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Archives: May 1, 2022

Chipmunk tastes almonds for the first time:

This baby finds food hysterically funny:

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 4/25/2022

Beaver eating cabbage (sound on):

Western artillery surging into Ukraine will reshape war with Russia

Do they still observe May Day in Russia? Just curios

US Senate Elections in the states that the Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Dance to the music (wait for it):

Putin To Hand Over Keys To War While He Has Cancer Surgery

Panda falls all over himself:

When did you re-enter a restaurant post-pandemic and where?

High energy prices leave oil giants untroubled by Russia exit or tax hints

US diesel fuel prices hit record, could top $6 due to Russia's latest moves

German energy firm Uniper ready to meet Russian pay demand

Why Did An Anonymous Donor Give Alex Jones $1 Million in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is stupid 'cause it's very likely to go to zero,' says Charlie Munger

What's the t-w-e-e-t? - Saturday, April 30. (Screenshot compilation)

Russia Warns U.S. Over Ukraine Weapons of Mass Destruction 'Provocations'

A beautiful murmuration of starlings:

J6 hearings to start 6/9; how many Republican pols will refuse to testify, joining The Cover Up Club

Viktor Orban

Kherson defiant as Russia plans to use roubles

Ivor Cutler

Tim Ryan looks to overcome Democratic headwinds in Ohio

Electric utilities spending millions to lower wildfire risk

Francis Fukuyama: The Long Arc of Historical Progress

The Case For Universal Free Lunch - Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Cross Post: Art Exhibit Powerfully Answers The Question 'What Were You Wearing?'

Thin Lizzy - She Knows (BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session)

The google doodle today is a cute animation honouring Route 66, complete

Attractions closed, Lasershow canceled as Confederate Memorial Day event held at Stone Mountain Park

Northern NM blaze now approaching 100,000 acres

New education Commissioner supports 'Stop WOKE Act' he sponsored

What GQP conspiracy are you

Imagine this thing headed for your kayak:

'We all know he's not a conservative': Oz battles MAGA pushback

Soviet identity is gone forever, but Putin doesn't get it

China hits back at Australia over Solomon Islands, saying 'the Pacific is not someone's backyard'

Neil Young - Dance Dance Dance (Live Audio)

Roger Stone's New TV Show Is An Absolute Train Wreck

Veterinarian's report details incomplete vaccinations at Colorado facility where 94 horses died

Donald Trump Junior Appears To Threaten Liberals In New Video With Accused Abuser

Bugs Across Globe Are Evolving to Eat Plastic, Study Finds

Claimed: Elon started buying Twitter after elonjet refused $5k offer to cease

Middle Age Riot tweet of the evening:

Ukrainian military DROPPED A BOMB FROM A DRONE right into the hatch of a car with Russian soldiers

White House Correspondence Dinner Speeches starting 9:30 EST CNN n/t

L.A.'s next mayor will face off in a debate this Sunday on ABC7

Apparently breaking news on the Ghost of Kyiv

Do You Think TFG Is Watching The Correspondents' Dinner?....

There's a big hole in the Fed's theory of inflation --- incomes are falling at a record 10.9% rate

Powerful Words.

Newspaper from the future (5/2) claims "terrorist" attack against civilians in Transnistria.

Archive - Again

Does MSNBC keep cutting out for anyone else? I can see other stations,

Whoa! Former Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel has died!

The 3 pandemic metrics that could tell us what's next

We had a plague followed by Covid

We had a horrible plague following by COVID. I wonder who was the "horrible plague"?

"The truth matters. American democracy's not a reality show."

Maybe time to take a page out of Russia & China's book..just a thought

GOP Disinformation about Hunter Biden

The nation's most distinguished superspreader event."

"I might roast you gently, like a pair of testicles on a Tucker Carlson special..."

On NPR today...

Maybe don't wanna take medical advice from Elon Musk

Biden " Imagine if my predecessor was here tonight - it would have been a real coup!"

If anyone has a tomato truck, just for fun park it in front of Mar-a-Lago for a few hours.

Trevor Noah is brilliant.

Sundae🍨Morning Happy Jazz and Bossa Nova for a Relaxing Weekend Livestream

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about public health updates....

I honestly did not recognize Jen Psaki at first (at WH Correspondent Dinner)

Jen Psaki for the win in that dress.

Noah: Give it up for Kyrsten Sinema. Who'd ever thought we'd see the day in American politics when a

this is peak beau- Let's talk about how Russia could do things differently

*Searching for Italy, S. Tucci, now: NAPOLI!

Deep inside Mariupol's last stronghold, Ukrainians send messages of patriotism and resolve - PBS NewHour

Biden at the Correspondent's Dinner, LOL

Pres. Biden speaks at White House Correspondents' dinner - NewsNation

Just for fun

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how Russia could do things differently....

from Don Siegelman: STOP this FIRING SQUAD EXECUTION.

Trevor Noah speaks at The White House Correspondents' Dinner - NewsNation Prime

Sunflower oil vanishes as Ukraine War Grinds On.

The Very Thought of You - Billie Holiday

Halp! - How eject a USB from android?! - emergency! - ON EDIT: Fixed!

President Jair Bolsonaro hits out at Leonardo DiCaprio after actor makes plea over Brazil's election

She is Ukraine

I was rummaging around in old flower photos from 2015...

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 34, New Living Translation

LEMMY on Trump 1991

May Day - Traditional Holiday, International Workers' Day

I was struck by a thread this morning about Kris Kristoferson's Bobby McGee.

"Baby Pygmy Marmosets are like baby chewbaccas":

Little pug goes nuts over his reflection:

Why Elon Musk is so polarizing

Baroque for a Sundae🍨Sundae


COVID-19 throttles China manufacturing, prompting fears - Al Jazeera

Dogs and cats let their humans know they smell nasty:

The stolen-mail scheme now targeting a wealthy D.C. suburb

Cats doing tricks:

The Cure - Plainsong

Small Car - Marvin Pontiac

Recent tweets/posts about Ukraine

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Kyiv to meet Zelenskyy.

Sinema v Gallego 2024

Sinema v Gallego 2024

More black and white

Bonus Tweet of the Day

dean obeidallah on the white house correspondent's dinner aka "nerd prom"

Trevor Noah on press freedom

So, I'm listening to BBC talking about a bunch of women...

Speaker Pelosi, Schiff, Meeks McGovern and Crow visit Ukraine

Do you remember 2011 Obama's Corres. Dinner the night before Osama Bin Laden

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic lawmakers visit Zelensky in Kyiv

Sunday Digit: 6/10 - Mostly dry morning and comfortably mild by late morning into afternoon,

State of emergency declared in violence-torn Ecuadorian provinces

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic lawmakers visit Zelensky in Kyiv

Arizona man found guilty of bulk cash smuggling into Mexico

Guadalajara, Jalisco: Sister-In-Law Of "El Mencho", Leader Of The CJNG, Is Kidnapped

Guardians Of Pachamama: Meet The Maltese Woman Personally Documenting Ecuadorian Tribes

Senate's rejection of a Labor Department nominee is horrible news for American workers

Florida... rents soaring


Moldova: Attacks in Transnistria raise fears of Ukraine war spreading - Al Jazeera

Peru's president races home by car to avoid impeachment motion

Marco Rubio urges State Department not to interfere in Guatemalan AG selection process

A movie about how 'Fiddler on the Roof' became a movie

Newfound species of wee frogs found in Mexico can fit on your fingertip

Ancient temple dedicated to Zeus unearthed in Egypt

Sunday Morning: The Velvet Underground and Nico

Ukrainian forces hunt Russian soldiers dubbed 'The Despicable 10' - BBC News

Could Russia invade Lithuania to cut off Baltic states from NATO? - DW News

France says Russian mercenaries buried bodies in Mali - DW News

Lost Maya City Inside Volcano Crater Explored by Archaeologists

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Mating Dance Edition

'Russian missile strikes hit residential buildings in Kharkiv" - FRANCE 24

Lost Maya City Inside Volcano Crater Explored by Archaeologists

Japan: Video shows harassment local politicians face in real life

Russia's war on Ukraine and the harrowing plight of refugees - FRANCE 24

Prehistoric women were hunters and artists as well as mothers, book reveals

Neil Parish resigns as MP after admitting he watched porn in parliament

Storks built a nest on a ruined house in Kyiv region

NYTimes Wordle 5/1

Biden ticks up, but GOP holds advantage on economy, Post-ABC poll finds


Breakfast Sunday 1 May 2022

Lawmakers Push Health Department to Expand Medicaid Coverage For Transgender Health Care

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, May 1, 2022

U.S. Department of the Treasury to Print Currency at New Plant in Beltsville

(Polish) Govt. launches guide on how to survive Russian invasion, with tips including ...

Brunch with our Ukrainian friend yesterday

Orlando Federal court supports mask mandates

Woman Calls Security on Dad Taking Pictures of His Own Kids, Then Pepper Sprays Him


Cartoon from 1982-remarkably prescient.

Stray Dog Interrupts Performance To Help Actor Who's Pretending To Be Injured

Democratic primary field for Maryland governor crowded, experienced and 'mostly unsettled'

D.C. AG Launches Probe of Washington Commanders, Snyder

Texas Is Suing Vroom Over Extremely Shady Car Sales Practices

Sunday Funnies 5/1/22

Advice on electric tea maker that stores in fridge with air tight lid

If you're looking for a good scary movie, check out "Unsane".

Can we hang on to some fundamental truths?

Stray Cats Saved A Restaurant From Bankruptcy During The Pandemic

BBC: How India's drone start-ups could change healthcare.

Russia Kidnaps Over One Million Ukrainians, Sends Them To 'Filtration Camps'

Hacking Russia was off-limits. The Ukraine war made it a free-for-all.

Trevor Noah Holds Nothing Back in Brutally Funny White House Correspondents' Dinner Roast

Rep Bill Pascrell, JR. FTW: NEVER FORGET 📢

Does Putting The Lid Down When Flushing The Toilet Really Make A Difference?

Russia Kidnaps Over One Million Ukrainians, Sends Them To 'Filtration Camps'

I can see clearly now

Regional American Food Twitter account

Don't eat that! ID'ing false hellebore with state toxicologist

I can't help but wonder about this, regarding Zelenskyy...

You raised $100.00 on April 30, 2022 for Rev Sen Warnock GA

Dover Air Force flights deliver 'hope' to Ukraine

You raised $10.00 on April 30, 2022 Abby Finkenauer for US Senate IA

Clayton Kerhsaw becomes the Dodgers' all-time strikeout leader

Nancy Pelosi: Our Congressional Delegation was honored to meet with @ZelenskyyUa in Kyiv to salute

Warren Buffett on market timing: 'We haven't the faintest idea'

Black Oak Arkansas - Lord Have Mercy On My Soul (repent sinners)

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

Biden roasts Trump, GOP, himself at correspondents' dinner

President Biden calls out Fox reporters at the WHCD: "They're all here, vaccinated and boosted."

Since November, the GOP lead on generic congressional ballot has dropped from +10 to +7 to -1

Is there ever a point where we reveal too much about the strategy

Cat Insists On Jumping Onto Her Dad's Shoulders For Bike Rides (Attn: Skittles)

Cat Cafe in Ukraine Remains Open to Care For 20 Cats During the War

SNL Theme (cover)

Doonesbury - How Could ANY People Believe Such A Massive Lie?

I'm nearing the magic age of 65..... please share your Medicare knowledge and experiences

"Orwell Would Eat These Free-Speech Warriors on Toast & Still Have Room for Bangers & Mash"

This happens in Pennsylvania more than it should. It should never happen.

'In 1890, Republicans were convinced they would win the midterm elections'

Get Medicare! No to Medicare Advantage. It's perfume-covered doo-doo that'll bankrupt or kill you.

Tar Sands Operators' Net-Zero "Plan" Sidetracked By Keystone News - Probably Just As Well

"Chuck, you here? How you doing? I'd ask a follow-up, but I know you don't know what those are."

Velshi, on MSNBC, giving a righteous opinion about the similarities between

My Grandmother's China--Castleton/Shenango China pieces.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine wants to take $500 million of Federal money over the

Three OU meteorology students die in car crash Friday on way home from storm chasing

Mid terms, just change British to MAGAs

Across the Desk - S5:E16 (Special Guest, Councilman Sean Cummings - The Corruption of Okla. GOP)

Little Walter (Marion Jacobs) was born on this date.

On this day, May 1, 1971, fifty-one years ago today, Amtrak began operation.

Kansas House fails to override Gov.'s veto of anti-Trans youth sports bill

Biden's Chief Federal Officer For Chemical Safety Has To Also Clean Up Toxic Admin Mess Trump Left

Russian tank hiding from prowling predatory Ukrainian tractors

New head Russian General is in Ukraine for 2 days and his HQ gets blown up.

Parents are so dumb.

Depleted Russian units that failed to take Kyiv are merging, says MoD

15 hurt after 'pedal pub' overturns in Midtown Atlanta, authorities say

A second Austin Skyline.

Family of Otto Warmbier to return to Grounds for the first time since their son Otto's death

Have Republicans miscalculated political impact of January 6th coup attempt?

Hmm... Florida Style Pizza.

More Of NM Has Burned In Jan-Apr 2022 Than In All Of 2021; Drought & Wind Fueling Multiple Fires 5/1

Well Yesterday did not go well

What percent of Trump supporters do you believe view Vladimir Putin favorably?

😃🇺🇸🥗🗓❗️What's your favorite salad?

So, is John Deere thinking of sending tractors to the Ukraine?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about pipelines and Putin....

"A powerful message for everyone working in the world of journalism."

"American democracy is not a reality show"....Joe Biden

'We Can Only Be Enemies'

Trevor Noah's closing speech at correspondents dinner.

A couple of things I discovered in my garden, this morning

Manchin doing an ad for Republican candidate.

Random Thought On Vaccines

UN evacuation of civilians is underway at Azovstal

The Real Housewives of Hades

AZ and the Southwest Faces an Existential Water Crisis

Dan Rather: There's Nothing "Conservative" About a Coup

Did you all hear that the 2nd vaccine should be the opposite of the initial one we received.......

Trevor Noah at Correspondents Dinner on the importance of journalism.

grace potter, jackson browne, marcus king, lucius - eachother (2020) beautiful song!

Very different look from the way Zelensky rolled his eyes at Trump!

CBC*: Day 2 of Rolling Thunder rally (April 30 and May 1, 2022 in Ottawa)...

Elon Musk posted "use Signal" on 1/7/21

Western artillery surging into Ukraine will reshape war with Russia

Zelensky tweet on the evacuation of civilians from Azovstal

Morning Joe: Dems Running Against GOP Could Just Say 'This Is The Party Of Liars And Kooks'

Tweet from Adam Schiff on their visit to Ukraine

Tweet from Nancy Pelosi an hour ago

Amazon, union face off in a rematch election in New York

NYT article, American Nationalist, May 1,2022

I find humor As Grandparents were ok with watching our sick grandkids

Jose Andres just used Twitter to call on Elon Musk for help feeding Ukraine and then the world

May Day rallies in Europe urge more help as inflation bites

VoteVets thanks Pelosi for her visit to Kyiv

Ukraine hunts down 'traitors' helping Russia

ray lamontagne/john stirratt (of wilco) - such a simple thing (live-2018) breathtakingly good!

Trampolinists in Moscow today jumping in front of a chilling quote from Putin about nuclear war

Moldova says Russian hackers attacked its government websites

Watch the new trailer for #DowntonAbbey

Russian missiles hit grain silos in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

SBU: Russia planned a terrorist attack to blame on Ukraine.


So pretty! Aerial view of tulip fields in The Netherlands:

Ringo's latest endeavor: "Change The World".

Sun bear twirls a stick like a juggler; another bear shows off his nunchuck moves:

Shift to ruble in Kherson fuels concerns about Russia's aims in occupied region

Ukraine's Intelligence: Russia continues to prepare Transnistria for war with Ukraine.

Murmurations: How to Be Accountable With Your Words

Dog shows he wants in by aggressively licking the glass sliding door:

Evacuation of civilians from the besieged Azovstal plant, Mariupol city with the help of the UN

India seizes $725 million China's Xiaomi over remittances

Kai Kahele (replaced Tulsi in 2020) is not running for re-election, will run for HI Governor

Kai Kahele (replaced Tulsi Gabbard in 2020) is not running for re-election, will run for HI Governor

Question about technique

How many real dogs here?

Pro-Confederates celebrating 'Confederate Memorial Day' clashed with protestors at Georgia's Stone M

Millions of Alaska-bound bees die after flight rerouted

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Electric scooter battery swap in Taiwan.

A Russian 'troll factory' with links to a pro-Trump oligarch is spreading misinformation on TikTok,

'We Can Only Be Enemies'

Judge lets Arizona Republican off the hook for using dead mother's ballot to vote twice in 2020

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 1, 2022)

I've never seen John Mayall's Bluesbreakers in concert

The Mysterious Case of Marina O.

Engineers Create an Enzyme That Breaks Down Plastic Waste in Hours, Not Decades

My daughter's farm: 'There was no way' to stop wildfire in 50 mph winds, says survivor

Interesting thread on the crisis within the clergy (why so many giving up and quitting)

Putin's war creates schism in Russian Orthodox Church

I love the I almost served crowd as a vet

No, a primary in an all white state is NOT a bellwether.

Kansas tightening rules for adults receiving food assistance

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 1, 2022?

Biden took a dig at Putin during White House Correspondents' Dinner, telling Trevor Noah he won't be

If you can summon some change, I found a local candidate for reelection to a school board

Pet jealousy videos:

Biden "prove they were fully vaccinated and boosted, just contact your favorite Fox News

The symbolic "pantsing" of Putin!

Early morning earthquake shakes Mount Vernon

If your religion makes you hate someone, you need a new religion.

Frontrunner for Dianne Feinstein's US Senate seat?

Puget Sound grocery store workers approve new contract, includes pay increase

A Community Hospital in Deep-Red Wyoming

From The Banners In The Camden Yahd..Play Ball..

Seattle addressing some electric scooter safety concerns after survey

Kelly: History of labor movement has been 'buried'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 2 May 2022

Tulsi Gabbard puts on her tinfoil hat

Don't call Republicans conservative. "There's Nothing "Conservative" About a Coup."

NPRs Tim Mak: The Dogs and Cats of War!

NPRs Tim Mak Bonus! The Pigs of War

South Carolina House OKs bill requiring doctors to tell women about unproven method to stoabortion

Happy May Day!

Michigan Democrats accuse GOP candidates of using forged signatures to get on ballot

Trevor Noah makes terrific joke about Chuck Todd at WHCD

Got ideas? 26-acre Mukilteo waterfront beckons improvement

State high court to hear fraud case concerning Value Village

May 1 Official beginning of the Global Methodist Church - the conservatives

Tired of the "Defund the Police" label

These are the people who have the nerve to call us "sheep".

A Kansas city voted to ban co-living in rental units, effectively making roommates illegal

Hong Kong student sentenced to 5 years in jail for sending pro-independence messages on Telegram

Disney fiasco could have ominous consequences for Florida's government, major credit agency warn

Russians plunder $5M farm vehicles from Ukraine -- to find they've been remotely disabled

Fux Noise and Tucker Carlson use 'minute-by-minute' ratings that show their audience loves Nazism

My best Wordhurdle ever on very little sleep.

Ukrainian Armed Forces strike Zmiyinyy Island, destroy 3 Russian anti-aircraft installations

Just a little turtle tease:

Marshals: Reward for info on escaped inmate, missing officer

Biden ROASTS Trump and Fox News at White House Correspondents' Dinner

Manching on ACA: 2018 and 2022...

Don't fuck with Ukraine.

This was the guy the Russians just sent in to save the day:

(Jewish Group) A Proclamation on Jewish American Heritage Month, 2022 - interesting site.


What exactly would this "Disinformation Board" do?

Exposed Russian false flag for Transnistria

watching live on You Tube: Memorial for VP Walter Mondale. nt

J. D. Crowe (AL.COM) Cartoonist Having A Field Day

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Bannock cakes for Beltane (today)

Today is Beltane, the festival for Bel the Celtic god of light and the choosing of the May Queen.

Naomi Judd struggled with severe depression. It led her to advocate for others with mental health is

Kirk Hammett - High Plains Drifter (Official Video)

Opinion Can Democrats knock Republicans off their two-faced midterm strategy? ByE.J. Dionne Jr.

Capitol attack panel set to subpoena Trump allies, Republican Kinzinger says

TFG Rally today-The Cult members and MAGA idiots are fun to laugh at

The ammo depot in Belgorod is getting noisy. Another mysterious fire I'm thinking.

Reducing the burden that stupid people place on the general population.

The Lincoln Project-Best of Joe Biden's White House Correspondents Dinner Speech

The Lincoln Project-Best of Joe Biden's White House Correspondents Dinner Speech

I'm 64 and my hair is white.

Kinzinger says he "would love" for Pence to testify before January 6 committee - Face the Nation

Rick Wilson explained the rules of Republican cocaine orgy parties on national tv-watch reaction

Rick Wilson explained the rules of Republican cocaine orgy parties on national tv-watch reaction

President Biden complete remarks at 2022 White House Correspondents' Dinner (C-SPAN)

Trevor Noah COMPLETE REMARKS at 2022 White House Correspondents' Dinner (C-SPAN

Al Franken: Former Firearms Exec & NRA Member, Ryan Busse, Exposes the Dark Underbelly of Gun Industry

Tim Kaine says there's "bipartisan resolve" for passing more Ukraine aid - Face the Nation

Picard season 2 is really kind of terrible (a few minor spoilers)

We mapped the warehouse takeover of the Inland Empire. The results are overwhelming

GQP Rep Jean Schmidt: Pregnancy after rape is an opportunity.

From my recent trip: Food Porn!

Greg Abbott's Border Stunt Cost His State $4.2 BILLION - Ring of Fire

Pelosi Statement on Jewish American Heritage Month

Volunteers from Islamic Relief USA and Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia, came together.

Pelosi Statement on Jewish American Heritage Month

Can you be a NIMBY and a Christian? Ex-Motown singer struggles with a new homeless shelter

Isn't it great that President Biden

From President Biden: A Proclamation on Jewish American Heritage Month, 2022

neighbors upset over granny flat constructions near single family homes...look more like apartments

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 1, 2022

"Putin Needs to be Stopped" - Malcolm Nance - Political Voices Network

Nancy Pelosi - what a woman!

Gandalf is in Lviv because Ukraine is fighting Mordor.

The Russians are doing to Ukraine exactly what the Japanese did to China in WW2

Anyone using Xfinity/Comcast? Now serving only smarphone users?

Marianne Faithfull - Broken English

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Challenger Jennifer Strahan Courts Business Leaders

Video: Inside the Parliamentarian's office during the US Capitol attack

Democrats are going to remain in the majority in the US Senate after 2022.

Making Your Cash Work Harder as Interest Rates Rise - Zweig

Watching Michelle Obama documentary

Desantis has stepped in a big steaming pile of poop with big business!

If you're an AT&T shareholder, take a look at stockholder proposals items number 6 and 7

What Will The Jan. 6 Committee Revelations Mean For Democracy? - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Herbster: We're going to take sex education out of the schools and put it back in the homes...

Vanity Plates

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about science fiction....

Woman claims she was 'following her GPS' down staircase, police think she was drunk

Russia's top officer visited the front line to change the offensive's course

Top Biden health official says trans youth being 'driven to depths of despair'

'New' alternate osprey nest, down path. &

It will soon be pellucidly clear why

One Bullet Can Kill, But It Takes More Than 100 People To Save A Gunshot Victim's Life

Birx says US must prepare for summer COVID surge as immunity wanes

Raiders owner says of quarterback Colin Kaepernick: 'I would welcome him with open arms'

Telling lies has become the norm for today's Republicans

Tuesday's Ohio Primary

Pelosi Becomes Highest-Ranking U.S. Official To Visit Ukraine After Meeting with Zelenskyy in Kyiv

Brooklyn Public library is fighting book banning. Age 13 - 21, nationwide, get free digital access

Geese on creek @ sunrise

another LA street takeover - Gramercy Park

Samantha Power, USAID chief, urges Congress to address "desperate need" for more Ukraine aid - CBS

On this day, May 1, 1916, Glenn Ford was born.

Missed Jupiter/Venus conjunction, caught sunrise,

Drone video of the Andover, KS tornado.

Emergency Contraception Rushed to Ukraine

The tick that makes people allergic to red meat is in D.C.

Christian conference "for men" in Missouri tickets $119 and Josh Hawley is one of the guest speakers

A graphic on "making stuff out of CO2" and the time scale of sequestration by "stuff."

The Look on Little Peter Doucy's Face at 1:39 Made My Whole Week.

10 CC - For You And I (nice evening send off)

Mic Drop.

Joyce White Vance - "There Are A lot of 'If's' With These Hearings" - Political Voices Network

Third Class Breakfast Menu aboard the Titanic - 1912 (photo)

Man admits to making nude video calls to random people

GE Produces Longest Eco-Friendly Wind Turbine Blade at 62m Capable of 100% Recycling and Reusing

19-year-old accused of killing mom who told him no smoking inside

Guy Rescues 3 Sharks With His Bare Hands

Here is an obvious question?

The Gropers are assembling in Greenwood, NE!

Russians Steal Ukrainian Farm Equipment - Only To Find It Remotely Disabled

Texas Paul REACTS to megaviral #WeirdGOP Video - MeidasTouch

The Supreme Court Has Just Invented a New Way to Harass Vulnerable People

Meidas Touch-None of this is normal. #WeirdGOP

Meidas Touch-None of this is normal. #WeirdGOP

Tips on preparation for a Colonoscopy

Trump candidate for Arizona governor tells Fox she won't recognize 'illegitimate president' Biden

The Internationale Song by Billy Bragg

Mass flight of tech workers turns Russian IT into another casualty of war

Please Join In Person Reception with President Biden on Monday, May 9, 2022,Potomac MD

Sunsetting, southern MD

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was re-banned from Twitter 3 hours after returning to the platform since h

Pakistan: Beijing demands stern action after terrorist slays Chinese academics in Karachi

What's the t-w-e-e-t? - Sunday, May 1. (Screenshot compilation)

There's Nothing "Conservative" About a Coup.

McConnell was unnerved about Biden's child tax credit becoming too popular for the GOP to kill, book

Stockpile of rare-earth metals down to 4% of Cold War-era value, Moulton urges action

1950s Menu for Parrino's Spaghetti House - Dallas, Texas

Scientists just issued a chilling warning about climate change

The RNC Whines About Biden Making Fun of Trump At White House Correspondents' Dinner