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"I would do anything I can... but I won't do that."

I'm waiting to see if there were any warning signs.

Some reports are saying 18 dead now

Gift re-blooming!

Make America better?

Dwarf Mongooses Shun Bullies to Manage Conflict: Study

GA-GOV: As expected, there will be a rematch between Kemp and Abrams

Herschel Walker, Raphael Warnock to face off in crucial Georgia Senate rac

Killer shoots 14 children and 1 teacher before being killed by police - CNBC News

A new solution to prevent our children from being slaughtered in the classroom: ballistic blankets

was at Dr. Office when ted cancun "ferverntly held up prayers" My doctor said fuck you ted

Monarch butterfly numbers in Mexico rise by 35%

Monarch butterfly numbers in Mexico rise by 35%

Did your father have a favorite drink?

This press conference by Warrior's Head Coach Steve Kerr calling out the gun-loving politicians...

Hubble Space Telescope spots streams of star formation flowing between galaxies

So The Police Were In Pursuit Of This Shooter.....

Joan Walsh: The GOP Is Lying About the "Great Replacement Theory"

Got my second booster

Time to start hearing all the stories where the good guy with the gun saved the day!

Abbott lied

Beto O'Rourke "Our broken hearts are with Uvalde"

Herschel Walker Claims Trump Never Said The Presidential Election Was 'Stolen'

Sen. Chris Murphy just now on "All In" used a phrase...

Inside the NBA talk about Tragic Shooting in Texas

Twitter's stock falls below where Musk bought it, turning a $1.1 billion profit into a $40 million

I had a bad premonition when I woke up this morning

Giant 'dragon of death' with 30-foot wingspan unearthed in Argentina

Hey Ted Cruz, Come on Down.

Scientists just broke the record for the highest efficiency solar cell With nearly 40% efficiency

Greater Idaho movement proposed a new map. It still wants to absorb over half of Oregon

Steve Kerr's passionate spech

Does anyone know if NRA Wayne is hiding on a yacht tonight?

Instead of calling him the shooter or the suspect, let's call him THE MURDERER

NC parents' rights bill includes LGBTQ curriculum ban in K-3

GOP Senators Now Fine With Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballots After Crying Fraud In 2020

Republicans Help Murderers Kill

How long until the media moves on?

President Biden urges country to act against gun violence after Texas elementary school shooting

Biden on now / 8.43 EDT

OMG as a teacher, I hadn't shed tears until President Biden started speaking-he is or has been cry

I do not care who disagrees.

There are two possible alternatives which could greatly decrease these horrific

how many du members own a hybrid or straight ev?

Just going to re-post this. We know how to reduce gun violence. Period.

Kellyanne Conway blasts Jared Kushner, says the White House felt like an 'extended, chaotic, take yo

Tonight I will go to bed with the vision of those babies and teacher being slaughtered.

Dear President Biden,

Father of Parkland victim responds to Texas shooting: 'I am very angry'

Trump offered Kellyanne Conway an unsolicited blanket pardon. Let's talk Rudy/Don Jr./Ivanka/Jared

Primary election updates: Kemp projected winner over Trump-pick Perdue in Georgia

"Salvador Ramos" ... how long before Fox News ...

This tweet sums it up:

Black bear killed by WDFW after developing garbage eating habit near Issaquah

Tucker carlson just called Bidens speech...

I am very impressed by Fred Guttenberg

When Will Mitch McConnell Be Arrested For Accessory To Murder?

PM Update: Patchy drizzle tonight ahead of a milder but cloudy Wednesday.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

President Biden's speech : I was so touched by his speech and it filled by soul .

NBA PA announcer just about broke a few minutes ago.

Ted Cruz whines Democrats will 'politicize' Uvalde shooting

It's up to 21 now.

It would be something if an "archbishop" denied communion to a politician WHO refuses to vote for

To my fellow lefties / libtards / liberals / Democrats, when is it time?

Hubby noted something in Abbott's comments that disturbed him.

This all goes back to George Bush Jr

Beto is going to be

Trump declined to engage with former presidents on COVID, saying 'Ugh. They're all horrible to me,'

Live Updates: 'We Have to Act,' President Biden Says After 19 Killed at Texas Elementary School

Kemp defeats Perdue in Georgia, a major blow to Trump

Show the pictures of the dead kids.

Sen. Chris Murphy Reacts To Texas Elementary School Shooting - All In - MSNBC

Democrats: Google must protect privacy of abortion patients

Tweet of the Day

26 years ago, a gunman entered Dunblane Primary School in Scotland, killing 16 kids and a teacher

BREAKING: Lucy McBath defeats Carolyn Bordeaux

I'm asking the admins to close down the Gungeon.

Burn-proof edition of 'The Handmaid's Tale' up for auction

The murderer reportedly bought 2 assault rifes on his 18th birthday.

They report there are 21 dead in the school shooting. Usually in these shootings there are more

How the Supreme Court could soon drastically expand the right to carry guns

There have been more mass shootings than days in 2022

*Check out The First Lady on HBO,

Nothing but thoughts & prayers from Republicans as far as the eye can see

Just sayin...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Rushes To Defend White Supremacists

Lt Gov @KenPaxton #Texas wants to arm teachers--he claims it is the best answer to killing of kids..

Mary Boas.

We need to stop saying stand up to the gun lobby and start naming the names owned by the NRA

Voting results so far 8:55 pm

MTG wins Republican Primary...

Michael Moore made a good point. The predessor for the modern bullet wasn't actually

Not a lot of Michael Moore fans here, I think -

Amanda Gorman on twitter

The root of the question about the shooter?

Stop calling them guns. They're child-killing machines.

Texas AG: Ken Paxton defeats George P Bush.

When is this crap going to stop?

We have to attack the gun culture.

TX-28: Cisneros and Cuellar neck and neck

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Delivers Powerful Message After Mass Shooting At Elementary School

PA announcer at the NBA game in Dallas tonight. 1:19. He struggles to get through it

Toten Hosen - Unter Den Wolken (Below The Clouds)

Link to follow GA 2022 primary election results

Fox blames school age victims of mass shootings for being "afraid of being the school snitch"

Just in case we are not heartsick enough today. . google "school shootings

leading cause of death for kids in the United States.

white world


Today is the 212th mass shooting of 2022.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

Texas State Sen: At Least 18 Children, 3 Adults Killed In School Shooting - All In - MSNBC

NBA coach Steve Kerr calls out Republican Senators on gun background checks

If 90% of the school shooters were women, all women would be banned from using or owning a gun.

Horrific new detail about Uvalde massacre

Meanwhile, over at "Thoughts-N-Prayers R Us"...

Abbott Under Fire For Pushing Gun Sales After 18 Children Killed In Deadliest Mass Shooting Of 2022

tiedrich: "what kind of shithole country makes it easier to get a gun than an education"

CNN just announcing toll is now 19 students, two adults. nt

Weird - I am having a reaction to the second COVID booster - Moderna!

Golden Earring - Long Blond Animal (Dutch TV show TopPop, 1980)

Perhaps the meanderings of a jaded old goat, but

So when will Lardass

The people of Texas need to shut this down by street protest

Awhile back i posted about a billboard i was considering for election

O M G! The parents need to provide DNA. The kids are unrecognizable from gunshots!!

Fox guest suggests purchasing "ballistic blankets" for children instead of toys and games.

I would be in favor of outlawing all guns except for those carried by law enforcement.

Editorial: Abbott says 'never again' after Uvalde school massacre. Don't fall for it, Texans

Editorial: Abbott says 'never again' after Uvalde school massacre. Don't fall for it, Texans.

There's a rain delay at a basketball game

Editorial: Abbott says 'never again' after Uvalde school massacre. Don't fall for it, Texans.

Another head hangs lowly, Child is slowly taken...

Preventable But Predictable: Activist Slams Abbott, GOP After 18 Children Killed In TX Shooting- MSNBC

North Korea Launches Three Ballistic Missiles, Including a Suspected ICBM

VOTE! Like your life depends on it.

In the past, the first stage in responding to life-threatening situations was determining what

Lawrence O'Donnell: "It is 19 children and 2 Teachers killed in Texas"

This is the reality that Reagan wrought

Tweet response sums it all up

Given today's tragedy, I think some of our politicians should donate their bodies to science...

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Beats Trump-Backed Challenge By Wide Margin In GOP Primary - NBC News

Politics Girl: "Why are our lives so much less important than your weapons?"

She helped save Apollo 13. Now she's making sure Harris County ballots land safely on Election Day.

She helped save Apollo 13. Now she's making sure Harris County ballots land safely on Election Day

He is a newcomer but Charlie Kirk is in the running for most slickly evil Republican

The media needs to show the carnage.

Their so-called PRO-LIFE rhetoric should start with gun control..

Crap. Finstad won the R primaties in CD-1

We need a modern Mamie Till

Okay, Republican voters - let's talk

Teri Kanefield tweet thread - racist/slavery-based history of the Second Amendment

Trump, the NRA, guns and contradictions

Our county is violent, said spouse

Restaurant "inflation fees" - anyone else seeing these?

NO David Hoag, it is NOT both sides are at fault because of lack of gun legislation. That is NOT

There should be pro-gun-control commercials on prime-time TV every night,

19 children, 2 teachers killed in mass shooting at Texas school - NewsNation - LIVE COVERAGE

dead children are unrecognizable because of the military-style weaponry

Tweet of the Night:

It's come to this.

10 Things that did NOT kill 19 children today

Busy over the Sea of Japan today

Looks like GOP mucked up the confirmation of Biden's pick as ATF Director.

Looks like Raffensperger is going to win Sec of State in GA

I'm done

Any Harry Potter fans here?

UPDATE: Mo Brooks is now headed for runoff in June ... at one point he was in 3rd.

Kroger's Annual Meeting is scheduled for June 24th

The Guardian, 2016: Four countries with gun control - and what America could learn from them

The Dem messaging I REALLY want to hear

Report says hundreds of state legislators have joined far-right Facebook groups

How cowardly to target defenseless children. Again and again.

Uvalde death toll now up to 23

Today's Mass Shooting Is Brought To You By:

Paul Gosar is the biggest POS....EXPEL this monster

AOC goes after Dem House leadership for backing incumbent Cuellar

Native Girl 1995

Report: 10% of "likely" Dem voters were pulling GOP ballots in GA

Native Girl 1995

Native Girl 1995

Indians Are Getting Fatter - And It's a Big Problem

i wish every politician blocking gun control the same grief as being felt in uvalde

This is What Happens When You Live Under Minority Rule

Republicans May Have Sabotaged Their Best Chance to Beat Gretchen Whitmer

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christian: Eternal Memory

Seth Meyers - Kellyanne Conway Calls Husband's Attacks Against Trump "Sneaky, Almost Sinister" 5/23

Herschel Walker on the school shooting. If this fucker beats Warnock we're fucked

2 More Wonderful Years Of MTG! nt

Until a few of their "heroes" DIE by gun violence,

They are starting to identify the victims in the Uvalde shooting.


Faure's 'Requiem, I. Introit et Kyrie'/City of Birmingham

America is addicted to guns

Bullets Don't Care What A Person's Party Affiliation Is

Rep. Castro Slams Gun Reform Blocking Policy Makers In Wake Of Uvalde, Texas School Shooting- ReidOut

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

There was once an assault weapon ban crafted by Senator Diane Feinstein, that was allowed to expire

Sandy Hook Promise CEO: How Many Kids Must Die For Politicians To Care About Them Over Careers?

Is Alex Jones going to call this fake?

TX-28: Cuellar poised to win runoff.

This nonprofit will use big data to fight voter suppression in the midterm elections

Xavier Lopez and Eva Mireles died today.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Being Murdered In School Is A Uniquely American Way Of Death- The Last Word MSNBC

Rep. Ruben Gallego goes off on Cancun Cruz

[The evil MFer] was engaged by law enforcement, but made his way into the school anyway

There Is A Report That The Killer Had Been Told He Wasn't Being Allowed To Graduate High School

Gun control: Prohibitive gun/ammo tax instead of prohibition?

David Hogg Demands Congress Gets 'One Thing Done' On Gun Safety - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ban bullets not books

Another flurry of anger, reason and responsibility.

Name them.

A moment of serenity.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - 'The Blue Danube' (waltz) scene

Last night Rep Jacobsen announced he was joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and then just... left.

The Brady Bill

The damage is done.

Two Victims Identified In Texas School Shooting - MSNBC Prime

Mother: "I Do Not Want My Son To Go To School In America Anymore"

Very Classy: Man City's title dedicated to Ukraine by Oleksandr Zinchenko (European Football)

Here's pictures of the kids and a little video that a girl made for her dad...

Capturing America's Gun Violence - Former White House photographer Pete Souza- The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Kimmel: Trump Battles Pence in Georgia, Madison Cawthorn's Crypto Scandal & MyPillow Mike's Wild

Katie Britt, U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks in Alabama Senate runoff

Why are there continent-sized 'blobs' in the deep Earth?

I had my Suspicions. Now I Know. (Cat)

Tweets from republican politicians sending thoughts and prayers bought and paid for by the NRA

NBA Coach Steve Kerr passionately condemns the 50 Senators who are blocking gun control

Officials: DNA identification will take 2-3 days and bodies won't be released for 8 days

Marjorie Taylor Greene wins GOP nod for 2nd term in Congress

Mother Of Sandy Hook Victim Speaks Out - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Uvalde song

Marjorie Taylor Greene just won her primary with 69% of the vote

Before assholery and a blind Supreme Court took over gun talk, the West was a hotspot of gun...

In Texas Pharmacies, a Chilling Side Effect of Abortion Bans Is Already Playing Out

Asteroid as wide as 10 football fields to fly past Earth on Friday

Horrified and heartbroken. Mitch has texted all his Republicans their talking points.

As long as Gov. Greg Abbot, Ted Cruz and other Republicans are in office,

I think about a server named Kirsten today,

"Knock on Wood" "As Time Goes By" Songs - Dooley Wilson - Casablanca (1942)

Can President Biden pass a Executive Order

'Where the Wild Things Are' Is a Love Letter to Jewish Children.

dem senator chris murphy tweet late tuesday night

tiedrich: here's what we know so far: a teenager obtained a weapon capable of mass death, just as ou

Thank goodness Texas bans abortions to preserve the sanctity of life, and for that matter


The Dems in the House and Senate need to reintroduce the assault weapon ban bill ASAP,

Stephen Colbert - Monologue (and Meanwhile) - 5/24/22

Ghost Cat in My House

shooter bullied over poverty, appearance, clothing, called gay slurs, was aggressive towards women

Stephen Colbert - Guest New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Breakfast Wednesday 25, May 2022

A Tweet from Peter Frampton

The Daily Patron


Emmet Till and the power of an image.

In any other country, a mass shooting like Uvalde would be a horrendous national tragedy

One little girl has made it out of surgery

Top Democrat gives MUST-SEE speech amid today's shooting in Texas - Brian Tyler Cohen

NYTimes Wordle 5/25

On Venezuelan roads, old cars prevail, break down everywhere, becoming like Cuba

ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING? Why, shit, we can't do anything about that!

Wow. Wikipedia is fast: Robb Elementary School Shooting


So I looked up Daniel Defense where this shooter got his mass murder tools

More of us are criminals now,, just for existing.

Im stuck.

If Trump offered a blanket pardon to Kellyann Conway, then it's reasonable

Why did the George Floyd murder cause such an uproar?

Getting ready to go to work and listening to a damn classic

Steve Kerr says what is needed to be said. ENOUGH!

Selective amnesia

We have a gun problem AND a mental health problem!

There is an NRA convention in Houston this weekend.

'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

Walmart apologizes for selling Juneteenth ice cream


A Red Flag for America

In Ukraine one civilian shot by a Russian soldier is a War Crime.

Brad Raffensperger, Who Blocked Trump From Stealing Georgia, Wins GOP Sec. Of State Race

Panarama play

"It is time to heal"?

Till we meet again Tess Marie, love your big sissy

Wednesday TOONs - Thoughts And Prayers, Again

Joe Scarborough actually had a nice line this morning:

Elementary lesson every child MUST learn.

80 Years And Billions Of Dollars Later Columbia Basin Salmon Collapsing, Despite Hatcheries, Pledges

At Davos, Global Corporations Pledge To Buy Green Products Somethingsomething 2030 Something Climate

It's this simple

Get permission from the parents to show images of the carnage!! Make them see it!

We have a war problem. Republicans are waging war against us and getting away with it.

USMC May Leave Parris Island To Rising Seas; Offutt, Tyndall AFBs Already Clocked By Global Warming

Chinese leader Xi defends record to UN human rights chief

Study: Aflatoxin Will Spread From South To Corn Belt With Warming; Contains Known Liver Carcinogen

Fred Guttenberg and Manny Oliver were just interviewed on CNN.

I cannot watch the news.

Canada should rethink relationship with U.S. as democratic 'backsliding' worsens: security experts

Start protesting at gun stores

The Weekly Pull: Action Comics, Legion of X, Monstress, and More

The Rundown: May 25, 2022

The Webcomics Weekly #187: Cursed Reverie, PsyD (5/24/2022 Edition)

Comics Should Be Cheap (5/25/22)

Perhaps an effective way to teach Republican senators and Manchin why they have

The 2nd Amendment

Americans needs to be forced to see the gory, bloody, nauseating "inconvenient truth".

Pause For Northern New Mexico Fire, But Hot & Dry Returns Friday; 486 Square Miles Burned So Far

The congressman who reps Uvaldi is a Repub. He says it is too early to talk about gun laws.

Within hours of the massacre, Majority Leader Schumer moves to force votes on background checks

It's easier to get a gun than...

Fox News CEO says white nationalism 'comes with the territory' because his network is 'number one'

Mass murder of children should be politicized.

Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation

That clause of our Constitution that guarantees every 18 year old the right to buy an AR-15?

'Bald-faced lie': Houston Chronicle torches Texas gov's 'bankrupt conscience' and 'cowardice' ...

So the women on FOX and Friends just said

Opinion - Is this how the Bush dynasty ends?

My grandchildren are the same age as the children our legislators killed yesterday.

If you want to understand why MTG is going to win in Nov, look at the numbers.

Women's suffrage. Civil rights. Same sex marriage. Legal marijuana.

How in the hell is a good person with a gun supposed to stop a bad person with a gun????

Female hummingbird. Yesterday

Even The Corporate Greenwash Known As ESG Too Much For GOP; Multiple Attacks On "Woke" Companies

I have news for Republicans:

Why do we allow gun massacres?

Fred Guttenberg is letting Ted Cruz have it

Racist, Transphobic nutcase Paul Gosar spreads lies about the TX shooter.

GA Republicans show how evil they are at Herschel Walker victory party:

Video released of garage meeting of Proud Boys, Oath Keepers leaders

It's not 50 senators it's 50 REPUBLICAN SENATORS.

China wants 10 Pacific nations to endorse sweeping agreement

Two safety issues I've been wondering about:

Just sent an email to Senator Collins

Is there a constitutional right to body armor?

Boycott racist American companies.

H.R. 127 Call your Senators today (Republican ones too) 90% Americans want background checks

After his win Hershel Walker said this after he was asked about gun control.

Ukraine has strict gun laws.

I watched the news this AM. I gotta ask


PTSD-PERPETUAL Traumatic Stress Disorder.

You raised $205.00 on May 24, 2022 the DU is out for BLOOD!!! (Gov NE)

The Ransom: Demanding Reparations,and Ending Up in Exile

The Party of Death

Georgia Republican Primary skewed by Democratic voters

And down in Texas an indicted AG that has been going on for 7 years now said this BS

A much needed snuggle

Time to repeal? 2nd Amendment is as relevant today as witch trials!

EPA proposes protections for world's biggest sockeye salmon fishery

You raised $50.00 on May 24, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA

Biden should declare a National Emergency and enact some gun legislation by EO.

LAHSA Explains Workers Throwing Food Away Intended For Homeless Individuals

NYSE and NASDAQ hold a moment of silence from the mass shooting in Texas.

And this is why the country is what it is today.

So, gun sales can only be kept on paper. Can't be in a computer database because of the NRA

You raised $25.00 on May 24, 2022 Finkenauer for US Sen IA

The Arms Dealer's Prayer

Descent-Doro Pesch featuring Peter Steele

Gun background checks should include references.

Video footage contradicts what County Clerk Sherry Hall claimed happened with observer.

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

Dude messed with the wrong lady (warning: animal violence)

"We've accomplished so much together."

A different kind of apocalypse

American Garden

Rob Portman, My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this horrible tragedy.""

Formula shortage affects more than infants

Twitter Video: Putin Upright and Engaging in a Photo-Op

One place you won't find guns in the wake of the Texas school massacre? The NRA's upcoming ......

Forced birth in a country that refuses to protect children from being murdered at school.

The Daily Patron. EXTRA!

Child sacrifice as policy

We did that

Russians hack hospitals, the energy grid, and even Wikidot; but they don't hack online gun sales

Pretty weird, I turned our heat on this morning!!!! Was 50 degrees out rainy and gloomy....

Just throwing out a suggestion for general discussion

Should we stop calling these mass murderers "shooters"?

Peter Frampton - Lines on My Face

The "My Pillow" guy is really appropriate for today's politics...

Talented Dog Loves Taking Care Of His Baby Sister

Congratulations , Republicans! Your refusal to bow to the limits society THOUGHT would never be

Decent people aren't outraged enough.

What the Buffalo Tragedy Has to Do With the Effort to Overturn Roe

Small comfort that the latest mass murderer was a U.S. Citizen

Gop legislator threatens biden

Not too long ago R wingers said wearing a mask in school was child abuse.

California's SB 983, the "Right to Repair" bill, dies in committee

You can't make this shit up, department: Last week I happened to be in a gun store

Rather than grandstanding for those embryos Gregg, how about giving a damn about living kids?

167 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

Another republican example as to why the country is like it is.

MSNBC: Abbott, Cruz, and Cornyn are on their way to Uvalde.

Warning Time.

Rep. Ruben Gallego Hurls Expletives;, "F--- you @tedcruz you care about a fetus but you w

They say: "We need to have a discussion about mental illness" - OK, ready?

Covid Can Cause Ongoing Damage to Heart, Lungs and Kidneys, Study Finds: Long Covid

Miles was born on this date.

Jimi Hendrix penis cast set to be unveiled at Iceland museum next month

As cynical as it sounds, what about quantifying gun

any of u remember this ?

LG Sears will be the keynote speaker at an NRA event in Texas this weekend

NRA ties to Russia, USA & Ukraine.

Want to Change Gun Laws? Elect more Democrats.

Received our rapid Covid -19 tests from the post, do I have to scan that QR code

Court of Appeals level decision. No shield for insurrectionists

So this republican legislator just openly threatened to shoot President Biden

So Ramos was a loner, bullied because of his poverty status. A rant.

Madonna: Hanky Panky (Dick Tracy)

Meidas Touch- Texas Paul REACTS to Marjorie Taylor Greene defending White Supremacists

NRA 3/22 "The NRA is the thread that runs thru it all." NRA ties to RU

NRA to Hold "Republican Pep Rally" in Houston with Trump, Days After 21 Killed in Texas Shooting

If the Republicans on the supreme court truly believed in originalism.

More and more we are finding

It's time to start talking about... legitimacy

After reading a lengthy thread about the Gun Control & RKBA Group I visited it. My impression is

Hey GOBers! You say not to politicize the gun laws?

The Netherlands had 0 school shootings during a period when the US had 288. Their gun laws.

I've had to post this all too often.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Georgia primaries and what's next for Trump....

I wish people had listened when others talked about VOTER ID being unconstitutional

NRA Was 'Foreign Asset' To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals

Biden moves to fill key appellate seat vacated by U.S. Supreme Court's Jackson

Victims in Texas school shooting killed in single classroom, authorities say

I don't want to see photos of the murdered children.

WE did not do this.

APPELATE JUDICIAL NOMS: Florence Pan (CA-DC), Rachel Bloomekatz (CA6), and Doris Pryor (CA7)

Elon Musk Drops Out of $200 Billion Club Again as Tesla Tumbles

What is the "upside" and "downside" of crossover voting?

The same GOP clamoring for vouchers and charters schools and tax dollars to jeesus schools

May 1998 - May 2022

Pic Of The Moment: Why Don't Republicans Just Admit That They Get A Kick Out Of Sacrificing Children

Four bighorn sheep wandering near Hanford area killed

McTurtle could tell the whole GQP to moderate on gunz en masse

I grew up with:

The biggest losers in yesterday's elections were Donald Trump and the Big Lie?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 25, 2022)

Herschel Walker's celebrity GOP candidacy is as cynical as it gets

A whole classroom just wiped off the face of the earth.

Paxton Beats Bush Challenge to Win Texas GOP's AG Nomination

American Gun Culture in 7 Charts--BBC

Pope greets Russian patriarch, criticized for 'naive' policy


Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 25, 2022

UPDATE: Water restored Water main leak affecting my neighborhood

Big losses for some big techs. Zuchs Meta down 47.2%, Paypal, Theil down 60% in 2022

It's time to politicize this shit.

Greg Abbott tweeted in 2015 that he was 'embarrassed' that Texas was No. 2 in gun purchases and

Why don't we have gun laws that work?

I want to see more 'public' people speak out against gun violence.

Brad Raffensperger Gets His Revenge

"...fervently lifting up in prayer..."

Katie Britt quote after making the Alabama Senate runoff with Mo Brooks:

American fighters headed to Ukraine questioned at U.S. airports

Tweet: A dad talking to his son about the school shooting.

Do Republicans and Democrats really hate each other? Not as much as you think, study says

The war within, brought to you by the NRA.

David Rothkopf: "Life is too short for centrism."

The first social media reactions to the 'Ms. Marvel' series are out.

The type of weapon, when it comes to crazy people committing mass shootings, matters.

Jim Cornette has a true knack for just cutting to the chase...

NRA Bans Firearms During Donald Trump's Speech at Texas Event

There are political implications in the Southern Baptist Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal

Could we just tax the damn things?

As long as the second amendment remains mass shootings will continue.

Shelter dog with strange ears faced uncertain future. Then he met the woman of his dreams.

'How do you even sleep at night?': Texas Sen. Ted Cruz faces backlash after Uvalde shooting

Look at The Onion homepage today.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton justifies his anti-gun control stance by saying laws against murde

nothing will change

Mike Luckovich-How to Protect School Kids

Campaign to repeal state's capital gains tax raises nearly twice as much as its opponents

Time to return to this interpretation - United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1875)

Rep. Henry Cuellar declares victory against Jessica Cisneros, who doesn't concede

Pointless to guilt Repubs on gun laws. Talk to Police...

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, 74, enters rehab after drug relapse

I would be interested to see statistics on

Bring the ban of assault weapons up in Congress for a vote now,

Matthew McConaughey

Betty's question on gun control yesterday

School Shootings Confirm That Guns Are the Religion of the Right

2022 Democratic US Senate nominees that are most likely to win.

Carlos, the rising tennis star having a tad of difficulty with a fellow Spaniard.....

Should Beto go to Uvalde

Texas school shooter bought 2 rifles after turning 18, carried out Robb Elementary attack days later

I Wish Beto Were Able To Be At This Morning's Sham News Conference

how about using civil lawsuits vs. negligent gun owners?

Arthur invaded Madoc's 'Castle'. Let the battle begin!!

Sack cartoon - Do not Cross tapes following.... Sandy Hook

Too many convince themselves the purpose of the 2nd is to be constantly on the verge of revolution

North Carolina gets its own 'Don't Say Gay' bill, and yes, it's awful

9 guns seized from Bay Area man charged with stalking his former co-workers

I just reviewed HR 127 -- What people are calling the Universal Background Check law.

Connect the dots: No gun legislation means the people who tried to overthrow our democracy

Trump Said to Have Reacted Approvingly to Jan. 6 Chants About Hanging Pence

Intensifying Inquiry Into Alternate Electors Focuses on Trump Lawyers

Laura Ingraham blames parents of murdered children for them being slaughtered at school

Want a gut punch? Go to this link. And scroll. And scroll. And scroll. And....

Dayton businessman sentenced to prison in final corruption investigation case

A Quaker Activist Group Forced the City of Orange to Reveal Police Department's Inventory

Cartoons 5/25/2022

Abbott -- "Could have been worse."

Lynnwood to keep collecting a car tab fee and utility tax, for now

Trump Said to Have Reacted Approvingly to Jan. 6 Chants About Hanging Pence

Scientists will set 1,000 traps for murder hornets this year

TCM tonight:

Students Demand Action Member 'Extremely Frustrated' By Lawmaker Inaction After Shootings - MSNBC

At Constitution's writing abortion was left to women

A couple of twitter threads on artillery for arm chair sergeants:

TX State Sen. Gutierrez Recalls 'Uncontrollable Crying' Of Parents Of School Shooting Victims- MSNBC

Intensifying Inquiry Into Alternate Electors Focuses on Trump Lawyers

Jan. 6 riot demands more than six hearings

Beto interrupted

Oh my God that's Beto! He interrupted Abbott

Beto just confronted lying gop at live presser

Amazon shareholders to vote on long slate of social proposals

Don't know what he shouted but Beto just gave Abbott holy hell.

Florida Republican threatens Biden's life.


I heard from a relative - the hubby of a niece - yesterday.

"Long COVID" symptoms affect 1 in 4 seniors after infection, study finds

1.1 million Afghan children could face severe malnutrition


I feel like the earth just moved. My 68 year old brother

"Good guys with guns" (leo's) did NOT stop the republican-supported domestic terrorist

One thousand musicians dedicating this song to one drummer: Taylor Hawkins.

Rep. Paul Gosar Spreads Lie About Texas Shooter In Hateful Since-Deleted Tweet

Beto O'Rourke just interrupted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's news conference

Meanwhile in Hillsdale Michigan where Hillsdale College wants freedom of speech

About this "mental health problem" the Republicans keep going on about after mass shootings

Yes the osprey pair was HERE, and

Here are Beto's comments

"We have a mental health crisis in this country, of which I plan to do absolutely nothing about."

Malfunctioning Felines

Watching these ignorant, toxic men speaking in this press conference


Using the deaths of babies to argue against public schools.

HuffPost Majorie Taylor Greene Wins GOP Primary, Goes Off On Texas School Shooting

Always remember this simple truth whenever the right-wing mentions "mental health"

Geese wander @ my house.

Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham Ridiculously Rip Biden's Reaction To Texas School Shooting

Argentina enacts Cannabis and Hemp Law for industrial and medicinal use

Argentina enacts Cannabis and Hemp Law for industrial and medicinal use

Texas lieutenant governor on school shooting: 'We have to harden these targets'

I was a mental health counselor for 20 years. We can't work miracles!

After Abbotts presser (most of which I turned off) the sane voters among Texans should

Nice try Texas Leadership! Blame this on...

Top Texas Republicans Call For More Guns, Fortified Schools, Armed Teachers After Attack

Right-wing agitator says he'll 'hunt' Phoenix LGBTQ supporters and they are 'not safe'

Republicans love guns more than kids, more than churchgoers, more than themselves.

Boise woman sentenced over U.S. Capitol riot, says she regrets everything she did

O'Rourke confronts Abbott at press conference on Texas school shooting

So Guv - All Those Laws You Passed In 2019 & All The Money You Spent....

Re: The NRA

David Rothkopf thread: Not if. When. Not tomorrow. Now.

Even the NRA doesn't trust the "good guys with guns." That's why they banned guns at their upcoming

Love, love, love those uber eats ads...... Gwyneth Paltrow is a riot.....

The Convention Center - Site Of The Upcoming NRA Convention - Should Be Surrounded By A Million...

Can a bank see all debit cards transactions, even those reversed?...

Look at that asshole Ted Cruz standing right in the middle of everyone.

Republicans Will Come Up With A Thousand Excuses For Why We Shouldn't Do Anything - Morning Joe

Nobody says "I'm not worried about fire because the fire department will show up at the right time!"

Is Trumpism This Generation's Version of the Confederacy?

Pres. Biden taking Executive action this afternoon to enact changes embodied in the George Floyd Act

I Think We Need to Start Showing the Carnage from these School Shootings.

Sedition break: TFG expressed support with 1/6 crowd chanting 'Hang Mike Pence'

ムック MUCC - 新葬ラ謳 Sin Homura Uta [FULL ALBUM]

2 years after the murder of George Floyd, what has changed?

So abbott thinks all murderers are mentally


AOC to Boebert: Just quit... instead of acting like a useless piece of furniture when babies are shot

Require insurance for gun owners.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick: "This isn't who we are!"

A GOP power grab shatters 30 years of political progress for Black voters in Galveston County (TX)

South Asian-American media critics gush over Marvel Studios' 'Ms. Marvel'

Fuck Toad had the jacobs to smear Beto: people doing political theatre need to remember glass houses

Tweet of the Day

The more I read about the Second Amendment

Shooter's grandmother was shot in the face. Then she called the police. WaPo

House Sergeant at Arms believes lawmakers should not be allowed to carry guns inside the Capitol

Beto O'Rourke confronts Texas Gov. at school shooting press conference

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

What if republicans put as much effort into solving real problems as they do fake ones?

Iowa Republican Legislature furthers the spread of the gun obsession disease:

Pro-gun is pro-white power: Ted Cruz understands that perfectly. You should, too.

"I'm Going To Shoot An Elementary School"

'Kissinger still lives in the 20th century': Ukraine hits back at suggestion it should cede land to

Let him Speak

And the "Idiot of The Day" goes to.....

Protest Friday in Houston against NRA, Greg Abbott, and Ted Cruz.

Political scientist says the Senate's failure to act on guns is an example of political decay

He was bullied? Society punched him, so he punched society back ten times harder, right?

How Democrats can address our hopelessness about child massacres

I'm wondering why the Texas shooter was killed

Shooter used to cut his face with knives

Send letters to your Congresscritters re: gun legislation now

Legend Daniel Barenboim performing Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1

So The Repugs Must Be Happy That This Shooting Effectively Took The Abortion Issue And The....

THIS picture tells all:

How and why Ukraine was arguably the most important cradle for early Zionists.

Beto O'Rourke confronts Texas governor during update on Uvalde elementary school shooting

Here's an idea: If we can't get assault weapons banned, then buyers should have to pick up their

This article gives a lot of info on the murderer

Talia Lavin: A Country That Devours its Children

(Jewish Group) Moroccan authorities restore ancient Jewish cemetery of Meknes

What do you see?

Victor Blackwell and Alisyn Camerota weren't having the new talking point bullshit.

There's a reason Abbot says the Uvalde shooter had no mental health issues...

There will be no more gun control

He had seven magazines with 30 rounds each

Is Kerry Sanders a giant asshole or am I missing something?

I'll Always Love And Protect You - Luckovich

Getting Schooled

Recount Officially Declared In Oz Vs. McCormick PA GOP Senate Race

Joe Biden said "My God deer don't wear Kevlar vests" or

Abortion Pill Lawsuit Offers Guide to Challenging State Limits

Daily Distraction 25/05/2022

U.S. will cover baby formula cost for low-income families -agriculture agency

Daily Distraction 25/05/2022 Posted in Photography

Butterfly dog:

Elon Musk backs 'tight' background checks for all gun sales in wake of mass shooting in Texas

The Chicago, New York and California have more shootings BULLSHIT

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about grain, Ukraine, and messaging....

After getting booted, Beto went outside and kept going

I'm sorry, but I think the "victory" in the Cold War looks increasingly meaningless by the day

Just when you thought it couldn't get more disgusting.

Was the big Texas NRA fest already scheduled?

Woman Raises A Baby Flamingo Who Comes Back To Snuggle

Mom Gets A Giant Puppy Surprise On Mother's Day

We're living through the backlash (2 years after George Floyd's death)

The Europeans looked down on the Aztecs and Mayans

Joe is speaking now. Reminding America of what took place yesterday.

Anyone have the NRA political donor list?

It's not a choice, it's a child;

Youngkin retracts job offer to Indiana official to run Virginia DMV

Amazon shareholders nix warehouse working conditions audit

People shouldn't *want* to own guns.

Josh Duggar given more than 12 years in prison for child pornography conviction.


Ex-Realty Star Josh Duggar Gets 12 Years Prison In Child Porn Charges

When the leading cause of death in children is gun violence this is not a 2nd amendment issue it...

"my heart hurts for..."

Bear caught on video in Silver Spring yard stealing food from birds.

Greg Abbott Attended Fundraiser After School Shooting

Michigan election fraud has Virginia link

Colin Kaepernick to workout for the Las Vegas Raiders


Federal Tax Receipts Boom

Why America Doesn't Have Gun Control


CBO Forecasts Soft Landing

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 25, 2022

PM Update: Clouds hang on through Thursday, with occasional sprinkles possible.

Someone finally came out and said it. The PRESIDENT of the U.S. FINALLY came out and said it!

Why is this hitting me so hard?

Biden signs police reform executive order on anniversary of George Floyd's death

Supreme Court set to expand gun rights

The Uvalde Shooting. San Antonio's Response.

America is a Gun

Abbott was more angry at Beto than the mass murderer.

Two innocent trans women smeared online after the Uvalde school shooting

In many cases the American peoples beliefs do not match how they vote.

One simple thing that would have definitely, without question prevented the school shooting in Texas

Zelensky today: "It seems Kissinger's calendar shows 1938 not 2022

Just remembering . . .

I've said that I wasn't a fan of Beto before, that changed today

Ben Rhodes just now on Nicole Wallace

Josh Duggar gets 12 years...

Warning, I watched Herschel Walker on the news yesterday.

Copycat? Or just crazy?

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Does anyone else remember there was an NRA convention in Denver the weekend after Columbine

Alison Camerota tweet:

Ohio Supreme Court rejects legislative maps for 5th time, but feds might use them anyway

Beto email

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 26 May 2022

I want to live in a country...

Replacement Theory

Hero Teachers In Texas

shooters family speaks


victim list and ages

To me, it all boils down to a quote I read a couple of years ago, on D.U.

A few of tomorrow's newspaper front pages

Fortify the walls, bar up the windows, get more guards, arm the teachers, limit access...

My children at ages 5 to 9 were such a joy

Debbie Downer replies to Boebert. *Warning - language*

A Latino on Latino mass shooting. What now?

The ying and yang of the GOBer party?

The phrase " thoughts and prayers" needs to be retired

It appears another school shooting in Texas may have been averted today

Can someone explain why Schumer didn't call for the vote on background checks?

Do We Know Who - Names And Faces - The Gun Lobbyiest's Are That Walk The Halls Of Congress....

Clint Smith: No Parent Should Have to Live Like This

NRA stands for "No Remorse, Assholes".

As there is no "well regulated militia" why can't we can stop the gun madness?

I'm dying here ... watching a stream of my grand daughter's preschool graduation and I started

NEW: a student in Richardson, Texas, has just been arrested with a AK-47 style pistol and replica AR

Republicans need to be reminded that even if they were to get the House and the Senate

I highly recommend "That Dude Can Cook" on you tube.

Dimwit Gov. Abbott

The Gaslighters Supper

Mayor of Uvalde, TX calls Beto a "sick son of a *****"

Uvalde, Texas mass shooter was inside school for 'roughly an hour' before being killed....

"Some witnesses have said Meadows used his fireplace to burn documents"

I think that there should be a peaceful sit in protest at the place where the NRA convention

Texas State Bar sues AG Paxton for 'dishonest' challenge of 2020 election results

An ass kicking rant

Mark Meadows told colleagues Trump had expressed support for their calls to "hang Mike Pence."

Texas State Bar sues AG Paxton for 'dishonest' challenge of 2020 election results

Luckovich draws GOP Love" "You're Everything to me..."

Greg Abbott, the blood is also on your hands..

Chinese auto company releases electric car with 'Warm Man Mode' feature

Beto tweeted this about one of the little girls and showed her artwork:

Guns Over People

Police have apprehended a student carrying an AK-47 rifle outside his high school in Texas

Police have apprehended a student carrying an AK-47 rifle outside his high school in Texas.

Pro-gun is pro-white power

Texas State Bar sues AG Paxton for 'dishonest' challenge of 2020 election results

Saw this posted on Twitter (the response to Swalwell tweet)

Which Senators Have Taken the Most NRA Money

California Republican tweets 'thoughts and prayers' Democrat replies "Fuck your prayers"

a student in richardson texas was just arrested with an AR-15 and an AK-47

The one problem with TicTok is you don't always know who people are...

Where did the killer get money

Joy Reid....REAL tears.

Pro-gun is the ultimate ANTI-LIFE movement..

The deceitful dodges Republicans use to resist gun controls

Receipts on NRA's Purchase of GOP Lawmakers - 'Inaction Is Bought' - The Cash $$$ Totals

Growing up, we used to take the city bus to Six Flags over Georgia.

NRA contributions to GOP Senators

COVID-19, shootings: Is mass death now tolerated in America?

Beto O'Rourke Just Did THE ONLY MEANINGFUL THING I've Ever Seen A Politician Do On This Issue!

No way to prevent this says only nation where this regularly happens

Fed officials signal rates may head to 'restrictive' levels

Can you imagine a grandma beginning a thought "I'm glad my grandson shot himself...?

Boeing Starliner capsule lands back on Earth after space shakedown

The Supreme Court may be on the verge of expanding the right to carry guns in public as the nation

US Senate Seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

Iranian-Russian 'Oil Smuggling' Network Hit With U.S. Sanctions

'Shame on you': Pritzker, Lightfoot criticize Abbott after remarks about Chicago gun laws

Absentee ballots are messed up in Gwinnett

Rep.Jim Jordan contests constitutionality of January 6 committee's subpoena & issues list of demands

Sue Gray report: Drunken No 10 party culture in lockdown laid bare

It just hit me!

We caught up with 22 Republican senators to see how they think the US can prevent mass shootings. So

Congressman Dean Phillips: Do not tell me your AR15 is worth more than another 14 children's lives

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 26, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Anna May Wong

Homeschooling Isn't the Solution to 390 Million Guns

'Horrifying' conspiracy theories swirl around Texas shooting

America's Hands Are Full of Blood

Here are two videos of Beto's meeting with the Press after being escorted out of Abbott's event

Here are two videos of Beto's meeting with the Press after being escorted out of Abbott's event