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An unholy coalition torpedoes social media reform legislation in Brazil

Tweet of the Day

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Trump coup plotter wins Republican nomination in Pennsylvania

Betty Bowers on the power of being endorsed by TFG

Expert hired to run DHS' newly created disinformation board resigns

Blinken announces $215 million in new emergency food assistance for Ukraine

"These Idiots Disclosed Crimes for Profit" Glenn Kirschner w/Stephanie Miller Political Voices Network

12 People on Why They Showed Up to Abortion Rights Protests

Sunset, southern MD

woman sheds a tear at the doctors office. It shows up on her bill

Interrogation, uncertainty for surrendering Mariupol troops

Guerrillas blow up a Russian armoured train in captured Melitopol - media

Inside the last-minute Trump endorsement that enraged Pa. Republicans

TikTok's viral "bark at your dog" challenge may not be a good idea, experts say

"They are trying to move along at night. We are murdering them": Russians confess to killing civilia

Companies could be targeted if they 'facilitate travel for those seeking abortions'

I'm guessing the claims of a Russian coup was a nothingburger?

So, here is my thinking on NATO membership...

Texas Democratic candidate compares gay opponent's HIV status to gambling & drug addiction

Fire burning in southwest Colorado grows to 600 acres, forces evacuations

Tucker Carlson Backtracks After Peddling A Conspiracy Theory Cited By NY Mass Shooting Suspect MSNBC

Hochul to strengthen gun laws, target online extremism and white supremacy in response to Buffalo ma

So can we call all elections where a republican wins fraudulent?

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney resigns as UCP leader

Gunman shoots 3 women and 2 men near Temple University

Tweet of the Night #2:

Huge TV and Movie Studio Coming to Newark, NJ

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Senate Confirms First-Ever Native American Federal Judge In California

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the future of the US, Russia, and Africa....

MyPillow CEO comment to 9NEWS prompts state ethics investigation of Tina Peters

Pac-12 scraps divisions after NCAA Division I Council votes to eliminate requirements for FBS

Feds: National Guard members on state duty can join unions

Chris Hayes: Coup Plotter Mastriano Is Stone's Throw Away From Running Pennsylvania - All In - MSNBC

Mehdi Hasan is doing a great segment about how dangerous Doug Mastriano would be for our democracy

TRMS is now MSNBC Prime?

Something I'm curious about - What about civil forfeiture in a post-Roe world?

To some of those who signed my grade nine year book, I did my best but at some point 25 or 30

Conservative leadership candidate is such a MAGA.

Eric Clapton, Vaccine Critic Cancels Shows After Testing Positive For Covid: NPR

Update on the Mauripol steel plant

GOP candidate for Colorado governor says eliminate one-person, one-vote system


'Fascist Demagogue': Tucker Carlson Blames Dems For Far-Right Conspiracy He Pushed Over 400 Times

Wednesday Digit: 9/10 - Just beautiful! The vast majority of the day is a '10′

Bush accidentally tells the truth about Iraq.

I finally got a copy of my original birth certificate. Stapled to it was a letter

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is the target of a bar association complaint over undermining 2020 election

Former Federal Prosecutor REACTS to DOJ request of Jan 6 Committee Transcripts - MeidasTouch

What a racist massacre tells us about "free speech" online

CA Teacher of 30+ Yrs Feels Targeted, Anti- LGBTQ 'Witch Hunt'- Caller Says She's The Devil, Threats

203 Republicans vote against Domestic Terrorism Prevention

Thursday Morning Seaside Jazz and Bossa Nova for Happiness Livestream

Has the guy who says "I've seen enough" said anything about the PA Senate race yet?

Madison Cawthorn's Defeat 'Good News' for Ukrainians: Former Ambassador

Doug Mastriano (PA-Fascist) says he will invalidate any election results he doesn't like

US v. Nixon and the constitutional right to an abortion - they are more related than one would think

This gas would have stayed in the ground if it wasn't for bitcoin

Thursday's digit - 6/10: A little too warm, a little too cloudy, a little too humid,

Jomboy Media breaks down the pitchout

Late Rep. Jim Hagedorn's family sues his widow for medical expenses

MAGAt burns $3,500 in concert tickets to own the libs.

when the world gets to be too much

Jimmy Kimmel Tests Positive for COVID Again, Taps John Mulaney and Andy Samberg to Host Live!

Joy Reid ftw

White House resumes Covid briefings after six-week hiatus as cases rise

Celebrity Jeopardy to air regularly in the fall

DU Poll: What is the most surprising event of the last 6 years?

7204 new cases on the AZ Dashboard for week ending 5/17; 29 deaths

Former DHS Disinformation Agency Director Nina Jankowicz Speaks Out - All In - MSNBC

Rep Val Demings: Fierce Nasty Woman

Biden invokes Defense Production Act to address national shortage of baby formula

Border Patrol's Answer To Climate Change Is Robot Dogs. And, It's The Wrong One

Historical Context Of JIM Crow

Seth Meyers - New York City Subway Station Stairs Cost $30 Million to Build - Monologue 5/17/2022

A Third of US Should Be Considering Masks, Federal Officials Say -Covid Cases Increasing In US: AP

Happy May 🌺 Good Mood Jazz and Bossa Nova

US intel shows Russians fear Mariupol abuse will backfire

A leaked Homeland Security memo warns business leaders their companies could be targeted if they 'fa

A leaked Homeland Security memo warns business leaders their companies could be targeted if they 'fa

192 republicans voted AGAINST feeding babies.

Lawrence O'Donnell: It is up to Josh Shapiro to save America? Yes, it is.

Anthony Blinken will be on Colbert's Late Show tonight

Romney and fellow GOP introduce bill that would stop Biden from canceling student debt

Iraq War Haunts George W. Bush In Speech Gaffe - MSNBC Prime

Republicans introduce bill that would stop Biden from canceling student loan debt

For those who need a laugh, or an excuse to scream, check out the

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 19, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Anna May Wong

Trumpism Falters But Election Deniers Win In Tuesday's Primaries - The ReidOut - MSNBC



☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Prayer from St. Paisios the Athonite

Baby piggie zoomies:

The US flag was raised today over the US Embassy in Kyiv,

Congratulations to the West Point Class of 2022, which includes 44 Black women graduates!

Vice News Journalist Uncovers New Information On Officers Who Killed Breonna Taylor - The ReidOut

Update on my eBay purchase of Ukrainian stamps!

Whither CNN, says COLBERT's former producer Chris LICHT - "journalism first - less yelling/conflict"

Two shot at MTSU campus during high school graduation

Don Wilson- #LaurenBoebertChristianCriminal

Don Wilson- #LaurenBoebertChristianCriminal

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Bay Area Firefighters Brace for 'Year-Round' Fire Season

New York agency files discrimination complaint against Amazon

1st monkeypox case in US this year reported in Massachusetts

Seth Meyers - Madison Cawthorn Ousted After Relentless GOP Campaign to Take Him Down: A Closer Look

jerk Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli released from prison early

Mitch McConnell Won't Denounce 'Great Replacement Theory'

Over 75 Percent of Long Covid Patients Were Not Hospitalized for Initial Illness

'Lots Of Good Reasons' For DOJ Interest In Transcripts From Jan. 6 Committee: Vance - MSNBC Prime

Orban and US right to bond at CPAC in Hungary over 'great replacement' ideology

Here's a solution to an environmental problem of which I was completely unaware.

Bibliotherapy for depression

Harry Litman: E-Mails from Trump Lawyer Reveals Plan to Steal Election - Political Voices Network

How Mitch McConnell 'Wrecked' The Senate Under Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

USPS's Louis DeJoy reportedly faces new FBI investigation

Mike Luckovich-Stop the Steal

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'It Is Up To Josh Shapiro To Save America' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'It Is Up To Josh Shapiro To Save America' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Marc Elias, Clinton campaign's top lawyer, turns tables on Durham to air Democratic grievances

Looking for comment from anyone who's gotten an MRNa after two J&J....

NYC Nixes Mask Mandate Return in Schools Despite High COVID Alert, Eyes 5th Wave End

Ted Cruz is the target of a bar association complaint over his role in undermining the 2020 election

People living in tents along state highways can't stay if they're offered shelter, Gov. Inslee says

Protests erupt as some Lee's Summit West students seek to form a conservative club

Progressives Find Some Primary Success Despite Uphill Battle Against PAC Money - MSNBC Prime

Senate GOP's Tax, Social Security Plan Widely Unpopular... If People Know About It

Baby Giraffe Able To Walk With The Help Of Human Orthopedic Group

Ola Gjeilo's 'Quiet Streets'

Establishment candidate in Colombia's elections linked to mafia

Republicans Move To 'Expunge' Second Trump Impeachment - MSNBC Prime

Heads-Up, Republicans

Parties See Risk of Bolsonaro Coup, and Authorities Are Silent

Yale is offering free "Science of Well Being" course

Anti vaccers and anti maskers are killing hundreds of the unborn

So Paulo State Deputy Who Made Sexist Statements about Ukrainians Is Impeached

"Think you can do what you want with your body?" (The Guardian)

U.S. Women's Soccer Team Achieves Equality Of Pay With The Men's Team In New Deal - MSNBC Prime

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Greek Orthodox Monastic St. Paisios

The same people who oppose virtually every effort to improve life for children & their mothers- Sanders

We Need to Repeal Permitless Carry - Beto O'Rourke

We Need to Repeal Permitless Carry - Beto O'Rourke

Stephen Colbert (More Primaries and Best to Jimmy!) - Monologue and Opening - 5/18/22

Sister Sledge - 'He's the Greatest Dancer'

Ne-Yo: 'No Plans for Love'

Stephen Colbert - Guest U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Imagine Dealing With This Many Condescending Anti-Abortion White Men and Not Losing Your Shit

D.C.-area forecast: A warm afternoon, and then a weekend sizzler

RepSwalwell (D-CA) slams GOP for trying to force "government-mandated pregnancy"...

Well this is kinda weird.....the birds are chirping here.....I'm up because I can't sleep...

Quite the morning.

The Daily Patron

Ari Melber Shreds 'Dangerous' Tucker Carlson for Claiming Not to Know What Replacement Theory Is

The State Behind Roe's Likely Demise Also Does the Least for New Parents in Need

The State Behind Roe's Likely Demise Also Does the Least for New Parents in Need

Your Dog Is Not Ready For You to Return to the Office.

Doug Mastriano's Pa. victory could give 2020 denier oversight of 2024


What Putin told Finland's president

Ending Roe v Wade is just the beginning

Breakfast Thursday 19, May 2022


Reventador volcano (Ecuador): vulcanian activity with continuing lava flow

Can you buy baby formula at a Compounding Pharmacy?

Gryff decided it was time to meet the kittens. Without my supervision.

Some times those voices in my head have good ideas.

Wisconsin man celebrates 50 years of eating Big Macs every day (almost every day)

Hey Mika

Thank you Clalire (Morning Joe)

Red Cross registers hundreds of Ukrainian POWs from Mariupol

Thursday TOONs - The Orangy Land Of Oz

Annual Death Rate For Trees In Queensland Tropical Forests Has Doubled In Past 35 Years

90% Of Maine Moose Calves Tracked Last Year Died From Winter Tick Infestation (Yes, Global Warming)

Must read: Living With The Far Right Insurgency In Idaho

I am hearing Trump voters say something I have not heard before.

What Climate Data? Queensland Forest Clearing May Be Nearly Twice Government Estimates

Gee thanks Morning Joe

Obama's Handshake With Raul Castro Shows the Way for Biden's Summit of the Americas

Abortion: El Salvador's jailed women offer US glimpse of post-Roe future

California's electrical grid has an EV problem

California's electrical grid has an EV problem

The Po, Italy's Longest River, So Drained By Drought That Seawater Is Moving Upstream At The Delta

Convoy news for Thursday, May 19, 2022

In Chile's Atacama, lithium mining stirs fight over flamingos

Dwarf planet Ceres was formed in coldest zone of Solar System and thrust into Asteroid Belt

Baby formula - Trump. USMCA. Euro corn syrup standards. Export/import from Canada. Labeling.

Good thread by Prof. Phillips on yesterday's Pentagon briefing on Ukraine:

Brazil: Lula ties the knot for the third time in his life

Mexico Leads in Opposing the Cuba Blockade and US Imperialism

Maduro glimpses political lifeline as US rethinks Venezuela policy

The infant formula shortages are just one example of how we are ignoring conventional wisdom

Never laughs at the choices your wife makes

W. "...wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of the Ukraine"

What BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street Are Doing to the Economy

Well, the vet opened at 8. It's 8:17 and I'm already home with the kittens

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/18/2022

Mignolaversity: August 2022 Solicitations

BREAKING: Madison Cawthorn's Next Career Move Revealed

Art of the Week: Week of 05/18/22

2022 Eisner Award Nominations Announced

The Rundown: May 19, 2022

Ukraine's youth orchestra exiled in Slovenia - BBC News

George R.R. Martin: "The Winds of Winter" may be "the longest book in the series"

one pic that sums up the vicious christofascist white nationalist danger already entrenched in power

U.S. unemployment claims climb to four-month high of 218,000

House Democrats call for Brittney Griner's immediate release

Without Roe, women cannot get medical care, any care

Record TX May Heatwave Kicking In, ERCOT Teetering Under Unprecedented Spring Electricity Demand

I Need You Tonight

General Booty commits to play QB at Oklahoma

EU North Sea wind expansion to help move away from Russian energy - BBC News

? about Bennie Thompson, the DoJ, and the information produced by the J 6 committee.

The Buffalo Lynching

Bloomberg TV: Prosecutors struggle to link Trump-Russia tip meeting to Clinton

Pete Townshend has a birthday today.

Anne Arundel Police: Flagger fatally hit, driver charged with DWI

After blaming Biden for baby formula shortage, GQP vote AGAINST funding to help.

The banks collapsed in 2008 - and our food system is about to do the same

This could be good! 📺

173 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

Here's to Ron Wyden (D-OR): How did Abbott spend its tax cut?

Republican Tenet: Remove restrictions on business and our economy will flourish

My take

Park Outdoors: Ford Recalls SUVs Due To Engine Fire Risk

Fill in the blank: I'm pretty sure I'll die not knowing how to ___________.

If the Supreme Court ends women's rights, all young women should sue the government for enslaving

It's going to be interesting to see where the seditious conspiracy investigations lead too.

Oh the political irony from the republicans!

Hero of Norway and Ukraine!

Blacks should "get over" their grievances of past discrimination (sarcasm, of course)

Best places to send photos, negatives, and film to be digitized?

'All your friends were dying': revisiting the horrors of the Aids crisis

Peace and trade--a new perspective

Hillary Clinton's 'Women's Rights Are Human Rights' video, transcript

It is so nice to have grown ups back in charge.

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, May 19, 2022

Merlin Bird ID App by Cornell

"Oz should go ahead and declare victory..."

Can anyone else see the giant ring around the sun where you are today???

Daily Distraction 19/05/2022

Daily Distraction 19/05/2022 Posted in Photography

Trump taints Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary with fresh fraud lies

I'm thinking of purchasing bulk all-purpose flour and rice

Raleigh NC reaches settlement with teen detained in 2020 George Floyd protests for arrest

Raleigh reaches settlement with teen detained in 2020 George Floyd protests for arrest

Pete Townshend(Deepend) Live - The Sea Refuses No River (for his B-Day)

Alewives return to China Lake for the first time in hundreds of years (WMTW news video)

Donald Trump's New Business Partners Just Published A Damning List Of All His Failures

President Biden, Swedish Prime Minister, and Finnish President Deliver Remarks, 10:30AM ET

Coq Au Vin Recipe - Chicken Braised in Red Wine (video)

New maps and House race ratings are now live for Kansas and Missouri

I am woman! Hear me roar!

Have you ever watched Dr Oz show?

Covid vs Baby Formula shortage.

F*****g bureaucracy, man. Medical make-work.

Singer/actress Grace Jones was #BornOnThisDay, May 19, 1952.

State agency says child dropped off at Virginia mental hospital in 'very unsafe manner'

Actor Dwayne Hickman was #BornOnThisDay, May 18, 1934.

high wind warning for sonora ca and environs ,

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 19, 2022

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Votes Against Funding A Solution To Manufacturer's Baby Formula Failure

Patient personal information found at abandoned Clinton pharmacy

Two Florida men sentenced in TN for pharmacy fraud

Timothy Snyder: We Should Say It. Russia Is Fascist.

Listened to a very good Ezra Klein podcast with

Fiona Hill says Putin 'had to keep explaining things' to Trump

"I Study the Online Spaces That Spawned the Buffalo Shooter. Here's What People Misunderstand.."

This dog's family abandoned him. It's the best thing that happened to him.

Las Vegas Newspaper Edit. Board Struggling to Identify Republicans Not An Active Threat To Democracy

Judge blocks DeSantis' redistricting map from taking effect before midterm elections

Just an average citizen: "We are 'The People'! You work for us!"

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Testing The Burn Ability Of Insulation In Wall

Puppy Who Had Deformed Elbows Goes On Hikes Now

This Friendly, Lantern-Lit City of Southeast Asia Is Having a Comeback

Cracks appearing and widening in GOP; Hannity smacked down

14 state populations were significantly miscounted in 2020, the Census Bureau said

CPAC Just Decided to Not Let Any US Journalists Inside

Replacement Theory, White Supremacy, and the Christian Quiverfull Movement

Update on the saga of my COVID exposure and my guy's surgery

Went to the Doctor yesterday

Pro-Trump Counties Continue To Suffer Far Higher COVID Death Tolls

Texas to resume abuse investigations into families with trans children.

How did Abbott spend their stimulus money? Did they receive it.

Doctors in Alabama Already Turn Away Miscarrying Patients. This Will Be America's New Normal.

IDF will not open criminal investigation into death of Shireen Abu Akleh

The Drill Sergeant was lighting up the

The Seahorses - Blinded By The Sun

Is anyone else having strange problems with Yahoo?

EU reveals its plans to stop using Russian gas

Michigan Is Becoming the Ground Zero of Abortion Battles

Michigan Is Becoming the Ground Zero of Abortion Battles

Biden hails Sweden, Finland NATO bids as leaders visit US

Three weeks from today all the traitors will be completely exposed.

I'm done...I don't care who the fuck you are... No more!

Women awarded damages over Japan exam discrimination

Better than an alarm system!

The Enduring Afterlife of a Mass Shooting's Livestream Online

Jeff Tiedrich tweet on GOP baby formula vote:

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 19, 2022)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about George Bush, Iraq, Ukraine, and mirrors....

A celebrated Ukrainian medic recorded her time in Mariupol on a data card no bigger than a thumbnail

WW2 Victory Roundup, May 1945: German Forces Surrender, Celebrations Across Free Europe

Ukraine's official Twitter account posts Vyshyvanka Day greetings for Patron the Dog

Biden deserves frequent and repeated praise and recognition

About these shooters. The idea goes back a long way. An example: Charles Whitman: Aug 1, 1966

Calling Nurse Rached

Redistricting forces midterm battles between Georgia incumbents

EU leader wears traditional Ukrainian clothes on the holiday for honoring them

Illinois becomes first Midwest state to ban 'ghost guns'

Elon Musk Compared to Mike Lindell After Saying He'll Vote Republican

These Top 5 Oil Companies Just Raked In $35 Billion While Americans Pay More at the Pump

So I jus got off a discussion with A Dish Representative who I asked to remove Fox, Newsmax

Russian Pundit Who Condemned Ukraine War Changes His Mind Two Days Later

George Bush Makes Biggest Slip-Up Of His Entire Life

Big boats are ruining everything

Who is Herschel Walker? The former football star is running for Senate in Georgia as a Republican.

So long, goodbye, see ya...

House passes measure condemning antisemitism; One GOP lawmaker voted 'no'

Saban - Texas A&M "bought every player" recruiting NILs

Baby snow leopard expresses himself loudly:

Thomas Zimmer: Ending Roe v Wade is just the beginning

Desperate Lawmakers Discuss Piping Ocean Water to Fill Great Salt Lake

I have noticed something kind of odd

They're Counting Mail-in Ballots in Pennsylvania Again. And Revealing Their Election Fraud Playbook.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Official Trailer

Accused Buffalo grocery store shooter indicted on murder charge - CBS News

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law - Official Trailer (2022)

I have a few stories you may be able to relate to. Or, maybe not.

Netflix's The G Word with Adam Conover Shows the Best and Worst of Government

I think Bronwyn is the most clever of the kittens

PA Senate GOP primary could be headed for Fox-fueled election theft allegation chaos

Miss me with that replacement bullshit.

Let's channel our inner Wasserman: Who's position would you rather be in, Oz's or McCormick's?

wow, the ghoul Andrea Mitchell just sunk the old bovver boots HARD into Hunter and President Biden

I know it more than likely can't happen, BUT

Trucker convoy returns to D.C. region. Here's what you need to know.

Digital Technology Invaded Our Lives. Now Women May Pay For It

Depression after surgery

A look at the time Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden for a favor

I can't help but consider voting in the Repug primary,

NATO chief sure spat over Sweden, Finland will be resolved

Russian soldier on trial asks victim's widow to forgive him

Fetus-powered street lamps? Republicans ramp up outrageous anti-abortion lies

Senate votes final congressional OK for $40B Ukraine aid

Pro-life? Nah.

Amid major delays, Clackamas County leaders slam county clerk for not accepting help with blurred

A lack of workers has limited Amtrak and the state ferry system. Graduates need to train for those j

Ex-CIA official says Russian spy invaded US intelligence and aided Putin's rise to power

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Bill Banning Almost All Abortions

How the Buffalo massacre is part of US tradition: 'We'll continue to see killings'

Proposed Central Bucks library policy targeting 'sexualized content' spurs worries about sweeping...

Cartoons 5/19/2022

Highway 9 to close this weekend in south Lake Stevens

The 5th Circuit just dismantled the SEC's power to enforce securities law.

International sanctions take toll on Russian economy - DW News

Afghanistan's female TV presenters must cover their faces, say Taliban

538: Better Birth Control Hasn't Made Abortion Obsolete

US health secretary Xavier Becerra tests positive for COVID on Germany trip

World Bank to offer $30 bln as Ukraine war threatens food security - FRANCE 24

Egad, A Dinesh D'Souza Movie LIED? Fetch Forth My Smelling Salts!

House passes domestic terrorism bill after Buffalo shooting

Israeli military ID's gun that may have killed journalist

Grand jury indicts man in Buffalo supermarket shooting

Pro-Russia online operatives falsely claimed Zelensky committed suicide in an effort to sway public

Voter 'subversion': Trump Republicans push laws to make it easier to change elections

Vangelis has died

Republican Panic Grows After Mastriano Wins

George W. Bush called Iraq war 'unjustified and brutal.' He meant Ukraine

Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 Is Not What It Seems

Staying alive

I love my husband, but sometimes he's just...

Here are the 9 Republicans who voted against a bill to help poor families buy baby formula amid the

Mitt Romney and fellow Republicans introduce bill that would stop Biden from canceling student-loan

GOP Rep. Pushes Bizarre Bill to 'Expunge' Trump's Jan. 6 Impeachment

HERE! 3 species (including hooman neighbors!)

Sen. Paul (R-KY) calls for the Supreme Court to use a lie detector test to find who leaked the overt

A time when Tucker Carlson asked for help from Hunter Biden...

What To Expect From Biden's First Presidential Trip To Asia - NBC News

The Moment This Senior Dog Feels A Soft Bed For The First Time 😍😭

I changed the nose some, thank you guys so much for the advice, plus did another portrait

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Bill Banning Almost All Abortions

Finals Thread of the May Photography Competition for your Delectation and Delight!

Finals are up in GD !!!

Today! I started my "beach body" routine

The Atlantic's Summer Reading Guide

The Federalist Wants To Be Part Of A Rhythm Method Nation

Orban tells CPAC conservatives in Europe, U.S. must align "troops" for 2024 votes

Go Rory!

Straight to the heart of abortion rights - The Last Word - MSNBC

Waffle House shooting: Illinois man convicted of giving son rifle he used to kill 4

Vangelis, composer of Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner soundtracks, dies aged 79

Inslee Promises 'Much More Aggressive Approach' To Housing Homeless

"We Will Never Be the Same": Bullets and Blindfolds in a Ukrainian City Under Siege

Vangelis, composer of Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner soundtracks, dies aged 79

Virginia board considers restoring names of schools named for Confederate generals


Gas prices keep climbing, while U.S. exports more of its oil

BIG wraps Prague's Vltava Philharmonic Hall in ascending colonnades

(Jewish Group) House passes measure condemning antisemitism; One GOP lawmaker voted 'no'

How about a wealth tax of 100%

Texas power use hits monthly record during heatwave

Ed Yong: So, Have You Heard About Monkeypox?

CPAC Head Promotes Abortion Ban to Stave Off 'Great Replacement'

Scherzer to miss 6-8 weeks with oblique injury

Las Vegas Newspaper: We Struggle To ID GOP Candidates Who Aren't Threat To Democracy

(Jewish Group) 'Integral': New show reveals ancient Jewish roots in Greece

'Our Commander Is Leaving With Us': Putin's Troops Openly Plot to Ditch 'Stupid' War

An arrangement of kittens

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confirms she's engaged to longtime partner Riley Roberts

I, Too, Have a Human Form. In Justice Alito's draft opinion, the pregnant body is erased.

(Jewish Group) Broadway's new 'Evan Hansen' is an Asian-American Jew

Government threw 4TB of evidence at Proud Boys defense team

John Fetterman Wins on Vibes

Republicans Block Bill To Help LOWER Gas Prices

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that Patron, the Ukrainian bombsniffing dog, is on Twitter!


So what do we have to do to get record corporate profits mentioned

This is Eadie. She can put her ears in sport mode for maximum aerodynamics if the situation requires

Vice News Journalist Uncovers New Information On Officers Who Killed Breonna Taylor

"If you lived in a non-abortion State, you would be dead."

Navy desertions have more than doubled amid suicide concerns, as sailors feel trapped by contracts

Putin is 'Weaponizing' Food

'No': Beshear, KDP will not back Democratic candidate for U.S. House seat,

Jan 6th Committee letter to Loudermilk: Come tell us about the Capitol tour you led on Jan 5th

Could Val Demings defeat Marco Rubio or is it hopeless?

Breaking: Rep Loudermilk

D.C. could see hottest May weather in at least a decade on Saturday.

1A: I protect hate speech, incendiary speech, and screaming "fire" in a crowded theater, unless ...

Did you ever shop from the Sears catalog?

You've heard of pseudoscience. I think it's time to popularize "pseudomedicine"

Fox News Says It's Safe - Luckovich

Madonna: La Isla Bonita

Kellyanne Conway Writes in New Book of Husband's 'Cheating by Tweeting' and Ivanka Trump's Supportiv

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

Let's have a Vangelis thread.

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

With Great Salt Lake Drying Up, Utah Lege Looks Into Pipeline From Pacific Ocean. Yes Really.

I have a sad. Vangelis has died.

MAGAt GA Gov candidate: Founding fathers genocided Native Americans for Jesus

WCPT 820AM Chicago is reporting the Jan 6 committee now has proof that a Rep did give a Jan 5 tour..

Important wildland fire update for the desert southwest.

Jacinda Ardern loses sense of taste after contracting Covid, and can't enjoy cheese roll

from Senator Chris Van Hollen:

January 6 committee investigating Capitol tour given by GOP lawmaker on the eve of the insurrection

Madison Cawthorn says it's time for "Dark MAGA to truly take command"

The Myth of the Political Moderate - George Lakoff

Hilarious Pets Don't Understand Personal Space (2 videos)

UPDATED: CDC recommends covid booster shot for children ages 5 to 11

Any other safety razor users?

Beto O'Rourke brings the house down with epic answer on gun control - MeidasTouch

H.R. 7688: Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act

Michigan election chief: Trump suggested I be arrested for treason and executed

What you need to know about the anti-democracy movement by Robert Reich

Bill Barr in Talks with January 6 Committee

CPAC Head Suggests Abortion Ban Will Solve 'Great Replacement'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about baby formula and Republicans....

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 20, 2022

Steve Bannon's looking really rough these days

Marjorie Taylor Greene demolished by member of her OWN party - Brian Tyler Cohen

Fuck You Comrade Rand Paul: US approves $40 billion for Ukraine as Biden rallies behind NATO

Another traitor exposed by the committee.

From 90 degrees to snow: Wild weather expected in Denver and Rockies

Should Tucker Carlson sue the Buffalo shooter for plagerism?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 20 May 2022

Beto O'Rourke brings the house down with epic answer on gun control - MeidasTouch

Sovereign and independent Ukraine is going to be a lot longer than putin on the scene - @SecBlinken

News Flash - "The DOJ is Not Afraid of Trump, He's Not Above the Law Be Patient!" - Frank Figliuzzi

OK, am I the only one here who doesn't give a damn what

Do you remember what Raskin said about the open hearings?

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 20, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Primetime Theme: Skydiving

Reps. Colin Allred, Sheila Jackson Lee demand Brittney Griner's freedom from Russia

Mike "My Pillow Guy" Lindell and his lawyers must pay sanctions

"This is us" is one of my favorites ever...

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #12-15: Abortion Contortion, What's Your Distortion? Edition

AOC is engaged.

I'd make a "Loudermilk Biscuits" reference, but I fear it will mostly fall on deaf ears.

Guess who Loudermilk was in contact with on Jan 6th?

Sissy Spacek sings 'Coal Miner's Daughter'

(From April) Here she is! First Sighting of Grizzly Bear 399 & Her 4 Cubs Emerging From Hibernation

Republicans don't want solutions. . .

Passenger taped to seat after attacking flight attendants on flight to Miami #piano #musical

PM Update: Early season heat wave gets underway FridayPM

Jan. 6 Committee Seeking Information From GOP Rep. Loudermilk - MSNBC Reports

Maybe this would be appropriate to send to "Republicans" who you can't believe support Trump.

Let's highlight a set of Loudermilks who weren't traitors...

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

If you need a push to relax...

Disdain and disregard for the voters of Pennsylvania: Trump's Election lies in the land of Oz- Kirschner

Ohhh Myyyy.... tRump's White House Photographer may have great 1/6 evidence ..

Democrats must tap into price gouging by the "GOP Oil Industry".

More breaking news. The committee has received official photos from the national archives.

Unboxed - has anyone been to an event yet?

Hunter Biden, the new Hillary's emails

Herbie Mann - "Comin' Home" (1961)

The Republicans who are getting "aroused" at the prospect of stealing the 2024 election for Trump

I wonder if Loudermilk, others, fucked around with the security tapes.

So D.C.'s electrical company powers lights with incerated fetuses. WTF?!?!

60 min: USAF Vet buys plantation house ancestors were enslaved at.

Roeper School in Michigan closed after assignment compares Barack Obama to monkeys

Minnesota GOP chair Hann apologizes for antisemitic image

America Isn't Ready to Truly Understand the Buffalo Shooting

On the SAME day Republicans both held a press conference blaming Biden for the baby formula shortage

Doug Mastriano is Dangerous - The Lincoln Project

Kemp leads Perdue by 32 points.

I want credit for breaking this story

Israeli coalition government in crisis as MP quits

Found the Republican platform in print. Finally!

Oklahoma legislature just passed the strictest anti-abortion law, banning abortion at fertilization

Tweet of the Day

Inquiring minds wanna know

A SpaceX flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex, documents sh

The real reason Elon is voting republican

A SpaceX flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex, documents

GOP Lawmaker Possibly Gave Tours Of Capitol Before Jan. 6, Evidence Suggests - Deadline - MSNBC

Conservatives Are Defending a Sanitized Version of 'The Great Replacement'

Breaking: The Biden administration has secured and is preparing to fly the first batch of baby formu

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, May 20, 2022

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

I know kittens should sleep for about 20 hours a day. I just tiptoed up to check on the fluff babies

I've located Carmen San Diego, now where the hell is Jamie Harrison.

Azov defenders in the steel plant: The operation is underway.


Biden admin just secured first shipment of baby formula from overseas. Should

Jacksonsville Sheriff are looking for racist who attacked woman at gas station

So what the hell is Replacement Theory?

Argentina holds 11th national population and housing census

2022 Primaries: It's 'January 6th Forever' Says Charlie Sykes - Deadline - MSNBC

mom surprises son

Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex. Paid $250,000 for her silence.

The Online Influencers Mainstreaming White Supremacy to Teen Boys

George W. Bush makes Gaffe of the Year in must-see moment during speech - MeidasTouch

Michigan election chief: Trump suggested I be arrested for treason and executed

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Great Replacement - But how do they know white people aren't really non-white people in disguise?

White House announces first government flights to deliver baby formula from Europe to US

Pure musical masturbation by Rush

Can Democrats Turn Things Around?

The Senate overwhelmingly approves $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, sending it to Biden.

20 U.S. states back restoring California strict emissions rules

Trump-appointed judge orders sanctions against Mike Lindell for 'frivolous' election lawsuit: report

More Than 3,000 Potentially Harmful Chemicals Found In Food Packaging

Automakers fled Russia, so the country is reviving a 'legendary' Soviet-era car brand

BILLBOARD. The Hope Clinic for Women, out of Granite City, Illinois

Why are the stores allowing greedy moms to hoard buy the baby formulas?

Disaster declared in Texas county as wildfire destroys over 50 homes, swells to 9,000 acres

Opinion The New Civil War

Australian Orphan Feathertail Gliders Licking Up Milk

My second date with Rona.

House GOP swallows fake news on Costco hot dog price hike

U.S. is considering supplying Ukraine with NSM anti-ship missiles to break Russian blockade.

Anti-police reform - Ready to go from "a few bad apples" to "man-eating apple tree"?