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Archives: May 5, 2022

Sen. Collins said justices wouldn't overturn Roe. See her reaction now - CNN

FBI nabs Trump supporter who brought 'Make Liberals Cry' flag to the Capitol riot

D'espairsRay - Yami ni furu kiseki (Full miracle in the darkness)

Little Marco joins the peepee police

Intuit to pay $141M settlement over 'free' TurboTax ads

Sunset, southern MD

Republicans Could Rue Ending Abortion Rights

Deal for Black-majority town in Tennessee takeover case

@ sunset

California moves to embrace cryptocurrency and regulate it

Abortion pill provider sees spike in U.S. interest after SCOTUS leak

Breaking: Madison Cawthorn......(do I need to say more?)

Seeing how the media reacts to what looks like Madison Cawthorn in a three-way that's on Twitter ATM

Federal Reserve issues biggest interest rate hike in 22 years

Supreme Court abortion case leak investigation headed by former Army lawyer as questions swirl

BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. Testifies Virtually Before Jan. 6 Committee - Deadline - MSNBC

May The Fourth Be With You!

King County Regional Homelessness Authority briefs Seattle city council on shelter investments

Question: what is stopping the Supreme Court to rule the country ?

Lauren Boebert makes a compelling argument for burning books

Senator brings up family's abortion story, as future of Roe v. Wade in jeopardy

Secretary of State Antony Blinken tests positive as COVID cases rise after White House Correspondent

House boat fire on Duwamish River waterway sends plume of black smoke airborne, one dead

Democrats will win all of the Democratic and 4 Republican held US Senate seats that are up in 2022.

An extra tweet for today

Now I need to get this straight because I'm not too bright...

Seth Meyers: Biden Calls on Voters to Elect More Pro-Choice Politicians After Roe v. Wade Repeal News

Biden warns LGBTQ+ children could be next target of Republican 'Maga crowd'

Two Questions

Looking forward to the

view from inside car as trooper blocks wrong way driver and takes impact

I hope Democrats make it clear that the republican and the SC decision on Roe, makes it

Florida Taxpayers Sue Gov. Ron DeSantis for Eliminating Disney's Special District

Critical Race Theory in Colleges: How It Can Help Empower Students of Color

My online dating profile states I have a comfy corner office...

pro-TFG republican calls paternity leave "ridiculous"

Something to consider about Madison Cawthorn...

The understatement of the obvious?

Kathy Hochul (NY-GOV) campaign ad: "Hard Work"


Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Can Republicans Stop Patients From Traveling for Abortions?

'Pro-Life' Candidate Flails When Asked About Assaulting Pregnant Wife

The Faux is strong in Sen Grassley. "monumental breach of trust". The trust the trust

Has Any Journalist Straight Out Asked A Repug In Congress Are They Pro-Autocracy & Anti-Democracy?..

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) complains about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg taking paternity leave.

Medicare Advantage Is a Massive Scam

File for "very long term," zircon supported catalysts for the transfer hydrogenation of bicarbonate.

Ron John the clown Says It 'May Be True' COVID Vaccine Gives People AIDS

An abortion story from pre Roe v Wade.

Gym Jordan says Musk/Twitter records must be preserved by FTC

driver totals another car and drives off. camera caught it in crystal clear color

If it was about babies, we'd have free and universal maternal care

Oath Keeper details pre-Jan. 6 planning, pleads to seditious conspiracy

As if those freakin' grocers aren't exploiting inflation...

Navalny possibly facing torture

Clip resurfaces of TFG saying women who get abortions should face 'some form of punishment'

'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry

Opinion To End 'Roe' Shredded For Saying Abortion Bans Don't 'Discriminate' Against Women - The Beat

Tweet of the Night:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump vs the state GOP....

Howard Stern Says Supreme Court Should Raise 'All Unwanted Children' Resulting From Abortion Rights

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Gaetz and over-educated women...

"The abortion issue is a Democratic distraction strategy...

Shontel won by a landslide.

Statue of Marjorie Tallchief Stolen from Tulsa Historical Society & Museum, Sold as Scrap Metal

If Dems want to get young people to vote...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

What's the plan when in Nov most red states will refuse to certify elections they lose?

U.S. Intelligence Is Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals

If repbulicans really think abortion is taking a human life

"Please allow me, a woman who just had a baby, to fact-check Justice Samuel J. Alito"

Yes, science can weigh in on abortion law.

Justice Alito cancels conference appearance days after abortion ruling leak

Here's the Truth About Brett Kavanaugh's Finances (Mother Jones)

Have the Jan 6 hearings been scheduled yet?

Tweet of the Late Night:

Democratic candidate Sen. Carol Blood had raised a total of about $124,000

Hillary Clinton Warned Of The Latest Attack On Reproductive Rights - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Tweet of the Night #2:

If anyone still wonders why republicons all toe the line

Hayes: What The SCOTUS Leaker Wanted The World To Know About The Draft

Heartening article:

McCarthy Calls Trump's Jan. 6 Actions 'Atrocious And Totally Wrong' In New Audio - All In - MSNBC

Peter Doocy tries 'gotcha' question on Jen Psaki... he fails HORRIBLY - Brian Tyler Cohen

Lying Under Oath? See Supreme Court Nominees On 'Roe' Precedent Amid Explosive Leaked Draft Ruling

I don't mean to pry, but I have a Covid question.

US to hold back Lake Powell water to protect hydropower

'Kegs' Kavanaugh: Roe v. Wade 'An Important Precedent That's Been Reaffirmed Many Times'

welcome to the 1950's folks . america always going backward . why do we have to.

Why Stacey Abrams 'Converted' To An Unequivocal Abortion Rights Supporter - All In - MSNBC

It was not a leak that destroyed the legitimacy of The Supreme Court

Group Plans Appeal in Effort to Keep Gosar, Biggs, Finchem off Ballot

Why deJoy must go!

ever been on the beach and all of a sudden....

It's a little late but...

Alice In Chains: Don't Follow

Beto is on Lawrence

Extremists tried to crash abortion rights rally, got arrested instead

Lara Logan and Kyle Rittenhouse at Maralago

Russia taunts Finland by flying a military helicopter INTO its airspace as the Nordic country....

U.S. Dictatorship? Political Vet Gives Dire Warning On Live TV Amidst SCOTUS Leak, MAGA Rebellion

Last I looked, scrotus was neither DoD or State, and there are NO state

Just heard best line from old veteran (drunk) as I walked out of a VFW:

birds, birds and micro-four-thirds....

This cat brought a shark home and deposited it on the living room floor.

Rebecca Traister: Democrats' Stance On Abortion Is Popular--They Should Talk About It - All In - MSNBC

Boris Johnson says 'Sizewell C is certainly on the agenda'

**WATCH Amanpour INC,

Methinks, the art of persuasion has run out of gas,

Commodores - Sail On

Thursday Morning Sweet Jazz and Bossa Nova for a Happy Day Livestream

Flying Burrito Brothers - Christine's Tune

Republicans Seething Over SCOTUS Draft Opinion Leak For The Wrong Reason - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Adele - Rolling In The Deep (live on Dutch radio & TV, January 2011 + interview)

Madison Cawthorn caught in some kind of orgy?? On video?

Trump Fans Can Now Get A Trump Gold Card?!

Nostalgic for the 1860s? Then You'll Love Alito's America.

Why this former anti-abortion activist regrets the movement he helped build - Amanpour

We Shall Shine.

Al Franken thinks he knows who's behind the SCOTUS leak

Texas May 'Resurrect' Case Requiring Education for All

Bad Company documentary

TFG Killed More Americans Than Putin His Buddy Has Killed In Ukraine

OMZ - Glenn CLOSE is on COLBERT! -

Ok, stupid question I guess

Experts Depict The Grim Reality Of A Post-Roe America - The ReidOut - MSNBC

i pulled over for this shot....

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

3 Photos of the flowers on the Jacaranda in my yard:

Teachers union calls for $1.7 billion in new school funding

Al Franken found the leaker

Good evening, my 115,000.

the "a fetus is a human being" argument is a bullsh*t argument of rhetorical convenience

This Adorable PBS Show Will Teach Your Kids About Golda Meir

Lawrence O'Donnell: Alito's Draft Opinion Quotes A Man Who Believed In Witches - The Last Word MSNBC

Kanye West sued by Texas pastor after allegedly sampling his sermon on 'Donda' album

Abbot wants to challenge SCOTUS decision requiring public education

If you put a video with coati, or coatimundi, in reverse, you are in Jurassic Park.

A short film of the amazing osprey in action.

Seth Meyers - The Shocking SCOTUS Leak and the GOP's Decades-Long Plot to Overturn Roe: A Closer Look

Otoniel: Colombia drug kingpin extradited to US

Otoniel: Colombia drug kingpin extradited to US

Beto O'Rourke: TX Abortion Laws Are About 'Power And Control Over Women' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Anyone remember what else than Star Wars day May 4th is know for?

Thinkers of Great Thoughts for the evening

They've lost communications with Azovstal soldiers...

Here I go: Has anybody whistled, hummed, sung a Madonna "melody" - hostility not needed here.

Madison Cawthorn's week may be about to get worse.

The Daily Show: Conservatives Obsessed With SCOTUS Leak & U.K. Man Grows Arm Penis

Let's see how much Republicans like this "Unborn Life"-bill:.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Responds to Leaked Tape: 'We Were Acting Foolish

How many states have never had a female governor?

Rep. Tim Ryan Slams Vance For 'Inconvenient' Pregnancy Comment - The Last Word - MSNBC

Can we get any mileage by calling the Supreme Court leak, Sharia Law?

Their Nightmare Is Real: Russia Can't Keep Taking Heavy Losses In Ukraine

Elon Musk's SpaceX expansion proposal coincides with drastic drop in endangered bird populations

Reproductive rights image dump

Do it Dems!!

Oath Keeper Sought Go-Ahead From Trump To 'Forcibly Oppose The Transfer Of Power' - MSNBC Prime

Louisiana's "Fetal Personhood" Bill Will Make Abortion A Crime Of Homicide From Fertilization

For Religious Right, Abortion Was A Means To Power As Segregation Lost Political Potency - MSNBC Prime

Notably Crass, Trumpy Republican Defeated By Democrat In Very Red District - MSNBC Prime

Sen. Gary Peters shares painful decision to seek abortion - ABC News

Senators urge new TV parental guidelines in light of Disney's gender inclusion campaign

Inflation is hurting women at the grocery store. Some are eating less in order to feed their familie

Hollywood Nightmare: From Netflix's Stock Swoon to Mass Layoffs, Anxiety Grips Industry

Dolly Parton: Earning The Right - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

☦ Orthodox Christian loves non-Orthodox scripture memory songs..

Very brave woman protests in Yekaterinburg, Russia against the war, sews her mouth shut

Northern Ireland set to vote in election poised to make history - Al Jazeera

A call for militancy, and freedom for our women

coyotevest - protects animals from coyote attacks

Next battle over access to abortion will focus on pills

Disabled children "abandoned" in Ukrainian institutions - BBC News

dog tied to fire hydrant with note and backpack

COVID cases in Beijing prompt new restrictions - DW News

Russia's war in Ukraine has strengthened NATO, says German Chancellor Scholz - DW News

The situation in Mariupol:

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/4/22

How Ukrainians Saved Their Capital

This abortion draft isn't a legal decision, yet,

Zelenskiy says civilians still trapped at Azovstal steel plant - Guardian News

Beto O'Rourke: TX Abortion Laws Are About 'Power And Control Over Women' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Cuellar ducks abortion issue while campaigning through challenger's stronghold

NYTimes Wordle 5/5

Most of Arkansas' Democratic gubernatorial candidates support hike in minimum wage, oppose more rest

Well I found out never say to your wife first thing in the morning

U.S. Supreme Court's Alito cancels conference appearance after abortion ruling leak

Photos: 'Ukrainian rescuers in Bila Tserkva rescued a raccoon. Every life is important!'

Ya know what? Girls and women that find themselves with unwanted pregnancies many times save us

Thursday TOONs - The Witch-Hunter Wing


So, Cawthorn now says someone is blackmailing him.

Fencing goes up around Supreme Ct.; Politico boosts security

Another oath keeper charged with seditious conspiracy makes a deal and sings like a canary.

Is this a scam or what? Conservative credit card??

Texas' 28th district has voted for Democratic Presidents since 2000 except for one time, 2004

A Morning thought...

Banning abortion is horrifying, on the bright side, it has set off a fire storm.

Almost stuck in aspic.

Peyto Glacier, An Icon Of Banff National Park, Has Lost 70% Of Its Mass In 50 Years

'Pure propaganda': inside Starbucks' anti-union tactics

Alabama lawmakers claim LGBTQ school bathrooms are an 'issue', ...

SCOTUS Willingness To Jettison Precedent Could Gut EPA's Authority On Climate In Pending Case

Instant Karma: Madison Cawthorn's very bad day.

"It Does Not Work, It Will Not Work & No Amount Of False Advertising Will Change That"

If you like Wordle

Half of States Set to Ban Abortion Have No Sex Ed Requirements

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/4/2022

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for July 2022

Art of the Week: Week of 5/4/22

The Rundown: May 5, 2022

Remains of World War II soldier to be buried in Virginia

Perhaps this should be the GQP's new slogan.

Putting 2 and 2 together

Va. appeals court overturns belt discipline conviction, saying 'parental privilege' usurped

1 Of World's Top Reef Scientists Demands Gov Release Latest GBR Bleaching Report

Good Morning, Sunshine!!

Oath Keepers leader sought to contact Trump on Jan. 6, court papers indicate

Photos: Miniature Menagerie of Felted Wildlife

New NSW Logging Rules Still Permit Forests Designated As Koala Habitat To Be Razed

Cisneros calls out House Democratic leadership for supporting anti-abortion Cuellar

Judge mocks New York Democrats' redistricting 'Hail Mary' case

Queensland's Net-Zero Plan Will Not Close Any Of Its 8 Coal Plants So Something Emissions Something

Blind Willie McTell was born on this date.

OK, suppose that the pending bill in the Senate that codifies Roe gets past the filibuster.

In countries where it is legal to marry off girls as young as 11, many die from child birth.

U.S. weekly jobless claims increase; layoffs creep up in April

Ms. Magazine: Everything you need to know about getting an abortion at home

Alito: The worst of the radical conservative Supreme Court Justices.

I'll bet $100 Ginni Thomas is the leaker

Covid's toll in the U.S. reaches a once unfathomable number: 1 million deaths

Kigali GHG Treaty Passes Senate Committee But Needs 17 GQP Votes To Be Enacted

You raised $35.00 on May 4, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA (kick Grassley's butt)

The radical political agenda of the Supreme Court.

You raised $100.00 on May 4, 2022 OFFICIAL DU for Tim Ryan US Senate Ohio

I know this is "unscientific" and not supportable with actual facts, but---

You raised $100.00 on May 4, 2022 Omaha Steve is out for (Carol) BLOOD Gov NE

Death Toll During Pandemic Far Exceeds Totals Reported by Countries, W.H.O. Says

Sounds like Ukraine is on the move today!

Tina Turner - The Best & Proud Mary (live, 2009)

You raised $100.00 on May 4, 2022 for Ukraine relief

Israel tightens grip on West Bank with planned restrictions

Israeli court paves way for eviction of 1,000 Palestinians from West Bank area

Remember Daniel Ellsberg, leaker of the Pentagon Papers?

If they ban abortion, women who miscarriage will be terrified.

U.S. Intelligence Is Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals, Officials Say

U.S. Intelligence Is Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals, Officials Say

For obvious reasons, I don't expect any detailed answers to this, but is anyone aware of

You raised $100.00 on May 4, 2022 for Abby Finkenauer for US Senate IA

Such Hypocrisy

Who's the last Republican politician that you truly respected?

Religious Tyranny

Debbie Downer here. Would repealing Roe vs Wade REALLY spur Democratic turnout?

Criminalizing abortion potentially disempowers women at the ballot box

Tweet of the Week

I suspect the Trump GOP has plenty of blackmail tapes....

Billionaire Donates Billion To Stanford (Awash In Cash) For "Sustainability" - Big Oil Donations OK!

D'Souza's propaganda film,"2,000 Mules" screened @ M-A-Lago last eve. Usual goose steppers

There really is zero doubt now that the leak came from the right

Republican men more likely to father an unwanted pregnancy

My take: Leaker was acting on direction of one of the justices.

Aldi has gone back to requesting (but not requiring) face coverings

Cinco de Mayo

If people are rushing onstage to attack comedians who offend them

If their lips are moving, they're lying...

He was watching a sunrise in America and was arrested.

Post on blackmail tapes

What's for breakfast? Thursday, 5/5/22

The 'cosy' US classic that's really about sex and death

can we talk about singers?

Billionaire Alwaleed says Musk will be "excellent" for Twitter. (Bloomberg News TV)

Woman in her late 60s dies after falling into Upper Peninsula waterfall

Sauce Chivry - Herbed Bechamel Recipe (video)

NPRs Tim Mak: the Dogs of War.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 5, 2022

Pic Of The Moment: Samuel Alito Explains It All

Here's who else is buying Twitter now: Qatar, a16z, Binance, Larry Ellison et al.

Growing up in a world without legal abortion and no contraceptives.

5 Ways To Protect Abortion Rights If The Supreme Court Overturns Roe

Is Donald Trump Jr. okay?

WOW! Joe Scarborough destroys MAGA & GOP with examples: 'THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY.'

Sergej Sumlenny: "Get ready for the break up of Russia"

Zelensky and Biden: men handed the most treacherous and difficult hand to play. FIGHT ON!

It seems to me that most of the blame for the dwindling of what we call "mainline" religions can

White Witch - Help Me Lord

Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization - 5th Court of Appeals..Huh???

Cats "helping" their humans solve a puzzle

Covid-19's full death toll is nearly three times higher than reported, WHO data suggests

Newsmax host accuses Ketanji Brown Jackson of leaking Roe draft before she's sworn in

I dread the concept but has Whiny Donny done a victory lap yet?

Definitive thread on what's happening in Ukraine today:

Religious groups take up the fight to preserve abortion rights

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Alito

Opinion: If Democrats are smart, they'll make Texas the new Iowa

Opinion: If Democrats are smart, they'll make Texas the new Iowa

If Democrats are smart, they'll make Texas the new Iowa

Again, Minnesota is an island in the Midwest

Don't forget--April is National Procrastinator's Month...

Besides voting BLUE, what should women be doing right now to prepare?

Former Georgia cop who had 'a problem with females' now running for Congress

How to Win the Abortion Argument (Atlantic article)

We Learned Nothing From Covid-19

Are there no democratic "oligarchs" in our country who could offer parcels of land to be developed

I've seen other versions of this posted before, but it bears repeating.

Emily Bazelon Opinion: Beware the Feminism of Justice Alito (NY Times)

Why a Focus on Gender Increases National Security

Pets Who Thought They Were Hiding, But Actually Weren't (2 videos)

Looking for a specific abortion meme.

Beware of cat-- Reminded me of my first cat "Pugsy"

Paying attention now?

The fatal flaw Trump and his inner circle made leading up to Jan 6th.

Russians steal vast amounts of Ukrainian grain and equipment, threatening this year's harvest

Why a Focus on Gender Increases National Security

Historian Timothy Snyder: Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Is a Colonial War

Latest primaries show the insurrectionist spirit thriving in the GOP

Your phone could reveal if you've had an abortion

Madonna: Die Another Day

"Millions retired early during the pandemic. Many are now returning to work, new data shows."

A Women's Bill of Rights

Mother's Day Week Strike! May 8- 14. EVERYONE can participate in some way! Spread the word!

Mariupol steel mill battle rages as Ukraine repels attacks

Latest study on sleep optimality

House of the Dragon - Official Teaser Trailer - HBO Max

A Women's Bill of Rights

What do your favorite books say about you?

Day after Kent State killings 1970 came demonstrations and protest at hundreds of US colleges

I have catmint volunteers


Sen. Roger Marshall has joined a letter to condemn Disney

Am I missing something here? Why should I give a shit who leaked the Roe v Wade opinion?

The Pleasure Principle: how the left wins the abortion wars

Abortion wasn't always taboo in America

Pro life party

Gloves off: Rs want to literally burn women at the stake

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 5, 2022)

I got an email from Boulder County Elections today about the June primaries...

Turning My House Into A Station......

Russian oligarch's $300 million mega-yacht seized in Fiji

The "significant' Tulip has bloomed.

The Salton Sea could produce the world's greenest lithium, if new extraction technologies work

ray charles/willie nelson - seven spanish angels (live) - freaking STELLAR

Weapons, mercenaries and trade deals: Russia grows stronger in Africa

Why a secretive tech billionaire is bankrolling J.D. Vance

Will 'Hitler' change Israel's Ukraine policy?

Mother's Day Week Strike! May 8- 14. EVERYONE can participate in some way! Spread the word!

Woudn't follow instructions

A Question to Ask Parents with Pre-Teen and Teen Children?

Disabuse me of my ignorance - re: the abortion judgment leak

The Sore Winners

Russian propagandists call for public hangings, sterilization, and concentration camps

Jeff Tiedrich tweet on lying Supreme Court justices:

US Cyber Command team helps Lithuania protect its networks

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about Republicans in Moscow on July 4:

Montana Republicans poised to abandon school lunch assistance amidst hunger crisis

Barry Goldwater warned us.

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Venus up there?

White House adviser: Overturning Roe would hurt economy

Seattle has most missing, murdered Indigenous women and girls cases of US cities

Mama cat brings all her kittens to her sleeping human: Here, you take care of them for awhile:

'Rogue governor' scenario spooks senators working to prevent stolen elections

More homeless services headed to Lakewood. Hygiene center, more housing units planned

The right to have an abortion will still be a woman's choice.

The Repugs Have Reacted To The SCOTUS Leak-Likened It To The Insurrection.....

Video shows how Ukraine defeated Russians in key battle

Decision made. Kittens are coming in today.

Overturning Roe v. Wade could worsen the national maternal health crisis

Goose down looked alive!

Dolphin see, dolphin do:

8 REASONS to stand up today against abortion bans in the United States, according to Amanda Gorman:

Supreme Court installs security fencing after protests

This Isn't a "Decision" -- It's a Judicial Coup by Theocrats and Fascists

Animals just wanna have fun (some really good ones in 2nd half of video):

Senate Democrats move to restore FTC's ability to obtain monetary relief for scam victims

India's Modi asks states to prepare heat action plans amid rising temperatures


You Are Not Owed a Reason for Somebody's Abortion

I wonder if the fascists/Trumpists laugh when they hear or read "It Can't Happen Here!" because ---

Shell posts record quarterly profit of $9 billion

How to turn off location tracking

System designed to help fish migrate over dam to spawning grounds:

The Alito opinion would be like Plessy overturning Brown v. Board of Education

About that Jim Crow thing and more

I just caught Madoc trying to gnaw his way into an 8lb bag of baking soda

'We can't wait on the Supreme Court': In Louisiana, abortion could become a crime of murder

Yogurt making basics

Cat's reaction is adorable:

REPORT: 4 of 10 most common jobs in Ohio pay near poverty level

Why are they talking about bringing in the FBI to investigate the Supreme Court leak?


CDC HQ is on lockdown

Texas: GOP Gov. Abbott Considers Challenging 1982 Ruling Requiring Free Public Education

See, I'm old enough to remember

Question about the Texas 6 week ban

Leslie Jones: 2019 SNL update: You can't control women!

UK and Japan reach new defense deal amid Russia concerns

President Biden has declared May 5, 2022 as Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day

The horrific bird flu that's wiped out 36 million chickens and turkeys, explained

Cartoons 5-5-2022

What a great add. And scary.

Forgive Me If This Question Offends Anyone - But During Jim Crow Times If A White Woman Was Raped...

The whole thread is worth reading:

Madison Cawthorn is one strange cat.

Edmonds council debates -- but doesn't vote on -- public camping ban

Covid-19's full death toll is nearly three times higher than reported, WHO data suggests

Pete Strzok has an interesting comment about Cawthorne

Boeing to move headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, Va.

As trash piles up, county dumps set for weekend closures

Pregnancy-related deaths could rise 20% or more in states that outlaw abortion, experts say

Whodunit? Speculation swirls as Supreme Court launches probe into leaked draft abortion opinion

10-Year-Old Stray Mama Dog Turns Into A Puppy Months After She's Rescued

I am 73 and, for whatever reason, just recalled the verse in a long-ago birthday card:

Cawthorn downplays 'crass' leaked nude video, blames opponents' 'drip campaign'

Pentagon says Russia's attempts to hit Western weapons flowing into Ukraine having 'no impact'

On this day, May 5, 1942, Tammy Wynette was born.

Rubio Targets Citi, Amazon With Bill on Abortion-Travel Benefits

The Cult of Normality: American Fascism desires so much to be seen as 'normal'

Florida Residents Sue Gov Ron DeSantis Over Revoking Disney's Special Tax District

This Republican tweet counted on people not having read the Constitution. Whoops

WATCH: Senate Democrats hold press briefing on vote to codify Roe v. Wade

Which member of the Third Reich does this look like?

Well, the media is finally getting around to reporting on something I have been trying to get

Biden to crack down on polluters in poor, minority areas

It is very clear that the republican party is the party of deviants, perverts, and anti-Americans

Schumer Calls for Abortion Vote Next Week

The Alito opinion would be like Plessy overturning Brown v. Board of Education

So what will Putin announce on Monday?


Is there a Constitutional lawyer in the house?

Can you remain a member of DU and still....

Dr. Oz is not the droid "America Firsters" are looking for:

White Nationalism's Deep American Roots - Madison Grant, Hitler, Eugenics, Immigration Restriction

Scientists discover bizarre 'worm-like' aurora stretching halfway across Mars

GOP Candidate Suggests He'll Tear-Gas 'Liberal Media' in New Campaign Ad

Donald Trump Warns Republican Candidates Against Crossing Him

God Comes Out as Pro-Choice

CNN source says the Junior slob and asswipe never took the Fifth.

The Kremlin blinks first in the geo-economic war over Ukraine

And here they are!!!

Chechen Leader's Brutal Fighters Are Getting Killed in Ukraine 'Every Day'

Food prices hit record high in March, U.N. agency says

Russians steal vast amounts of Ukrainian grain and equipment, threatening this year's harvest

Russian middle and upper classes never thought they'd have to pay a price for supporting autocracy:

"You're asking people who can become pregnant to accept less bodily autonomy than we grant to....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russians and John Deere....

STUNNING! No one could have seen this coming.

When Amber speaks, I laugh. . . Or, I learn.

This week's major U.S. economic reports (May 9 - May 13)

Could 51 Republican Senators ban abortion everywhere in 2024?

Which battleground US Senate seats will the Democrats win first by a wide to narrow margin

Again in Alabama?

Free 2022 Kentucky Oaks and Derby Past Performances

UPDATE: My daughter's renters policy claim was approved

Democrats to force vote next week on Roe v. Wade decision

Hey Joe - Buckwheat Zydeco

J.D. Vance Is a Dangerous Authoritarian

Alcaraz v Norrie

New Senate primary polls in PA

Alexandria man cited after nearly two dozen weapons found in carry-on at DCA

Pro-Choice Advocate John Fetterman Jumps Another 12 Pts In Recent Poll

May 5 SCOTUS this morning. The high fences are up. May 5, 2022.

'Shattered': How the Trump Family Won the D.C. Inauguration Case

happy six year anniversary to the receipt of this FOIA

On MSNBC now: Karine Jean-Pierre is new WH Press Secretary...

Karine Jean-Pierre will step into Press Secretary role, replacing Jen Psaki on 5-13-22.

Alito says have no worries about other rights connected to privacy law as they are

Cinco de Mayo In Memphis - Guy Clark

Starbucks: Unhappy About Customers Ordering Drinks Under the Name 'Union Strong'

Alex Jones Bankruptcy Case Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Could This Ohio Man Be The Next QAnon Congressman?

Tumbleweed Invasion

Alex Jones Bankruptcy Case Just Keeps Getting Weirder

This French Bulldog Is A Singing Potato

EU to clean house of Russia lobbyists

We must stop the fascists from defining what American means

Is anyone tracking the rate of asymptomatic covid cases?

Abuse-clouded prison called 'rape club' gets attention, but will things change?

America, we need to have a serious conversation if this piece of work was supposed to be the shoe-in

What am I doing out here?

Savoy Family Band - Highpoint 2- Step - Cajun Louisiana

Kavanaugh Asks If Anyone Has Seen Briefcase He Accidentally Left at Bar Last Week (satire)

Billie Jean King's abortion story

Alito's invocation of Sir Matthew Hale in his leaked opinion is much more f'd up than people realize

Karine Jean-Pierre to become the first Black White House press secretary

Justice of the Supreme Court is a sweet gig!

Life after Roe: Republicans are already targeting the right to a public education

Excuse me while I toot my own horn here 🥳

Newsmax Host Immediately Blames Kentanji Brown Jackson For SCOTUS Leak

Surprising nobody, Susan Collins is against the bill to keep abortion legal.

Guy Found a Frightened Kitten Under a Truck And Just Couldn't Say No To Her

Time to calm down about the leaked draft of the abortion decision.

interisting to get rid of waste into an oppertunity.

So, let me get this straight...

U.S. Intelligence Is Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals, Officials Say

Karine Jean-Pierre will be the NEW Press Secretary, taking over the duties from Jen Psaki.

SCOTUSBlog: How the leak might have happened

PA is the only US Senate seat up for re-election in 2022 that will flip.

Some hard truth for Trump: You, sir, are going to die.

'The Palm Republic': Group plans to 'declare independence' from South Carolina

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the dreams of the American worker....

Russian counter-terrorism vs American counter-terrorism

In what universe is it acceptable...

We need less than $50 to reach the next goal for Carol Blood fundraising for Gov NE

Help a Woman Get an Abortion - Pass It On!

Local School Board race-a friend is being called a predator

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 5, 2022

Tweets on Dobbs. I want to do a thread on "deeply rooted in our nation's history and tradition."

Conservatives Obsessed with SCOTUS Leak & U.K. Man Grows Arm Penis The Daily Show

How Fringe Christian Nationalists Made Abortion a Central Political Issue

Swedish watchdog closes two Islamic schools for radicalising pupils

Vaquita porpoise could survive ... but only if illegal fishing stops immediately

Vaquita porpoise could survive ... but only if illegal fishing stops immediately

Scary-looking social security mail makes me anxious

Jewish summer camp veterans are opening a camp for trans kids. It was filled within weeks.

(Jewish Group) Jewish summer camp veterans are opening a camp for trans kids. Filled in weeks.

Campaigning for Henry Cuellar, a Democratic U.S. House leader says party shouldn't shun abortion

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #12-14: Honey, I Shrunk The District Edition

Joe Rogan's Roe v. Wade Stance a 'Pleasant Surprise' For Fans

Swedish PM: Social Democrats could decide on Nato on May 15th

Indiana man charged with killing wife wins town board primary

The Koch court...

The Marshall Tucker Band - Heard It in a Love Song

Senate Democrats: You need to watch this immediately. --Sen. @GillibrandNY on Roe.

How the Leak Might Have Happened

Maybe we should have a No Violence November instead

Make This Creamy Chickpea Cacio e Pepe With Caramelized Lemon

FG refusing to pay any of his fine for contempt

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 6 May 2022

Louisiana Jambalaya - Lee Benoit Cajun Band

Congrats to KJP46

Michigan State Police Seize Voting Machine

Member of the JOINT CHIEFS researched the 25th Amendment for removing a president from office.....

Link between public media and healthy democracy

Luckovich on abortion tweet

i had VERY vivid dream last night. A UFO flew & Crashed into the Supreme Court Building !!

as of 1343 hours sonora current temps are ,,

Say hello to NH GOP Rep. Susan DeLemus engaging peaceful protestors this morning.

Dow tumbles 1,000 points, Nasdaq loses 5 percent in worst day since 2020

tonites repast

Louisiana legislators advance bill classifying abortion as homicide

New Yorker cartoon a wish for mother's day.

UK would do 'whatever we need to to defend Finland and Sweden'

Green Pioneer Ed Begley Jr & Douglas Moore discuss hydrogen fuel cell tech

Westmoreland sheriff deputies pull out of helping Secret Service at Friday's Trump, Oz rally

FDA sharply limits use of Johnson & Johnson shot due to rare blood clots

FDA sharply limits use of Johnson & Johnson shot due to rare blood clots

Does Anyone Know If There Is A Celery Sauce (Condiment) On The Market....

Karine Jean-Pierre to become White House press secretary, the first Black and out LGBTQ person in th

Dear Democrats in the House and Senate: !!!WAKE UP AND STAND UP TO GOP!!!

Dave Chappelle Attacker Was A Trump Supporter

Remote teaching in Ukraine....

Ukrainian military going on offensive....

My Favorite Things - John Coltrane

Biden and Harris meet with union organizers in the Oval Office

Christo-fascist court...

Putties victory parade called off...!

Someone please ask Margaret Atwood what happens to us next.

Afternoon variety

Trump Proposed Launching Missiles Into Mexico to 'Destroy the Drug Labs,' Esper Says

Oil Change Customer Sued After A Car Dealership's Worker Kills Someone With Customer's Car

I expected Republicans to be meeker and more prudent after getting rid of Roe

I'm posting this here, because I assume you all know of LilBit

I will miss Jen Psaki. She is gone from the WH after next Friday.

Senate Signals It Will Sink Biden's Iran Deal

Men's fashion - the 1970s

Do men think this is what a vasectomy is?

Right-Wing Rattie - Disney Mickey Mouse - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Louisiana just advanced a bill to make abortion at conception

Congress fires its first warning shot on Biden's Iran deal

So the question for me is- is the Roberts Court

Half of Online Political Media right now:

Latest intelligence leak was likely an OPSEC violation

Michigan State Police seizes voting machine as it expands investigation into potential breaches

Delaware is WAY too heavy on repubs and limited people running against them so far.

Don Jr. testifies to J6 Congressional committee. Will he AGAIN be referred to DOJ for perjury? Kirschner

You have no idea who they will come for next. - HRC

Donate to help Ukraine at United24

Ohio Redistricting Commission resubmits maps already rejected as illegal by supreme court

Southern MD evening

Anybody see any problems with the authorities if I "gift" the SCOTUS with these??

A Cuban, a Canadian and a white supremicist walk into a bar

Gov. DeSantis reportedly banned from NY Museum of Jewish Heritage

Man accused in Jan. 6 assault of former DC police officer Fanone pleads guilty

U.S. provided intelligence that helped Ukraine sink Russian warship

Senator Mazie Hirono: Mood

The Daily Show: Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "Get Mad and Vote. We Have to Do Both."

Chappelle Attacked: LA County DA Won't Charge As A Felony, Refers Misdemeanor Case To City Attorney

Mandel super PAC pivots to attacking Dr. Oz

Pierre Poilievre conservative leadership candidate:

Jenna Ellis faces disbarment complaint for 'knowingly spreading falsehoods' about 2020 election

Alfred Baldwin, Watergate Lookout Who Turned Witness, Dead at 83

Back on Owl box 'nest'

Should young women stockpile abortion pills? Are we at that point yet?

in all these tweets (including Biden events) I maybe see half a dozen masks, if that.

The long shadow of market fundamentalism

The long shadow of market fundamentalism

3 Israelis killed in stabbing attack near Tel Aviv

U.S. provided intelligence that helped Ukraine sink Russian warship

The coming world order

Postmaster general: Get used to 'uncomfortable' rate hikes

Postmaster general: Get used to 'uncomfortable' rate hikes

What happened to the cry of "Activist Judges".

Tweet of the Evening:

Canadian Conservatives really don't want a vote on abortion. GOP wedge issues work backwards in Cana

Amazon Labor Union's Chris Smalls faces off against Sen. Graham on workers

Texas Paul REACTS to Marjorie Taylor Greene's Attack on US Veterans - MeidasTouch

Trump wanted to bomb Mexico

Ruling threatens US power as world's high-seas drug police

Caroline Kennedy was today confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to Australia:

Russia would have to slash oil production by 20% within a year or two after an EU embargo, even if C

Virus found in pig heart used in human transplant

US panel to focus on Native American missing, slain cases

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Seems Reluctant To Appear in Public. Gee, I Wonder Why.

Dr. Karen Ramstrom Fired by Trio of Destructive Shasta County Supervisors

EU plans to put Putin's rumoured girlfriend on sanctions list

What a lovely pic of two amazing women (Jen Psaki and Karine Jean-Pierre):

Tweet of the Evening #2:

Karine Jean-Pierre Named White House Press Secretary - MSNBC Reports

This teacher gave 2nd graders a writing assignment. Then 22 shelter dogs got adopted.

Mavis with Levon & The Whole Gang at the Barn in Woodstock.

Rescue operation underway in Mariupol as Russian forces enter steel plant

From George Lakoff: