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I have been hearing the song Courtesy of the Red White and Blue more often here

MAGA Allies Subpoenaed! Trump Lawmakers Face Legal Jeopardy Amid Stonewalling - The Beat - MSNBC

Costa Rica declares emergency in ongoing cyber attack

Prof. Heather Cox Richardson:'This is no longer your mother's Republican Party, or your grandfather'

EU plan aims to help get wheat from Ukraine to the world

According to the right...

Does it seem like this to you? Some sort of disaster each week?

A mistake a 17-year-old boy makes shouldn't follow him for the rest of his life.

Anderson Cooper: There Is No Shame Anymore

Yes, They will Get Donald Trump..Be Patient. It will all come out. Time on Our Side.

Alito thought process that a man can't rape his wife because she is

Russian military leaders 'sacked and arrested' amid heavy battlefield losses

Sign of American Fascism (literally)

A timely new HBO doc chronicles a secret group of women who provided abortions

J6 committee subpoenas McCarthy, other representatives. Here's what's at risk if they fail to comply

Funny how nobody is storming Nestle or Abbott's board meetings or doing hostile takeovers

What are The Slobfather and his ReTHUG goons planning for

The AP Interview: US 'vulnerable' to COVID without new shots

The petty in my doesn't want the dissenting judges to share

'Chan Chan' The Buena Vista Social Club---great Cuban music

London's $25 billion plan to end traffic congestion

He stands with whoever is writing the checks.

"Yuri, our weapons suck!"

Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine performing "Stefania"

Sarcastic thoughts while reading a letter to the editor

What Matters email:

This Racist Youth Movement Is Melting Down Over Virginity

Abortion has always been a part of America--even if Alito won't admit it

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Russia lashes out at Finland's race to join NATO

Judge Luttig: "The five alarm fire alarm has been going off continuously since January 6th."

Surging GOP candidate Kathy Barnette has long history of bigoted statements against gays and Muslims

Mary Trump On Her Plan To Combat The 'MAGA Party' - The Katie Phang Show

The Ukrainian refugee trafficking crisis demands US intervention

Judge: Perdue's election fraud claims are 'conjecture and paranoia'

D'Souza Targets Fox News because they won't talk about his new film

Norm Macdonald Shot One Last Secret Netflix Special Before He Died

UN: Ukraine war is child rights crisis' with school attacks

ICYMI: Randy Weaver died yesterday

A socialist, a billionaire, a podiatrist: Alex Padilla's Senate challengers in California

Getting abortion pills by mail is already more complicated than it might seem

Woodland Park Zoo taking steps to protect birds as avian flu spreads

King County Lost 290 Public Employees Over Vaccine Mandate

MAGA, the party of "life,"

Cheap Music video of My Rendition of Amazing Grace

Swalwell: 'Inference of Guilt' If GOP Reps Don't Honor Jan. 6 Subpoenas - All In - MSNBC

Fact-checking "2000 Mules," the movie alleging ballot fraud

The Cost of Electrolytic Hydrogen from Various Sources of Primary Energy.

The Lancet: Why Roe v. Wade must be defended

Trump takes aim at Kathy Barnette as little-known Senate candidate throws Pa. GOP into chaos

Scalise says Republicans will take up Born-Alive Act on 'day one' if GOP wins House majority

Chris Hayes On Taking Paxlovid And What He Learned From His Covid Experience - All In - MSNBC

The OK symbol.

Florida Judge Dismisses Taxpayer Lawsuit Over Revoking Disney's Special Tax District

Laurie Anderson - From The Air

San Jose police officer arrested over allegation he masturbated in a family's home

Talking Heads - Found A Job

How're all my web acquaintances and fellow music fanatics doing tonight?

Meet the Bestselling Author (Don Winslow) Retiring to Fight Trump - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Biden was exactly right on Republicans being for tax increases on the poor and sunset clauses

Stereolab - Ticker-Tape of the Unconscious

The Coolest Shipping Container Homes on Airbnb Right Now

Al Green - I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Researchers Pinpoint Reason Infants Die From SIDS

Dr. Oz EXPOSED voting in Turkey's election, denying Armenian genocide

The Mastriano Pileup in the Pennsylvania Elections - WSJ Editorial

Ex-Coca-Cola chemist sentenced for stealing $120 million trade secret for Chinese government-support

I'm old enough to remember Dan Rostenkowski. What's up with these House GOPers who refuse

Too Many Americans Are In Denial About The Great Authoritarian Threat To US Democracy

Poll: 57% of San Francisco voters support recall of District Attorney Boudin

Russia vows to retaliate if Finland joins NATO - ABC News

Post Office food drive is Saturday, the 14th

The Daily Show: This Is Every Former Trump Official Promoting Their Book

The Commodores - Nightshift

Legal expert: DOJ believes there 'could be some level of criminality' in how Trump handled classifie

Grace Slick & The Great Society - Somebody To Love

Reconstruction: time for transformative ideas

Great Grey Owl Lands on Wildlife Photographer's Camera

Great Grey Owl Lands on Wildlife Photographer's Camera

The Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady (MORE COWBELL!!!!)

"Everything Trump touches DIES"

The Nazz - Hello It's Me

Steve Winwood: English Soul (2013 BBC documentary)

Seth Meyers: Trump Wanted to Bomb Mexico; Katie Porter Gives Powerful Speech on Inflation: A Closer Look

Elvis Presley - Suspicion

Diversity and acceptance will come. My middle school kids will be

Tommy Edwards - It's All In The Game (orig. version)

Spencer Davis Group - Keep On Running (live in Finland, 1967)

GOP launches Operation Stop Barnette

Cryptocurrencies Melt Down in a 'Perfect Storm'

TCM Schedule for Saturday May 14, 2022 - "The Natural", Amy Irving films

Dallas hospital must restart gender-affirming treatment to trans youth, says judge

Russian soldiers caught on camera killing Ukrainian civilians - BBC News

Dallas hospital must restart gender-affirming treatment to trans youth, says judge

Lehto's Law: Abduction Conviction for Blocking Car in Driveway

Cop Arrested After Allegedly Masturbating in Family's Home During Service Call

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, May 13, 2022

Edwin Starr - War (What Is It Good For?)

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

The Doors - The Unknown Soldier

ever hear of insurrection index .org

Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction

Meat Packers Manufactured Pandemic Meat 'Crisis' To Stay Open

Jason can cover any damn song he'd liked to.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band - Give Peace a Chance

All Republicans Have Done Is Ignore Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Says Mystal - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Two GOP judges just stripped social media companies of basic First Amendment rights

High gas prices hurt, but they're an opportunity to make good choices

Joan Baez - We Shall Overcome (Live in Prague, 2009)

Pete Seeger - We Shall Overcome (Berlin, 1967)

Just saw an ad with Rand Paul endorsing Jeremy Munson

Wonderful picture of Large Owl landing on the camera of photographer posted: usonian

Friday Morning Relaxing Coffee Time Jazz & Bossa Nova Music Livestream

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about coffee shops and labor....

One day, this will be you.

Kimmel: GOP Lawmakers Subpoenaed Over J6 Insurrection & Everything You Need to Know About Grindr

Fmr. NATO Commander Blasts Rand Paul For Blocking $40B Ukraine Aid Bill - The ReidOut - MSNBC

New Fox reporter tries to spar with Jen Psaki, INSTANTLY regrets it - Brian Tyler Cohen

Alito reluctant to discuss state of Supreme Court after Roe leak

Third in polls Asks Candidates to Unite against Bolsonaro's Coup Attempt

For lower gas prices-would you do it?

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? The Atlantic, September 2017 Issue

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Brazilian Government Generals Earn up to US$75,000 More per Year after Bolsonaro's Measure

best john lennon interpretation or what?

Chilean journalist dies after getting shot on Labor Day

House Democrats urge Biden to lift Venezuela sanctions

Treasury Department opens investigation into Gov. Abbott's use of federal funds for border mission

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 15, 2022 - Mothers in the Movies - Part 3

TCM Schedule for Monday May 16, 2022 - Special Theme: Busby Berkeley

Elizabeth Bonker, with non-speaking autism, gives her 2022 college valedictorian speech

Dallas facility that serves transgender children can accept new patients, judge rules

The Tuned-Out Generation

Rep. Jeffries To Clarence Thomas: 'Why Are You Such A Hater?' - The Last Word - MSNBC

With tie-breaking votes, Kamala Harris joins a small club

Appeals court lets Texas enforce, for now, social media law sought by conservatives

Peru's Rainbow Mountain Is an Incredible Display of Color -- How to Visit

Friday's digit: 6/10 - Slight humidity, with near average temperatures, is fairly comfortable.

Lawrence Explains Just How 'Monumentally Historic' The McCarthy Subpoena Really Is - The Last Word

The Mysterious Disappearance of a Revolutionary Mathematician

Report says gender-affirming care bans in Alabama, Texas based on 'flawed science'

Report says gender-affirming care bans in Alabama, Texas based on 'flawed science'

Yikes. Republican Senate front runner knew his dad molested his sister but now denies/ trigger warn.

Two male legislators trying to debate IUDs

Republicans are ready to pack the courts

Webb County Democrats hosting candidate forum in Laredo

New Legislation Will Help Bring Birds Back Across the Western Hemisphere

Garland Signals Criminal Case That May Involve Donald Trump Is Not Out Of Bounds - MSNBC Prime

The Band Fleeb Sound - The Wait (Acker-Hannah) unplugged version

US reckoning with role in Native American boarding schools

Abortion rights activists in the US can learn from recent progress on abortion access in Latin Ameri

Scientists Now Know Why Sunscreen Harms Corals

The big conservative freakout about the Supreme Court is a sham

the hoarse whisperer weighs in on infant formula

Rep. Raskin: Unprecedented Coup Attempts Call For Unprecedented Subpoenas - MSNBC Prime

Ancient Rock Art Depicting Divine Procession Discovered in Secret Chamber Beneath Turkish House

Archaeologists Unearth 3,000-Year-Old Giant Statues in Sardinian Necropolis

Subjected to Painful Experiments and Forgotten, Enslaved 'Mothers of Gynecology' Are Honored With Ne

Subjected to Painful Experiments and Forgotten, Enslaved 'Mothers of Gynecology' Are Honored With Ne

Cheap Music video of My Rendition of Amazing Grace

At Least 85 Percent of U.S. Plastic Waste Went to Landfills in 2021

Palestinian Farmer Digs Up 4,500-Year-Old Goddess Sculpture

Russian logistics ship 'on fire in Black Sea after Ukrainian strike'

The maximum amount of US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

In the Classical World, Persia's Powers Rivaled Greece and Rome

Students protesting teacher they say pushes conservative views on them

Tweet of the Day

This Tiny Yellow Robot Spies on Antarctica's Emperor Penguins

Alabama Man Languishes On Death Row Despite Mounting Signs Of Innocence - MSNBC Prime

Pilots who unsuccessfully attempted first-ever 'plane swap' have licenses revoked by FAA

This Liquid Metal Could Transform Soft Electronics

Oath Keepers Boss' Kids Say They Thought He Would 'Kill All of Us'

'Holy cow': scientists successfully grow plants in moon soil for the first time

How 'partisans' are fighting a war of sabotage for Ukraine

Political Fallout Of January 6 Subpoenas with Don Winslow - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Ron Johnson tries to distance himself from past anti abortion stances

Hello anyone there? My Rendition of Amazing Grace

Fox News Deals Kremlin Propaganda, So Why Not Freeze Rupert Murdoch's Assets - Political Voices Network

Broadway Legend Patti Lupone Enforces Theater's Mask Rules - The Last Word - MSNBC

Bolsonaro trails in the polls because women don't like him, will use wife to try to get re-elected

alito was wrong when he wrote "a right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the nation's history

Good to see Finland joining NATO,

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slams Biden administration for giving baby formula to migrants

BBC Report on the War in Ukraine



NYTimes Wordle 5/13

What are the Democrats chances of winning NC,OH,MO,and FL?

Russia faces Ukrainian counteroffensive despite efforts to isolate Ukraine forces - DW News

Per Bloomberg TV: Musk says Twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details

Russia sanctions 31 western companies - DW News

J6 Committee subpoenas -Justice Matters

Cocaine is a nasty nasty drug. That is all.

They are planning another coup in 2024

Hilariously Calm Cat Allows Owner to Use Him to Demonstrate How to Bathe a Baby

Elon Musk says his takeover of Twitter is 'on hold.'

Poll: What did Trump plan on doing with the 15 boxes of "classified" documents?

I can only imagine the grief MAGAts are experiencing over Musk's "delay" announcement

50-ton First Amendment tablet unveiled

Setting Sun

Alabama's parole board shot down every single case yesterday, denying relief to all 28 eligible

Hopefully, we will soon see the end of the Garland will do nothing, nothing will happen, syndrome.

The law was made for thee, but not for me.

NYT: Musk's purchase of Twitter is "on hold"

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Friday TOONs - Still At Large

This week's major U.S. economic reports (May 16 - May 20)

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it does, you can bet it was planned that way". - FDR

Top Colombia court allows assisted suicide under doctor supervision

Too much of our "supply chain" issues are a direct result of not manufacturing things here in USA

Distant 'galaxy' isn't a galaxy at all -- but one of the brightest pulsars ever detected

Scientists Have Powered a Basic Computer With Just Algae For Over 6 Months

full episode Strange New Worlds S1E1 free on Youtube, posted by Paramount+

John McCain once said the only reason that Rand Paul would vote against a certain bill is because Pa

Herb Alpert - This Guy's In Love With You

The Untold Story of the White House's Weirdly Hip Record Collection

The Carpenters - (They Long To Be) Close To You

Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer

'Stunning deep-sea' fish spotted lurking off California coast in rare find, video shows

B.J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

The Stylistics - You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break Heart)

U.K. Hits Putin's Rumored Baby Mama With String of Sanctions

The Breakaways- Don't go Breaking My Heart

Buddy the cat was brutally attacked. His survival saved countless animals

Jackie DeShannon - What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love

Luther Vandross - A House Is Not A Home

5th Dimension - On Less Bell To Answer

Dionne Warwick - Anyone Who Had A Heart

Tom Jones - I'll Never Fall In Love Again

The origin of Superheroes: Atomic Robo

Dusty Springfield - Look of Love

Isaac Hayes - Walk On By

The Rundown: May 13, 2022

Russia's reaction to Finland wanting to join NATO - CBS News


Elon Musk says Biden only won the 2020 US election because people 'wanted less drama'

Russia takes losses in failed river crossing, officials say

Mike Masnick: Just How Bad Is Texas' Social Media Content Moderation Law?

Who has more power to compel someone to respond to a subpoena?

Meat Packers Manufactured Pandemic Meat 'Crisis' To Stay Open

All railroad tracks in the US are the same gauge or size so all trains can use them.

179 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

No sea serpents, mobsters but Tahoe trash divers strike gold

So the potted plant is going to campaign for Kemp.

You raised $200.00 on May 12, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA (kick Grassley's butt)

A memo for Mikey: Dear Mr. Pence---

Corruption, corruption, corruption...

Biden's USPS board picks confirmed. When will DeJoy be kicked out?

Elon Musk: 'Chinese Workers Burning 3am Oil' 'In America People Are Trying To Avoid Going To Work'

Litmus Tests? Voting rights, a woman's right to choose. There are no compromises left.

Johnny Depp - Amber Heard

May be a dumb question: Now that the Ukraine is kicking Russia's ass and


Troubled NC nursing home set to lose nearly all its government funding -- and patients

SC lawmakers could return to Columbia for abortion legislation, but not for hate crimes bill

Over the past few weeks, the headlines have been dominated by stories of an ego-driven madman's...

Dog Rescued From A Dumpster

Look who turned up in my daily email from USPS.

Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary- Lou

Russian commentators begin to explain why Russia is losing:

Gil Evans was born on this date.

History: When you become the evil you say you abhor.

Red Garland was born on this date.

Breakfast Friday 13th May 2022

Joe Manchin is comfy

Friday the 13th my lucky day.

Detention of WNBA's Griner in Moscow extended for 1 month

Apartheid Guy says my Chinese slaves are the best

Watching Fox News Increased Your Chances of Catching Covid-19 by 61% vs Watching CNN/MSNBC

Poker hands

Mary Wells was born on this date.

Erdogan says Turkey 'would not welcome' Finland or Sweden joining NATO

Jen Psaki appreciation thread. Bye Jen, we are going to MISS you!

Magic Dick (Richard Salwitz) has a birthday today.

Stevie Wonder has a birthday today.

Report: Austria Sees Record Number of Antisemitic Incidents

Georgia county under scrutiny after claim of post-election breach

House coup plotters stand firm -- but DOJ and the Jan. 6 committee are closing in

BTRTN: Roe v. Wade, and Collins v. Kavanaugh

Even if Roe Is Overturned, the Mail-Order Abortion Pill Will Change Everything

Merriam-Webster: Some words are just timeless

BTRTN: Roe v. Wade, and Collins v. Kavanaugh

Shireen Abu Akleh RIP

The Father of Fascism, Benito Mussolini: The Dictator Who Destroyed Democracy, Il Duce

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a cliff analogy....

Mary Chapin Carpenter - He Thinks He'll Keep Her (live all-star backup vocals)

Fix Your Defective Teslas, Elon Musk

It wasn't easy but I finally got photos of the other three kittens

The 'pro-life' civility

Youngkin wants college presidents to hire faculty with 'diverse political perspectives'

Prepare for McCarthy-era crackdowns on pro-choice protesters

😃🌎🍸🍹🗓❗️What's your favorite cocktail?

Madison County, NY town court justice with 3 strikes against him

Israeli police beat mourners at journalist's funeral

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 13, 2022

Lawrence O'Donnell ll The Mary Trump Show

How to be a drone sniper in Ukraine from Artur...

What our country needs is a large dose of Good Trouble.

Huge clinical pet peeve: Not adhering to your treatment, but coming back to the clinic anyway.

A total blood moon eclipse is happening this weekend. How to watch

President Biden and the Zaporozhian Cossaks

This Alabama airport is the most expensive in the nation, study shows

John Fetterman is redefining how swing-state Democrats campaign

Actor Fred Ward dies. He had the right stuff in movies from 'Tremors' to 'The Player'

Fascism, Nazism, Stalinism, Rashism - Comparison in 4 slides

ICYMI: Across the Desk - S5:E17 (The Corruption of Okla. Gov. Kevin Stitt)

The swift march of climate change in North Carolina's 'ghost forests'

Had an MRI done on my shoulder yesterday. The dr.'s office called this morning & said I have a SLAP

Abortion Misinformation Surges on Facebook, Twitter After Leak

Alito Calls Landmark Supreme Court Decision Expanding LGBTQ Worker Rights 'Indefensible'

Top Texas Court Allows Abuse Inquiries of Parents of Transgender Children

Violent storms blast Upper Midwest with hurricane-force winds, dust

If Musk walks away from buying Twitter, the social media company can sue him for billions

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 13, 2022)

Rand Paul Is Obviously A Russian Asset

The Far-Right Is Doxxing Judges and Calling For Their Assassinations

So if a human zygote is a person,

When you edit a post, it is notated at the bottom of your post.

Outrage boils over after it's revealed that Trump's DOJ issued 'egregious' secret subpoena

Thousand of clients of Trump's appraisers could get caught up his New York investigation

Banning abortion will work like banning booze did. Very badly.

Elon Musk Shows Some Buyer's Remorse With Twitter

Law Professor Responds To Supreme Court Leak With Racist Commentary. Gee, I Wonder Which Law School

Portland unrest drives interest in 2 congressional primaries

Trevor Noah: Conservatives think abortion rights should be left up to the states.

President Biden Says Same-Sex Marriage, Other Rights at Risk If SCOTUS Overturns Roe: 'Mark My Words

WSDOT to close part of I-5 for Sound Transit work in Mountlake Terrace this weekend

Tacoma students help raise, release salmon in restoration project

Protests? No one protested at Dr. Tiller's house

From today's Pentagon briefing: What's up with this?

Russia to cut electricity supplies to Finland from Saturday, about 10% of what Finland uses

House panel launches investigation into baby formula shortage

The Orville - Official Trailer 2022 - HULU - Streams June 2nd

Genetic study proves that GWI caused by Sarin gas

Revealed: supporters of Trump's big lie work as election officials across Georgia

Reportedly, President Biden might visit East Jerusalem

Full List of Republicans Who Have Always Voted Against Ukraine Aid

Joan Walsh: F*&k Civility!

Living his best life (Twitter video)

Just one of those %#@&&&**??!!! days

This is the readout of today's talk between Sec Austin

'This Is Spinal Tap' Sequel in the Works With Rob Reiner, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, Harry S

Alito reluctant to discuss state of Supreme Court after Roe leak

People's Convoy Plans to Occupy D.C. in Return to City 🍿🍿🍿

Bernie Sanders stumps for Summer Lee at Pittsburgh rally

Sign up to watch 1st Jan 6th Commission hearing

Abortion rights groups to rally, declaring 'Bans Off Our Bodies'

Teen murder charge shows 'gaps' in Malaysia's treatment of girls

in case you missed it: "Rep. Jeffries To Clarence Thomas: 'Why Are You Such A Hater?'

Health care is a right to all in

Pandemic Investigation Finds Meat Industry Acted Like Common Scooby Doo Villain

Teen murder charge shows 'gaps' in Malaysia's treatment of girls

Teen murder charge shows 'gaps' in Malaysia's treatment of girls

Russian police climb to balcony to arrest St. Petersburg woman blasting news of Russian atrocities

Biden to urge cities to spend Covid relief money on police, crime prevention

"The only moral abortion is my abortion"

What I saw the other day

Cartoons 5/13/2022

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Kremlin propagandists love Tulsi Gabbard

Another Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Mukilteo-Clinton ferry riders get their two-boat service back

Hello & Goodbye to World History with Mrs. Betty Bowers

Pro tip from Jeff Tiedrich

American History Story Time with Mrs. Betty Bowers

Robert 'Bud' McFarlane, Reagan national security adviser, dies at 84

Everett man's cannabis DUI challenge rejected by state Supreme Court

Press Conferences Of Democratic Senators Screaming Bloody Murder About Rand Paul's Ukraine Aid Hold?

"I only hire the best people..." -TFG

"Elon Musk has just been sued by Twitter shareholders to block his $44 billion purchase."

Norris the zebra is fitting in with his new herd near Lake Stevens

John Fetterman is redefining how swing-state Democrats campaign

THE STATE IS CALLED PARIAH - A Parody Lyrics by David Buckna

Ending Roe would show Supreme Court for what it is

PUTIN TOLD THE RUSSIAN NATION - a Parody Lyrics by Freedom Toast

Philadelphia Inquirer: We wanted to endorse Republicans. We can't.

Eric Swalwell tweet:

THE BANANA REPUBLICAN VOTE NO SONG The Freedom Toast & Cinebot Video

I cannot understand how a Congressman can refuse to answer questions from Congress??

A wealth tax is very American; as Lincoln believed

King County property valuations soar, including over 50% in one Eastside area

Baby hippo being adorable:

Found a fond memory at a garage sale today!

Washington a big winner in tech job growth during pandemic

President of Finland explains why exactly they chose to join NATO now.

Largest oil and gas producers made close to $100bn in first quarter of 2022

Madonna: Bad Girl

Alex Jones Screams At Viewers To Buy His Products, Tells Them It's 'Life And Death'

Kasparov: Germany's Scholz calling for a cease-fire in Ukraine is a "sick joke"

Life imitates art:

White nationalist leader says men having sex with women is gay

I love this weather, and I hate it.

The economic cost of abortion bans

Disney's kindergarten:

'Women need to be ready': the Ukrainian city where mums and daughters are learning to shoot

'Women need to be ready': the Ukrainian city where mums and daughters are learning to shoot

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot defends 'call to arms' tweet amid conservative backlash

Free running skills:

Lindsey Graham Grovels On Fux Noise Over Leaked Audio Of Him Praising Joe Biden

Rep. Jamie Raskin on losing his son and saving democracy - Unthinkable - VTDigger

I keep reading "draft opinion" as "daft opinion"

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Receives A Brutal Reminder After Veterans Tweet

Free - The Stealer

Just picked first strawberries this season

Frustrated kitty:

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

House Opens Probe Into Baby Formula Shortage

Only if he renames it 'Twizzle.' For shizzle.

7 Historic Dishes Born From Tough Times That You Can Make at Home

TX Supreme Court is allowing the state to resume investigating parents of trans youth for child abus

So investigating a coup is a political charade

What would happen if I refused a subpoena?

What do 1,000,000 dead Americans tell us?

Kathy Barnette's surge: MAGA candidates are outgrowing Trump (PA)

You can probably forget about DeJoy getting de boot.

Bugs are beautiful.

Dumpsters for remodeling...any advice welcome!

Daily Wire host: "I'm not suggesting that we let the little illegal alien babies starve, but....

(Jewish Group) Explosives, antisemitic literature found at home of German teenager suspected of plan

This is Elizabeth Bonker with non-speaking autism

(Jewish Group) A rabbi who 'speaks to Christians' condemned them on Twitter. It cost him his job.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slams Biden administration for giving baby formula to migrants

Too messy to clean???

(Jewish Group) As antisemitism monitor, Lipstadt decries those who do not take it seriously

Tomorrow: Nationwide rallies to protest abortion ban

Russians shoot unarmed civilians in the back. Graphic.

Cash is piling up in Kinney County from bonds posted to free migrants arrested under Texas border

Speaker Pelosi: "We're not going to be cowards like they are."

movie . dune . 1984.

Sandy Hook families to be dismissed from InfoWars bankruptcy case

Sandy Hook families to be dismissed from InfoWars bankruptcy case

Guy Adopts Shelter Cat Who Wouldn't Leave His Side

Elise Stefanik is a POS

An email from my Congressional Representative

On May 12, 1968, C&O passenger train the Fast Flying Virginian (FFV) made its final run.

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 13, 2022

Voters Need to Know What "Redboxing" Is and How It Undermines Democracy


Dust storm, hurricane-force winds tear destructive path across U.S. upper Midwest

More Republicans Work to Undermine Trump

Russian Orthodox Church leaders blessing a rocket called Satan.

It's so great to see unions popping again. A Starbucks in So. Cal now union.

Voted today

Re: Roe: I haven't heard this question discussed here or elsewhere so I'm presenting portions

The Fall of Roe v. Wade Will Only Embolden The Fascists: How Will America Respond?

Eric Burdon. Good times.

Yup. I'm a real hottie. Just call me "The Stud". or "Mr. Universe". Chicks dig me.

MTG is dragged on Twitter hard about baby formula shortage

Salesforce says it will help employees move out of states that ban abortion

"If you wanted to kill a bunch of MAGA voters in the middle of the heartland, how better than to

NEK man accused of hitting friend with his truck while 'doing donuts,' dumping him into ravine

Trump can't be happy with Musk?

This Morning at the Shelter, or, Attempted Jailbreak (long, but I'm still laughing)

Fascist police at work.

Four slots still open on the May comp

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why I look left and expectations....

Promises kept: corporations that kept their pledge not to fund seditionists

Judy Woodruff Announces Plans To Step Down As Anchor Of 'PBS NewsHour,' ...

Dr. Fauci: We Can't Develop 'Better' Covid Protections 'If We Don't Get More Resources' - MSNBC

Republicans Need a New Leader. They're Looking to Florida. edited

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

American College of OB/Gyn FTW

Scholz in call with Putin +++ EU pledges 500 million euros in additional military aid - DW News

Thank you, Jen. - The Lincoln Project

Russia to cut off electricity to Finland as an attempt to threaten them

Trump and His Allies Quickly Co-Opted Biden's New Insult

Bette Midler Tweet nails it.

A court just blew up internet law because it thinks YouTube isn't a website

Big Majority of Republicans Want to Impeach Biden

Zinke's wife declaring primary residence in California as he runs in Montana

Texas has declared open season on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with censorship law

'He's Not OK': The Entirely Predictable Unraveling of Madison Cawthorn

Students protesting teacher they say pushes conservative views on them

Hyundai to announce $7 billion EV plant in Georgia during Biden visit to South Korea


I've been reading

Rand Paul Helping Russia Take Over Ukraine By Delaying Aid No Other Way To Look At It

So -- the rain showers we've seen Friday & will see Saturday in DC

Left overs for waste.

Toyota-Powered Hydrogen Boat Exceeds the Highest Expectations With an Insane Range - and 0 Emissions

DeafBlind Communities May Be Creating a New Language of Touch

Tennessee nurse convicted in lethal drug error sentenced to three years probation

'Incredible cruelty': gang battles leave 150 dead in Haitian capital

Texas Paul REACTS to New Leaked Eastman Emails Outlining Coup Attempt - MeidasTouch

'Time to Get Out': Arizona's Election Security Chief Quits Over Threats and Conspiracies

Sonoran Gopher Snake

PM Update: Periodic showers or storms this weekend, and patchy fog tonight

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, May 12, 2022

He seems nice...

Heed these words of a great man

Two men sent to clean a downtown LA apt. Found dead. Exposure to fentynal

Do I want to know the backstory?

covid cases on the rise as hospitalizations increase in Hawaii...

Missouri bill bars pharmacists from questioning ivermectin effectiveness

2nd arrest after viral video shows popped party balloons being dumped into Biscayne Bay

Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine: 'Putin is seriously ill with cancer'

What is so bad about Madison Cawthorn?

Sen. Ted Cruz mocks *other Republicans* for kissing up to Donald Trump

Squee alert...spotted fanaloka born at Nashville Zoo!

Biden's Schedule for Friday, May 13, 2022

COVID coordinator Dr. Jha issues dire warning: US 'vulnerable' to COVID without new shots

Tucker Carlson Going Full Bigot, Marjorie Speaks Again & Psaki's Last Day - Political Voices Network

Convoy news for {date to be determined}, for DC

Snoop Dogg to buy Twitter?

Tweet of the Week

CA Governor Gavin Newsome predicts a $97.5 BILLION budget surplus

Jen Psaki Blasts Republicans Who Want Biden To Starve Babies In Final Briefing

Bomb-sniffing dog called hero after uncovering over 200 Russian bombs - CNN

GOP looks to marginalize Cawthorn if he wins Tuesday primary

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly vetoes GOP bill aimed at banning all future mask mandates

As Lawmakers Balk At Jan. 6 Subpoenas, Clyburn Says Democracy Is 'Teetering On The Edge' - MSNBC

If it is good for Alito...

Abortion foes push to narrow 'life of mother' exceptions

Thousands of prehistoric hunting pits unearthed beneath Stonehenge

Jen Psaki's Final Briefing: 'I Hope I Followed The Example of Integrity and Grace' Set By Bidens

Hong SamWon Korean Red Ginseng Drink Got a deal on

Experts Warn Of Growing Threat To Election Security - Deadline - MSNBC

Ukrainian War Animals - The Horror and Recovery

Free groceries to be provided for Prince George's County residents.

The faux outrage that Biden is stockpiling baby formula for undocumented immigrants

Watch: Ku Klux Klan leader gets hilariously duped by Black YouTube prankster

Peter Kaukonen "Up or Down" (1972)

Democrats Sound The Alarm On The Rightward Swing Of The Supreme Court - Deadline - MSNBC

Artle - New Daily Game Is Like Wordle for Art. The National Gallery invented this guessing game

There's Nothing Men Love More Than Being Wrong About Breastfeeding

The Doors - Wishful Sinful

All Operating Submarines of Russian Black Sea Fleet went to sea from Sevastopol

How overturning Roe v. Wade could backfire for Republicans

State panel rejects proposal for plant to turn ocean water into drinking water

Why Anita Hill wants us to take the long view on the Supreme Court

KC & The Sunshine Band - Do You Wanna Go Party

Coal miners press Manchin to back reconciliation bill to extend black lung funding

There are some truly wonderful instructional videos available for free online. I replaced the

Ft. Campbell troops to deploy to Europe

Leading House Democrat Bill Pascrell demands Biden replace IRS chief over tax document destruction '

Georgia Judge Laughs David Perdue's 2020 Election Lawsuit Out Of Court

Beto O'Rourke brings The House Down on 'The View' with Epic speech - MeidasTouch

Jen Psaki's good-bye video from Karine Jean-Pierre @PressSec United States government offiicial...

Wow, attacking people carrying a coffin is pretty bad.

Beto O'Rourke brings The House Down on 'The View' with Epic speech - MeidasTouch

Stray Cat Comes To a Woman's Doorstep Because He's Tired Of Street Life

Arizona community with dry wells..dream homes not allowed to hook up to city water

Pete Davidson......was he even funny on Saturday Night Live?? And now gotta hear about his EVERY move

Madoc has a ring side seat for the kitten show

Judge rejects Trump allies' bid to dismiss defamation case bought by ex-Dominion executive

Abortion is on the August ballot in Kansas

Jen Psaki EPIC PSAKI BOMB Compilation!! - MeidasTouch

Watch what happens when a rabbit interrupts a greyhound race (rabbit ok).