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As States Prepared Mail-in Ballots, USPS Failed to Update at Least 1.8 Million Addresses

Wanna know how low they'll go? This low.

Trump's spy chief just released Russian disinformation against Hillary Clinton that he acknowledged

Joe and Jill Biden paid $288,000 in personal income tax in 2019. Not smart!

According to today's email blasts from @TeamTrump, @JoeBiden is an excellent, experienced, and well

Federal appeals court upholds six-day extension for counting ballots in Wisconsin

I can't watch him.

I don't usually watch debates, and I won't be watching tonight ...

How long will it take Biden to get Trump to go off the rails?

"The Great Hack" updated by Channel 4, U.K. today.

Early surge of Democratic mail voting sparks worry inside GOP

Bye Rudy

Another traitor decides to grab the spotlight. Former Ukrainian PM Fokin, now serving as first deput

@KamalaHarris will join MSNBC's post-debate analysis along with Brian Williams, Rachel @Maddow , @N

Jill Biden...18,000 "likes," 267 Quote Tweets, & 2300 ReTweets in ELEVEN MINUTES.

Remember: "Perception is More Important than Reality" (Ivanka Trump)

What was the deal with Trump having all those staffers waving a flag when he was leaving...

My plan is to record the debate and watch it a bit later on

New sign of hardball from Schumer & Senate Dems: tonight they forced McConnell to recess the Senate

Schumer, in rare move, takes control of floor to force health care vote

Right outside the debate venue:

Here's what to do in New York City if you received a mislabeled envelope with your absentee ballot:

What comebacks would you like to hear?

Trump Sucks" (Composed, recorded & filmed in a few hours, 09/27/20)

I confess that I don't have the stomach to watch the debate

AR-02: Introducing Joyce Elliot (Now Leans Republican)

Biden mocks Trump campaign debate claims: 'I've got my earpiece and performance enhancers ready'

Drugs touted by Trump to protect against Covid-19 could increase risk of heart problems almost thirt

Trump tried to file his hair dresser expenses as an insurance claim

Cant Believe How Many Positive Responses...

The View from the Tenderloin

Rachel has Hillary Clinton.

A friend took a me out to a Korean restaurant.

His series is about to be canceled - Hillary Clinton on the pre-debate show with

OK so what kind of performance enhancing drugs does one take for a presidential debate?

WATCH: Tom Cotton flounders trying to justify Trump's tax avoidance and private debt

To all Atheists, Agnostics, and Believers. Please join me.

State GOP Chair Allen West calls on Donald Trump to visit Texas before Election Day

Sunbathers Live with Fire in the Pantanal

Biden: "It's debate night, so I've got my earpiece and performance enhancers ready."

Under Protests, Brazilian Environment Minister Ends Protection of Sandbanks and Mangroves

why the h was sanatorium invited on CNN pre-debate program to flap his lying yap...

Investigations after Atikamekw woman records Quebec hosp. staff uttering slurs before her death

If 2 vegans have an argument

Black women legislators are rare in statehouses. This could be the solution.

I have a different sort of debate drinking game.

Hillary lays out the case for treason on MSNBC

Man Who Had 'Sex Dungeon' In Parents' Basement Sentenced

Debate Reading Material: NYT is out with Part Three

Brazil Should Be Congratulated for Caring for the Environment, Says Bolsonaro

I don't trust Chris Wallace

Random thought about the debates. n/t

** I Guess This is the Official Unofficial Self-Declared Debate Thread #1 **

Jewish Democratic Council compares Trump's America to 1930s Germany in new ad

Judge Sullivan Hears Flynn Case. Flynn's Lawyer Says She Met with Trump and Discussed Pardon!

I will be writing letters for vote forward tonight

I held a security clearance in the military...

Gov Cuomo: I, along with @NatlGovsAssoc Vice Chair Asa Hutchinson, call on Congress to prioritize st

To all those saying you aren't going to watch tonight.

Kayleigh McEnany on 2020 debate: 'The work ethic of President Trump says it all'

#Trump's debt makes him a foreign agent's dream -- and America's nightmare

Biden releases 2019 tax returns hours before first presidential debate

Anyone having trouble with the live feed from

But let's look at what Trump's $750 paid for!

Louisiana man who hid in Hernando teen's closet for weeks arrested on child sex charges

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die! Debate night!

Who watched Nicole Wallace's interview of Andrew Weissmann?

Once on defense, Dems grow confident in Trump country

I notice none of the Trump family are wearing masks.

Let the shit show begin!

Well I like chris wallace with the sound off.

HHS ad blitz sputters as celebrities back away

Don't know how long

2 White Men Accused of Chasing Down, Shooting at Black Teens Riding ATVs

Trailblazing Australian singer Helen Reddy dead at 78

Take it off Melania!!

What's on your head Donnie?

Oh my.. I literally have had no alcohol in nearly a year. I found that old bottle of scotch

Go to the following link for the debate below

Anyone else found the first question famed wrong?

Why is Trump allowed to interrupt?

Apparently nobody ever taught trump* the difference between a debate and an arguement


Why is Wallace allowing the pig to keep interrupting?

Debate???? So Far So Sucks

why trump's cult can't quit him.

Ok, Wallace is letting trump* run roughshod so I'm done.

Summa cum laudemouth

Turn off his fucking MIC!!!!

OK I can't take any more. I'm going to find a movie to watch.

Joe needs to look at Trump more and not away.

Biden has the right approach

Mf45 is so belligerent and rude

A vain hope. Is anyone live fact checking? NT

Anthony Gomes - Make a good man wanna be bad.

tRump is already rattled

The MOFO ( donny ) won't even let questions be asked.

TLP: The implosion was fast and it was furious.

Only minutes in and Wallace has already lost control

I'M DONE! FUCK THIS GUY! 45 isn't worthy of Joe Biden's time!

good god, is trump being more of an asshole

Go Joe!

"Do you have any idea what this clown's doing?"



Fuck you, Chris Wallace, you chickenshit dweeb. Shut him the fuck up!

Biden is incredible

Wallace needs to cut Trump's effin' mike when he talks over

"You lie and everybody knows it!" Go Joe!!

Heckler in Chief


I think trump is setting up for this to be the last debate.

OMG, This is a Trainwreck!

Joe please leave until they can get this guy


Joe Biden is debating Sarah Cooper in a Trump costume


Would you shut up man - thank you Joe



Arizona man who voted Trump in 2016 switching vote to Biden after wife died of COVID-19

"Keep yapping, man".

"Will you shut up man? Keep yapping, man."


"Would you shut up man?"

Fed judge says wants to move forward with a CONTEMPT proceeding after Sec. Ross defies order.

This is a joke

Trump just shouted for Joe to shut up.

Trump is really excelling

Joe Needs to Fight More

YES! Tell that MFer to shut up! THANK YOU!

Biden just told him to shut up!

Put a tranquilizer dart in the orange fuckers ass now

"Will you shut up, man??"

Sarah Cooper: My god, we all thought trump cut Hillary off so much because she was a woman but now w

So that's it. Rump will dominate the airwaves to win

Chris is the one that is rattled.

Chris Wallace is a failure of the grandest order. Worst moderator in history

The remaining debates should lock Trump in a soundproof booth.

Why can't Chris Wallace do his job and take charge?

Debate Thread 2...

"It is what it is because YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE."

The Guardian's feed of the debate just got shut off.

"That was really a productive segment wasn't it,"


Sure seems to me littlehands is WIRED. Adderall much???

Fauchi said

The moderator needs to be able to control the microphones

Joe's line of the night is that trump has no plan

This isn't a debate. It's a rude shouting contest by Trump.

Fauci said donny saved thousands of lives?

Trump just repeating all the things he always says. Yawn!

Is anyone at all surprised?

The so called debate is terrible. Should have dropped it. Just a farce

Actually Shocked

Fuck that shit Fauci never said

Chris Christie, who is doing Trump's debate prep, is on-air analyst tonight on ABC News

I'd be okay with it if Joe just walked across the stage and cold cocked the guy

Is this like watching fox news?

It's the shitshow I expected. nt

Trump thinks he's doing a good job as President ... Let that sink on for a minute or two.

Nice one Joe

Wallace is letting Rump run with the debate

I sure hope Joe saves his best comments for last. People remember the last thing they heard.

Is Trump lit?

Trump's only strategy and tactic tonight is to interrupt Joe constantly to irritate.

I like how Biden is going around Trump by looking into the camera


There should be no more debates, at least like this one.

I love Joe talking directly to the camera, to the people, its brilliant.

Biden is wiping the floor with Trump.

I can't watch the debate anymore.


Please MIR team, trolls are crawling out from under their rocks

"just shush for a moment" Ha Ha Ha Ha

If you're tired of that shitshow called a debate. . .

He is just being a bully

The Question Chris Wallace Just Ask Is Uncalled For

They should stop the shit show

What would a debate between Al Capone and Elliot Ness look like?

Fuck off and die!!!!!...

Trump is not debating, he's whining

The debate is like watching Jerry Springer. What an embarrassment. Not a real debate.

Boy, Fauci has said a lot of things he did not say.

If you're sick of this crap, donate to Joe.

Biden supporters are not showing up at his rallies.

I decided not to watch and from reading the DU comments, I am glad.

Did Mike Wallace disinherit his son?

I lasted 20 minutes...

I don't know how the Fact Checkers can keep up!

Who the Hell is Liz Wheeler?

Joe should've listened to Pelosi

Trump is showing what an ass he is. And that's being kind.


How many more of these do we have to suffer through?

Look this is a total shit show

Wallace - Do you Know

The debate so far

Follow your own fucking rules Chris Wallace


Is anybody still watching?

** I Guess This is the Official Unofficial Self-Declared Debate Thread #2 **

Ha I brought back Football ... lol ...

Show us your tax returns

We've had 25-30 thousand people, in 15 seconds it grew to 45-50 thousand people

Let's support our ticket and give Joe a boost in the bank for

I'm a teacher. I would never in a million years let a classroom turn into this.

Whaa!! Whaa!! I can't take any more!!!!

"Show us your tax returns!" "You'll see it as soon as their finished."

Chris Wallace, you are a complete and abject FAILURE at this gig.


YEs Told him he was the worst president EVER

As I said before ,

I'm watching. I'm emotionally supporting Biden. I'm watching trumplethinskin digging himself

Trump doesn't run his own Twitter account

Your the worst president we've ever had...joe went there

Worst president we ever had!

A debate where a deranged psychopathic liar is allowed to act like this should not be allowed again

You are the worst president we've everhad


I'm surprised Biden didn't have a better answer ready to go for this 2,000,000 dead thing

Any good will that Chris Wallace thought he might have earned...

Ok, I just tuned back in to the debate (mute on). trump*'s face color is getting scary

Sorry DU Family


He said that he doesn't want to pay taxes.

Why I am happy...

How do you debate an asshole?

Wallace's "questions" to Biden are more like indictments. Softballs to Trump. nt

The cliff notes version of this debate is ...


What a liar he is!

Prediction: This is going to blow up in trumps face......

This Debate Needs a Penalty Box or Mandatory Time Out

Shut up you lying orange Fuck!

Biden seems so

You know what suburban women love? A bully who is constantly interrupting.

It's impossible to debate an infantile lunatic like Trump.

Debate Thread 3.....

I finally had to switch channels

I cannot believe

Chris Wallace is pathetic.

My goodness, Wallace sucks ... he's not good at this and wont cut Trumps mic

And there he goes with Hunter

what a fucking orange jackass

Wallace is the worst!!!!

Joe called him a "clown"!

Biden just called him a clown.

Geezus - call a time out or something and read trump and chris the rules. FFS

Hunter Biden is not running for president!!!!!

Does Trump have ADHD?

"It's hard to get in a word with this clown."

Wallace is basically interrupting Biden WITH Trump. nt

My psychic powers worked!!! I kept channeling the word "clown". nt


A few good comments from the 538 live blog - editing to add some more. they are getting better.

I'm sorry i just can't watch this bullshit

Okay, Trump's Hunter Biden gambit just went nowhere

Please Joe call him out as a racist.

Joe: It's hard to get any word in with this clown. Excuse me, this person.

Does this moderator not have a fking mute button for shitstain? 🤬

Chris Wallace Is Terrible

Trump needs an electric collar

Wallace finally said something good.

During or shortly after the debate would be a good time to donate to Biden/Harris.

I just donated to Wisconsin Democratic Party to watch the VEEP cast reunion.

If he's going to attack Hunter Biden, a private citizen, then attack Jarvanka.

Sound booths, with the mics that can be cut...

I don't want this asshole to be president for one more fucking day.

Wallace is pathetic

This debate is the equivalent of fouling Shaq every time he had the ball, hoping he'd brick the free

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Demands Pre-Debate Drug Tests & The Rock Endorses Biden

It's telling that Trump equates law & order and superpredators with black people.

Donating to Joe & Kamala right now

What a Clusterf$$k

Finally Joe said, he is a racist

Cleveland Clinic Dr. asked people on Trump's side of room to put on masks. They refused.

"Core values"?

Joe is going to come out of this debate fine, but...

Hillary chimes in

Not watching the debate but one aspect keeps coming to mind

He's always lying. Lies, lies, lies. I hate the as-ho.

As Joy Reid said in the pregame show, this is a Television Show for the sake of being one.

"Are you in favor of law and order?" From a man who ignores subpoenas 🙄

Chris Wallace. Fucking Wimp. Nt

BOOM !!! "They look down on people like me" Biden's BEST line of the night !! Make Trump the


Tweet of the Day

Josh Marshall, TPM, only three pretty good comments so far

The Biden-Bernie Sanders coalition?

Watch his pouty face

I hope Biden asks the people directly if they really want four more years of THIS kind of behavior

I wonder why Joe did not say he supports BLM?

I'm out, can't take it anymore. I hope Joe nails him a good one.

Joe: He wouldn't know suburbs unless he took a wrong turn.

I've lost it. I try to listen to Biden, and when Trump interrupts, I'm

Commenter on the Guardian UK live feed

I'm done!


When Trump loses Maggie Haberman.... 😏


Bottom line. Biden looks Presidential. Nt

It's official. I hate this jerk.

Wallace is a Fox News tool. n/t

Women are thinking, He's just like the ass I divorced.

Dump just lost the election.

Done and off to watch Star Trek

Am I the only one with a splitting headache from this horrid debate?

WOW! He won't say it. nt

you know trump was a belligerent asshole in the 2016 debates

"We handed you a booming economy and you blew it"

Trump is not addressing the American people.

Contact the debate commission and tell them what you think

If Wallace had any integrity he would get up and walk out.

He just slipped in a they will overthrow you to Biden

Not one question about the environment

A Line Item In Trump's Next Bankruptcy

This debate is making me physically ill

You know where you find clowns like Trump?

Do you think they both got equal time?

"Stand down... and stand by"??!!... Sigh... Cholesterol, do your fucking job!!! nt

I wish that when Trump was bragging about the shooting of Michael Reinoeh (debate)

They need to use Zoom next time

I am envisioning an empty auditorium, lights gone dark and Trump still screaming into a dead mike.

Tranquilizer darts, cattle prods & cutting of the mike

He never told his racist supporters to stand down like he just said he would

Why are there no questions about climate change?

Someone needs to ask Biden and Wallace

Trump to the Proud Boys, "Stand back and stand by." Threatening much?

It's like watching a reality show

Couldn't take anymore. I'll watch the talking heads afterwards.

Putin's puppy

Trump when asked to condemn White Supremacy - "Proud Boys...Stand back....Stand by...." WTF!!!!!!

Trump literally just incited the Proud Boys and white supremacists to stand by (not stand down)

Who is supposed to be the moderator for the next debate?

Prediction: After tonight's debate, Trump will...

Wallace to Dump - "If you want to switch seats, we can do that."

Joe Scarborough just called this a colossal waste of the American people's time

This is beyond frustrating. I just donated to Biden/Harris

Debates are not a service to voters any longer.

75 minutes in... and this word has shamefully not been uttered.

Joe is crazy to ever try to get into another debate wiht this POS. n/t

Fucking Shit Show.

It almost looks like Wallace is letting Trumplethinskin take as much rope as he wants.

Moderator needs to be able to turn off the mics

Is there going to an obvious winner at the end of

I would call Donald Trump an asshole

I shut it off.

Climate change? From Chris Wallace? Shocked.

I have to give a hat tip to Chris Wallace.

It was 103 degrees here TODAY in L.A.

Luntz: Trump dominated... And turned off undecided voters in the process.

Trump should have been escorted off the stage

Help please. Who was it who said "Biden came prepared to debate, trump

You can say Chris Wallace sucks but the problem

Was that the first "Sir" story of the night?



2020 US Senate Election Rating for every US Senate seat the Democrats will win in 2020.

Hey BLOTUS, why aren't you saying that the gulf states should be raking their water ways

The Daily Show: Meet The Man Who Played Trump During 2016 Presidential Debate Prep

I love this debate. It's such an awesome contrast.

Did tRump tell the Proud Boys to stand by?

He just said you have to clean the forest floors to stop forest fires. We wouldn't have fires if

Re: this debate, is Trump the pig being wrestled or the pigeon playing chess?

Tomorrow's headlines?

Every time I leave and come back

I think we need to call in a replacement moderator for the next debate. Here's an option:

I'm glad Biden leaned into Hunter's addiction. He should lean into it more. It would take trump

Trump Accordion Hands

I cannot watch this anymore.

Most recent comments from 538 live blog - a few somewhat head scratching

Helen Reddy, 'I Am Woman' Singer, Dies at 78

Beau Biden was not a loser.

Growing calls from the intelligentsia on Twitter for no more debates (unless they're fair)

Joe, make the crazy sign

How much longer is this ordeal?

Ed Markey: Donald Trump won't condemn white supremacists because he is one.

Wallace asks follow up questions of Biden

Trump Paid $750 in Federal Income Taxes in 2017. Here's the Math.

My description of this debate is

How could you type

Chris Wallace's debate performance

Is Biden letting Trump hoist himself

Is it me or does Trump look like a monkey. (sorry monkeys).

So if you were an 'undecided voter' who would you just want to tell to STFU ...

trump looks psycho up there

Trump just lost the election

Joe, please, the answer to the "what did you do in 47 years?" is disgustingly simple

Somebody .. please kill me

Can the rules of the next debate be changed to include more substantive moderation?

The President of the United States is a world class asshole.

Presidential debates are pointless

WTF is up Donnie the diddler's face?

Great speech by Joe on voting


Okay taking a step back

Ah.... but the strawberries!

When given the chance to disavow white supremeist groups, Trump tells the Proud Boys...

Look at his Devil Red Face

Donald Trump is a very sick man.

Ezra Klein puts it best

Trump looks like a fool

"It's a fraud" says the voter fraud.

I tried. I really did. But this "debate" is unwatchable


Drink everytime Trump is asked to tell white supremacists to stand down, but instead tells them to s

No wonder Trump team sent the "I won the debate" email saying the media will say he lost

Portland sheriff says Trump just lied about his support.

Trump claimed the sheriff in Portland supported him. The sheriff there contradicted him immediately

."this is not going to end well"

Zoo parrots separated for telling everybody to fuck off

Who do you think Trump is looking at for directions?

I'm glad I didn't watch it.

What time is this shit show over????

Did trump say "Proud Boys stand by"?

Biden's kinda sitting back now

There it is!

Trump is losing it

What? trump* lied??!?!?

The markets seem to like it:

'Proud Boys - Stand back, stand by' Trump sidesteps white supremacist condemnation

Hear that Philadelphia, bad things happen in Philadelphia, that is what trump just said

It's over. 10:38PM ET

Elie Mystal, Justice Coorespondent, The Nation, speaks for America:

Chris: "I hope neither of you will interrupt the other." Dude, it's your job to keep control. Hope

Bottom Line UNHINGED ... LOL...

Listening to the debate on POTUS

DU Poll: For how long did you watch the debate?

Well once again, I'd say Trump did what he does best

His war on the post office continues. Mailmen are selling ballots . Good grief

Maybe I'm drunk

Nora O'Donnell "A night of chaos and interruption."

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Well that was fucking painful

"That was the worst Presidential debate I have ever seen!" ABC News

George Stephanopoulos: The worst debate I have ever seen.

Brian Williams starts with the stand back and stand by

Well, that was exhausting. Biden did well and I commend him for not walking over and knocking the

Like the contrast when the wives come up

That wasn't a debate, it was a shouting match.

NBC, Chuck Todd,

Wolf Blitzer just suggested there may not be more debates.

Dana Bash called it right

disaster inside a Dumpster fire inside a train wreck

No more debates! tRump's behavior tonight was disgusting

CNN Dana Bash "That was a shitshow" --- Tapper "A hot mess in a dumpster fire in a train wreck"

Interrupter in Chief

Jake Tapper just said that Chris Wallace had no control over the debate.

Trump Is An Accomplished Liar....

Chris Wallace appreciation thread?

Watched Faux News right after the "Debates" --- sorry!

CBS has damn JR on

Joe got under his skin

My read is that Trump is losing every woman in America. We have all dealt with this guy.

Trump's attack on Hunter

Does anyone else feel dirty after that?

We need 24 hours before the full damage report of this debate is determined.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweet during debate:

Biden shouldn't have anymore debates with this asshole

Nicolle Wallace: Chris Wallace wasn't a moderator.

The word of the day is lungorrhea. Thank you Rachel Maddow. nt

Trump's debate performance has made Louie Gohmert seem intellectual and

Joe Biden Won the Debate

Lockhart: Debate commission has to figure out how to get Trump to follow rules or cancel debates.

I moderate Webex meetings at work

Axelrod on CNN just now (paraphrasing): "I think Trump lost the presidency tonight."

Good thing that the debate was only shown in America.

Donald Trump lost more ground tonight -

Both candidates should be in soundproof booths

I just sent Joe $100

Every woman in America

Daniel Dale fact checking debate coming up next on CNN.

**David Axelrod on CNN boom: "He ended his presidency tonight*

Worldwide embarrassment.

Seth Meyers - Trump Calls for Biden to Get Drug Tested Before Debate - Monologue 9/28/20

This is bumper sticker I would love.

Trump tells proud boys to "stand back. stand by"

Wow, This is Some Serious Doom and Gloom.

Meacham "Lowest Moment in the history of the presidency since Andrew Johnson's racist state papers"

I hope the moderator of the next debate will be provided a shrill whistle

Let's also reflect on the MSNBC coverage right now

Betting Lines Show Biden +6.7 Movement

Both debate sides are going to declare huge victory and crushing defeat.

The ladies on MSNBC...

Thank you, Joe.

Ad suggestion: "haven't you had enough of this crap?"

Dana Bash: This was a shitshow.

Will the media blame both candidates?

Wish Biden did not say "this is not true." Sounds defensive

Do NOT let traditional media or social media portray this as bothsiderism.

Is there going to be a make-up date for the Parson-Galloway debate?

BREAKING: " Trump Tells White Supremacist To 'Stand By' " ..... Should be on EVERY headline of

MSNBC Nicole Wallace just said Trump is lifting his leg and peeing on Our Democracy!!!!!

What ever happened to Candy Crowley?

Maybe Chris Wallace was his target

CBS Instant Poll: Biden won 48-41-10


Some summaries from the 538 live blog crew

Rick Santorum: the President got hurt tonight.

I wouldn't ask if I didn't try for a good hour first. Dumb question: How do I donate to the Biden

CNN: Van Jones just now.

No more. Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

Don't know much about him, but Neil deGrasse Tyson nails it:

I have come to a life-altering conclusion:

"The Proud Boys are ecstatic tonight about getting mentioned in the debate tonight."

Boy my Facebook GOPer friends think Trump was "awesome" and he won the debate!

WTF was that

My soul feels like it's just crawled out of a sewer...

AOC: Donald Trump is a white supremacist.

I would say it was a shitshow, but that's insulting shit n/t

Look Joe won ... it is that simple!

Biden did well tonight,

CBS Poll: 48% watchers felt Biden won, 41% Trump...

How about a silent mic rule?

Next time either cut off the mics or the moderator should bring a loud whistle

Kamala is on Brian Williams now n/t


Democrats see debates as informative. Republicans see them as entertainment

I just kept thinking,

Debate Commission has to figure out how to get Trump to cooperate...

Once again, Trump never actually denounced white supremacists

According to cnn white suprematists approved of Trump's performance

OMG!!! Our President is a MAD MAN!!!

Trigger Happy (Jack) Poe.

still 41%?? He literally could shoot someone dead on Fifth Avenue. . .

Welp, the futures market has weighed in

Stand by... but

CBS Poll: Biden won debate

Now I see the Trump strategy

I'm making a Biden campaign donation tonight, just to

"Stand By" - JFC.

"Do you have any idea what this clown is doing?" - Joe "The Next President" Biden

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Obama house right now . . .

Trump: "Proud Boys, stand back and stand by!

I watched so you didn't have to.

"That was a shitshow," Dana Bash adds.

So, did Chris Christie do well in prepping Trump for tonight? ;)

Dana Bash on CNN: "That was a shitshow."

Joe: Can you name one thing he said to actually make your life better?

Wow. I only have one thing to say. "Will you shut up man?"

Not Standing Down, Not Standing By

Why would Biden agree to debate again?


The NYT Times Fact Check - posting the summary of the "tote board"

Why didn't Wallace ask any questions about WW1?

A better moderator...

How to drugs

Who watched on PBS?

Me after sitting through the full 90 minutes of that debate

Biden already has "shut up Trump" T-shirts! ROFL!

Proud Boys reply to trumps call out tonight:

FreeRepublic poster accidentally proves that Biden did a great job.

Chump agreed to rules he had no intention of actually following


Lincoln Project tweet showing Proud Boys' reaction to Trump's call to them

Stand back and stand by

Never has this classic line from "The Big Lebowski" ever been more relevant...

I Think The Debate Is Going To Solidify Trump's Support Among These Folks

Ruthie decided to vote for Biden because Trump behaved like a 'crackhead'.

Biden and Kamala keep getting the court packing question.

Joe Biden Instagram: Biden-Harris sign in Polk County Iowa

Next Debate should be on zoom.

Next debate, have the candidate not answering to sit down....

Biden won the debate

BREAKING: Biden Beats Trump 48-41 in CBS News' Instant Post-Debate Poll

Meet Trump's past 3 campaign managers

Debate microphones can't be turned off unless both debaters agree.

NYT rat-fucking

I am the most critical DUer here

Turned out to be a Chris Wallace trump debate

Trump claims 'Portland Sheriff' endorsed him

Post debate NYT Op Ed - Friedman! "Trump Sent a Warning. Let's Take It Seriously."

We haven't had a single problem with COVID at our rallies

I had suggested soundproofed rooms for the debate. A better idea might be

There should not be another debate without a mute on tRump's mic and a shock collar on his neck.

This old story came alive tonight.

Anyone remember the early days of Fox when

CNN undecided voters

"The problems the president had tonight can potentially be fixed" - Chris Christie on ABC

OMG these CNN Undecideds are a fucking joke

I think trump screwed himself

Harris says Trump 'denigrated' office of the presidency with debate performance

CNN interviews with "undecided voters"

CNN talking to so -called undecided voters, bullshit

In the next debate

Michael Steele tweet about debate:

See, what Trump doesn't understand is that you can't be an Alpha Male

The Only Acceptable Moderator For Any Future Debates

Biden to Trump: 'All these dog whistles and racism don't work anymore'

There's nothing undecided about this CNN panel

Election Betting Odds shows a big jump for Biden since the end of the debate

Portland police union chief introduces 2022 ballot initiative to limit right to assemble

The simple solution to the debates no one seems to be suggesting:

The two most Democratic counties in Wisconsin have a HUGE lead on returned absentee ballots.

now likes Biden b/c Trump was behaving like a "crackhead" and made the debate impossible to watch

Some of us were around for this debate...and we thought the 60s were crazy.

I just contributed to Biden again, for the 17th time. Proud to do it!

Paul Begala tweet:

US coronavirus: New cases surge in Florida

Multnomah County Sheriff: I have never supported Trump and I never will

OK, it's really clear now.

Hillary and Chasten tweet:

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Wants Mail-In Voting to Fail

The only thing I would have Biden do differently is to use Silence as weapon

Between 10-11 PM tonight, Biden for President had its best online fundraising hour of all time.

Insane Clown Nazi

Frank Luntz focus group describes Trump in one word:

Freepers... a different universe...

To quote Brian Griffin, "Undecided voters are the biggest idiots on the planet."

Did anyone else here that giant flushing sound??? Trump just went down the toliet

I work for the Red Cross and had to deliver some emergency packets during the debate

So - undecided voters at this point of this mess - what do ya think?

Donnie theme song: "I wanted to have a debate, but I got high"

CNN: Biden was accurate when he said Kellyanne Conway said violent protests are good for Trump.

Pete-Rough night for the American presidency.Good thing we get to do something about that-right now

Debates used to serve a purpose until Palin turned them into an overflowing toilet,

Best image from tonight's debate

Helen Reddy: Australian singer of feminist anthem I Am Woman dies

"Stand back and stand by..." Trump literally told the "Proud Bois" to prepare for civil war.

TPM - Josh weighs in "A Bad Night for the President"

I knew trump was going to pat himself on the back for "only" 200,000 deaths

CNN Instant Poll: Biden won debate 60-28.

Yes, President Trump Really Dropped a Racial Slur on Live Television Tonight

60% of watchers on CNN poll said Biden won. 28% said Trump.

Well, here's what Hugh Hewitt is saying

The Abuser-in-Chief

CNN instant poll of debate watchers on who won: 60% Biden, 28% Trump

For The Record -- First Presidential Debate 2020

Biden just had the best fundraising hour of the entire campaign.

My solution for the next debate

Community Hydropower Dam Illuminates Life in Salvadoran Villages

CNN: Trump campaign is saying ...

Post-debate Comments from Australia

"Will you shut up, man?" T-shirt:

Dana Bash: Receiving texts from Repugs who say that THIS tRump

Trump Got Destroyed In CNN's Debate Watchers Poll

The big question is: exactly which performance dehancing drug did donnie use?

Do we HAVE to?

So much for "Sleepy" fucking "Joe"! trump is the type of guy that makes people hate New Yorkers.....

He's fucking delusional. Look what he tweeted 5 minutes ago:

I Love Joe Biden, but....

Tonight Trump won of the idiots who wait in line all day long for attend his angry mob rallies


Mark Farner has a birthday today.


2020 US Senate Election Rating for every US Senate seat the Democrats are gonna win in 2020.

The next presidential debate is a town hall

WaPo's Matt Viser: Top Biden advisers say he will participate in remaining two debates

Why Biden shouldn't pull out of the 2nd debate:

The next debate is a town hall.

I have to believe Chris Wallace was home-schooled

CNN talking to voters watching the "debate." One woman liked what trump had to say (?!?)

Small moment in the debate Trump claiming 35-40 thousand at his rallies. Ya just another lie but a

Overall I feel good about the night even though the debate was a shit show.

Anyone else?

Nicolle Wallace-like trying to calm down the abusive drunk uncle

CNN Poll: 55% think Biden seemed to be a stronger leader.

Proud boys respond to Trump "Standing down and standing by sir,"

Is Anyone Surprised That Biden Didn't Make More Of The Tax Issue?.....

Tonight, the soon-to-be-president, Joe Biden, pulled off one of the most incredible feats ever

You know what would drive trumpy crazy? If Joe went on Fux News tomorrow night

Did you ever wonder why these adult males call themselves Proud "BOYS"?

This. This is Donald Trump's America.

Biden will keep debating Trump, campaign says

Daniel Dale (CNN) on fact checking the debate....

What you are watching is the dictator's playbook

Josh Marshall podcast - Trumps shitshow

What is your lasting impression of the two men?

Okay, I'm not sure about the veracity of this tweet, but the reply made me LOL.

Caligula declared war on the god Neptune.

The Blue Hearts- Linda Linda Linda

Olbermann on Wallace's performance tonight during debate...

Let's be honest with ourselves, if a subordinate behaved like Trump at work

Biden campaign starts selling 'will you shut up, man' shirts

Did Biden ever interrupt Trump's designated 2 minutes?

Did anyone catch the "troops on the streets" type comment?

Rick Santorum's theory on Trump & the proud boys makes it worse, not better...

Gore sighed. Poppy checked his watch.

Trump kept interrupting so they wouldn't talk about his taxes

CNN Focus group decided to vote for Biden 4-2.

I had a lovely, beautiful day today!

It was insanity .. but there were some memorable lines

The origin of Nicaraguan Sign Language tells us a lot about language creation

Question (more for Crafts?) - will spray acrylic sealer work safely on fabric/ribbon?


The origin of Nicaraguan Sign Language tells us a lot about language creation

Raise your hand

Schumer, in rare move, takes control of floor to force health care vote

Iowa, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Sen. Ed Markey: Donald Trump won't condemn white supremacists because he is one.

Watch Steve Schmidt right now!

New Hampshire, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

The West Wing Debate (part) Enjoy!

There are a lot of confused Trump supporters who think posting random comments about Joe Biden

Great new shirt on Lincoln project website

Trump tries to undermine the legitimacy of the election with baseless claims at debate

"As the Multnomah County Sheriff I have never supported Donald Trump and will never support him."

Joy Reid Says Trump 'Physically Could Not Stand To Hear Truths About Himself' In Debate - MSNBC

A four year old Tweet from Jerry Springer that is just as relevant today as it was back then

Can we agree that CRIS WALLACE SUCKED!

Did Trump call Joe Biden "Jim"?

Angry Staffer tweet: The consensus from almost every Republican I've talked to tonight?

"That was a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck," @jaketapper says. "That was the

Thinking about this after that crazy performance...

Debate #2 recommendations for moderator

The Volatile Mermaid tweet: Of course Trump's supporters think he won the debate.

Mexico's forgotten Afro-descendants celebrate roots

Nobody who is pro law enforcement would sound a dog whistle to incite violence.

Trump saying he'll release his taxes - Biden: "When inshallah?"

KY: Simpson County Offers 3 'Super Centers' for Election Day Voting

The Art Of Victory Laps Ending In Faceplants by Donald J. Trump No Bell Stable Geniuser

Aaron Rupar: lol so it seems like this went well for you guys

Bette Midler. 😬 😂 😂

Cutting to the chase: "Debate" not about issues, what we saw was Bully vs Target

This guy reminds you of the guy...

Honduran journalist Luis Alonzo Almendares shot and killed

Hillary chimes in.

If I was debating someone who I claimed had dementia I would allow them to speak as much as possible

So the C-Span phonecall guy is moderating the 2nd debate.

Great idea for the next debate moderator

Which comedian will help us laugh

"Guess who knows he bombed tonight"

Biden's skin isn't thick, it's bulletproof

Chasten Buttigieg is so sweet

The Lincoln Project: Don't use the word "smart"

VOX - The first post-debate polls say Biden won

Trump's campaign managers: I sense a theme:

Once a boom town, now a ghost town. Always a hometown.

Anyone want to go to Hannity's Youtube video about the debates and tell

The notch below "weak democracy" is known as "competitive authoritarianism"...

Does the winning team usually spend the night after the game attacking the refs?

Kamala Harris Hits Trump For Not Condemning White Supremacists - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Another Betting Line Trump -7.34% Biden +6.82%

Trump accuses Chris Wallace of siding with Joe Biden in first presidential debate

Everyone Figuring Out Now Who Won . . . .

Jimmy Kimmel on Worst Debate Ever

Trump is blaming Chris Wallace

Trump has already asked his accountant if he could write off this debate loss on his taxes

Mandy Patinkin has a thing or two to say know!

Cuban musicians stand out in nominees' list for Latin Grammy 2020

So I thought we won Round 1...

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bernie Sanders Reacts to Trump Biden Debate

CNN: Joe absolutely trounced Trump in the debate

Lincoln Project claim to have Trump debate prep tapes

Joe Rogan and Kanye are trending. This just isn't a serious country for the most part

Kristen Welker best be prepared as moderator of the third debate

"He also called the president 'Putin's puppy' in a reference to Russia's president"

Biden's campaign ... announced that it raised $3.8 million between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Tuesday,

Native Americans Have Always Answered the Call to Serve: National VFW Day 2020

Nearly 100,000 Defective Absentee Ballots Sent to N.Y.C. Voters

How Aussie journalist describes the debate

Inshallah - More Clever than You Might Think?

Once or twice tonight Joe Biden referred to Dolt45 as a clown.

Voter registration countdown: Seven days left to register to vote in Texas

Mac Davis dies at 78: Singer, songwriter, actor wrote 'In The Ghetto,' starred in films

The tale of old Abe, 15, a blind, deaf dog missing 12 days

I'd like to hear what senate republicans

Appeals court allows extension of Wisconsin's absentee ballot deadlines

Trump Abandoned Syria To Russia And Turkey Because He Owed Them Money

Former GOP Michigan secretaries of state sue over plan to count late arriving ballots

Retired Circus Elephants to Move to 2,500-Acre Wildlife Refuge Next Year

Do those bears.....

Ohio appeals court rules state doesn't have to accept electronic absentee ballot requests, overturni

Nicole Wallace says Trump's Debate Performace is what they Planned to do , that was his Debate Prep

Lawmaker panel blocks LaRose request for early ballot postage

Fidel Castro Stayed in Harlem 60 Years Ago to Highlight Racial Injustice in the U.S.

Remember that Joe is a stutterer and did great tonight

Whoa. What's up with Trump's arm here?............

'Bad things happen in Philadelphia,' Trump says at debate, renewing false claim about poll watchers

Fighting with trumpers about everything!👿

Just for the heck of it...


I like Chris Wallace, can't believe he works for Fox

You know Joe won when all they can do is blame Chris Wallace.

Presidential debate - live: Trump roasted for erratic and angry performance as Biden snaps at rival

Naomi Biden rages against Donald Trump after Beau and Hunter discussion during presidential debate

Tiny bulldog puppy barks & growls at Mom

TX-22: Houston Chronicle endorses Sri Preston Kulkarni for Congress

What was it called "free discussion"?

I can't fall back asleep but I have two simple points from the debate

"Will you shut up, man..." was the line that will be remembered.

an exhausting nest of tweets and chirps during & after that unruly debate trump lost

At the Debate, Biden and Trump Showed America Who They Really Are. That's a Win for Biden.

Has the tweet storm begun yet?

David Frum tweet:

Data for Progress Poll shows Biden winning debate by 11 points.

New Ad from @Jewish Dems. A Powerful piece of truth here.

CBS Poll: Debate viewers feel better about Biden, much worse about Trump

Stopping by the Lounge for a little break.

NINGEN ISU / Heartless Scat

Tuesday debate (post debate) tweets

After tonight, I think it will be Biden in a landslide and then Trump can take

A little History about a COUNTRY who beat Fascism

25 of the Funniest Presidential Debate Memes

Make no mistake about what a disgrace trump is to OUR country,

Failure to shore up state budgets may hit women's wallets especially hard

Fox News uses the word 'hate' much more than MSNBC or CNN

Let's Get Into It with Daisuke Tsuji - LEGIT

Trump scored bigly with

A lesson from the last recession becomes California law

GOP worried about early surge in dem voting in battle ground states. "the margins are 'stunning'

Updated count 1,840,734 have voted in the reporting states.

Feeling very emotional this morning re: election and most recent Sully ad

Oh Conservatives, just want to point out you are a fascist if...

Stephen Colbert's LIVE Monologue (and Opening) After The First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

Were the evangelicals proud last night

2020 US Senate Election Rating for every US Senate seat the Democrats are going to win in 2020.

Stephen Colbert: Sen. Cory Booker's Reaction To Trump's Frightening Message To White Supremacists

The Obama Justice Department Had a Plan to Hold Police Accountable for Abuses. The Trump DOJ Has

大森靖子『KEKKON- marriage』Music Video

Trump Embarrassed His Country and Himself

I Bet all other Countries were laughing their ass off

I only watched a portion of last night's debate, if you can call it that.

Trump thinks huge crowds will take to the streets demanding he be given another term

"That debate was the worst thing I've ever seen & I was in The Star Wars Holiday Special"

And all the GOPers said "Obama would be the worst President ever"?

The Supreme Court is too powerful and anti-democratic. Here's how we can scale back its influence.

Not much both sides-ism on NPR this morning.

Ha! Trump is signing up poll watchers?

"As the Multnomah County Sheriff...

So Trump is blaming Obama and Biden for the taxes he(Trump) didn't pay?

Your Vote

Grand Jury Declines To Indict Church Security Guard Who Killed Gunman In Texas

In general, a good amount of the media is dropping the ball regarding the debate analysis

When will the Dems give themselves the credit they deserve for low unemployment rates?

Texas officials say it could take 2-3 months to make water safe after brain-eating amoeba kills ...

(Jewish Group) Proud Boys group is anti-semitic (if you did not already know this...)

Proud Boys group is anti-semitic (if you did not already know this...)

Trump claims his policies made insulin 'so cheap, it's like water.' But for most people, it costs ju

Shell plans to cut up to 9,000 jobs as oil demand slumps

Trump made fun of public colleges.

Former campaign rivals join forces in Florida to defeat Trump

Film showing mink 'cannibalism' prompts probable ban on fur farms in Poland

Jason Johnson is correct - Biden did great

"I'm going to say it like it is," Bash declared. "That was a shitshow."


The one response I wished from Biden last night when the killa Con went after

Wednesday TOONs - The So-Called "Debate"

Helen Reddy and Mac Davis are gone

Ohio Republican Party pulls attack ad after realizing it attacked the wrong person

Washington Post Front Page, Sept. 30, 2020 (Debate coverage)

Best Biden Zinger


Trump's 'dog whistle through a bullhorn' was received, loud and clear

Anyone convinced that their views are infallible should be automatically disbarred from office.

You know what Joe should have done last night?

The Best Biden Lines of the Debate

Trump claims Portland Sheriff gave him endorsement;Reese quickly responds: I 'will never support him

Biden raises a record $3.8 million in 1 hour during debate with Trump

Michele Bachmann: The Bible warned that 'transgender Black Marxists' would try to elect Biden

Trump told us EXACTLY how he plans to take over the presidency for another 4 years last night

Trump successfully reminded America why he needs to be shown the door on Election Day.

Trump is the loser

A four year old Tweet from Jerry Springer that is just as relevant today as it was back then

I think that was his goal. Drive people away so they don't hear Joe

WARNING, foul language.

Trump has already asked his accountant if he could write off this debate loss on his taxes

My take on watching 1 hour of the debate

Sincerest thanks to those who watched the debate and reported on it here

An Epic Moment of National Shame

Morning take

Heiress faces sentencing in upstate New York sex slave case

Dan Rather: This was a sad, sad, sad night for this nation...

Charles Manson Trump calling on his cult members to start a war for him didn't go over too well

Where are all the republicans...

The way I know Biden did well at the debate...

Watching Chris Wallace on the stage

Do you remember Donna and the Chicken Costume in The West Wing?

We don't have a president, we have a deranged hostage taker who knows only that doom awaits.

James Dean shortly before he was killed at age 24 in his Porsche, 65 years ago this week:

Huge spike in Google searches for moving to Canada last night

Lest you forget: The Postal Service Failed to Update at Least 1.8 Million Addresses

On this day, September 30, 1947, Marc Bolan was born.

Biden campaign faces questions about whether he should skip next debates

We need a meme centered on sending trump and his family packing to Moscow

If you missed the debate last night wait until Sarah Cooper lip syncs it.

Swearing parrots removed from view after blasting 'all sorts of obscenities' at park visitors

One important thing that Joe missed last night

Since Chris Christie was drumpf's debate mentor, it reminds me of the way Christie

Hosts should refuse to host, moderators should refuse to moderate.

I have heard that

Any recommendations for a toaster oven?

I've never seen Melanoma smile as brightly as last night

After just 3 hours of sleep, I woke up with a POUNDING post-debate headache.

Ava Duvernay FTW

The debate analysis from France 24

All the talk and analysis is fine and good but until someone stands up

Ratcliffe says it is totally OK to disclose the allegations re: Clinton because Barr told him so

So susan collins, donald trump learned from impeachment? How's that working out for you?

Trump-Biden debate: Europe laments 'incomprehensible' and 'nasty spectacle'

New Joe Biden video: Had enough?

Private-sector employment increased by 749,000 from August to September on seasonally adjusted basis

Biden won the debate: Actually it was no contest!

Is there no one with a spine on the debate commission? Do not ASK---ANNOUNCE that in all future

We have a Tweaker in Chief.

Trump Family Goes Without Masks to Presidential Debate, Disregarding Guidelines

On Air Force One last night: This creepy rictus grin is the new face of my sleep paralysis demon.

I Lived Through Collapse. America Is Already There.

Speaker Pelosi is coming up on Morning JoeScum n/t

The only question yet to be answered is ...

WA/CA/OR Fires Have Collectively Burned An Area The Size Of New Jersey So Far In 2020

On this day, September 30, 1960, "The Flintstones" aired for the first time.

3 Die In Shasta County In New Fires; Famed Winery, Tiny House Community For The Homeless Burn Down

Speed Tai Chi! Think it'll catch on?


The book I ordered about chronology finally arrived. It's

I just want to thank Chris Wallace for asking the one question that energized the Dem base

Putin for debate moderator Trump never crosses him. First question..

Royal Dutch Shell Announces Cuts Of Between 7,000 And 9,000 Jobs, +/- 10% Of Global Workforce

TLP: "That was terrible, Donald Trump, and you just collapsed in front of the whole world."

I still maintain that Chris Wallace should have shut the debate down.

YOU raised $66,788.70 for Biden-Harris a NEW one day record for the DU fundraising!! (844 donations)


Teacup Chihuahua singing her heart out

Trump does not deserve to appoint anyone to the SCOTUS. He practically called for

Me, 14 minutes into the debate last night.

Trump's memes: "Unsolicited Ballots" and Sending his People" inside of polls to stop voting is b.s..

Donald Trump is like an abusive ex

Post-Debate Musings

Telemundo will begin broadcasting in Russian after discovering 67% who voted in their online poll

One Nomination Sent to the Senate; September 29, 2020

RIP Mac Davis

"They Will Move Themselves To Tears, Then Turn Their Computers Off And Sign Another Mining Lease"

Permit, Alaska to Alberta Railway Development Corporation; September 29, 2020

MSNBC's Heilemann explains how Trump will exploit COVID-19 to steal the election

Historian Jon Meacham called trump a thug on "Morning Joe".

CNN Instant Poll Declares Joe Biden The Debate Winner 60%-28%

Oh look:

65 Years Ago Today; James Dean is killed in a 2 car accident

The college football season was delayed because of Trump's disastrous handling of the pandemic

The Rundown: September 30, 2020

In order for the next debate to proceed smoothly ..

You can only steal close elections

Holy shit. John Berman vs that shithead Hogan Gidley

The Webcomics Weekly #106: I Could Really Use a Magic Soda (9/29/2020 Edition)

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 09/23/2020

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/30/2020

The Weekly Pull: Batman: The Joker War Zone, Shang-Chi, The Department of Truth, and More

a deliberate mugging of America's democratic process

Woke up with a migraine

When are the next debates, which format, and who are the moderators?

SHELLSHOCKED after the debate? You are not alone. That was ABUSE.

Even the 'con lean Hill weighed in against trump

Antifa cell's update your ceoi ,our new call sign is psycho pup actual

Trump told these guys to wait for his order to attack!

Trump's idea of law and order

Has there been a breakdown/analysis of total speaking time for last night's debate?

CNN Instant Poll Declares Joe Biden The Debate Winner 60%-28%

The Correct Reaction - Undecided Voter Says Trump Acted Like a 'Crackhead'

The Hate Radio Debate

We lost Helen Reddy and Mac Davis in the last day. Listening to "I Am Woman", and "In The Ghetto"

Trump PANICKING, Accused of Laundering $170 Million

Trump Runs Away AGAIN Without Taking Questions

Pennsylvania court strikes down law protecting gun manufacturers from lawsuits

I hope the next debate that the Dotard totally loses his shit in front of God and everybody. Nt

never thought I'd see the day

Duh. Behind Cracked Greenwash Paint, US Chamber $ And Lobbying All Fossil Fuels, All The Time

Steve Schmidt masterful takedown of Trump's entire debate performance

The Lincoln Project Town Hall Oct 1

All Ex Pats Vote Please

Pic Of The Moment: Painful To Watch

Ouch! Biden releases post-debate ad:

Biden has an ad out already addressing the failure to address white supremacy

Biden was right about Kellyanne's comment re: WH rooting for Chaos

I'm sick of the "both sides" shit. It wasn't both sides. The problem was Trump.

Trump takes credit for return of Big Ten football in first presidential debate

On November 3rd, I get to tell Trump to "SHUT THE FUCK UP"!!!!!!

Legal Landslide Against Big Oil Gains Speed; Failure To Warn & Fraud Core Of Multiple State Claims

Biden Whistlestop train preparing to leave

I am confused about the chosen state electors being sent

Next debate Town Hall

If this god-awful shit show goes on to Version 3.0

How bad was it , Mark?

excuses for losing

People voting in person should have their phones out and ready, when heading in to the precinct

The Nasty Petty Disrupter's Tool Kit - Tool #1

R.I.P. Helen Reddy (I Am Woman)

Texas Democrats Try To Drag State Rep. Lynn Stucky Into Christian Camp Scandal

How to Respond to Last Night's Debate

Do you realize how crazy it is that police groups are endorsing a man who refuses to condemn white s

The media needs to cancel the next two debates with Trump

Running significantly behind Biden in virtually every poll, last night was a debate Trump HAD to win

A debate that will live in infamy: That sweaty, red-faced liar is actually our president

"Will you shut up man?" is my favorite line all night!!! I want this yard sign...

Gov. Newsom restricts use of rat poison in bid to protect California mountain lions

You all know what's coming, right?

We Counted Every Single Time Trump Interrupted During the First Presidential Debate

Texas House LGBTQ Caucus calls for Medicaid expansion

Trump's taxes show a suspicious profit on Miss Universe in 1 year - when it was in Moscow

"A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Donald Trump to STFU"

Eric Boehlert: Call off the next two debates

As a southern white woman, this call to arms has me alarmed.

Mission Accomplished GOP: McLennan Co forced to resend ballots with Green Party added.

Steve Schmidt masterful take down of Trump's entire debate performance

one more thing we missed about the debates --Melania vs Jill

Even with all of Trump's interrupting, this was one of Joe's finest moments at the debate

David Corn's positive take on last night's "debate". That's A Win For Biden

Rachel Maddow with Absolutely the best description of last night

No tweets this morning? Did he exhaust himself last night?

An oldy that seems appropriate.

Proud Boys celebrate after Trump's debate callout

Ok, time to deal with the chicken soup that's been slow cooking all night. Sheer comfort food.

Republican National Committee outspending Democratic counterpart in Texas by 3 to 1

Any polls out there specifically mentioning white women? I would be surprised if he didn't...

Biden about to kick off his Whistle Stop Campaign!

"A Clusterfuck"

Trump heckled, bullied and lied through the debate. It won't help him beat Biden

BTRTN: Trump Debates Reality. Reality Wins.

As I see it the most grievous error of last night's debate...

BTRTN: Trump Debates Reality. Reality Wins.

This debate was NOT a train wreck!

Economy plunges 31.4% in spring but big rebound expected

It wanted you to walk out of the room, hit the mute button, turn to a movie channel.

Time for Time Out for the tantrum toddler

Gratitude thread from those of us who knew we couldn't handle the "debate" and detached.

Chris Jansing did a feedback from 3 white undecided people in Ohio.

Republicans at work this morning

Kind Of Unavoidable, With All This Talk Of A Whistle-Stop Tour...

RIP Helen Reddy.

Bad news: Borat says Trump won the debate

so the word of the day is logorrhea. Yes, Ms. on!

The proud boys got the message.

Republicans Shelley Luther, Drew Springer head to runoff in special election to replace state Sen.

Dashcam shows Florida man shooting through his own windshield at another car

Census Judge Sets Contempt Hearing for Wilbur Ross, Commerce

RIP Helen Reddy.

Fight over milk sends Florida man to jail

Republicans are saying "They smell a 1964 style GOP wipeout looming..."

Just to point out another big lie...

To Dem spokespeople: The 'rioters' murdering law officers have all been RightWing.

Omg. An employee of the US Embassy in Ukraine was beaten and died.

Casual Trump Voters May Have Been Affected Last Night.

Managers warn that Rio Grande could go dry in Albuquerque

I think Biden will be leading all night on Election Night

DJIA up 366 at 10:19a. On time for the month and quarterly close.

"Goebbels would be jealous."

Trump plans big Wisconsin rallies despite White House task force calling for 'maximal' social distan

this list from the Trump campaign is the most laughable purported fact check document I've seen in a

For the next debate, I recommend two sound proof booths.

The parents of a bullied child

Tapping my foot and glued to my wrist watch waiting impatiently for any sign of life from the GOP.

TX-23: National Repubicans privately have privately written the seat off.

After last night there is one less tRump vote in a swing state

Trump finally wore his mask last night

Laugh to keep from crying

Biden's most admirable moment was when he defended Hunter

Keep in mind, Trump treated the Proud Boys just like he treats Putin...

Biden raised $3.8 million in the hour following debate.

Hillary Clinton FTW!

The Faces of Donald Trump.

What drug(s) was Trump on last night?

How to shut trump up during next debate

Time for Daveed Diggs' & the Roots VOTE Rapp

KS-SEN: Polls show tight Senate race between Marshall, Bollier in Kansas BY BRYAN LOWRY

Merriam-Webster throwing shade at trump

We need to make a point of calling "Stand back, stand by, but" what it WAS.

Joe Biden: Proud of his boys. Donald Trump: Proud Boys

Mark Hamill:"Debate was the worst thing I've ever seen & I was in The Star Wars Holiday Special."

"The second debate is a TOWN HALL."

Former Gov. Marc Racicot to vote for Biden

Biden campaign hits new weekly spending highs across battleground states

"I'm not sure the president read to the end of this Politico tweet"

Another serious warning about not learning from history

More Ghost Of Tsushima

This was the TURDUCKEN of Presidential debates.

This song popped into my head last night for some odd reason.

Honest Illustrations Reveal What Life Is Like Before and After You Get a Pet

"Do you have contact information for the president of Antifa..."

Any legit polls showing Trump won? CNN 60-28 Biden, CBS 48-41 Biden DataforProgess 51-39 Biden

Tweet of the Day

The US President is The Annoying Orange

House votes to kill Gohmert-sponsored resolution to ban Democratic Party

When a pro-life Republican pastor doesn't even want the judges anymore

Molly Jong-Fast - Facts: this guy is hands down the dumbest guy on the internet.

Sen. Tim Scott on Trump telling the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by" at last night's debate

We have to remember that the 30 percent or so of people who will follow the orange one all the way

BOOM!! In a new Civiqs poll, @JoeBiden leads Trump 50% to 47% in the historically red state of...

Now we know why Mr Trump did not practice before the debate.......

Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale is under investigation for embezzlement

Tribute to Helen Reddy

Trump is the only politician in Washington who received a stimulus check

All aboard Joe and Jill Biden's train tour!

Marty Stuart has a birthday today.

"Unsolicited opinion from a black man"

Proud Boys unveil new shoulder patch on their website:

9/30 Daily Dose of Joe

And now for trivia. I really liked Joe's tie. Unusual. I wonder if someone put...

When trump* went after Hunter, I admit I wish Joe had brought up trump*'s kids cancer charity theft

Progressive Group To Spend $35 Million More Targeting Democratic Base Voters

BREAKING: Donald Trump's secret debate tape revealed.

323 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 18 deaths

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) responds to Trump's Proud Boys comment

The latest RW group to be aware of:

LIVE FEED: Biden-Train Whistlestop train progress

Cleveland Clinic Dr asked Trump's side of room to put on masks (they provided) - They Refused.

Mark Hamill: That debate was the worst thing I've ever seen...

Proud Boys standing by at Trump Hotel D.C.: Photos from the archives by @Z_Everson

Next time, I'd like to see a Presidential/Vice Presidential team debate.

Joe needs to stop saying "it's not true" and start saying "YOU ARE LYING, STOP LYING"

538 Election Forecast Biden 78% Trump 21%

That Oregon County Sheriff shuts Trump down!

TRUMP HATES being called a Baby..we need this!

Why Drumpf can't afford to lose this election

TLP: I'm Smart

TLP: I'm Smart

Great post from one of my Realtor buds last his younger friends

Ben Collins: A meme going around Proud Boys groups today...

Joe Biden @JoeBiden: Had enough?

When Biden told him to shut up last night

Phoenix Demands Trump Campaign Drop Ad Using City's Uniformed Cops

The difference is crystal clear, krystalnacht clear

Ancient Galapagos tortoises clash in a turf war over grazing rights

My Friend Makes Good Money And Worked A Lot Of Overtime This Year Imagine What Her Income Tax Is

Not ONE of my Trump Chump FB Frenemies has said a WORD about the debate

Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera Webinar today Sep 30 at 11 am central

The Last Time

Rick Santorum says asking Trump to condemn right-wing extremists is unfair because they're his base

Biden won the debate by default

It's been 13 hours and Trump still hasn't "clarified" what he meant by "stand by"

Ear device is so yesterday. Now.. Biden was wearing augmented reality contact lenses

Biden is George McFly. Trump is Biff. The USA is Lorraine in the car.

The Collapse --Lincoln Project

If you can't condemn White Supremacy in the United States, in 2020, YOU SUCK!

The silence of the Republicans

Mika Brzezinski: Cancel the Debates

"Lindsey graham just introduced Russian deza on the floor of the senate.."

"Stand back and stand by."

尺八 SHAKUHACHI Flte de bambou part1 福田輝久 杵屋子邦

Joe Biden Looking at Camera During Debate Draws Comparisons to Jim From The Office

Top Republicans Panic as Dems Take 'Astronomical' Lead in Early Mailed Ballots, Says Report

Do or Die - Ani DiFranco

Slate - Trump interrupted Biden 128 times and was scolded 25 times to follow rules

Breakfast. Wednesday 30 September

Proud Boys is a combination of American Nazis and the KKK.

Daniel Dale: "this president is a serial liar who keeps serially lying"

I Voted This Morning

Former DHS chief Tom Ridge's PERFECT quote-of-the-day!

The Very Jewish R.B.G.

Democrats see fundraising boom following wild debate between Trump and Biden

Donald Trump interrupted Joe Biden 128 times...! Chris Wallace had to admonish him 25 times.

When VP Biden wins the election, and he will win...

An Epic Moment of National Shame: The Debate Was an Embarrassment for the Ages

Could Trump's Visiting Wisconsin Saturday, For Large Rallies, Turn the State Blue?

Wow I was thinking yesterday "we haven't had a wind storm yet this Fall"

Trump again confirmed that he expects SCOTUS to invalidate ballots.

There is a simple technical solution to prevent cross-talk at a debate: a chess-clock.

Bingo card time

Trump signs come down in Indy suburbs, mid north.

So, of what use would a Trump second term be to conservatives and the far-right?

Trump was 100% successful in meeting his strategic goals yesterday. Again the media falls for it.

Mayor Kenney says Philly is preparing for voter intimidation after Trump's debate comments

RIP Rocco Prestia, bassist for Tower of Power

Hoard of the Flies

Mrs. Betty Bowers: If we have another debate, the moderator needs to be...

Bluest Blues. Alvin Lee

If Trump steals the election, how long before the book burnings begin?

Human Rights Watch:New York Police Planned Assault on Bronx Protesters

It is critical to impeach Trump the day after he loses

Let Nickelodeon host the next debate (Twitter)

Code 5150 to the debate stage please STAT

the proud boys (lower case on purpose)....

Former RNC Chair and Montana Governor Spurns His Party to Endorse Joe Biden

The Proud Boys and Biff Tannen's gang

Trumps favorite pollster has him down -8

Love this response. GOP thinks they will divide us. Not happening.

Dallas towing company auctioned off active-duty service members' cars, feds allege in lawsuit

Some people thought the debate was great last night.

The Trump Campaign Is Quietly Disappearing Brad Parscale From Their Website

Presidential debate: How the world's media reacted

Rasmussen Poll of LVs: Biden 51 Trump 43

"That's a President"


Just curious: Has Chris Wallace said anything, yet?

How do people feel about the Constitutional amendments that are on the ballot? NT

Joe Biden smashed his single-hour fundraising record after the first presidential debate.

PEC (Sam Wang) predicts virtual 0% Trump win (look at probability bell curve)

Does he expect that the racist group proud boys are going to shoot people who don't vote for him?

"Trump resigns. Pence pardons him" . . . . . . . really?

I adore VP Joe Biden...

Do not minimize the shit Trump will try in order to win.

City of St. Helena (Napa Valley) under evacuation order and warning

Russian hacker Nikulin sentenced to 7 years in jail (interesting article)

Fandango Now on Roku Ultra

My hot take on the debate (if anyone cares)

It sparkles...

Just got a call from the young repukes looking for $

Joe Biden gets a hug from Jill Biden. Trump tries to force something from Melania.

Pope refuses interview with Pompeo.

Proud Boys can't vote intimidate mail in ballots...

Under legal pressure, Florida releases names of schools with COVID-19 cases


Dahlia Lithwick:The Most Important Thing Biden Did During Tuesday's Debate

Trump's debate performance in 37 seconds.

Charles Pierce: The President's Debate Performance Was Pure Fascism


Wedding photographer, ministries challenge Virginia's new LGBT rights law

50 years ago today (9/30/1970) I arrived in Saigon for my 365-day tour of duty in Vietnam ..

Minus one Proud Boy...........

Joe: You determine the outcome of this election. Vote. Vote. Vote.

New House and Senate Forecasts

Debate: One of the funniest moments to me was when Trump said Biden was bottom of his grad class.

Wallace thanks the racist president:

Joe Biden stutters

"Visiting Day at The Allenwood Federal Correctional Facility, 2022"

Joy Reid: The weakness is what will be remembered, not the men. They will be forgotten.

It lost another one of his 2016 voters

But, ... but, Hilary's emails. And Benghazi!!

MSNBC is incredibly disappointing

Good time to repost this page on what to do if armed militias try to intimidate you at the polls

FWIW: Undecided voters describe Trump as a 'crackhead,' 'arrogant' in post-debate focus group

Something to be noted of import re: last night

Chris Wallace did a great job

The VP debate in Utah is one week from today

Fox's Kilmeade: Trump 'ruined the biggest layup' in debate history 'by not condemning white supremac

The President's Debate Performance Was Pure Fascism

The Bottom Line on Drumpf's Taxes

Bolton is on NPR, Common Wealth Club

Later today, the 2020 election cycle will end for me

RASMUSSEN-pre-debate: Trump's latest showing is his lowest since early August-Biden 51% to Loser 43%

Looks like hubby got a bad reaction to the flu shot.

High School basketball star, current college student dies of Covid-19

Minnesota GOP: He blew it. He did nothing to improve his standing with independents, women ...

Chuck "wanna be tough" Todd is such ass!

Does anyone know how to care for Chrisanthemuns?

We predict the coolest October in five years in Washington with plentiful rainfall.

CNN has Mia Love on?

New: Commission on Presidential Debates says "last night's debate made clear that additional...

Not as painful as last night.

Anyone ever try taking a daily dose of apple cider vinegar?

Biden should get his time back.

TV Ratings: First Presidential Debate Down Sharply in Early Numbers

To that former Utah Rep on CNN


Biden accused Trump of lack of respect for servicemen and servicewomen

COVID-19 Failure of Right-wing Populists Like Trump and Netanyahu Hardly a Coincidence

I'm listening on Sirius so can't see who gishgallopping shithead on MTP is. Who is this lowlife?

Mac Davis, hit songwriter for Elvis Presley and '70s solo star, dies at 78

No worries

KRUGMAN interpreting the market: A Biden Win would make America great again

The next debates' moderators.

What does Trump do in Debate 3...

This past 18hrs has sucked. Majorly!

Stephen Colbert's LIVE Monologue After The First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

Statement from the Commission on Presidential debates just now:

If we survive the next 4 months in one piece

For Wednesday's lawn signs, a couple of new goodies:

Mike Murphy says his inside GOP sources are worried that Trump is losing in Ohio...

What's the supposed reason for calling for "poll watchers"? I mean, obviously...

Where are the Republican Senators Condemning Trump's WS & Anti Democracy Dog Whistles?

Last night did biden agree not to declare victory until all votes are certified?

11:31 AM: Sen. Scott says Trump should 'correct' comments on white supremacists.

Jason Miller is the biggest piece of dogshit Rump spokesperson I have ever seen, and that is saying

As States Prepared Mail-in Ballots, Postal Service Failed to Update at Least 1.8 Million Addresses

Just back from Voting

I'm undecided

The latest on the Olympus transfer to JIP

Former Ukrainian president Poroshenko has tested positive for COVID-19

TV Ratings: First Presidential Debate Down Sharply in Early Numbers

Joe: Donald Trump talks a lot about the art of the deal. But under his watch, China has perfected th

Quinnipiac SC Poll Shows Tight Races for President and Senate

AAP data spotlight rise in COVID-19 cases in US kids

Racicot (former RNC Chair) declares for Biden. Freeperville replies: "He's another GWB!"

Real Clear Politics has the Frank Luntz focus group where they ran away from the creep,

Stand Back and Stand By

Trump Admin. Overrules CDC Director on Extending Ban on Cruises

The ancient Neanderthal hand in severe COVID-19


Idea for debates going forward.

Dreading a dark winter lockdown? Think like a Norwegian (Guardian) {Psychology of isolation}

Appalachian State tells students to 'remain vigilant' after student dies from coronavirus

Marty Schenker from Bloomberg News on the debate last night assessed that "no one won", and

What the hell is this??

Just so you know-- is real....

American/Author/Humanities Professor Sarah Churchwell @ University of London speaks for me.

Brianna Keilar zings a RW idiot a few minutes ago:

Well put....

Calvert County

Donald Trump Is Everything Bad About America In One Person

Breona Taylor's killer is crowdfunding on Christian funding site for retirement funds

South Carolina polls (Quinnipiac): Trump 48-Biden 47; Harrison 48-Graham 48

Deep fakes are here.

33 days !!! ...

The slam dunk SCOTUS argument that never came in the debate

Not sure where to post this -- maybe Cooking and Baking, maybe here ? (Apples) {fixed a link}

Some journalists are SOOOO Fucking stupid

Sponsor promises to bring order to future U.S. presidential debates

Quino, creator of Argentina's Mafalda comics, dies aged 88

Samuel L Jackson should host the next one

WTAF - FUX thinks Trump was great!

Delta Dawn - Helen Reddy

Titus Podcast Armageddon Update: RIP RBG

Quino, creator of Argentina's Mafalda comics, dies aged 88

Tribes and Voting Rights Group Sue SD for Voter Registration Violations

I'm both less and more nervous after last night

Drumpf yelled, threatened, interrupted--and changed nothing. He's losing.

I Propose Moderating The Next Debate With Clips From The Big Lebowski

I'm sure everyone around Trump is telling him he did great at the debate

Damn, and I was afraid he was going make some kind of important announcement to make up

What'd ya do- public adjuster Performing poorly?

Just received my Mail-in Ballot

Now Yrump claimed he doesn't know who the "Proud Boys" are!

El Presidente Pendejo is running his mouth by he helicopter again.

He's just going after ANTIFA.

We got our ballots in today's US Mail

Some interesting observations from Republicans

I wanted to point out

Biden should refuse to debate tRump again.

Republican Pollster Rasmussen Shows Trump Cratering

Joe: We're in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for stop three of the Build Back Better Express Tour. Tune i

Court Permanently Strikes Down Montana Law That Restricts Native Voting Rights

The American Indian used to use the "fork tongue" to label...

John Cornyn's 1999 Advice Article Warns Parents of Rave Parties

How the heck do I know who to vote for for judgeships? I usually just

Trump's schedule for Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Asked just now if he welcomes the support of white supremacists who "love" him, Trump responded:

Pierce: There Is No Debate Rule Change That Can Contain Donald Trump

Here's a boy we can all be proud of. He is the PROUDEST BOY.

Man charged in shooting attack on two L.A. County deputies in Compton

WOW! All of the sudden after last night Trump likes masks!

former Russian President advisor about Trump: "He's a wrecking ball," the advisor said...."

For the next debate....

Tweet of the day!

David Axelrod: According to a Trump friend, "voter fraud" rants are his coping mechanism...

Haven't seen it mentioned when Trump said, "tell me their names and I'll fire them immediately."

The Collapse

Rep. Katie Porter, and her whiteboard, strikes again:

The President of the United States was called a clown

Trump: "I don't know who the Proud Boys are"

Brent Terhune: Proud Boy speaks out ((Satire))

Foul-Mouthed Parrots to Return to Park, Possibly Reformed (Now for a laugh)

538's Presidential Poll is now Biden leading by 7.6%

In all seriousness, what was team Trump trying to accomplish

Trump Somehow Not Likable Even After Being Coached by Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani

Virginia Voters Keep Up Record Early Voting

Trump Tells Proud Boys: 'Stand Back and Stand By' At First Presidential Debate

Lincoln's Bible: Quick tip to identify White Supremacists on social media

Joe: If you weren't able to bear watching it, we condensed it down to one minute for you:

Trump's Scotland Resort Isn't a Golf Business, But a 'Money Disappearing Business'

Rachel: "he would try to throw any outcome into the courts, Congress or the streets" if not elected

Save this post. We'll have a winner on election night.

Amy Coney Barrett tied to legal work on behalf then-Iranian terrorist group Mek

Trump campaign threatens to sue over Philly election offices

The final, official results of elections never come on election day.

Rachel: "Have you read this? Read this."

An intellectually disabled Texas man who served nearly 40 years on death row has been released ...

THE ECONOMIST campaign model: State by State win probabilities

Mics will be cut at debates moving forward per CBS

Pope Francis refused to meet with Mike Pompeo so as not to boost Trump

This might be the best idea to control trump at future debates.

Voting today Fairfax County, Va....

On July 14th, 1933, Hitler banned all other political parties

"Speak softly and carry a big stick" might have been coined for Biden last night...

My "independent" neighbor in East Dallas has had Jorgensen signs up

Sen. Susan Collins remains on-brand in her assessment of last night's Trump-Biden debate:

Proud Boys according to Wikepedia........

Trump says Proud Boys should 'stand down' after backlash to debate comments

Apparently Rush Limbaugh wasn't impressed with Donnie's debate performance.

If we only had Dr Evil moderating the debate

Notre Dame's 18 Positive Covid Players tied to Pregame Meal and Player Sick on Sidelines

Love this Comey answer............bwahahaha!

Proud Boy Arrested On Six Felony Charges In Portland

Biden and the "pack" the court issue

Donald Trump Jr. called Hunter Biden "crackhead Hunter" on the Glenn Beck Program today.

Trump sure as hell knows the Proud Boys...look at his mob hanging out with them

Melanie is delighted to announce the dates for the @WhiteHouse Fall Garden Tours.

Lauren Witzke (DA-AL) THANKS the Proud

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 1 October 2020

Biden proved he is, without a doubt, qualified to be President

So they caught the perp in the LA cop shooting case:

Is this debate pic of Trump real?

So, Dick Polman did a take on the debate - And as he says in the lede -

Yes, out of morbid curiosity, did donny

Debates commission considering cutting off mics if Trump or Biden break rules

Poor Donnie

I wish Biden had quoted lines from Macbeth by Shakespeare

Chris Wallace Calls Debate 'a Terrible Missed Opportunity'

Heather Cox Richardson makes the same point I raised

Email received from Cenk Uygur.....

You don't want to miss Mars shining bright this fall

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 30, 2020

trump* does have the weirdest 'center of balance'.

Here are two lists of republicans who oppose Trump.

Here's the problem with muting the microphones

Jeff Tiedrich: please tell me again how Comey and Obama a bunch of lifelong Republicans in the FBI..

With 5 weeks left, Biden has the biggest lead of a Presidential candidate in 24 years:

Japan's asteroid sample-return spacecraft Hayabusa2 gets extended mission

Supremacist groups want to kill cops and Trump claims


"KEEP OAKLAND OUT OF YOUR DAMN MOUTH" people react to Trump trashing Dem majority cities

'How To Move To Canada': Americans Rush To Google After Unwatchable 1st Pres. Debate

Dr Evil as debate moderator

is it really necessary for me to go out of the room just because you want to undress?

I was going to volunteer for the dems, but honestly, they're clobbering me by the minute.

Chris Wallace Calls Debate 'a Terrible Missed Opportunity'

Wow Schmidt just talked about

Nuremberg Trials

Trump makes me feel great again

Fed extends bank stock buyback ban till year-end

Ari Melber did a fact check on Biden's comment about crime being up under trump following

Buddy Hackett duck joke.


Religious Group 'People of Praise' Scrubs All References To Coney Barrett, SC Nominee, From Website

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Decency"

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #9-12: Death Or Taxes, But Mostly Taxes Edition

Trump family fears Parscale will cooperate with fed investigators looking at Trump campaign spending

How the hell does trump* think he can "see" tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated?

From 9 p.m. to midnight, the Biden campaign brought in nearly $10 million

Biden smashes fundraising records during chaotic debate

Donald Trump Jr. called Hunter Biden "crackhead Hunter" on the Glenn Beck Program today.

BREAKING Iowa poll from WHO-TV: Biden 48, Trump 46

Sentient hole punch of the day (Twitter)

Trump"s "poll watching" is really just intimidation - "ballot security"

OK, here's some election sh*t going on.

American woman working at embassy in Ukraine killed while jogging in Kyiv

Chris Wallace says he didn't anticipate Trump flouting the debate rules

Timothy Ray Brown, First Person To Be Cured of HIV, Dies Aged 54

Mail-in ballot fraud: .0000007 percent

Trump's debate cleanup

If Trump really believed that the absentee ballots were hackable,

The Commission on Presidential Debates announces the next moderator:

Biden prepares ad onslaught to overwhelm Trump

That sealed it. This guy is Nuts!

Former Watergate prosecutor predicts Trump and Ivanka may end up behind bars

Anyway here's what Greensburg, Pennsylvania thought of @JoeBiden 's debate performance last night:

Fumble Out of Bed and Stumble to the Kitchen

2020's Harvest Moon is tomorrow night!

One of life's greatest mysteries finally resolved with photographic evidence...

I wonder if Trump is beginning to regret ever running for president?

Trump claims he won debate 'easily,' will continue debating Biden

More on Olympus transfer.

Trump-Biden debate - Japanese live translation:

Yard sign frenzy in Erie

Faith group deletes mentions of Barrett from its website

republican Senator Crapo just strutted onto the floor of the Senate to vote - NO MASK!

Prius owners, catalytic converter theft is common and expensive

Fraud Nuz's The Five

Just so we're all clear, many Germans heard hitler speak and thought he was nuts and a clown, too

Nostalgia: Election Night, 1992......................

Is your outrage about Trump more than you can handle? I think I see your problem:

Filled out my mail in ballot

Around the World in Rare and Beautiful Apples (XP from Gardening)

Federal Judge says parts of Mueller report about declining to prosecute must be un-redacted.

Analysis: Coney Barrett Rulings of Corporate Interests Over People, Could Push GOP Wealth Agenda


Memory sticks used to program Philly's voting machines were stolen from elections warehouse

Suddenly, I'm very optimistic about the election.

Biden raised nearly $10 million during debate

Look at what this dog invented to cope with lockdown.....

I predict the SECDEE crowd will be out on Nov. 4

Cohen, Scaramucci, and Schwartz on MSNBC now with Ari.

Joe Biden's note to self - on day one...

Judge orders DOJ to publish info redacted as privileged from Mueller report

during debate I noticed DU was not secure

Proof That Amy Coney Barrett Is Unqualified for the Supreme Court; Counting Ballots

"Both idiots" frustrating work conversation

Trump's behavior should be cast as showing desperation and weakness.

The scary part about the NY Times tax report

'The dam done bust' - DUers are you watching Ari with the gang of three

More Children In NY State Have Lost Parents Due To COVID-19 Than The 9/11 Attacks

He's absolutely Disgraceful. RVAT

Huge turnout in Greensburg, PA, for Joe Biden.

So what is Trump going to do when he loses same day voting as well as mail-in?

Grammy award-winning artist Helen Reddy sits down with Angela Bishop in this must-see interview.

Zoo Story - The Lincoln Project

Jim Acosta: Trump adviser on Trump's proud boys comments last night:

Trump essentially says Biden is too moderate:

"Bob Woodward just suggested on CNN that the 25th amendment is now in order."

Joe Biden has a major problem on his hands

TPM "Trump's Chances are Dwindling. That Could Make Him Dangerous"

"The President claims he saw polls that said he won the debate"

Election Fraud - GOPers caught in the act.

I think we all know that shutting of trump*'s mic won't stop him from ranting

Note to Biden camp: YouTube TV ads have little/no sound, wasting funds!

We are going to win. Are you nor feeling it?

Rep. Barbara Lee @RepBarbaraLee : My bill, the EACH Woman Act, repeals the Hyde amendment.

Early Voting Suggests Biden is Going to Annihilate Trump, and the GOP is Soiling Itself

"Stand back, stand by", code for insurrection? Proud Boys ready to ambush America?

Jake Tapper: "You know what? I'm not Chris Wallace. Thank you, Tim!"

73 million watched the debate last night - down from 2016 but still remarkably high.

Proud Boy cartoon:

Joe Wins Election Night--What Does the Pig Do Regarding Mail Ins?

Moderna CEO says its coronavirus vaccine won't be ready until spring of next year

Little Girl's Friendship With Her Pit Bull Is The Purest Thing Ever

I wonder if the word 'Asshole' is included on John Bolton's birth certificate

Mark Hamill has some ideas for further debates: "I hope the new tools include..."

I am thankful the federal government does not have control of the elections...

The only time trump did shut up...

Bolton was on The beat a few moments ago

Malcolm Nance on trump's Debate Shit Show

President Trump Wants More Debates With Joe Biden

Ohio union households swing 21 points in Biden's favor:

South Carolina - Harrison vs. Graham 48% to 48% - Biden vs. Trump 47% to 48%

Supreme Court Expedites Review of Trump Appeal Over Census Count

The new News With Shepard Smith show is on CNBC

I think once the election is called for Biden, the pressure on Trump to shut the fuck up

After last night is there anyone left who thinks he'll go quietly?

Federal Judge Calls Trump's Voter Fraud Claims 'Fiction,' Denies Attempt to Restrict Mail-In Voting

Judge orders DOJ to publish info redacted as privileged from Mueller report

Ok. I'm tired of talking about the debate. I am ready for the next scandal.

Incoming US Senators from the 2020 US Senate Election Cycle.

What rules do YOU want for want for the last Trump debates?

Un Cadeau des Dieux

I have a feeling that "undecideds" are desperate to vote for Trump

A modest proposal for debate discipline: the Svengoolie solution.

Quit hogging the cat.

'U.S. Intelligence Agencies See Trump's Debate Tactics As A Clear Signal To Putin': NYT

How long until we see this tweet frrom OrangeAnus?

trump got very agitated when Biden reminded him of the FBI antifa statement (very telling)

If someone told you on the day after the election in 2016 that in four years ...

Trump's Poll Watchers

Michelle Obama has said,

Fred Perry Will Denounce Proud Boys, But The President Won't

Memory sticks used to program Philly's voting machines were stolen from elections warehouse

let's not forget the taxes

It's amazing how spectacularly Trump failed last night when he doesn't have a circus around him

Bob Woodward: We now have a constitutional problem

Was Mary Trump (Niece) Interviewed After The Debate?

So the Proud Boys are going to attack us at the polling places?

Democrats delayed a stimulus bill vote in a last-ditch effort to reach a deal with the White House.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC : Love the @NewYorker, but @ewarren and I don't cross picket lines

Right-wing relies on Twitter poll to claim Hispanics thought Trump won the debate

Worst moment of the debate

Schumer just said he'd be "happy to make DC and Puerto Rico states if they vote for it."

Worth a try, lol!

The far right wing extremists are going to hammer Biden/Harris on SCOTUS expansion.

oh boy!!

Parscale steps away from Trump campaign as wife denies physical abuse

Biden won the debate.

What do we know about the next debate moderators?

"Borat: Gift of Pornographic Monkey to Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence to Make Benefit Recently

There was a satisfying moment during the debate for me

'Barrett Is So Extreme, McConnell Has To Rush Her Nomination To Prevent Pre-election Backlash'

Mariah Carey Book: Tommy Mottola Threatened Me With a Knife When It Was Clear I Was Leaving Him

The First Hershey's Beer Is Finally Getting Released in Bottles

Clever fundraising tweet from Biden!

Joe Biden talking openly about his son Hunter's addiction could save lives

Oldie but goodie---worth repeating: "Stress is the body's physiological response to

The $750 man

Googles bobble head doggie is ignoring me now!!!!!!

We are in "great shape". By April it's gone

I believe this is a commentary on the fleeting nature of something or another

"I've been working on the railroad....."

A missed opportunity regarding Trump rallies during the debates

Presidential Debate Commission To Make Changes To Stop Trump Bullying

Stacey Abrams to guest star in 'black-ish' animated episode

The ratings for the remaining debates will be dismal there's no point wasting any more time on them

A Second Civil War? What American Chaos Means For Canada.

I am having way too much fun with this...

Damn, The Lincoln Project hits trump back HARD for bringing up Hunter!!!

Biden uses 'inshallah' in response to Trump during debate, lighting up Twitter