signs and billboards?

Smartest Stray Cat Follows Woman Home


Unimpressed cat lets parakeet play on top of his head

Excellent Article W. Video Re. Climate Impacts On Colorado & Green Rivers -Habitat, Sediment, More

The IRS Sets a Trap for Cryptocurrency Tax Cheats

866,734 people have voted so far.

Packing the Supreme Court with people who think Justices should pick presidents.

America now:

Do election officials tabulate absentee ballots as soon as they arrive?

Tweet of the Day

If the Latino community was its own country it would be the 8th largest economy in the world, larger

I wonder what Amy Coney Barrett will wear to the big reveal this afternoon?

Single Issue Voter

Liz Warren: "This sleazy Supreme Court double-dealing is last gasp of corrupt Republican leadership"

New Inslee order allows some business meetings, trainings to resume

Anyone else here receive a call from the Biden Victory Fund?

Columbia Sportswear calls it quits in downtown Seattle

I think it is time for the media to STOP playing over and over again

Trying unsuccessfully to donate to Jaime Harrison via ActBlue.

A few hundred words about a picture worth 1,000

Amy Coney Barrett escorted by police to White House announcement ceremony

A nice Meme to share

State asking Boeing what will keep 787 production in Everett

Why You Should Vote as Early as You Can

Spot-on remark re: Pathetic GOP attempt to replace RBG

Who here thinks that Nancy and Schumer should

Cartoons 9/26/2020

I'm making another round of donations at 5:00

a tweeted request to DNC WAR ROOM & joe biden (re payroll taxes)

The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the U.S. Electorate

As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Kamala Harris will get to question Barrett at her hearing.

Note from history

Yay! I got my absentee ballot today. It felt great filling that sucker out. I'll drop it off

Let's go back and remember this moment of the the Oval Office.............

The Mendacity of Mitch McConnell

A Second Trump Term Will Prove Even More Deadly For Americans

Joe: Today is Public Lands Day and National Hunting and Fishing Day -- and what better way to celebra

LOL. Apparently right-wingers are outraged bc the creepy religious cult that Amy Barrett belonged to

PA has a form available to cancel a past request to have a mail-in ballot sent for the general elect

These Minnesota Miners are Breaking With Tradition to Vote for Trump

Ppl in Wisconsin called the state unemployment office *41 million* times between March and June. An

A Second Trump Term Will Prove Even More Deadly For Americans

Florida Is Open for Business, But Is It Safe?

amy coney barret leaving her house today with her family:

Biden compares Trump to Nazi propaganda minister

Could Paine Field be the next Sea-Tac? How about Arlington?

'Extraordinary': Trump has generated 3,400 conflicts of interest since entering White House, report

Girls say they were restrained, sexually abused and deprived of food at religious boarding school

10 Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup

Listen!! I don't give a shit about Trump's lies..

Pro-fascist Proud Boys chanting "Fuck Antifa" before holding a rally in Portland today

Double Down Or Double Dip

The Only Witness Who Heard Police Announce Themselves at Breonna Taylor's Door Changed His Story

Colin Powell ally calls on House to begin 'immediate' impeachment hearings on Bill Barr

I hope Dems are planning to do this in addition to their legal strategy regarding the election:

Jeff Tiedrich tweet: ... a bunch of unprincipled Republican shitweasels...

I'm tired of hearing about

Ballot Measures

Amy Coney Barrett was involved in Bush v. Gore.

I just heard that Antifa...

Amy Coney Barrett: spotlight falls on secretive Catholic group People of Praise

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 26, 2020

Kudos CA & Gov Newsom! "California passes first-in-nation plastics recycling law"

Brilliant comment about Amy Coney Barrett and RBG

Barack and Michelle Obama: The Most Admired Man and Woman in the World

Sealed Docs: FBI Investigating Jacob Wohl Over Roger Stone Trial Leaks

Seventy Five year old retired white male teacher, Trump sticker on car, Trump 2020

Former San Francisco Giants OF Hunter Pence announces retirement, ending 14-year MLB career

Executives caught bragging of cozy government relationships as they sought approvals for mining

Amy Coney Barrett lives in South Bend

Question about the Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballots in the Trash

They had another Trump Train today in the Ohio Valley, this time on the

Walter Shaub: Amy Coney Barrett's qualifications are irrelevant.

It's not like we need any more reasons why Biden must win,


GOP Maintains Solid Hold On Youth That Already Look Like Old Men

Time for Democrats to Call Trump's Bluff

Open letter to Q

Trying to channel my inner O. Winston Link

TLP: Whispers II

AOC has reached out to Sanders supporters and other progressives and told them

TLP: Whispers II

Manu Raju: Things will move very fast once ACB's nomination is made.

Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and John Roberts all helped George W. Bush stop the 2000 recount

We are feeding the troll

Deflection: SCOTUS is about his TAXES, not the election

Anya, the flying kitteh!

Hundreds of anti-coal campaigners protest at German mine

Senatorial candidates should play on the honor theme in the South

*Hart Research Associoates* Biden +11 in AZ, +6 in FL, +5 in MI, +11 in PA, +7 in WI

I've blocked 5 people on DU since 8 o'clock this morning

New AND Nostalgic slogan: Fired Up and Ready To Go Ridin' with Biden

The Serious Dangerous Rise of Totalitarian Dictatorship in what was once America

Debate Details

NASA's new $23 million space toilet is ready for launch

How do I know if my signature on my mail-in ballot matches

Barrett's Religiosity

Added benefit of vaccines

As of 4pm today, WI leads the nation for the number of new COVID cases

It's past time for an Atheist/Agnostic on the SC

My 20-something Nephew 1) has COVID 2) is in the hospital 3) in Japan.

Why every single Republican isn't speaking the way GOP Gov. Baker is speaking..............

Take this with a pinch of salt

WTF is this circus on my TV complete with hail to the Chief super-spreader

Kiss the Ground

"Remember What They Did" is a project by Artists United for Change

The Rules Are the "Rules." McConnell set the Rules with Garland, Now We Must Follow Them.

Tomorrow's another day with few choices.....

Rose Garden needs a makeover.....

2020 US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats up in 2020 that will go Democrat.

Shouldn't the confirmation hearings be for ACB's husband?

Patriot Coalition: Leaked Messages Show Far-Right Group's Plans for Portland Violence

Amy Coney Barrett is an Absolute Threat to LGBTQ Rights

Uh oh! SCOTUS nominee Barrett has Michelle Bachman eyes!

North Carolina Voter Protection Training

Nevada Latinos for Biden/Harris / Horseback Parade

Bill Kristol shares email from former Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, Charles T. Wells.

I really like college football but I feel like I am watching super spreader events.

Early voting already underway in Florida

We can now quantify what percent the "Some of the people who can be fooled all of the time."

Democrats turn focus to health care for Supreme Court fight

Keep it to the facts, the legal precedence and not a personal flame attack on Barrett

Behind Trump's push for civil war: A deep history of white supremacist paranoia

'It's like every red flag': Trump-ordered HHS ad blitz raises alarms

Lamar Alexander openly hopes Supreme Court battle will distract voters from 200,000 COVID-19 deaths

Bikers lining up for Joe Biden flags in Ohio!

Native American tribes in Texas rally to increase voter turnout

Maine voters want Susan Collins to stand up to the GOP: "You can no longer trust anything she says

Koch network launches campaign to confirm Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett in Senate

Federal judge delivers a blow to AG Barr in the battle against former FBI deputy director McCabe

2020 GA US Senate Special Election- How come Tarver-D is not being publicly asked to drop out?

Waco minister credited his prayer with killing Justice Ginsburg. Now, he retracted it

Trump unloads on Fox News after network polls shows Biden ahead in key swing states

Happy 95th birthday to the late Marty Robbins.

Protesters gather outside McConnell's home on day Trump expected to make Supreme Court nomination

Driving behind a vehicle today

Joe Biden continues to eat into Donald Trump's base

Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court justice

Mike Pompeo to keynote Florida conservative Christian event, raising ethical and legal questions

Umami, Japan's "Fifth Flavor"

I am physically and emotionally sick to my stomach

Gov. Cuomo announces state coronavirus positivity rate of 1 percent

Working on donations

Top FAA official will personally fly grounded Boeing 737 MAX in Seattle next week

House GOP super PAC seeks to shore up additional Republican seats

Missouri reports record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations

It's just a big "eff you" to women, because they don't kiss his ring

I don't mean to be rude, but what the fuck is "Daughters Day"???

***Must read: Senate/House Democrats basically have power to delay ACB nomination indefinitely***

Lincoln Project: Everyone knows it's over. Everyone, except you.

Kamala Harris Vows To Fight The Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett

Error discovered on Georgia touchscreens in US Senate race (But it's ok-- this is why they test)

The Supreme Court has been political for more than 20 years.

Sarah McBride Is Set to Become America's Most Powerful Trans Politician

Joe Biden says Amy Coney Barrett will overturn Obamacare if she is confirmed to the Supreme Court

I Was Bullied for Being Arab. Nine Inch Nails Threw Me a Lifeline.

Gingrich started it, McConnell is the logical conclusion ...

A small silver lining to Barrett's nomination.

This should be called the Sarandon Court

Joe: Supreme Court decisions affect our everyday lives, and the Constitution was designed to give vo

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces 'Veep' Reunion to Raise Money for Wisconsin Democratic Party

How many times have census workers come to your door?

Public Trust: The Fight for America's Public Lands

Trump selects Amy Coney Barrett as pick for Supreme Court: source

Trump shifts focus to Pennsylvania to shore up reelection

Senate Democrats have already made their first move to slow down the chamber's operation.

Barrett served on the legal team that represented Bush during Bush v. Gore

Judge rules against Navajo Nation voter lawsuit to force Arizona to count late-arriving mail-in ball

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 27, 2020 - Star of the Month: Dorothy Dandridge

TCM Schedule for Monday September 28, 2020 - Americans With Disabilities Act

Expecting a surge of mail-in votes, Iowa will give counties a head-start on opening absentee ballots

At Tuesday's debate, when Trump starts belligerently demanding that Joe answer his

Joe: Vote like your health care is on the ballot -- because it is.

Kamala: I strongly oppose Judge Barrett's nomination.

Jill Biden is traveling to Wisconsin on Monday for stops in Madison and Waukesha

Trump's Fear And Rage Exposed: Bob Woodward On Trump's Mentality And Lies

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth endorses Donald Trump in USA TODAY opinion piece

The same stupid memes of the President refusing to leave, voter fraud, illegals in vans voting etc w

2022 US Senate Election Rating with President Biden-D.

Madison poll workers will accept absentee ballots in parks this weekend, raising GOP concerns

In the "It's About Damn Time" department: FBI investigating Jacob Wohl

On another site I shared a plea from a local bar

Group sues to stop 5 large cities from using grants to aid election, calls it bribery

Joe: The Senate shouldn't vote until the American people do.

Reschenthaler blames Clinton for Trump's comments

George Takei: Deep breath. We must understand what's at stake.

Let's talk about Florida reopening....

Remember when "liberal" judges were nominated?

Biden, Harris spouses visit Papillion in first in-person Omaha-area campaign stop

DE-SEN: Man points gun at Delaware protesters outside GOP candidate's rally

Dennis Quaid is dead to me

Trump and Louise over the cliff.

Driving along and saw a large billboard in my red county in Florida.

Don't Participate in a Sham Process

Elizabeth Warren claims Trump is 'flirting with treason' and that Republicans are 'a party to it'

GA-SEN: Error discovered on Georgia touchscreens in US Senate race

1 million NC voters ask for absentee ballots; votes cast by mail already surpass 2016 BY WILL DORAN

if you think about itall 3 of dumpts SC picks were stolen from the populace

Is Tyler Childers

Sen. Kamala Harris: "We'd be talking about Gov. Stacey Abrams if the kinds of obstacles that they ha

4th grader suspended for having a BB gun in his bedroom during virtual learning

2016: Amy Barrett asserts that it's wrong to fill a SCOTUS vacancy during a presidential election

FLIPPABLE: Jessica Harrington for FL-HD64 (Sliding D fast!!)

BOSEMAN night at our house.

If you believe its a good strategy for Democrats to rush an Impeachment vote...

The Comey Rule, Showtime, Sep 27 and 28, Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson

Governor Cuomo Briefing September 24 2020

Opinion: I'm a Christian, veteran, Texan Republican voting for Biden

Broward County starts sending mail ballots to voters. Miami-Dade is next week