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Archives: September 7, 2020

Trump, On Cohen's 15-Year-Old Daughter: 'Look At That Piece Of A-, I Would Love Some Of That'

Novak Djokovic disqualified after hitting ball at line judge in US Open

121* in Woodland Hills, California

Trump is the monster that the 80's created

Travis sheriff's office releases official information about boat parade

I can't hear you...

I can't wait until 11/3. I hate agreeing with Joe Walsh, not the musician.

In Final Stretch, Biden Defends Lead Against Trump's Onslaught

Demand Tillis Return Trump's Postmaster DeJoy's Donations & Reverse His Attacks on USPS

Jaime Harrison spent millions on Facebook ads in an attempt to beat Lindsay Graham

Saudi King Salman tells Trump no Israeli normalisation without Palestinian statehood

I need a toy for my little chihuahua who has become sooo needy and is constantly up my ass!

catbyte's GD post

According to a CNN poll 55% disapprove trump's handling of the Corona virus pandemic

House Democrats subpoena USPS' Louis DeJoy

"...I like people who weren't captured." It's on video and MAZI's can't argue it away.

Facebook takes down Patriot Prayer to stop 'violent social militias'

Fire crews make progress containing Yakima wildfire

The peaceful demonstrations have to stop..............

Anita Hill backs Biden, despite his 'mistakes' in handled her testimony during the Clearance Thomas

Trump Can't Defund New York

Tupac Talks Donald Trump & Greed in America in 1992 Interview

Reformed Neo-Nazi Explains How People Fall Prey to QAnon Online MSNBC

Notice all the rump surromagats have slithered our for tv interviews?

A USPS employee provides this pic of a sign "that just went up in the Portland, Oregon plant."

The children.

Former defense secretary says Trump's word and actions 'on the record' corroborates Atlantic report

Just your classic case of a son, liking a tweet calling his dad horny.

Sweet Georgia Brown - Sidney Bechet

Some wonder why many here do not care for Michael Moore. It is because of comments like this

Kanye West's Nearly $7 Million Presidential Campaign Has Hit Some Legal Snags

Biden maintains a strong lead over Trump in new national polls

Virgin Galactic plans next test spaceflight for Oct. 22 as it nears flying founder Richard Branson

I struggled about posting this.

Trump and allies ratchet up disinformation efforts in late stage of campaign

Louis Armstrong - Basin St Blues - Germany - 50's....

Meet Brenda: Your Typical Trump Voter.... Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid

Senator Thom Tillis linked to new scandal forcing postmaster general's staff to donate...

Quarantine-weary Brazilians head to beaches despite warnings

Didja see why Hobby Lobby is trending?????

Learning stand by me on the square neck dobro.

Gottlieb says likelihood "extremely low" for COVID-19 vaccine available for use in 2020

Artists Paint Racial-Justice-Themed Murals at St. John's Church

Bill Barr BLAMES Black People For Racism

Today Texas passed California in Covid deaths.

Grab Him By The Ballot

Regg at a protest in New York

brennan's tweet about biden "meandering" gets great reply

Let's talk about Trump, trust funds, power, and privilege....


This Soccer Star Could Be Peru's Next President

McCarthy told Trump trashing mail-in voting will hurt Republicans: report

Oh the symbolism of it all.......

Yang describes what he would do as labor secretary

"This is being sent out to senior citizens. There are no words"

If ignorance is bliss, then Sarah Sanders lives in a state of bliss beyond our comprehension.

Hmmm... This seems like some fun.

Just saw this comment elsewhere on the interwebs

John McCain vs. Donald Trump (toon)

I really hate when this happens......

I Couldn't Agree More

Look at how they protest!--Bets on the women...........

Michael Cohen's Book Says Trump Held 'Low Opinions of All Black Folks'

"It's politics," Secretary of VA Robert Wilkie said while excusing away Trump's disparaging remarks

Brazil Indigenous chief Raoni tests positive for coronavirus

An old friend died this week

Southwest Colombia's Nario struck by third massacre in a month

Colombia's chief prosecutor turns Uribe investigation into paramilitary joke

To frankie brennan: about your upbringing. Were you not taught consideration? Decorum?

"It looks like USA will overtake Italy in official per capita Covid deaths in a few days."

Kellyanne Conway 6 months ago: "It is being contained. Do you not think it's being contained?"

Schumer on DeJoy: "These are very serious allegations that must be investigated immediately...

Former defense secretary says Trump's word and actions 'on the record' corroborates Atlantic report

NWS hazard map for the next couple of days...

Wonderful world of golf

Try Not to Cry Dying Army Lt Col & son sing "Tell My Father" Sucker and Loser??

I just saw the two most vicious political ads so far this year...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

EPIC John Fugelsang thread on Trump and the military

Women Can Decide the 2020 Election - NowThis

Trump loses sense of direction on White House lawn.

The Philadelphia Eagles have a game against the Washington Football Team

The cast of the Princess Bride is reuniting to raise money for the WI Democratic Party

Damn! AD for Matt Gaetz's Democratic opponant...Meet Phil Ehr

US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020.

I just finished reading Melania and Me.

How microscopic does your diсk have to be to wear a face mask with a sewn in gun holster?

More Than Ever, Trump Casts Himself as the Defender of White America

Seriously, how can a boat parade go so wrong?

Speaker Pelosi: We Don't Want Vaccine On Day Sooner Than It's Ready - MSNBC

Militias, Social Media Propaganda Threaten Election Experts Say - MSNBC

Cory Gardner Likes Talking Secession, Sometimes

Boebert Accepting Endorsement of Conspiracist Group Gun Owners of America at Pueblo Event

CO-SEN: Gardner ewfuses to comment on Trump's insults against war dead

El Dorado fire (San Bernardino ) was started by a gender reveal party


Veterans React to Trump's Comments from Atlantic Article - Joe Biden For President 2020

Fort Collins-area fire explodes, prompting Rocky Mountain National Park closures

'Not the sort of Boris he used to be': What's happened to the British PM?

Resident says 'house filled with tear gas' during riot

Trump Can Use MS-13 as a Prop Because the US Won't Acknowledge a Role in Creating It

Trump Can Use MS-13 as a Prop Because the US Won't Acknowledge a Role in Creating It

Here's how Cory Gardner's bill would and wouldn't protect people with preexisting conditions

New weather site I found. Severe Weather Europe

The Perfect Metaphor

tRump takes home art from US ambassador's residence in Paris

Catholic Church Is a Key Political Force Behind Colorado's Anti-Abortion Ballot Initiative

Booming Front Range cities take first steps to build $500M dam, reservoir near Holy Cross Wilderness

Vitamin D: New Covid Pilot Study In Spain Shows Vit. D Treatment Cut ICU Admissions From 50% To 2%

Five seats will flip the NC State Senate. Here are the best shots (offense/defense)

US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats the Democrats are to win in 2020.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Can we actually flip an Indiana congressional district????

Colorado is making progress on a Front Range railway. Here's what it will take to make it happen.

I've finally figured out a key ingredient for my money laundering operation...

Doom With a View: Jeffco Health Director Looks Back on Rocky Flats

Does Anyone Know If There Was An Earthquake Reported In California Sunday?.....

Trump pushes another to vote against him

Biden's lead steadiest on record

Brazilian postal workers wage bitter strike against wage cuts, privatization

'Slammed By Virus, France Unveils Huge Economic Rescue Plan': 'France Reboot'

Pa. GOP advances election bill that would ban drop boxes, get mail-in ballots to voters earlier

Jon Meacham talks about systemic racism for all to understand

Bolivia: MAS candidate Luis Arce Leads Surveys Towards Elections

India Now 2nd Worst-Hit Country By Virus Amid Economic Pain

Can Democrats take over the Arizona House and Senate? These 10 races will decide

Milky Way, Jupiter, red Lagoon nebula and some meteors, behind St Michael's Mount.

Iowa House needs more Democrats, state representative says

North Carolina state senator (R) from Burlington sued for breaking up aide's marriage

Huff Post: Republicans In Swing States Were Fixing Vote-By-Mail Systems. Then Trump Tweeted.

The Wreck of the White Power Herald

Missing Persons - Destination Unknown

Can Texas House District 54 flip from Republican to Democrat? Some say yes

Songs For Labor Day, 'Joe Hill': Pete Seeger

Ecuador: Pichincha Prefect Denounces Political Persecution

Labor Day Songs, 'All You Fascists Bound To Lose': Woody Guthrie


121 Degrees

Top 10 Songs Honoring Labor Day. The Nation.

Labor Day Songs: 'We Bring More Than A Paycheck': Sweet Honey In The Rock

Brotherhood Of Man - United We Stand

Brotherhood Of Man - United We Stand

Money Don't Matter 2 Night

CV19 Death Count reaches 190,000

Devo - Girl U Want

Trump could unilaterally end social security payments (if re-elected)

Alabama's Supreme Court just put a big black spot on our sunshine law

Next Time Wipe the Lipstick off Your Collar

Queen & Annie Lennox & David Bowie - Under Pressure - HD

NPG Ahdio Show #1

Montana sage grouse estimates jump 73% in 2020

TX-32: Dallas Democrat Colin Allred nabs endorsement from U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Devo In The Beginning Was The End THE TRUTH ABOUT DE EVOLUTION

Love on a Blue Train

Reno's Arts Economy Dries Up Without Burning Man

Prince - The Undertaker

Texas Democrats are challenging more state leg districts than th

Poor Goo

My letter to the Los Angeles Times re: The Atlantic expose

Western attitudes toward COVID-19

While Trump Was Golfing, His Campaign Attacked Joe Biden For Visiting Cemetery

Triple star system found with weirdly warped planetary disc

This solar system has three stars, and that's not even the weirdest part

These 3 Recent Studies Radically Change What We Understand About Dogs

Rainbow comet with a heart of sponge

Something Strange Happens on Mars During a Solar Eclipse

On Labor Day, New Reason Not to Fall for Trump's Immigrant Threat Narrative

On Labor Day, New Reason Not to Fall for Trump's Immigrant Threat Narrative

California's blackouts present an example of what not to do

This must be someone taking the piss, but I so want it to be a real thing because I cannot see...

Cheney Slams Biden, Pelosi For Not Speaking Out Against Defunding The Police

Viking sword placed on warrior's left side likely prepared him for 'mirror afterlife'

Archaeologists unearth ancient fort built on top of Arthur's Seat by mysterious Votadini tribe

One Mystery of Stonehenge's Origins Has Finally Been Solved

Beto to host grassroots fundraiser for Texas State House Democrats

Excavations in rock tombs to bare Gobeklitepe's mystery

The Mysterious Sky Caves of Nepal

The nasty being spouted everyday - It is all one big distraction tactic

Pilippine president pardons American Marine who murdered transgendered woman.

Livestock Grazing and the Decline of the American Buffalo

Wyoming State Penitentiary prisoners let out of cells 15 minutes a day

Albuquerque Police Engaged in Secret Intelligence Gathering Operation, Leaked Documents Show

Steve Mnuchin, foreclosure king, now runs your US Treasury

Racism is a Relation Between White People

Son sells 28 years of birthday whisky to buy first home

Trump's Internship in Dictatorships

US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2020.

Property owners oppose plans for Wyoming wind farm

First Clone of Endangered Przewalski's Horse Born in Conservation Effort to Save the Species

Schumer calls for investigation into reports of campaign finance improprieties by DeJoy's former com

The Other Atlantic to watch

Did I just hear someone say to Chuck Todd....

I call on my Hermetic, Magickal, Wiccan, and Pagan allies to consider the wisdom of ritually propiti

Dream this into being (gotv and all that)

Heat wave hits Maine's waters

China's first reusable spacecraft lands after 2-days in orbit

PA Democrats need to win nine seats to flip the State House and we have a 16-seat battlefield.

Park still cleaning Yellowstone's biggest road fuel spill in nearly 20 years

Activists call for 'Mulan' boycott over star's Hong Kong stance

Top 10 states with highest crime rates are mostly run by Republicans (2018 and 2020 reports)

Two women hope testimony leads to conviction in El Salvador's 1989 Jesuit priest massacre

Meth use rose as pandemic hit Montana, other states, urine tests showed

US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats that the Democrats are to win in 2020.

Bridger Foothills fire at 7,000 acres; Bozeman's air quality declines

From President Jimmy Carter

Johnson's folie de grandeur

Kaseschnitte Mit Ei

Rep. @mattgaetz invited a white supremacist to the State of the Union, attempted to intimidate a

Warrnambool's wombat street art is a happy accident

Happy Labor Day

Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte 'The Most Bombed Nation on Earth'

Tesla launches phase 3 of its virtual power plant, soon 4,000 homes will be connected with Powerwall

WTF? m$nbc re-running morning joe from march???? no news today?

Whitefish proposes emergency order to require permits for rallies

Gender reveal party causes explosion and evacuations.

Drive in hamburgers milk shakes homemade fries today reminds me of my youth

Whitefish Property Owners File to Change Lake's Racist Name

Robert Reich: On Labor Day, remember this: Trump's America works only for the rich

Since the spring, militias have shown up at Black Lives Matter protests at least 55 times

My neighbor told me a Labor Day joke, and I was gonna tell it here,

'Jimmy Carter: Rock and Roll President'

Labor Day Monday 7 September 2020

What happened to reporting about heroin use and overdoses?

Just Like Right Wingers Claim

Military not to happy with Trump

Racist Ass Hat tRump Said Blacks And Hispanics Are Too Stupid To Vote For Him

You know what we don't hear so much of?

Monday TOONs - The "L" Word

Uh-oh. California takes up Project 1619.

The state of our democracy?


"All Together Now." What a sweet, uplifting movie!

"His remarks about the military will do him in."

Poseidon For Biden!

93 Years Ago Today; Philo Farnsworth invents the 1st all-electronic TV

"We Were There" - Bev Grant/Brooklyn Women's Chorus

A sucker is a person who voted for Trump in 16-A loser is a person that will vote for him a 2nd time

An anecdotal observation

Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil

Boris Johnson: Britain will move on if there's no Brexit deal

What could possibly be on Trump's schedule for today?

Worldometer: USA - 193,253 Deaths from Coronavirus

Once again, U.S. at pandemic crossroads

Nutritional psychiatrist: 5 healthy foods that help relieve stress and anxiety

My cognitive test. Say it with me.

Scientists concerned that sinking Asshole Armadas causing sea levels to rise faster.

Trump and allies ratchet up disinformation efforts in late stage of campaign

Dumbass gender reveal goes horribly wrong; over 7,000 acres burned in CA wildfire.

21 percent of voters say they would get a no-cost vaccine as soon as possible: poll

The seven political states of Pennsylvania

Amid Kenosha unrest, Wisconsin suburbs become a crucial testing ground for Trump's appeals to White

Trump thinks the economy is no longer worth his time. We'll all pay the price.

Lesson from Stelter's 'Hoax': Rise up, Fox News!

NCAA rules allow White students and coaches to profit off labor of Black ones, study finds

Q is Doxxed (editor in chief revealed as owner of 8Chan) - The Serf Times

You do not have to be a Nazi to be a Fascist in America today...

The seven political states of Pennsylvania

When do the ads depicting what a second RUMP administration might take

GWU plans to replace Jessica Krug, the professor who admitted to falsely claiming Black identity

Forest fire picture taken from Southwest flight from San Jose to Las Vegas:

Trump Hates Obama So Much He Hired a Stand-In He Could Fire, Michael Cohen Says (Photo)

Navalny has been taken out of an artificial coma and is responding to people around him.

Belarusian opposition leader Maria Kolesnikava was kidnapped by masked men in the center of Minsk. H

Waning Gibbous Moon

Trump and Allies Ratchet Up Disinformation

Sister Warrior, the ones that trump disrespects, is retiring after decades of service🇺🇸

Don't know if it's a real button or not, but it deserves to be:

Belarus Opposition Leader Snatched Off Street by Masked Men and Bundled Into Minivan, Reports Say

Labor Day Songs: '16 Tons' Tennessee Ernie Ford

Labor Day song: "We Were There"

Democrats eye Arizona, Georgia and Texas as potentially winnable

I listened to the model talk on 538 ...

Lindsey Graham knew 5 years ago

Florida man arrested after crashing into 'Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over' sign

Non-negotiable: all military ((and Fed)) members will be subject to Trump's payroll tax deferral

Florida Man - Darwin's Nightmare

Shortage of homegrown twats forces government to look abroad

Joe: Today, we honor the generations of union workers who fought for the rights, power, wages, and b

RIOTS AND UNREST - Letter to the Editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune

'It's Politics,' Says VA Secretary of Trump Denigrating POWs

I've Been Working On The Railroad: John Denver

White House Said to Keep Sick Kids on Campus. Emails Reveal the Messy Reality.

Curious Horse Intrigued by Statue of Small Foal

Who still believes Trump's bullshit?

Isn't time for mass mailing of literature showing Rittenhouse and other anti-protestor thugs proudly

Some have said the MSM has attempted to "normalize" Trump.

On Point/WBUR/NPR show on James Baldwin & Heather Taylor, WOC police officer

Trump could rape the children of his supporters right in front of them

When Trump is guilty of doing something bad he attacks his opponent for doing the same thing first

What the hell?

Billy Bragg: There Is Power In A Union

Sad COVID-19 story, Episode 3,567,489:

2019 video of Trump walking to Marine One. ::corrected info below::

Trump Threatens To Yank Funding From Schools That Teach 1619 Project

[Disgusted] Republicans React to RNC Convention Moments

Freight Train: Elizabeth Cotten

Jerry Falwell Jr. lashes out and issues a threat.

Labor Day song: "We Were There"

My analysis is now complete, and I've submitted paperwork to change the spelling of the word "huge".

From 2019: Trump Jr. says Arlington Cemetery reminded him of his family's "sacrifices"

Protesters in Rochester use Roman phalanx formation to counter the tear gas with blowers & throwers

Comprehensive list of trump supporting the troops

chairty links

I have a question about Michael Cohen

'Fire in the Hole': Hazel Dickens, Coal Mining Song

Hospital: Russia's Alexei Navalny out of coma, is responsive

9 Cheeses You've Never Heard of But Need to Try Immediately

Microsoft launches a deepfake detector tool ahead of US election - TechCrunch

Labor Day reminder: CEO-to-worker pay ratio: 2009: 197-to-1 2020: 320-to-1

40 Hour Week

Ouch! 😂

"If it makes sense, I will include @realDonaldTrump in the referral for prosecution."

Roommates are good for something, on occasion.

'The Molly Maguires': Sean Connnery, Richard Harris; Labor Movie

Remember when Marine One could fly through rain?

Unsanitized: Republicans Working on the Least They Can Possibly Do

Happy birthday Sonny Rollins!

Hopes fading for coronavirus relief bill as Congress returns

A snap shot ... and what happened today

Today is Labor Day! I'll bet that our Privileged President thinks all people who do

What exactly is a "gender reveal party?"

Gaston , NC, school board candidate stands by calling Black mayor a monkey

198 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; -2 deaths

Re-Envisioning Sanitation As a Human-Derived Resource System

A gender reveal sparked a wildfire in California that's grown to 7,000 acres

Al Caiola was born on this date.

Remembering Frances Perkins on Labor Day

'American Factory': Labor Movie

80 years ago today: Nazi Germany began the London Blitz campaign

Dana Bash, WTF

Yum, olive-oil cake

New Article By Nancy Waterman

It tweeted (and I like its Freudian typo at the end)

Sonny Rollins has a birthday today.

To be taken care of, loved, and sleep all day

The Struts with Robbie Williams - Strange Days

Little Milton was born on this date.

I wish I lived in a country where...

Buddy Holly was born on this date.

Chrissie Hynde has a birthday today.

Michael Beschloss. The BEST slap-down of Trump I have seen!!!!!!

Halloween during Covid.

The Beatles got it right. This is a REAL photograph from Saturday!

Grandma Moses was born on this date.

This is a house three blocks from mine:

Cannot wait for the price to come down under $100.00

" I don't believe in signs (no pun intended) but please let that be a sign from above."

Bad thing, Good thing.

Everything broke this weekend.

LeBron James wearing Grateful Dead bears - yesterday

Plutocracy Pt. V. Subterranean Fire; Howard Zinn's A People's Hst. Bread & Roses; Labor Day Films

JFK, in Detroit on Labor Day, 1960

Fight for the White House, Joe Biden's Long Journey CNN Special Report

Juicy: The Woodward book coming out is going to have some of the Kim Jong Un love letters

"I hope you become the next Kamala Harris"

Two things I listen to every Labor Day

Kamala Harris is meeting with the family of Jacob Blake and his legal team right now in Milwaukee.

IRS Chief Makes More Than $100,000 Per Year Off Trump Property, Documents Show

Joe Biden is talking to people from labor in Lancaster, Pennslvania

Give yourself 1 point for each thing you haven't done

Trump's dishonest campaign is entirely on-brand

The NBA's Quiet Problem With Prison Exploitation

Republicon crime families

Here's why Cory Gardner and other GOP senators are still 'all-in for Trump' -- even if it costs them

"This was so cathartic to watch"

Declutter for a Good Night's Sleep

Kamala Harris arrives in Milwaukee for first trip as VP nominee. Meeting with Blake family, lawyers

Gender-reveal pyrotechnic sparked massive El Dorado fire

China Freezes Credentials for Journalists at U.S. Outlets, Hinting at Expulsions

Australia confirming that it has purchased 26 million doses of the Oxford COVID19 vaccine

Belarus opposition leader seized on Minsk street, local media says

DeJoy regrets 'if' employees felt uncomfortable when he asked them to break the law

My Yes kick continues...

A video???? A reporter on MSNBC just said there's a video connected with the fake Obama

Former senior NRA official turns against organization in new book

I'm thinking about putting together a book of my camera paintings.

You know what gets me about people defending tRumps comments on twitter?

Depression Laborers, Many Black, Killed By Silica Dust At Hawks Nest, WV Tunnel, Gauley Mt. 1930

CNN: Trump likely can't win without veteran support

Demings slams Trump on racial equity training, protests

Bruford and Squire isolated: Heart of the Sunrise

You raised $18,851.00 on September 6, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

MLB Umpire Joe West Says He'll Vote For Trump While Explaining Game Ejection

'Entire family fed on the cash cow': Jerry Falwell, Jr. 'intertwined his personal finances' ....

Sen. Kamala Harris landed in Milwaukee for her first visit to...- literally skipping down the steps

tiedrich tweets on the wandering trump

Texas Polls Biden +1, +3

Third-Rate Romance

This Baby Squirrel's Smaller Than a AA Battery

Saudi court issues final verdicts in Khashoggi killing


German Nazis are now parading with Trump Banners and American Flags

For Long-Haulers, Covid-19 Takes a Toll on Mind as Well as Body

Fascinating collection of photos taken during Cassini's final orbits around Saturn (Video)

Is Russian Meddling as Dangerous as We Think? (The New Yorker)

Hide Away

Schiff accuses Barr of lying over election intelligence

Medicare does not pay for COVID-19 testing?

I've reach the point of considering playing Monopoly with Sophie Stinky Toes

Xavier University and Dillard University in NOLA are going to run COVID drug trials.

Many mail in ballots will not be counted

How Long (Has this been going on?)

White House has talked to VA secretary about taking Pentagon job if Trump fires Esper

Watching Fincher's Zodiac

Everyone Knows It's True (The Atlantic)

Florida City Replaces Images of Black Former Fire Chiefs with White Faces. Two Fired...

EXCELLENT piece - Bruce Bartlett: Fox News Shares the Blame for Trump's Deranged, Ruinous Presidency

Primitive rock & roll

Remember when people thought bodycams were gonna fix police brutality?

White House Said to Keep Sick Kids on Campus. Emails Reveal the Messy Reality.

UK police arrest man over string of stabbings in Birmingham

Just because.

Gender reveal party sparked new California wildfire raging across 7,000 acres

Why does CNN bother to cover dRumpf for his BS on Labor Day?!

MSNBC cuts in to fact check the Liar in Chief.

After twenty years of being "Grandma" and "Grandpa" to eight grandchildren,

Dumper don on Labor Day-Channeling Rodney Dangerfield

Those stupid assholes who thought it would be cool to...

There is power in a Union

Court Blocks Trump's "Turn Away the Gays" Rule Change for Hospitals

Its just a billboard


Lou Brock RIP

I had to turn the channel away from the racist pig, but what I saw was the media not doing their job

Cartoons 9/7/2020

India Surpasses Brazil With World's Second-Highest Virus Cases

Super Hero's for Biden

Remember the joke called "The Aristocrats" and its structure?

gawds. Trump going on and on about how Obama spied on his camp. over and over.

Wow what a sham this Trump shit show is

Fact: Biden and Obama DID NOT spy on Trump's campaign.

Chump passing on driving to the Marine Cemetery at Belleau Wood

80 million ballots are not requested, but sent out!!

PAC challenging SC's Graham over offshore drilling stance

Debate Commission snubs Latinos -- again

Penis size as the most common metaphor for male insecurity

Amazon bans foreign sales of "mystery" seeds in U.S.

Is That Trump I Hear In The Backround On My TV - Lying His Ass Off?.....

Lucinda Williams - Copenhagen

COVIDIOT: Tuscaloosa Mayor Reopens College Bars as COVID-19 Skyrockets at University of Alabama

My personal, detailed prediction of what Trump will do after losing the 2020 election:

Most major Seattle parks closed on Labor Day due to pandemic

Thurston landlords who accept rent assistance cannot raise rent through end of 2020

Heat Streak And Critical Fire Conditions Forecast In Washington

THESE Girls really Rock!!! The Japanese Harmonic Metal band aka Hagane

My repeated drives through rural and suburban Michigan.

Washington firm ran fake Facebook accounts in Venezuela, Bolivia and Mexico, report finds

Brown twilight -- at noon

Joe: They're all because of unions -- and it's time we recognize that.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/7/20 - now 190-thousand deaths and counting.

WATCH: President Trump told Reuters reporter Jeff Mason to take off his mask at a White House press

US debt will overtake GDP next year for the first time since 1946, CBO says

Much more worthwhile watching Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back on TCM, which

Gender reveal party sparks 7000-acre wildfire

Arrest Made in Aggressive Cyclist Case

And Who Would Be The Donald's Real "Losers" and "Suckers"? - Brian Lambert

A police stop could have cost former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin his career

Do NOT give the PTB any excuse to disqualify your ballot.

US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats that the Democrats will be winning in 2020.


IA-SEN: Greenfield: For me, Labor Day is personal

John Lennon - Working Class Hero

Ceiling fan/light pull chains - am I the only one that can't remember which is which?

Something flew out of his nose:

Tropical storm 17 now has a name (Paulette), and tropical storm 18 forecast to be a hurricane by Fri

Trump today.. Harris should apologize for being anti vax

tRump accuses Biden, Harris of undermining science. yeah, You read that right.

Solidarity Forever

"He will kill us all" - Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton

I BEEN LOOKING FOR it for an hour..i don't see it--- do you??

PRETOBs for Trump? ("people rich enough to own boats")

Kamala Harris ⁩arrives at first Wisconsin event in Wauwatosa, meeting with local union workers and..

Chunks of Adderall flying out of his nose again today??!!

DOSE OF JOE -- Sep 7

IF I was a "political analyst" on the TV machine, this would get me face time on several

West Virginia University suspends in-person classes

How Holy Is Donald Trump? The Daily Show

538 just removed WISCONSIN from it's "closest races" list!

Somebody please explain how to

Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte pardons U.S. Marine in murder of transgender woman

Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte pardons U.S. Marine in murder of transgender woman

VP nominee Sen Harris wears Chuck Taylors

UnAmerican - The Lincoln Project

Donald Trump : inspiration for mass shooters the world over

"Trump seems to really believe he's the most innocent person to ever serve as president"

When your lack of sheepdog experience is cruelly exposed on your first day.

End times in Colorado?

Boeing told FAA manufactured parts at its South Carolina facilities that failed to meet its standard

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 September 2020

TeaPain tweet Trump: "Radical socialist Joe Biden wants to give every child a pony...

Saw this sign this morning in Arlington Tx at red light

Praying I can change my Avatar!

Nice shirt

Something flew out of his nose.

"President Trump has accused US military leaders of seeking to start wars to boost the profits..."

Trump Melts Down And Bashes John McCain When Asked About Insulting Troops

H-E-B owner sides with Harris County, says mail-in ballots make a 'stronger' democracy

For Labor Day - The Autobiography of Mother Jones by Mary Harris JONES (public domain audio book)

Duluth bishop-elect resigns amid sexual abuse accusation

Snorting Adderall Is One Of The Most Dangerous Forms Of Substance Abuse Imaginable

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 7, 2020

A clear message from the Lake Travis debacle: " Poseidon for Biden".

Stolen Dog Is Reunited With His Mom After Months Apart

If Something White Had Flown Out Of President Obama's Nose During A Press Conference....

Does anyone recall ever seeing Trump's reflected image in a mirror?

I'd like to dedicate this next song to all the MAGAts who can't break up with 45 ...

Hope turns to despair as Egypt arrests witnesses to alleged 2014 gang rape

Experts project autumn surge in coronavirus cases, with a peak after Election Day

Kamala Harris meets with family of Jacob Blake

Anyone Ever Thought Of Not Burning Fossil Fuel?

Trump Boat Parade On St. Croix River Causes Capsizing

PBS: 'Slavery By Another Name' Forced Labor, Prisoner Leasing, Post CW- Mid 20th C.

Gov. Whitmer RIPS Trump for pretending pandemic is over (interview w/ Brian Tyler Cohen)

Gov. Whitmer RIPS Trump for pretending pandemic is over (interview w/ Brian Tyler Cohen)

Big Bat outside of Louisville Slugger Museum vandalized with red paint

Texas Trump boat parade: The wake of other boats caused 5 boats to sink, sheriff's office says

If Maricopa County Sours on Trump, So Will Suburbs Everywhere

** Corps Who Donate to Campaigns **

Meanwhile in Russia:

PBS: 'Slavery By Another Name' Forced Labor, Prisoner Leasing, Post CW-Mid 20th C.; Labor Films

Journalists Aren't the Enemy of the People. But We're Not Your Friends.

Coronavirus cluster linked to a University of New Hampshire frat party, state says

No, The Government Did Not Break Up A Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Georgia

This is the sign I saw at a redlight this morning

Julian Assange appears in dock as extradition hearing resumes

Handy hint for shoe shoppers:

Suspended Particle−Water Interactions Increase Dissolved 137Cs Activities in Typhoons (Fukushima).

Simple logic...

Veterans React to Trump Calling Fallen Soldiers 'Losers' NowThis


Trump Has A Dacha Waiting - It's Time 2020

Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky, and Daniel Ellsberg defend Julian Assange, 1 hour conversation

Biden says he would take COVID-19 vaccine

Not The Onion: Trump Declares Himself The Most Innocent Man To Be President Ever

Found Something On "Successful Businessman" DeJoy

I am no longer worried.

TRUMP: Top Pentagon brass and defense contractors in cahoots (paraphrased)

'Unprecedented public attack': Widespread shock as Trump blasts the Pentagon -- from the White House

NYTimes reports 'over 1200 unique titles about Mr. Trump' in the last 4 years.'

24 hours of snow predicted starting at 5 a.m.

BOOKS OF THE TIMES In the Second Volume of 'Hitler,' How a Dictator Invited His Own Downfall

'Touted as 'essential'... treated as disposable': Labor Day anger as migrant farm workers toil inside

Sobering tweet by Gary Kasparov.

The DU for Joe & Kamala goal was just raised AGAIN

Sebastian Steudtner, a German pro surfer, rode a wave over 115 feet tall at Nazare, Portugal

"There's a KKK/Proud Boy caravan in Oregon today."

Let's hope it goes something like this

Looks like Kamala is a hit in Wisconsin.

Colorado's top election official threatens to refer Trump for prosecution in cases of suspected...

tiedrich tweets the obvious...

Jill Biden to host back-to-school event tomorrow.

In 1932 I had many friends who didn't care for the Nazis, but...

George Takei - "See, I actually think you know it's true but are just a bunch of cowards."

US soldier hurt, 2 Somali soldiers dead in al-Shabab attack

So Esper is a goner?

So I'm going to try a store-bought Thai sauce instead of making my own ...

How Trump's Billion-Dollar Campaign Lost Its Advantage

Tweet of the Day

Police called on black man who was talking on his phone

New Really American ad - Trump Hates Our Troops

I Pledge Allegiance

Bob Robertson, legendary voice of WSU Cougars, dies at 91

Teeny Opossums Grow Up And Run Back To The Wild

Sometimes love is just meant to be ❤️

Racist woman in Missouri calls Taco Bell employees the n-word & has a meltdown

What we witnessed today was a cornered rat.

Probe launched after bags of mail dumped in 2 spots in L.A. area

Lifelong best friends growing up together 💜

BillyBaldwin: Voting is just like driving:

Does anyone know how much money trump has spent on his vanity wall so far?

My great niece had to have a COVID test the other day.

How Trump's Billlion-Dollar Campaign Lost Its Cash Advantage

So what kind of animal is Trump?

Pets Celebrate Labor Day

Mock Turtle Soup

How Trump's Billion-Dollar Campaign Lost Its Cash Advantage

Who remembers Trump taking away the State and local tax deduction

El Dorado Fire near Yucaipa sparked by pyrotechnic device at gender reveal party, officials say

Question for EarlG

These photos of the U.S. in the 1970s were unseen for decades

Getting SSDI

Sneakers, tennis shoes, easy walkers

I was praying for God to send me a sign of who to vote for

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 8: Women Make Film

The difference between Dem candidates and Reps

Alaina Shearer, running for the Ohio 12th CD, is a caring human

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 9: Back to School

A month ago my son was diagnosed with cancer

Trump slams Harris for trying to damage vaccine push

How Should Biden handle Trump's lies during the debate

Someone might win a brand new Chevrolet Chevette tonight on "Concentration." NT

That thing never thanked the American Worker. On Labor Day.

The American Flag Upside down is a signal or warning of extreme danger...

Fox News again(!!):"It is 'patently false' that Steven Mnuchin has not heard Trump call 4-star..."

Food is highly unlikely to be a source of Covid-19 contamination, experts say

Rasmussen Wisconsin poll

Sculpture of trump made with 100% bull sh*t

Discord over state and local funds plagues coronavirus talks

Saudi Court Issues Final Verdicts In Jamal Khashoggi Murder, Sentencing 8 To Prison

Trump urged to take improv classes to make his invented stories richer in detail

'Arms race': How the Portland shooting shows protesters on the right and the left are bringing guns

let me leave this here without comment.... (sigh)

Qanon's wife speaks out

Kamala Harris addresses crowd as she leaves Milwaukee.

WHOPPER ALERT: Trump Declares Himself The Most Innocent Man To Be President Ever

'Extreme behavior': California sets record as wildfires torch more than 2M acres this year

This dog's face watching his person play virtual reality


Used car dealerships emptied as people seek to avoid uber & public transit

Reddit Mocks Itself in Billboards Encouraging People To Vote:

Why his brand is toxic for a vaccine

Fluff Doggo and Fluff Kitteh

Republican House Leader Says Trump Is Screwing The GOP

Trump says he's taking 'high road' by not meeting with Democrats on coronavirus relief