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On Biden not seeking a second term

Democrats will be gaining seats in the US Senate in 2022.

China's appetite for Russian energy is being hit by diminishing consumption, soaring prices

U.S., Japan, Australia, and India to launch tracking system to monitor illegal fishing by China- FT

There is no creature nastier than an Ebony Odogaron when it gets ANGRY! Monster Hunter World

Storms arrived in Calvert County!

Russia bans 963 Americans from the country including Biden, Harris, Zuckerberg. But not Trump.

Coldplay - Higher Power

Coldplay - Higher Power

Rick Scott says Republicans should 'be clear' about white supremacy: 'It's wrong'

My second date with Rona didn't go as well as the first one: Follow-up.

Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69

Ugh, Norah O'Donald interviewing the German Opera singer Kaufmann.........

Patriots for Rejection: Pinochet's Violent and Privileged Brotherhood Heir to the Throne

The Police - Every Breath You Take

Georgia Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Says There Should Be No Exception For Abortion

Ferry Cross The Mersey Gerry and the Pacemakers

The way Teslas burn is especially spooky.

If Roe v. Wade is tossed it would mark the first time the Supreme Court overturned precedent 'to lim

Corporate America and republicans are pulling out all the stops to sabotage the economy to make

Trump in My Backyard

Shapiro: 'Dangerous' Republican rival Mastriano could override will of voters

Shit take

The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way

As summer approaches, officials remind boaters to be safe on waters

Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks

N.Y.C. Mayor Eric Adams Declares State of Emergency to Prevent Baby Formula Price Gouging

Melbourne to replace Russia as host of swimming world championships

Creating a Conservative. Fux Noise, Newsmax, OAN etc.. brainwash them to HATE democracy.

Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up

miniature japanese trams and city.

Graphic Warning. - lion tears off idiot's. Finger

Sunday night update (910p): Severe storms have ended in area but rain lingers.

I wonder - do the Dems have

Rick Scott blames 'skin color' question on government forms for white supremacy

The Tragedy That Keeps Happening

Mehdi Hasan has a list of popular Democratic bills that Republicans voted against

Just saw an ad for Nicholson...

Crosby, Stills and Nash - Southern Cross

Donald Trump just called for civil war.

It's heading toward 'full fascist': George Conway on CPAC

Live in the House of the Lord? Church for sale in St. Louis

The Daily Show: Legalizing Nunchucks in New York City - Thank Me Later

Bioavailability of Phosphorus and Sulfur From Pyrolyzed Sewage Sludge.

Trump Shares Post Predicting Civil War

60 minutes special wine episode

Popular bills House Republicans opposed

Glenn Kirschner & Joyce Vance: Breaking, Giuliani Talks to Jan 6 Committee for 9 Hours!

Kellyanne Conway takes aim at Jared Kushner in new book

Robert Gates says NATO expansion "changes the geopolitics of Europe in a dramatic way"- Face the Nation

7 dead, 120 others rescued in Philippine ferry fire

This is what real leadership looks like:

Putin will be in a sanatorium and out of power by 2023, former British intelligence chief predicts

Attorney John Eastman tries to hide 2 Trump handwritten insurrection notes from the J6 committee.

Dinesh d'Souza is having a Q&A session about his new movie

Bach Prelude and Fugue in E flat minor BWV 853 (Richter)

U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (studio version & live)

U.S. Picked as Host of Rugby World Cup

'The Wizard of Oz' was an opportunistic fraud! Remember ??

The Jan. 6 Select Committee Presses Rep. Loudermilk - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

How Kushner and Mnuchin Quickly Pivoted to the Gulf

A look at "George Carlin's American Dream" - CBS Mornings

Albo as a young man.

Monday Morning Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Studying and Relaxing Livestream to Relax

BODY COUNT - Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

US nuclear deterrent patrols the world's oceans - ABC News

Trump shares CPAC Hungary platform with notorious racist and antisemite

(Jewish Group) Trump shares CPAC Hungary platform with notorious racist and antisemite

Sensorio, Field of Light

Sensorio! (cross posted from the photography group)

Maneskin - Beggin' (Official Video)

8 Ways to Support the LGBTQIA+ Community During Pride Month and Beyond

Meet our new Minister for Foreign Affairs

SanFran silly boy archbishop declared a Crusade/Inquisition on PELOSI, got communion elsewhere

A new billionaire has been minted nearly every day during the pandemic, recent analysis shows

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries "very confident" Democrats will hold onto majority in midterms - Face the Nation

Democrats See Headwinds in Georgia, and Everywhere Else

Has Anyone Tried Making Iron Skillet Pizza Recipe?

Ukraine must 'decide its own future,' Poland's Duda tells MPs in Kyiv

Democrats See Headwinds in Georgia, and Everywhere Else

The New Campaign Theme In Republican Primaries - Ayman - MSNBC

Stories the media got horribly wrong (Part 1)

i share the earth, but not my space, yes I know. Wasps, snails, kgnats, spiders, snakes

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what Dems can learn from the Scopes trial....

MAGA Explain why they are fighting

Kyiv says giving up land to Russia would backfire

Former Top Federal Prosecutor Explains Trial of Clinton Attorney by Trump Special Counsel

Robert Gates says January 6 was "a huge blight on our democracy" - Face the Nation

Quarterflash - Take Me To Heart

Saw a pretty strange homemade LGBTQ lawn sign today

Glenn Kirschner "This is a Conspiracy of Dunces; They Need to be Indicted!" - Political Voices Network

This essay is just three years old and already proven more prescient

Arizona governor OK's ban on school COVID-19 vaccines

Biden: US would intervene with military to defend Taiwan

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Subway

Semi-truck engulfed in flames along I-10 in southern Arizona

Ukraine's natural environment is another casualty of war. The damage could be felt for decades - CNN

Chimpanzees have their own language -- and scientists just learned how they put "words" together

Chinese rover makes surprise discovery about liquid water on Mars

How Members Of The Public Helped Hubble Find Thousands Of Asteroids

Grand Canyon of Texas

With Roe in Doubt, Some Fear Tech Surveillance of Pregnancy

World's largest ever DNA sequencing of Viking skeletons reveals they weren't all Scandinavian

No established democracy in recent history has been as deeply polarized as the U.S.

Biden to Begin New Asia-Pacific Economic Bloc With a Dozen Allies

Breakfast Monday 23, May 2022

How Trump's Fear of Getting Pied in the Face May Come Back to Cream Him

NYT Wordle 5/23

Monday TOONs - Poison

Some flowers on Crete


His Rudeness: ...Can We Please Talk About Crazy Motherfuckers Like They're Crazy Motherfuckers?

Biden's Schedule for Monday, May 23, 2022

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, May 22, 2022

I hate my new refrigerator.

A Ukrainian court convicts a Russian soldier of war crimes and sentences him to life in prison.

Pfizer says 3 COVID shots protect children under 5

City take EPL title

My luck ran out

I love the smell of flop-sweat in the morning ...

A bear charged through a Wisconsin house window. A couple stabbed it with a kitchen knife and ...

When my brother was born

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 5/18/2022

The Rundown: May 23, 2022

Boris Bondarev, Russia's Counsellor to the United Nations in Geneva, has resigned.

Colin Cantwell, Concept Artist Who Designed Iconic 'Star Wars' Spacecraft, Dies at 90

The Daily Patron!

Maryland denies Virginia men's lacrosse team revenge, and a shot at a three-peat, in NCAA Tournament

Russian tanks have entered Kyiv.

Owned again -by Tom Tomorrow

169 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries


Daily Distraction 23/05/2022

Daily Distraction 23/05/2022 Posted in Photography

There are some basic facts which most dare not mention, let alone discuss. We may not

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

The brothers seem to be getting along with the kittens.

You raised $25.00 on May 22, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA

The GOBers are dead set to go after Hunter for his financial dealings with Ukraine?

Tennessee makes homeless camping a felony

Has Russia declared war on the world by blocking the world's food supplies?

California Drought Prompts Sweeping Water Cutbacks, But Long-Term Climate Plan Puzzling

Russian officials starting to resign publicly over the war

J6 Committee - draft schedule of hearings

Capitol attack panel to hold six public hearings as it aims to show how Trump broke law

Ask not what your country can do for you

Gun laws: Good, bad and ugly

Rupert Murdoch has lost the Australian Federal Election

Lithuania has called for a naval coalition "of the willing" to lift the Russian Black Sea blockade

"Sleepwalking Through Extinction" - China Urged To Move On Biodiversity Summit After 2-Year Delay

Biden says US would respond 'militarily' if China attacked Taiwan, but White House insists there's n

"Crazy" trumps a bad economy.

Hemingway's words seem applicable today.

Putin Survived Assassination Attempt Two Months Ago, Ukraine Official Says

Kellyanne Conway's new book oozes MAGA grievance towards family.

"Boris Bondarev is a hero."

Again, here's a link to a twitter feed of the Sussman trial.

The clear waste of time in having a rational conversation with

For a closer shave, remove the

Helen O'Connell was born on this date.

I see KA Conway has a book out.

Vacuous and entitled Trumpy daughter stages photo op in Poland to make her look like she actually

It's now Wegmans vs. Lidl in Northwest

Mean Girl

Putin survived an assassination attempt after he invaded, Ukraine intelligence official says

Expert: Monkeypox likely spread by sex at 2 raves in Europe

A gnat flies into your coffee. Do you

All roads lead to Davos.

Lady Comes Home To Find A Bear In Her Yard

Last night one of my Spanish neighbors

Expert: A monster hurricane season is coming

Cawthorn's Mirth

Weekend camping trip, lots of wildflowers

S5:E19 ( Sen. James Lankford and Replacement Theory)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about answering Trump's tweet....

Tweet of the Day

If The Banks Didn't Launder The Stolen Loot And Drug Money

Why is a hangover like a great book?



'Ashamed' Top Russian Diplomat Leaves United Nations Over Putin's 'Warmongering'

Johns Hopkins University students invent edible tape designed to stop burritos from falling apart.

'Are you kidding me?' Rick Wilson slams the Jan. 6 Committee for only holding six hearings...

The U.S. census estimates it missed more than a half-million Texans during 2020 count

The U.S. census estimates it missed more than a half-million Texans during 2020 count

Goslings breakfasting on my yard.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. 1984 is a warning against Liberalism.

Pic Of The Moment: More New Mothers Die In Louisiana Than Almost Anywhere Else In The Country...


CBS News: Why are so many drugs in short supply? -- CBS News Live News

Billionaire donors are pushing an unsettling agenda for America - backing Trump's lie that the 2020

Pro-Trump counties continue to suffer far higher COVID death tolls

Rick Wilson is P.O.ed...

OK Groomers: Southern Baptist leaders covered up sex abuse, kept secret database, report says

Graffiti on Subway Surges as World Visits NYC for 'Risky Game'

Philippines: Seven killed after fire engulfs passenger ferry - Al Jazeera

I am having a problem with the length of the hearings, not the number of hearings.

Driving Music Playlist

Why does transit infrastructure cost so much in the U.S.?

Supreme Court makes it more difficult for prisoners to argue they had ineffective counsel

China warns US over Taiwan - Al Jazeera

Madonna: Cherish

Trans Lifeline: Leave a voicemail affirmation for Trans youth

Kushner's and Mnuchin's Quick Pivots to Business With the Gulf

Opinion: How the Right to Birth Control Could Be Undone

Haiti is the only country where descendants of enslaved people were forced to pay reparations

Botswana to capitalize on Russian sanctions - DW News

You have a good morning, too, DU!

The televised 6Jan hearings.... could we see a "Frankie Five Angels" moment(s)..?

Josh Shapiro defends primary ad tying Doug Mastriano to Donald Trump

"Also, TJs have gorgeous artichokes in stock right now for $2.50!"

Native votes gerrymandered

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 23, 2022)

Mayor Eric Adams, speaking to the family of the man who was killed on the subway this weekend:

Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin cashed in fast on their Trump-era work, raising $3.5 billion from Ar

Eric Swalwell Masterfully Turns The Tables On The GOP's Border Hysteria

A record 100 million people have been forced from their homes

Pete Williams to retire from NBC News after epic Washington career

The hearings should help when this takes place.

CPAC in Hungary with fellow racists and anti-semites.

This just in from Eugene Delgaudio:

Susan Collins "You think this invasion is bad?"

The Cut: The Future of Abortions in America: an access map

"Where do you see yourself in five years?"

Mehdi Hasan FTW 📣: The Fastest 60 Seconds in Politics!

Donny Deutsch Shoving Corporate Election Crap Down My Throat Makes Me Want To Puke

Kellyanne Conway slams 'shrewd and calculating' Jared Kushner in memoir

Amy Siskind on Elon Musk today - Or as he should be known henceforth - Edsel Musk

Have we normalized and pretty much accepted that our candidates don't just need to win,

Biden tweet

Michael Cohen lawsuit testimony sets Trump up for possible perjury charges

Don't believe those who say ending Roe v Wade will leave society largely intact

Can I put a tagline on my email address? I have aol.

Just a thought or two about our nation and it's current state...

Lena Horne - Stormy Weather

Housing Nightmare Continues, as Rent Soars and Home Prices Rise

America's billionaire class is funding anti-democratic forces

Dark but not sad. Dave Alvin "Out of Control"

Supreme Court makes it more difficult for prisoners to argue they had ineffective counsel

TikTok'rs reporting on so-called church to lose its tax-exempt status for fomenting insurrection

McConnell, Schumer unite in face of GOP nationalism

Is this the only way?

How White Violence Crushed the Progressive Change Formerly Enslaved People Won During Reconstruction

Germany open to EU ban on Russian oil imports that excludes Hungary

Abortion-Travel Bans Are "Next Frontier" With Roe Set to Topple

Alzheimer's Researchers Probe New Treatment Paths

Three TX legislators takes fight on legislative privilege to SCOTUS, says they can't be questioned..

Two popular Seattle parks will close early this summer, city says

Online scammers targeting parents looking for baby formula. Here's what to look out for

Bombardment by the billionaires

Olympia police are getting body and dashboard cams. Here's how you can weigh in

From Itally, a 5-year old playing Mozart like a boss

The Saturday I Spent Five-and-a-Half Hours in Line Waiting for the IRS

Book bans in prison cut inmates' lifeline to outside world

After 10 yrs, cat decides to sit on owner's lap - Oh, happy days

'I fought': Trevor Reed describes his survival in a Russian prison

Tax Billionaire Wealth and Pandemic Profits, Says Oxfam, to End 'Inequality That Literally Kills'

One reaches a point when one must say "F@ck It" and move on! I've been seeing my current PCP for

Stormy Monday Blues - T- Bone Walker

Early voting in GA up over 150% from 2020.

Repukes using cops' deaths to make points - but, never giving quite the full story

Shelter dog realizes he's been adopted

With State Abortion Restrictions Looming, Some Officials Promise Not to Enforce Them

Republicans Share Platform with Notorious Racist

Florida Social Media Law Is Partially Blocked After Federal Appeal

Jury selection in school shooter's trial upended by T-shirt

Democrats Backing Diverse Senate Candidates

Some of dis and Some of dat

Clackamas County, OR ballot blunder reinvigorates false conspiracy theories against voting machines

I guess q world got their clocks cleaned in the crypto crash.....

Brian Kemp's Quiet Campaign to Make Donald Trump Irrelevant

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about media:

After being reported to the FBI and IRS (not sure who did that... 😈) -- "Pastor" Greg Locke says

Astronomers are going to have a field day with all the stars we'll be seeing soon

Middle Age Riot tweet on Herschel Walker:

Businesses that help employees get abortions could be next target of Texas lawmakers if Roe v. Wade

Mike Pence is like a rooster.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 23, 2022

Texas: Republicans Threaten Companies Offering to Pay for Employees' Out-of-State Abortions

Baby bear playing in water:

Pastor of Indiana Church Admits to Adultery with 16-Year-Old May 22, 2022


Zelensky invites business leaders whose firms are leaving Russia to bring them to Ukraine

Roe and Privacy Rights: The Risk to Birth Control, Gay Marriage, and More

The Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy v. The Red Baron

Airports in New York City Can No Longer Overcharge Travelers for Food and Drinks

Cats + sheep -- contentment:

Courtship moves:

Cartoons 5/23/2022

Roundabout coming to dangerous Bickford-Highway 9 intersection

Expose the GOP's fetish

Lynnwood's car tab fee and utility tax on chopping block again

What are we watching? Is it the moon landing?

I feel there is a very real possibility that there will be a need for an Underground Railroad system

"Replacement theory" isn't just a theory

FDA, 'Big Bottle' let parents down; time for change

2nd tweet--kitten wants the whole bag of food:

Oops, Mountain Loop Highway only partly open

Running with the squirrels:

An exhaustive, exhausting list of what we can't ignore

Sailing with the geese:

Donald J. Drumpf remarks on Hunter B.

Mayor Harrell's call to action draws thousands of volunteers to Seattle

538: 11 Primaries To Watch In Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota And Texas

O, hai.

Biden launches Indo-Pacific trade deal, warns over inflation

Scholz hopes Senegal will help Germany kick Russian energy - DW News


The lies and the cover-up

Chad and Jeremy - Yesterday's Gone

Opponents of federal vaccine mandate seek rehearing

Marjory Taylor Greene turning lifelong Republicans into Democrats:

"Smells So Bad" -- Kushner cashed in BIG in months after leaving office. Mostly Persian Gulf oil $

Dave Wasserman quote on Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY)

Rachel Vindman calls out Cancun Cruz

Compilation: MTG lied through her teeth about her admiration of Q:

How to make cannabis brownies using cannabis oil, butter, rso

One of the all time greats!

Seven years later, still no trial for Texas AG Ken Paxton

Marjorie Taylor Greene Can't Figure Out Why People Are Picking On Murderous White Supremacists

Florida Warns Against CRT and 'Social Justice' In Social Studies Textbooks

Orangutans cheered up by otter neighbors during COVID.

Biden's starkest comments yet on defending Taiwan from China

Greenslide: Climate Crisis Spurs Green-Labor Win in Australian Election Over Pro-Coal, Right-Wing PM

The doctrine of stare decisis

Vaccines Are Still Mostly Blocking Severe Disease

Which state will be the last to get legal marijuana....

GA GOP Gov candidate Kandiss Taylor today: " We are the church! We run this state! The church runs

Appeals court: Florida law on social media unconstitutional

Kari Lake pretends to "spontaneously" decide to call Trump from an event:

Lukashenko accuses Poland and NATO of plotting to partition Ukraine


Kellyanne Conway rolls out antisemitic classics on Jared Kushner in new book.

The Ventures - Pipeline.

🚨NEW: Plaintiffs in FL redistricting case have filed an emergency motion with Florida Supreme Court

In Potential Sign Roe v. Wade Debate Is Firing Up Voters, Dems Make Gains In Polling

Ukraine Army unit sings a song dedicated to "bayraktar", a combat drone

If you think about it, we "libtards" have no place to turn . . . . .

I haven't heard anything from Malcom Nance. Is he

Crypto currency: It Was Bound To Happen...

Judge forces Catholic University to halt auction of 'Wizard of Oz' dress

How much damage has De Santis done to Florida's economy?

Man charged in one of Fairfax Co.'s largest-ever embezzlement cases

I got to vote by mail today for the

Coolest picture ever of New York City:

Bill Gates shorting Tesla is looking like the financial move of the century right about now.

Making a list. Checking it twice.

NY US House Delegation is +1D.

The Modern GOP Would Be Nothing Without White Supremacy

Perdue is a POS wearing a Klan hood

Supreme Court Ruling Makes It Harder For Prisoners To Argue They Had Ineffective Counsel

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about falling dominoes....

A woodworker's peaceful studio in Devon

I know a snack when I hear one!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

Wall Street ends higher following 7 straight weeks of losses

Aunt Crabby Tweet #2:

Aunt Crabby #3:

Profile in Courage Awards last night

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic hate group suspected in West Hollywood truck incident

High Key orchid

Antisemitic hate group suspected in West Hollywood truck incident

Look what I got in the mail!

Kathy Griffin calls out anti-Semites in WeHo.

Donald Trump calls for civil war. For real.

How Many Ways Did Ginni Thomas Try To Ratf*ck The 2020 Election? Oh, Just All Of Them.

(Jewish Group) 125 years later, is Dracula antisemitic -- or is he just another vampire?

Yokozuna Terunofuji wins the May Sumo Tournament in Tokyo

Tweet on Fetterman:

Copydogs, copycats, and copylovebird:

Viktor Orbn tells CPAC the path to power is to 'have your own media'

Don't get mad, get down:

Minmini(fireflies) - Billions of synchronous fireflies at the Anamalai Tiger Reserve


An oldie but adorable goodie::

Takeout or delivery? Both!

Forcing a birth is human trafficking

Liz Cheney has been honored with the JFK "Profiles in Courage" award.

The Hypnotherapist and Failed Politician Who Helped Fuel the Never-Ending Hunt for Election Fraud

Now this is really weird!

Representative Marge: Beware of Gay Nazis in Ukraine. Or something. I don't know.

Insurrectionist Doug Mastriano Should Be Barred From the Pennsylvania Ballot

My therapist told me to let go of my anger by writing letters to those I hate then burn them.

My professional opinion is that adding cheese to anything makes it an

Jimi Hendrix - Dolly Dagger (always time for Jimi)

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 23, 2022

Germany to introduce 9-euro month pass for all public transport

Another successful couple of rounds of big boys and kittens, today

Concertgoers in Russia chant 'F**k the war!'

Beach Boys -- Lost Footage "Good Vibrations"

Russian officer reveals why he quit Putin's war

The Supreme Court just condemned a man to die despite strong evidence he's innocent

Another 60 Minutes story that made me cry.

Actor James Hong becomes oldest performer to receive Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Kim Jong-un buries mentor amid North Korea Covid crisis

How Doug Mastriano built a grassroots movement on election denial, Christianity and Facebook

I don't see how the Germans who hadn't drunk the kool aid,

There Are Limits To What China Can Do' Without Facing 'Consequences' From US: Daalder

Prosecuting Trump for the Insurrection: The Case for Optimism

Mirrors Edge Faith Connors Tribute Still Alive 2022

Zuckerberg sued for alleged role in Cambridge Analytica data-slurp scandal

Ronnie Jackson ethics complaint:

Uber Eats Commercials

Activists' suicides indicate a wave of climate "doomerism"

Going to Social Security doctor for shoulder

In my opinion, the entire Jan. 6th investigation comes down to this one piece of evidence.

Democrats Up By Double-Digits In Connecticut

The Through Line From 'Brown' to 'Dobbs' (Segregation)

MTG Records Herself Supporting White Supremacy

Dog Leads Rescuers to Missing Texas Woman with Dementia

First time trying my hand at homemade french bread

Sweet spider takes away woman's fear of them.

De Santis faces court defeat with his strike against Tech, social media.

How to scare the hell out of a Trump voter.

Nope. Nope. Nope. I accidentally posted this in GD. Just now moved it to the Lounge:

Josh Shapiro (running for Governor of PA) is a "pro"

NARUTO: The Movie "New Trailer" (2022) Live Action "Concept"

Let's talk about America, guns and the law . . .

Powerful American Artillery Enters the Fight in Ukraine

Cawthorn Investigated For Crypto Fraud And Relationship With Staffer

Dragon Ball Z: The Movie (2023) Arrival Of Saiyans

House Ethics Committee Investigates Madison Cawthorn for Promoting Crypto

TFG was afraid of... pie.

cawthorn screwed up big time

MAGA Rep. Accused of Making Staff Drive Hundreds of Miles to Walk His Dog

NY-17: Democrat Alessandra Biaggi to challenge Sean Patrick Maloney in primary.

"Triangle of Sadness" A Cannes winning satire of the rich & richer.

"Smells so bad." Jared cashes in.

Activision Blizzard's Raven Software workers vote to form industry's first union

Stacey Abrams should go back to where she came from... says Perdue

What do you call it when a chameleon can't change its colors anymore?

California threatens 'mandatory water restrictions' if people don't cut back

Is the virus that causes monkeypox related to the ones that cause smallpox

How time changes

End of an era...NYC just removed the last working pay phone booth in the entire city from Times Square

Iran vows to avenge killing as it buries Revolutionary Guard colonel

Are Democratic attacks on the GOP over democracy missing their mark?

Supreme court guts lifeline for prisoners who claim wrongful convictions

Alex Mooney Under Ethics Investigation

'Warmongering, lies and hatred': Russian diplomat in Geneva resigns over Ukraine invasion

Tweet of the Night:

Since tfg has a pathological fear of being hit with fruit, I suggest people start throwing mushrooms

Lehto's Law: Court Throws Out Woman's $300,000 Hospital Bill

Looks like Marjorie Traitor Greene is trying to intimidate her opponent....again

Indiana pastor admits adultery; woman says she was a teen

McCormick takes Pa. Senate ballot fight to court

Those deaths at the Sandals in Exuma, Bahamas were the result of

Democrats Become Last Line Of Defense Against Big Lie Republicans - Deadline - MSNBC

Businesses that help employees get abortions could be next target of TX legislature

From Monkeypox to

Abortion, Pregnancy, Eugenics, Euthanasia, Holocaust, Combating Homosexuality-Abortion: Nazi Germany