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Pres. Biden calls Trump 'the great MAGA king,'

When Siberia will be Chinese (2014)

If Trump is back on Twitter

Rural America Is Not a Lost Cause for the Democratic Party

Ms. Patti LuPone, y'all:

OANN Apology to settle lawsuit is not a real apology and is weak

John Eastman caught telling PA legislators to just "retabulate" vote for Trump

Texas' social media law is what real censorship looks like

Here is the plea of the American people.

Leon Lush: Floyd Mayweather is a Scumbag Scam Artist (NFTs)

Followers of QAnon 'Queen of Canada' face mounting problems after being convinced utilities are free

House committee refers former Trump Interior Secretary David Bernhardt for criminal prosecution

Why have no higher ups been arrested?

Pelosi hails 'historic' passage of bill allowing congressional workers to unionize

Texas' social media law is what real censorship looks like

Women of America - Get to know your Don

U.S. Treasury Posts Record Budget Surplus In April As Revenues Soar

Sen. Sanders on abortion and COVID: "I get very tired of hearing the hypocrisy from the extreme

Wait until students figure out that DeSantis' Florida and communism are bedfellows!

Reporter Who Broke 'Roe' Bombshell Goes Inside SCOTUS Amid Protests

Is Zoom killing Big Oil ?!

Eastman emails.

Shireen Abu Akleh needs some justice

4th Grade Christian science textbook explaining electricity -

I've developed a little video celebrating the beauty of art, called "The Beauty Project."

Cute video.

Report: Trump Proposed Bombing China Over Hurricanes

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Pierre Poilievre's favourite book is Jordan Peterson's 12 lessons. Poilievre

If the US and its allies want a total victory for Ukraine, they will have to give much more

Finland's president tells Vladimir Putin he is to blame for Helsinki's bid for NATO membership

Democrats finally get their FTC majority back

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what Republicans said with the vote in the Senate....

Definition of Liberty

Sirens in Plymouth. We are in the basement

Tony Norman: A smear casts a shadow on the 12th District Congressional race

Jimmy Carter says court 'misinterpreted' environmental law he signed

Why don't we just face the truth. Conservative Anglo-Americans are so terrified

Cheri Beasley ad for Senate

Top Democrat Blasts these two crazed Republicans in scathing speech - MeidasTouch

Sen. Manchin voted against the Women's Health Protection Act stating that...

Pres. Biden reacts after Senate Republicans block bill that would codify Roe v. Wade.

Trump election lawyer John Eastman caught telling PA legislators to just "retabulate" vote for Trump

Seth Meyers: Guest Beto O'Rourke Explains the Issues with Texas' Abortion Bounty Law

Possible reasons why Rick Scott's plan to kill SS & Medicare isn't resonating with anyone I know

Everyday Texans may be footing the bill (again) if big electric consultants have their way with grid

Everyday Texans may be footing the bill (again) if big electric consultants have their way with grid

Racism is "deeply rooted" in America's "history and tradition"

Protesters walk by Justice Amy Coney Barrett's house today.

Old Tucky is still rootin for Putin

New York Judge Halts Contempt Order Against Trump On Certain Conditions - MSNBC Reports

Thursday Sweet Morning Jazz and Bossa Nova Music Livestream

Judge Orders Trump to Pay $110K and Meet Other Conditions to End Contempt

Robin Parkinson death: 'Allo! 'Allo! star and Button Moon narrator dies aged 92

Ted Cruz Says Supreme Court Protests Worse Than January 6th - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Russian state media now claiming Biden got Ukraine's grain stocks in exchange for lend-lease deal

Sanctions forcing Russia to use appliance parts in military gear, U.S. says

Someone please tell me again how the two rapeublicon senators are "pro choice"

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Seth Meyers: Guest Beto O'Rourke Explains the Issues with Texas' Abortion Bounty Law

Don Winslow-#HerschelWalkerForSenate

Golden Earring - Turn The World Around (live on the beach near The Hague, 1993 + studio version)

Don Winslow-#HerschelWalkerForSenate

Before my love for Monster Hunter , this GAME!!! NIGHTS INTO DREAMS

Tried shooting a setting sun through a window -- got this instead. Oops. (4 sec exposure, somehow.)

Did The Fox News Civility Police Forget 40 Years of Anti-Abortion Protests? - The Daily Show

An Indictment Of Trump Should Be 'Seriously Considered' Says Eric Holder - Deadline - MSNBC

Court lets Texas restrictions on internet moderation take effect

New Eastman Emails Shed Light On Push To Overturn 2020 Election - Deadline - MSNBC

Treasury Secretary Yellen says reversing Roe v. Wade would have 'damaging effects on the economy'

Houston deputy dies..hit back of parked 18 wheeler

Estonia's PM: "Peace is not an ultimate goal if it means that the aggression pays off"

Excellent (long) interview article with Creed Bratton. The Grass Roots to The Office.

Financial Times: EU may spend $195 billion to gain energy independence from Russia

Ukraine offers to exchange Russian POWs for injured Azovstal defenders

Bringing queens stuff into parliament without the queen

Reporter Who Broke 'Roe' Bombshell Goes Inside SCOTUS Amid Protests - The Beat - MSNBC

OK - one more major 'squeeeeee' pic, tonight, and then I'm going to bed.

Known Alias: How Stephen King Was Outed as Richard Bachman

One last thought before heading for bed: An issue to recapture the latino vote in South Florida:

I'm a sucker for a good love song

Hard-Liners Gain in Pennsylvania GOP Races

WATCH: Rep Hakeem Jeffries calls out Clarence and Ginni Thomas

Kimmel: Senate Republicans Block Abortion Rights Bill, Trump vs Wind & Newly-Leaked Lindsey Graham

Greg Norman can go fuck himself

Selected photos from a farmer's market:

In Texas, abortion laws inhibit care for miscarriages

Cryotocurrency is crashing right now evening

'2000 Mules' offers the least-convincing election-fraud theory yet

Artist Recreates Picasso's Guernica on Destroyed Kyiv Bridge

Tweet of the Late Night:

Seth Meyers: Trump Thought China Had a "Hurricane Gun," Senate Blocks Bill to Codify Roe v. Wade

Biden calls to congratulate presumptive Philippine president

Tweet of the Late Night #2:

Tammy Duckworth Decimates GOP Hypocrisy On Roe - Vote Vets

Laguna niguel homes.burn

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

House Democrats Protesting At Senate Vote: 'My Body, My Decision' - All In - MSNBC

New Louisiana "Don't Say Gay" bill would ban LGBTQ teachers from coming out

Holder Recommends 'Limiting Years One Can Serve On Supreme Court To 18' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Is The Devil You Know A Banned Book

MAGA isn't a lifestyle choice. It's a hobby.

More GOP Jan. 6th Hypocrisy Revealed In New Audio From Lindsey Graham - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Why did the Moderate White voters and Conservative Black voters in FL elected DeSantis instead of

Opinion Alito's draft ruling on abortion is a warning to LGBTQ Americans

'Offensive': Ted Cruz Compares Roe V. Wade Protestors To 1/6 Protestors - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Jonathon Capehart-Alito's draft ruling on abortion is a warning to LGBTQ Americans


Aleksandra Vrebalov's 'My Desert, My Rose'

May 14th "BANS OFF OUR BODIES" protests in 300 cities

IT CAME FROM DOWN THE STREET: How Susan Collins Called the Cops On Her Own Neighbors

But Joe Manchin cut an ad for McKinley and everything. Golly gosh

Some mousike...

How do you solve a problem like Alito?

When Ukrainian refugees meet Russian tourists in Turkey Focus on Europe

Katie Porter Goes After Trump, Uncovering Potential Bribery Scheme - The Last Word - MSNBC

A Very Short but Necessary Post-"short post but it's in response to some Democratic bashing posts""

Tweet of the Early Morning:

Another one by Leonart Band (the lead singer: YUM! 🥰)

Why Latin America Needs a New World Order

Rep. Katie Porter: 'Rage' Will Grow Now That GOP Blocked Abortion Bill - The Last Word - MSNBC

Amber Alert Caldwell County

60s BATMAN TV Show - Burt Ward as Robin - "Boy Wonder I Love You"

Black truck driver drops off a load in Vidor Texas

Dallas police investigating shooting of 3 Korean women at hair salon (non fatal)

The Pentagon Papers leaker explains why the Supreme Court draft leak is a good thing.

Historian Kristen du Mez tells us how a sort of liberal Baptist

GOP staffers fired after possible 'ballot harvesting' operation found in Pa.

Crypto comes to Washington. Will the millions buy influence?

Argentina ready to supply gas to Europe via Spain

New E-mails Show Early Stage Of Trump Big Lie Scheme; Lindsey Graham Role Eyed - MSNBC Prime

Unsuspecting men don't yet know that overturning Roe v. Wade will also change their lives

suddenly Phoenix has its own skid row

Sen. Tina Smith: GOP 'Hellbent To Take Away' The Right To Abortion - The Last Word - MSNBC

Jen Psaki crushes reporter with comeback of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Astronomers Are About to Make a Massive Announcement About Something in The Milky Way

North Korea reports first positive Covid-19 case, declares emergency

Former Federal Prosecutor REACTS to 'Mind-Boggling' Roe v. Wade Decision - MeidasTouch

Fauci on rising U.S. COVID cases, CDC mask guidelines and striving for the endemic phase - CBS News

'I'd like to file lawsuits in all 50 states': Mike Lindell still pushing Trump's lie

IVF treatment faces 'clear and present danger' from US anti-abortion effort

Poorly Reasoned Draft Opinion Would Hurt SCOTUS Credibility More Than Leaks - MSNBC Prime

Finland to apply for Nato membership 'without delay'

Finland to apply for Nato membership 'without delay'

New U.S. antisemitism envoy takes on Putin's distortions about Ukraine

Pressure Worsens For Russia's Faltering Invasion As Effects Of Sanctions Loom - MSNBC Prime

Biden co-hosting 2nd COVID summit as world's resolve falters

Wordle 5/12

Finland must apply to join Nato without delay, say president and PM

Anybody else love Katie Porter as much as I do?

Joe Scum is clueless - says Trumpism has no ideology and is a personality cult

Is Putin's only move now to put Republicans back in charge of the U.S.?

The paw prints on my jeans

Plane veers off runway in China and catches fire; 36 injured


Want PROOF of gas price gouging??

Not looking good for Putin. Most everything is going the wrong way for his plans

Re chat rooms: Bertha the Bored Lesbian laments. Also OUCH

Here's another reason to donate blood: it reduces 'forever chemicals' in your body

The Kinks - Come Dancing

The Horrifying Implications of Alito's Most Alarming Footnote

Willie Nelson - On the Road Again (At the Grand Ole Opry)

White House press secretary Jen Psaki's tenure to end

Thursday TOONs - Ever Backward

I am/was a lifelong Pennsylvanian...

Hubble Space Telescope spots star that survived violent explosion of neighbor

180 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

The free market in action?

Exile on Main Street was released on this date in 1972

"A Well Deserved Caning"

Barbara McQuade -- The Most Pivotal Elections in 2022 Are Not the Ones You Think

Update: My 100 y/o stepdad fell & broke his hip yesterday. He's having surgery this morning at 8:30a

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/11/22

Art of the Week: Week of 5/11/22

The Rundown: May 12, 2022

Joe Maphis was born on this date.

'Triple-dip' La Nia to hold vast influence over Pacific hurricane season this year

Ian Dury has a birthday today.

Shake it Up - Cars

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin.

Steve Winwood has a birthday today.

If you love children so much...

Michigan Lawyer Who Sought to Overturn Biden's Victory Tied to Russian Spy

Adjustable Loans Form Largest Share of US Mortgages Since 2008

At Least 20 Homes In Orange County CA Burn In 200-Acre Wildfire - In May

U.S. jobless claims settle just above 200,000 mark

College Football Referees Penalized Teams With Black Coaches More Than Those With White Coaches

Breakfast Thursday 12 May 2022

The alleged solution of women dropping off unwanted babies

The only time being a enabler is ok is when a dog is addicted to tennis balls. 😏😂🦮🎾

America's Carbon Bomb: 140 Billion Metric Tons Of Carbon On Its Way W. Planned Permian Fracking

EXCLUSIVE Ukraine will not reopen gas route until it controls pipeline system

Creaky U.S. power grid threatens progress on renewables, EVs

NM Fires Burning Their Way North Towards Taos, Angel Fire - 370 Square Miles Burned So Far

Bob sat down at the "retired table" in the little diner he coffeed at each morning with

Ukrainian fighter trapped in Mariupol steel plant asks Elon Musk for help

picking up baby birds.

Bucket 1 Sheep 0

"Unprecedented" Flash Drought In France: "The Whole System Is Spiralling Out Of Control"

Orthodox Christian drawing far-right American converts to Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

OFFS! Greg Norman, Fronting Saudi Golf Tour, Speaks On Khashoggi: "Look, We've All Made Mistakes"

Senator to introduce bill giving Big Tech its own federal watchdog

Yellen Is Right About the Costs of Overturning Roe

Opinion: Roe leak underscores this Supreme Court's history of hypocrisy

Pregnant Sheep Rescued From Woman's Basement

Amanda Gorman speaks on US Supreme Court leak on Roe vs Wade decision to ban abortion

Youngkin, Hogan ask Justice Dept. to halt protests at justices' homes

Supermassive black hole seen at the center of our galaxy

The Crazy Ones - TLP

Anyone have cats and a Roomba?


Federal Trade Commission Gets A Democratic Majority

You raised $5.00 on May 11, 2022 OFFICIAL DU is out for BLOOD!!! (Gov NE)

A must see Amanda Gorman, "Fight Fire with Feminism"

S5:E17 (The Corruption of Gov. Kevin Stitt)

Cabin On the Hill

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 12, 2022

S5:E17 (The Corruption of Gov. Kevin Stitt)

By All Means, Arizona - New Development For Planned 900,000 Residents Sounds Like A Dandy Idea!

Do you recall that the Brooklyn Public Library was offering school kids free library cards?

Naomi Judd died of self-inflicted firearm wound, Ashley Judd reveals

Fmr. Sec. of Defense Esper: Trump Was the Biggest Leaker of All

Conservative parents take aim at library apps meant to expand access to books

I want to print and frame this.

My melanoma nightmare update: Some good news and some possible bad news.

Mt. Fuji: Countryside Cats - A Cat's-Eye View of Japan

It's my birthday

Staying Overnight in a Remote Japanese Temple

Is "crazy" a credible issue to use against Republicans?

Ruben Bolling had it right in '05

Youngkin's 'almighty creator' rhetoric in new diversity training offends some state employees

Russian Invasion: Ukraine and Beyond - NHK NEWSLINE FOCUS

What Alito's draft opinion fails to hide from women

Ruining the economy to fight inflation

Sasha and Malia, will make you smile.

We might hit 86 degrees in Flint, MI, this afternoon!!!

The Lincoln Project-Here's to the crazy ones...

The Lincoln Project-Here's to the crazy ones...

Ruben Bolling had it right in '05

White nationalists get religion: On the far-right fringe, Catholics and racists forge a movement

Health insurance CEOs rake in record pay in 2021

Cities Mobilize for Roe Reversal by Strengthening Abortion Safe Havens

James Craig acknowledges possible fraud in signature gathering for his petition

Pic Of The Moment: Scientists Unveil First Photo Of Supermassive Black Hole

Philippines Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Texas Enacts Social Media Censorship Law to Benefit Anti-Vaxxers & Spammers

'Sinkhole of corruption': Trump Organization sells Washington hotel

San Francisco could one day have a Geary subway. Here's what it would mean for the west side:

Trump's 'Crown Jewel' Sign Torn Down As New Owners Claim Flagship D.C. Hotel

Ohio woman pleads guilty to selling invasive crayfish species across 36 states

I don't understand some peoples' concern that low birth rates

Marc Levine (D) for Insurance Commissioner

Putin's off-ramp. (I've even started his speech.)

We know we're not all equal, because our votes are not being counted equally.

Screaming Alex Jones berates viewers for not buying more 'amazing products' from InfoWars store

Homemade Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe (video)

US Producer Prices Rise More Than Forecast in Sign of Persistent Inflation

$1 Trillion Crypto Meltdown--Huge Crash Wipes Out The Price Of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Cardano

Abortion Ruling: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Manchin, reactions and responses, and systems....

A few bits of time-honored wisdom for local candidates still calling themselves "Republicans":

The leaked draft has a fatal flaw. And it's even worse than you think.

The Media Has a Difficult Time Saying Israeli Forces Killed Shireen Abu Akleh

Cow Pasture in Late Afternoon Light

Meatpackers hyped 'baseless' shortage to keep plants open despite covid risks: report

Dear Joe. An open letter to the President.

BREAKING: New Hampshire Supreme Court REJECTS Republican legislature's effort to block court from dr

New E-mails Show Early Stage Of Trump Big Lie Scheme; Lindsey Graham Role Eyed

Hundreds of Indigenous children died at U.S. government boarding schools

COURT UPDATE: FairDistricts Now & voters amended the complaint in lawsuit against Florida's maps

This morning's lesson in 'kitten care'

Crypto Tulip Mania

Russia warns of response to Finland NATO entry FRANCE 24 English

Bad Sign: Hong Kong cardinal Joseph Zen arrested under China's security law

This duck's mama didn't want her. So a human adopted her.

What to know about Elon Musk's $12.5 billion margin loan

Bart Reagor reports to federal prison

Breaking- Jamaican Airspace closed

Check in here if all this bad news is making you sick.

Conservative parents take aim at library apps meant to expand access to books

Siberian separatists begin to block trains in Irkutsk region.

Ny Malagasy Orkestra -"Salegy"

Obi-Wan Kenobi - FINAL TRAILER (2022) Disney+

Finnish media reporting Russia may cut off gas supply to Finland on May 13

Ukrainian Author Andrey Kurkov: Russia's War Is Targeting Ukraine's Culture, History & Identity

Texas Republicans Fail to Address the 24,000+ Texas Voters Disenfranchised During the March Primary

Texas Republicans Fail to Address the 24,000+ Texas Voters Disenfranchised During the March Primary

Texas Paul REACTS to Top Democrat's EPIC Takedown of Greene and Boebert

Medvedev threatens NATO with nuclear war over helping Ukraine

I've got a good one, Biden is feeding

Things a women couldn't do in 1971 - Republican yearn for the good Ole Days

'VangeliKKKals calling for the end to YOUR abortion? Here's the solution:

Researchers Pinpoint Reason Infants Die From SIDS

Doe "kisses" kitty, & kitty revels in the grooming. Meanwhile, dog says, "WTF?"

Turnout in Oregon primary election stands below 10%, could end up lowest in modern history

Big fluffy dog with tiny puppy:

Any other tin foil hat devotees out there think it may be possible Big Oil and Big Biz

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 12, 2022)

California violated the Second Amendment with semiautomatic rifle age restriction, court finds Read

20 European natural gas buyers open Gazprombank accounts to pay for Russian gas in rubles

CNN reporter on how Finland joining NATO could affect Russia

Tiniest "Aroo!"

Hackers Humiliate Putin; Prominent Media Vandalized On Russian Holiday: Rachel Maddow

Commander In Ukraine Wants Quiet Electric Bikes For His Sniper Teams

Everything You Need to Know About the Baby Formula Shortage

Georgia Sheriff Facing Sexual Crime Charge for Allegedly Groping Judge Hatchett

Lessons From Granny Mochi - NHK WORLD-JAPAN

Paul Gosar tweets that "Russia is not our enemy." Seth Abramson responds.

Judge greenlights lawsuit against Pro-Trump group accused of sending armed vigilantes door-to-door

Siemens leaving Russia over Ukraine invasion

Russian tank explodes hurling turret 250ft into the air after Ukrainian missile strike

Hakeem Jeffries to Clarence Thomas: 'Why are you such a hater?'

Jared Yates Sexton: A People With Nowhere Else To Turn

Biden administration scraps 3 offshore oil and gas lease sales in Alaska, Gulf of Mexico

Fairfax Co. (VA) to Gov. Youngkin *pound sand* - no security perimeters at SC Justices' homes

Colombian Leftist Front-Runner Says Assassination Risk Very High

Coastal Fire: Morning Update May 12

Joe Bonamassa on tone (video featured in Guitarist magazine)

This should be a bigger story. Republicans are the ones committing voter fraud.

Man dies of heart attack while burying woman he strangled, South Carolina officials say

Coastal Fire: Morning Update May 12 (volume is low so you may have to turn it up)

China opposes semiconductor bill because it will give U.S. advantage -U.S. commerce chief

Joe Bonamassa on tone (video featured in Guitarist magazine)

Why BUSHIDO Is The Root of All Social Problems in Japan

South Africa cannot turn a blind eye to the plight of Cuba while illegal blockades and US sanctions

Madonna: Ghosttown

Ecuadorian mountaineers climb Himalayan peak Makalu in record time -- without extra oxygen

US Budget Deficit Shrinks $1.6 Trillion on Record Tax Surge

Beautiful murmuration of starlings:

'We can never go back': Leaked opinion mobilizes Black women around abortion rights

Not a great day (so far, at least)

Arizona Republican election audit contractor Cyber Ninjas spent $8.8m, documents show

A pandemic legacy of grief, anger and frustration

Guns, bomb shelters and anti-radiation meds: More people in Finland prepare for war with Russia

California lays out plan to drastically cut fossil fuel use

All the brands that have pledged to help US staff get access to safe abortions

Prosecutors Pursue Inquiry Into Trump's Handling of Classified Material

This aged well. Like yogurt on a hot day.

1st image of our galaxy's 'black hole heart' unveiled

Body camera footage contradicts sheriff on how deputies acted on Delaware State lacrosse bus

Steve Schmidt is fed up. New today. Shareable meme.

NEW: The Pro Choice Caucus has just sent out messaging materials to House Dems on Roe draft.

Two Twitter leaders are leaving after Musk's deal to buy the company.

Trump Signs Removed After Family's Washington Hotel Sells for Reported $375 Million

Just in -- Jan 6 committee new subpoenas.

Here's a billboard I'd love to see among all of those red state anti-abortion ads.

Projecting their next move.......

Nearly 200 acres burned by Coastal Fire in Laguna Niguel

Nearly 200 acres burned by Coastal Fire in Laguna Niguel

Elephant calls 911, keeper saves antelope. 'phant gets yummy treats; keeper, a piece of paper.

Departing White House press secretary Jen Psaki details threats against her and her family

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll to receive honorary doctorate from University of the Pacific

Polls Say 'Serious Drop Off' In Women's Motivation To Vote In Midterms

MAGA world has decided to follow Tucker Carlson/Glenn Greenwald to oppose US aid to Ukraine

U.S. Senate panel to question Fed nominee Barr on May 19

An openly pro-coup Trumpist could become Pennsylvania's next governor

Could the Supreme Court strip away other established rights?

Above-average wildfire season predicted for parts of Washington

Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas 5 Republican Representatives

Is it time for Progressives to stop buying Tesla?

Mo. House and Senate have passed a gag rule forbidding pharmacists from proactively questioning ...

TCM tonight:

Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python... Galaxy Song (Music Video)

Right-Wing Personality 'Baked Alaska' Now Pleading Not Guilty To Jan. 6 Charges

White nationalists get religion: On the far-right fringe, Catholics and racists forge a movement

Either Tucker Carlson's Twitter is hacked, or he's just (again) a bitter troll

Safest States During COVID-19

Russia warns of response to Finland NATO entry

Ukraine makes gains near Kharkiv +++ Attacks on Russian soil Ukraine latest

Republicans have become the Pro-Death Pro-Fascist Anti-American party

Illinois FB settlement checks are going out

Rescue Pittie Who Couldn't Move Starts Playing With A Puppy

A vote for Republicans is a vote to destroy Ukraine and to destroy Democracy

$116 in April, 1c (trading halted) today. LUNA is the biggest crash in cryptocurrency history.

Louisiana state troopers charged in beating of Black man

Georgia man challenges eligibility of 13,600 voters

'Dune: Part Two': Christopher Walken To Play The Emperor In Sequel For Legendary And Warner Bros.

Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python... Galaxy Song (Music Video)

Ron DeSantis' math textbook hoax

I had been working on various iterations of this landscape for months

Biden-hosted Americas summit facing boycott over invitation list

Biden-hosted Americas summit facing boycott over invitation list

In "The Untouchables", Officer Jim Malone asked Eliot Ness a very important question

Pentagon: Russians Making Incremental Progress At Best In Ukraine

Lauren Boebert's American Dream

Burgeoning wildflowers in the mountains where I live...

N. Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles amid 1st virus outbreak

The crypto currency crash should not surprise anyone. There has never been any "there" there.

Chairwoman Maloney Seeks Documents Regarding Postal Service's Acquisition of Electric Vehicles

Sound Transit: New ORCA system launches on May 16

Cartoons 5/12/2022

Jovan Pulitzer's fraud claims are 'utter rubbish,' fellow 'audit' researcher told the Arizona Senate

35 teachers get layoff notices as Marysville braces for loss of levies

Resident Evil - Official Teaser - Netflix

Tulalip woman helped uncover dark history of Indian boarding schools

Lower speed limits move forward on dangerous stretch of Highway 99

Louisiana Republicans Plan To Thwart Bill Classifying Abortion As Homicide

A Vast Sinkhole, Home To An "Ancient" Forest, Has Been Discovered In China

Happy birthday, Steve Winwood! 74 today

Summer-like heat fuels another Midwest severe weather event

Coast Guard admiral approved to be first woman to lead a military service

GAS PRICES - Please enlighten me

Senate confirms Jerome Powell to second term as Federal Reserve chair

Meteorologist from Mexico dies in I-90 crash while storm chasing with others in Minnesota

Army poised to revamp Alaska forces to prep for Arctic fight

Rick Wilson slams Paul Gosar.

Senators per million of population -

Feds Begin Inquiry Into Trump's Handling of Classified Info

All My Loving - The Beatles

Body camera footage contradicts sheriff's account

Major U.K. Donation Flagged Over Russia Concerns

Saguaro cactus blooms on a low hanging arm

TFG sees 'vengeance' on the political horizon

Please note Rep Massie's RW talking point.

Florida students win yearbook flap over 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Kathy Barnette, Rep. senate primary candidate: deeply Islamophobic and homophobic

There have been a few improvements in premature infant survival rates

Jake Corman drops out of Pa. governor's race, backs Barletta as primary nears

Tucker Carlson pulls from an old playbook as he stokes anxiety about a masculinity crisis

Conservative Parents Seek to Ban Library Apps

In case you think abortion laws don't matter

Behold the titans of crypto

Whoopi and Joy 1, 2 punch to wingnut: YOUR belief is YOURS! and "It's none of your business."

For some Republicans, only one thing matters when choosing who to back in their primary.

Republican senator's push to arrest abortion protesters meets GOP resistance

Ukraine's 'hawk and mouse' Kharkiv counteroffensive is nearing Russia's border, threatening supply l

What to Know About the National May 14 Protest for Abortion Rights

EXPLAINER: Why Finland, Sweden joining NATO will be big deal

Greg Norman's comments on Jamal Khashoggi killing spark backlash from murdered journalist's fiance

Mike Luckhovich-Hands on approach

Anyone who cares about climate change needs to divest all crypto ASAP.

Louisiana debates murder charge for women who get abortions

Marjorie Taylor Greene Used Donor Money To Buy Herself Luxury SUV

Jan. 6 panel subpoenas McCarthy, four other GOP lawmakers

Two GOP judges just stripped social media companies of basic First Amendment rights

Steve Schmidt: No more stepping back

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 12, 2022

The Northern Territories Dispute...Stephen Kotkin review

Tenn Black Market Baby Adoption Ring; Kidnapped, Sold to the Wealthy For Profit 1920s-1950, Eugenics

Its coming from inside the house...

Christian Churches hijacked by politics are becoming a cult

Teach Your Children Well

When is Biden and/or Congress going to do something about the price of gas?

Jen Psaki's legacy? One of the best press secretaries ever.

Kellyanne Conway Outraged At Left-Wing Protests

I just saw a video/news that the French had boarded a Russian ship in the English Channel

Young Yellow Lab in Retrieval Training

20 of the 25 counties with highest % of covid deaths were counties that trump won in 2020

LIVE 4:30 PM Rally with Summer Lee and Bernie Sanders, Pittsburgh

Sometimes Facebook gets it right.

hartmann report: "Why are Americans Subsidizing Our Own Extinction?"

Joe Manchin is a leader from the worst state in the USA...

Embedded images don't always show up

Satanic Yoga Barbie Is Coming For Your Children

5 more subpoenas, 5 more Contempt of Congress charges?

Russian military using computer chips from household appliances - US sanctions

Steve Schmidt....BOOM

I'm stressing on chicken shortage

'The gift' is your fucking salary..

An undefeated men's team in College Park chases college history, as a legendary women's program ...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 13 May 2022

When four-year-olds streak around a nice restaurant, crashing into waiters and grabbing food off

S&P 500 officially (momentarily) enters "Bear Market"...

Nope, naked greed ... Big Oil profit ***MARGINS*** are up past pre pandemic

Novelis Plans New Aluminum Plant to Meet Demand for Cans

It Took A Year To Find This Terrified Lab The Perfect Home

Hawaiian Airlines Bets You'll Want to Island Hop on Electric Seagliders

The Beatles - Till There Was You

GOP Lawmaker Likens Human Women to Sea Turtles

Woman Wakes Up Next to Strange Dog in Bed

OK, SOMEthing(s), but foliage etc interfering. Goslings EAT!

at least several thousand Ukrainians" have been sent to so-called "filtration centers" in Russia

Shelter dogs' reactions to being adopted

I'm sure the naysayers will dismiss this, but...

Abbott Slams Biden for Providing Baby Formula to Undocumented Immigrants

"I miss the old days"

'Handmaid's Tale' Protesters Demonstrate Outside Amy Coney Barrett's Home

On the ground in Chernobyl and why the russians were there. Starsky..

Hands Off Approach - Luckovich

There is a recording of an oligarch close to the Russian gov saying Vladimir Putin is "very ill w/

Why doesn't the DOJ dooo something about Trump?!

Alito's former Princeton classmate calls draft SCOTUS opinion 'a greatest hits of misogyny'

An undefeated men's team in College Park chases college history, as a legendary women's program ...

Steve Schmidt

Take a moment to see from Sue Collins' point of view

Rich Strike SKIPPING Preakness, NO Triple Crown This Year

North Korea is reporting 18,000 cases of Covid today.

OK, I have a gin and Sprite in front of me.

Young people are really freaked out and depressed by climate change

They Had a Duty to Speak Up

PM Update: Occasional showers through Friday

You know what? I'm 65 and post-menopausal and I'm shaking with anger over Alito.

Economy and Abortion Are Top Issues

Arkansas vs. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Florida Secretary of State Suddenly Quits

US Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has blocked the passage of a $40 billion aid bill to Ukraine.

So here we have it: The Russians going full Nazi.

Considering Rand Paul and Paul Gosar

Wisconsin's partisan election review has been halted while lawsuits are being resolved.

Katie Porter goes after Trump, uncovering potential bribery scheme

GET YOUR ARTWORK for the Women's March for Roe on Saturday here...

Senator Rand Paul Blocks $39.8 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill

Overturning Roe could reverse economic gains

Why doesn't Pres. Biden dooo something about DeJoy?

Couple lives on cruise ships - cheaper than living in Seattle area

After 30 Years of Turning Abortion Clinics Into War Zones, Now You Want "Civility"?

After 30 Years of Turning Abortion Clinics Into War Zones, Now You Want "Civility"?

Question about Republican voters from States like Alabama and W. Virginia who

THIS farmer's Summer harvest time will be seeing ZERO poachers this year !!

Next stop for the GOP clown car parade: Pennsylvania's US Senate spot

Serious question - is Greg Abbott related to the baby formula Abbotts.

I see Amazon has the mass market paperback of The Pelican Brief on sale for $4.59

I've been wondering why Lars Larson endorsed Betsy Johnson. Today he told me.

My email to my sisters.

Notice how both CNN and M$NBComcast are now using clips from OAN?

Top Democrat Destroys Justice Thomas with speech of the year! - MeidasTouch

New Godzilla Zip Line Attraction in Japan!

Gridded facade defines car-free IKEA store in Vienna by Querkraft Architekten

I just met her and I already hate her, and her smiley little family.

I'm going to declare Arthur to be one of the most photogenic kittens on planet earth, and beyond!

New Godzilla Zip Line Attraction in Japan!

3 Korean Women Shot At Dallas Hair Salon By Unknown Gunman, Police Say

RNC push poll, 1 question survey, #1 problem facing America today

Sanctions Are 'Beginning to Bite' Into Russian Military

Make way for 5 goslings!!!

Kathy Barnette Has Long History of Bigoted Statements

ABC Nightly News - "250,000 Covid Orphans" [May 12, 2022]

David Muir...Orphans without their parents...COVID DEATHS

Congressmen Subpoenaed Claim To Have 'Relevant Information' For 1/6 Investigation: Schiff - MSNBC

Stage Two Ovarian

They worked for fifty years. Are we willing to do so, as well?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Quadry Sanders and Oklahoma....

US secretly issued subpoena to access Guardian reporter's phone records

Biden sees bigger role for US farms due to Ukraine war

Swalwell On Subpoenas Sent To GOP Colleagues: 'Why Would They Not Cooperate?' - Deadline - MSNBC

Western Sanctions Are 'Beginning to Bite' Into Russia's Military

Florida's secretary of state to resign ahead of upcoming elections

DOJ Probes Trump's Handling Of Classified Records - Deadline - MSNBC

Seriously, how has Alex Jones not stroked out yet?! (video)

Dirk Powell - 'Waterbound'

Perdue suit pushing election fraud claims dismissed by judge

John Williams - The Seville Concert

The ripple effects of Russia's war in Ukraine are changing the world--w/great Graphics

Sources: Hyundai to set $7B US plant during Biden Asia visit

Juanita Jean-there is a hearing tomorrow in the Alex Jones bankruptcy

Yikes just another CONSERVATIVE running for Governor of Wisconsin....... Kevin Nicholson

Nigeria: Student accused of blasphemy is burnt to death