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Woman and her 'trespassing' cat get $125K settlement in lengthy Washington legal battle

Jill Biden's trip to Romania and Slovakia includes spending Mother's Day with Ukrainian refugees

U.S. Chief Justice Roberts calls abortion draft leak 'appalling'


NYC Council bill would require watchdog to probe claims of NYPD lying in court

Tweet of the Night:

UVA Center for Politics: Youth voter turnout and the 2022 midterm

Rep. Lois Frankel says there will be 'government-mandated pregnancies' if Roe v. Wade is overturned

Defamation lawsuit over Trump rape claim by writer E. Jean Carroll set to resume discovery

April 2022 Atmospheric CO2 Content 420.23 ppm; 1st Time In Instrumental Record Monthly Avg. Over 420

Tweet of the Night #2:

These kittens are already proving to be expert shoulder snugglers

Elizabeth Warren is also worried about Fidelity's plan to offer bitcoin in 401(k)s

NY Times: I Listened In on Big Business. It's Profiting From Inflation, and You're Paying for It.

GOP Lawmaker Hired Man Who Lured Boy for Sex

Senate Democrats set vote on debating nationwide abortion access

Georgia's Kemp accidentally tells the truth about anti-voting law

Why isn't anyone extrapolating this situation out to its obvious conclusion?

Joe Manchin joins with Tom Cotton to reroute $8 billion in climate funds to weapons systems

The turnaway study: Longitudinal study of the denial of abortion rights.

Third Rescue Operation Underway of Civilians Who Remain Trapped in Mariupol - CBS News

Horse & rider step off a gravel-filled tractor tire during a trail riding clinic at our farm.

Idea to get a point across

Cool, showery spring to continue through Mother's Day weekend

Maybe the perfect Psaki bomb

Ok... This old gay man has an idea if Roe vs. Wade is trashed...

Tweet of the Day

U.S. Will Use 'All Of Our Assets' To Stop Russia Says Rep. Himes - Deadline - MSNBC

Heart - These Dreams (live in Seattle, 8/8/2002)

Mrs. Betty Bowers: "Life is Precious" unless...

I Counted All the Scholars Cited in the Leaked Roe Opinion. Can You Guess How Many Were Women?

Trump Wanted to Fire Rockets Into Mexico and Pretend Like the U.S. Didn't Do It: Report

Fledgling local media tackles progressive issues

Ugh ugh ugh. One of the worst weekend forecasts we've made in a while for the DC area

Ron Johnson escalates 'guerrilla war' against medical establishment

Exclusive: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Comments On Leaked Draft SCOTUS Opinion - Deadline - MSNBC

Russia's most advanced tank in service was obliterated by Ukraine just days after it was deployed

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Moscow Mitch tells press the story is the Supreme Court leak, not Alito's draft opinion

Qatar's Repressive Regime Will Help Fund Musk's Twitter Deal

Is this the most IRISH experience?

The Mallory McMorrow Fallacy

This is METAL from Romania, a friend of mine introduced this to me

Chris Hayes saying people didn't learn about 1918 Flu epidemic.

Pa. U.S. Senate Poll: John Fetterman takes commanding lead among Dems ...

Attorney General Merrick Garland responds to the Supreme Court potentially overturning Roe v. Wade.

George Thorogood - Bad To The Bone (studio version & live in 1984)

So Teddy "Cancun" Cruz has idea of who leaked the SCOTUS draft?

Ted Cruz HUMILIATES himself, pathetic scheme exposed on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Velshi negative reporting of White House tonite. 4 minutes and switched station.

Brian Kilmeade Shows Why SNL Portrays Him as a dumbass

I think it's important to explain why women get abortions at various times.

Tweet of the Night #3:

Russia says it fires cruise missiles from submarine, warns again on NATO arms shipments

The Tyranny of The Minority Is Here... Lord Help Us - Political Voices Network

Compare the protest today in front of SCOTUS with the angry mob all greased up

Putin did not even warn the government of the Russia & the State Duma about the war with Ukraine

Rumours of war: Admiral Makarov, a Russian warship, has been hit by missiles, according to rumours

Sen. Tom Cotton says SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade would be good for Republicans in 2022 midterms.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the megadrought, Lake Powell, and the future....

The Biggest Lie Conservative Defenders of Alito's Leaked Opinion Are Telling

Officials push back on report US intel helping Ukraine target Russian generals

Leonard Leo, Opus Dei & the Radical Catholic Takeover of the Supreme Court

Do you all know Billi?

We asked Republican senators for evidence that 'the left' leaked the Supreme Court abortion opinion.

New Evidence Undercuts Jan. 6 Instigator Conspiracy Theory

Greg Abbott Reveals the GOP's Plan After Killing Roe v. Wade: Killing Public Education

Looking at the leaked draft: one comment so far

The Reconstruction amendments matter when considering abortion rights

Abortion laws, two words "Jury Nullification"

Jesus-it was worse than we knew. TFG wanted to bomb mexico and pretend it was another country

Trump, McConnell, McCarthy, Cruz, Cotton, Graham, Hawley, Johnson,Taylor-Greene, Gaetz,

'Deflection': Why The MAGA Party Is Obsessed With SCOTUS Leak - The Beat - MSNBC

George W. Bush meets virtually with Zelensky

Old Man (2009 Remaster)

Simple Man

Mike Pence gets all self righteous over the non-born...

Cat calculating the physics before jumping

US Senate Races that the Democrats are likely to win in 2022 from Safe Democratic to Tossup

GQP? Conspiracy Theorists, MAGA Rally-Goer Run For Office Amid Fight For Democracy - The Beat MSNBC

David Crosby still sick with Covid

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, May 6, 2022

Georgia SOS Raffensperger Flirts With Trump Propagandists in Reelection Campaign

We are Baranski

DU Community: Do you think the word "fuck" on DU posts/subject line

Who Was The Oath Keepers Leader Talking To From Trump's Inner Circle On Jan. 6? - All In - MSNBC

Marie-Louise Giraud

Rainier Beach tiny home village opens after securing funding FOX 13 Seattle

Exquisite vocal harmonies from "Tiny Habits", trio recommended by David Crosby

You Know, If The State REQUIRES You To Do Something...........

TV Commercial Ideas for SCOTUS & Republicans...

ok but what if it's five bad apples

The Right to Move Is Under Attack

Man accused of killing wife battling cancer wins Indiana town board primary from jail

Abbott says Texas could challenge Supreme Court ruling that states educate all, including undocume

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Chris Hayes On GOP Vs. Democracy: What To Do When The System Isn't Working - All In - MSNBC

What are the chances that if a national abortion law passes, it would get struck down?

How Roe v. Wade Came Under Attack Before: The Last Abortion Clinic (full documentary) - FRONTLINE PBS

States Decision?

The winner in the following US Senate Races in 2022.

Just tried a new flavor of Oreos...

Suggestion in discussion with person using RW talking points of punish the leaker.

Why is someone's abortion any one else's business?

Republican Candidate Charged with Murdering Cancer-Stricken Wife Wins Primary from Jail

They say it's about abortion/saving babies, but it's not.

The Year: 2035

US Forces load Howitzers bound for Ukraine

For samuel alito: May you experience every single second of the fear and pain,


Feel Like A Number

Laurence Badass O'Donnell's Word To The Men of America On Their Responsibility

I do not like you MAGA scum. I think your day has finally come.

The Daily Show: Nancy Pelosi Surprises Zelenskyy & Porn-Watching U.K. MP Resigns

School surveillance video from April 2022 tornado in Andover, KS

UK: Labour take control of council held by Conservatives since 1978.

Something that really makes me angry

Hillary Clinton on abortion rights: 'We're not going back' - ABC News

Storm Chaser Vince Waelti's close encounter with tornado near Foard City, Texas on May 4, 2022

Hillary Clinton on abortion rights: 'We're not going back' - ABC News

This is how #Azovstal sounds...

Rep Swalwell Deftly Calls Out Sarandon's Egregious tweet..

British PM Johnson's Conservatives suffer early losses in local elections, key tests to come

'17th Century Misogynist' Cited Multiple Times In Justice Alito's Draft Opinion - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Jennifer Mercieca on why the Right thinks it owns us all

Seth Meyers: Matt Gaetz Thinks "Over-Educated" Is an Insult; Trump Tied to Oath Keepers: A Closer Look

Sugarloaf - 'Green Eyed Lady'

The scratch marks are for "the men she's whored herself out to".

Congressional Medal Of Honor And Medal Of Freedom For The Person Who Leaked The Supreme Court's

Leave it to Beaver's Tony Dow announces he's been diagnosed with cancer

Gov. DeSantis reportedly banned from NY Museum of Jewish Heritage

I'm voting in the GOPQ primary, and it's traumatic

New Report Says Officials Ignored Warnings About Jan. 6 - The ReidOut - MSNBC

TFG means ...

wordlhurdle2 now has 4, 5,6 letter options.

Will the UK Elections results finally bring Boris Johnson down?

Lawrence O'Donnell: Samuel Alito's Lies Did Not Stop In His Confirmation Hearing - The Last Word MSNBC

What uncomfortable things will We/Me now do to save democracy.

(Jewish Group) The Holocaust Started With My Great-Uncle's Murder

The Holocaust Started With My Great-Uncle's Murder

Is this where I ask about disgusting ad pictures?

GOP senators want new TV rating for shows with LGBTQ characters

Frank Langella Blames 'Cancel Culture' After Firing From Netflix Show

Red-Winged Blackbird just took off from the fencepost.

Angry old lady

The Daily Show-These judges make lying fun. It's the Black Robe Comedy Tour!

The Daily Show-These judges make lying fun. It's the Black Robe Comedy Tour!

We need to stop calling this the Roberts Court. It is the mcconnell court.

Sooo, if anyone knows someone who may want to go camping, but doesn't live in a ..

Conservators 'speechless' that Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe's dress to Met Gala

Mariupol reminds me of Stalingrad. I wonder if any Russians see the irony?

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) touts Florida's 15-week abortion ban with no exception for rape, incest, or

Justice Alito's apparently a 17th century man, a man of his time, a time...

More Thinkers of Great Thoughts for the Evening

My niece and her SO were on the JumboTron

School surveillance video from April 2022 tornado in Andover, KS

The Afternoon Women.

Central Florida taxpayers sue Gov. Ron DeSantis over Reedy Creek's dissolve

Thousands of homeowners hit with non-renewal insurance letters (Florida)

Dave Grisman and Jerry Garcia - on Dave Letterman's.

The Real Reason Ukraine Is Able To Kill So Many Russian Generals - MSNBC Prime

Imma reminiscing..

Friday Morning Relaxing Coffee Jazz and Bossa Nova Livestream

Randy Newman, Ry Cooder, and Linda Ronstadt......

Supreme liars

Susan Collins voices opposition to Democratic legislation to create a statutory right to abortion

How to do a perfect u-turn in a tight spot wait for it

A trip down memory lane

A trip down memory lane

Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece Live 1974

Russia seeks new energy markets as European Union pushes away - CBS News

Another UN Security Council meeting

Phil Mickelson recorded $40 million in gambling losses over four years

I feel so bad.

UK economy's damage from Brexit

You are my Sunshine

GOP lawmaker faces scrutiny for massive taxpayer funded travel - CNN

You are my Sunshine

If Roe Falls, Criminalizing Abortion Will Be A Question For Prosecutors - MSNBC Prime

Petraeus on Russia: 'The level of training of their soldiers is clearly inadequate' - DW News

New Omicron Subvariant Fueling Covid Surge Across Much of U.S. - NBC News

Bjorn Ulvaeus Ukraine speech

ABBA's Bjorn Ulvaeus Ukraine speech

Crystal Ball - Prince

The best investment I have ever made.

Jen Psaki Leaves White House - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Senate Democrats join with Republicans to vote down Bernie Sanders' effort to stop outsourcing

No, the Stanford Dish Isn't Listening for Aliens -- but It Was Built to Spy on Russia

Reports: Russian ship Admiral Makarov sunk

Ukrainian Army Is On The Attack

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/5/22

Breakfast Friday 6 May 2022

Former Colorado cop sentenced to 5 years for assaulting woman with dementia during 2020 arrest

Can Russian regime change come soon enough

Interesting new lipophilic extractant for trivalent actinides.

UT students arrested after robot vandalism

Positive Happy Cafe Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Relaxing

TurboTax owner to pay $2.5M to Colorado residents for deceiving people into paying for free services

The GOP's war against women will fail,

Atlanta TV stations never mention "easy access" to guns

Question on roe

Don't Let Samuel Alito Fool You: Ending Abortion Isn't About Protecting Black Life. It's NOT.

NYTimes Wordle 5/6

Damn that narrative!

Almost as many legends surround Zacatecas' House of 100 Doors

I took my post down about another Russian ship being sunk

'Replacement theory' fuels extremists and shooters. Now a top Border Patrol agent is spreading it

The Groomers strike again


Germany: Woman sentenced to 6 months in jail for poking holes in partner's condoms

Over 500 kg cocaine found in coffee delivery to Nespresso

Friday TOONs - Who's "Legislating From The Bench" Now?

"no one would know it was us." --- yes it was worse than we could imagine.

April jobs report preview: Payroll growth set to persist as jobless rate improves to pre-virus low

Asian hate OR hatred of women OR hatred of elderly?

I'm at a crossroads in my life I need to make a serious decision this morning

The babies squeak 'Good Morning, DU!!'

I'm Only Sleeping

That was close. But now they are friends again.

Protestors should not go to the justice's homes. As we move to the June

unhinged republican congresswoman DeLemus

Quickly descending into a world war?

Ukraine says more civilians rescued from Mariupol steelworks

Brazil: House Approves Urgent Bill Banning Changes to the Bible

Trump wanted to 'quietly' bomb Mexico, seriously, ex-Defense Secretary Mark Esper recounts

The Separation of Church and State

Why the US War on Cuba?

Virginia Governor - everybody* back in the office July 5th

Argentine gov't supports court ruling granting Bariloche lands to Mapuche group

Mexican journalist killed; 9th media worker slain this year

Olivia Rodrigo stops her concert to talk about abortion

Smoke From Massive Spring Fires In New Mexico, High Plains Dust Storm Converge In NOAA Imagery

Senator Hirono weighs in...

The origin of Super Villians: Superboy-Prime

Soliciting Multiversity: DC's Top 10 for July 2022

The Rundown: May 6, 2022

Calf Canyon Fire 2nd-Largest In NM History; 15,000 Homes In/Around Santa Fe Are At Risk

States line up for fight to go first in Democrats' next presidential primary

Biden's Schedule for Friday, May 6, 2022

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, May 5, 2022

Inside the unprecedented Supreme Court revelation with a POLITICO reporter who broke the story

April jobs report: Payrolls rise by 428,000 as unemployment rate holds at 3.6%

Oh lord! I'm watching the Handmaid's Tale TV series.

Biden economy adds another 428,000 jobs in April

5th Major Sandstorm In Iraq In Less Than One Month; 100s Hospitalized With Breathing Problems

Oz Elections: Coalition Climate Targets Consistent W. 3-4C Increase; Labor Goals About 2C

Detroit man sold $2,000 a day in marijuana from vending machine at home, feds say

It is now clear, If they end Roe, the penalty for aborting a baby will be murder.

Okay, how do we combat THIS? Rural, openly gay supporting Trump.

"Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them"

Sammy Alito and the NSA

Photojournalist Doug Mills discusses 40 years of covering 7 presidents

Individual donation total for yesterday will be late today

Productivity decreases 7.5% in Q1 2022; unit labor costs increase 11.6% (annual rates)

Activists rally behind Croatian woman denied abortion

NPRs Tim Mak: A missing dog of war and bonus raccoon of war.

If Abortion Is Illegal, Will Every Miscarriage Be a Potential Crime?

Ex-cop gets 5 years for rough arrest of woman with dementia

⚠️ Hey America, do You want Rights? Here's the plan. ⚠️

The Tangerine Duce spoke his vile truth in the Hollywood Access tape.

"F**, I want her head, not just her hair" Heard amid the mob during Capitol riot.

After Arbery killing, 16 calls between DA, shooter's dad

Animal Posts On Tumblr That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

Rob Stein, Democratic strategist who organized liberal donors, dies at 78

Rob Stein, Democratic strategist who organized liberal donors, dies at 78

'An Appeal from Brett Kavanaugh'

Here is a copy of the Collins-Murkowski bill

"The Gathering" a yearly, week long meeting of rightwing billionaire & centi-millionaire families

Don't be surprised if the Repubs reconvene a new Constitutional Convention....

We're back from the vet

The baby formula shortage is worsening

Bob Seger has a birthday today.

Alito's opinion on abortion is worthless. Breakdown of 1864 Oregon law shows it!

Andrew Wilhoite (R) won a Republican primary after being arrested for the murder of his wife.

Prosecco, pizza, and the Piave river region in Veneto, Italy 💙

A couple of offhand observations about TFG wanting to send missiles into Mexico ...

Do Not Go Gently Into the Midterms!

Who are the right projecting when they paint Soros as a big leftist provacateur?

Zelensky speaking live for over an hour today to a British policy institute (VIDEO)

Rainy Day

Well, I certainly hope you're happy with yourselves.

MTSU student leaves school to help in Ukraine

First they came for the women . . . .

I hope William Ernest Henley will not mind---

Boone County man charged with wife's murder wins Republican primary for town board

What Climate Justice Looks Like

"Immigrants do more for Texas than Abbott does"

Launch from Cape Canaveral of Freedom 7, with Alan Shepard, first American in space, May 5, 1961

Did anyone else just get refused accessed to to DU?

Lebanon man accused of killing wife among winners in Indiana primary race

"Do You Hear The People Sing?" is running in my head. Did these woman-hating,

Why isn't injunction used when Republicans strip away rights, programs, freedoms?

Republican held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

Dr. Oz's vote in 2018 Turkish election renews criticism

Despite U.S. ban, Russian ammo is still legally flowing into the (US) market.

Ginni Thomas has been identified as a founder of the "Northern Virginia Deplorables."

Le Tombeau de Couperin, Ravel

Wow - I might already have a forever home for one of the kittens!

This just in!

Todd Rundgren - All The Children Sing (a little pick me up)

I opened up to the doctor at his office today

You raised $41.00 on May 5, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA (kick Grassley's butt)

This Restaurant Has The Most Hilarious Signs Ever (2 videos)

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 6, 2022

You raised $50.00 on May 5, 2022 for Westlund WI State Senate

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about voting harder....

For Mother's Day, Michelle Obama announces a special honor for her mom Marian Robinson

Some of dis and Some of dat

One Hundred Years Women have been fighting for Equal Rights under the Constitution

You raised $25.00 on May 5, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Climate change: Don't let doom win, project tells worriers

Shipping delays are back as China's lockdowns ripple around the world

You raised $10.00 on May 5, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Our new press secretary, y'all

An American disgrace.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots cover from Josh Turner and friends

What can I do about my sister?

On this day, May 6, 1937, the Hindenburg floated high over Manhattan on its way to NAS Lakehurst.

A perjury too far, or they never answered the question in the first person directly?

Army Creating Second Paratrooper Division as Service Forges New Identity for Arctic Troops

A big "FU" to those who said "The ERA isn't needed.

Redefining Walkability

A federal appeals court reinstated Florida's controversial 2021 election law

a cousin shows up after 50 years of no contact

Every 4 years those "young voters" we've so often been dismissive of here in the past

Happy birthday, Bob Seger! 77 today. Love your music, especially Travelin' Man/Beautiful Loser

Some unalloyed good news

Every damn Trump SCOTUS appointee lied through their teeth at their confirmation hearings

Louisiana lawmakers advance bill that would classify abortion as homicide

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito's abortion history lesson in dispute

Everywhere Teachers Can Get Free & Cheap Food for Teacher Appreciation Week

MSNBC Boots Chuck Todd's Weekday Show to Streaming Service

How Much Worse Can It Get?

One Hundred Years Women have been fighting for Equal Rights under the Constitution

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 6, 2022)

An observation at the grocery store

My Story: How I Was "Groomed" by My Elementary School Teachers

It's time to talk about the word 'too'

What police could find out about your illegal abortion

Dave Eggers offers to replace books a South Dakota school board wants to pulp

Heard from my Dr this morning. I have a Lumbar Compression Fracture of my L4 and L5 Vertebra

The Russian Frigate 'Admiral Makarov' Might Be The Juiciest Target In The Black Sea

Dave Eggers offers to replace books a South Dakota school board wants to pulp

Texas heat wave explained: What does it have to do with the ERCOT power grid?

Other threads cover "bomb-Mexico" - Here's ESPER naming names. More shocking, what we DON'T know.

Looks like Laura Ingraham did not like this definition of her on Urban Dictionary..

Email from Michael Moore -- The Forced Birth Ruling

Eat Poop Mike Pence You Don't Want To Take Care Of The Children We Have Now

How likely is an upcoming recession and how might it affect a person who wants to retire?

One Village at a Time: The Grinding Artillery War in Ukraine

How millions of Russians are tearing holes in the Digital Iron Curtain

Funny cats--can't get enough

Some uppity women from 1/2 century ago

PR giant advising corporate clients to stay silent on abortion rights

Russia Denies Any Compensation For Family Members In Moskva 'Incident'

Solar energy projects are grinding to a halt in the US amid investigation into parts from China

Pearl Jam - Jeremy

Tiny Paralyzed Puppy Proves All His Vets Wrong

Iran detains Swedish tourist travelling with group: Sweden

Man adopts a husky. Then he discovers his tantrum problem. 🤣😍

Dr. Christian Taliban explains.

All the posts about lies, perjury and impeachment.

Pompeo holds briefing to raise concerns over Trump-backed Senate candidate in Pennsylvania

Jonathan Martin & Alex Burns - Behind the Scenes of Politics The Daily Show

My first stab at watercolors.

Russian warship Admiral Makarov 'on fire after being hit by Ukrainian missile'

Black Crowes - Remedy

Russian generals turning on one another to avoid 'purge'

Owner of Maine newspaper to recognize employees' new union

Newly released Pfizer documents send anti-vax conspiracy theorists into an uproar

GOP Lawmakers Demand LGBTQ Representation on TV Be Monitored

Madonna: Bedtime Story

At least four dead as explosion rocks historic hotel in Havana

JUST IN: Chuck Todd's MSNBC Show Moving to NBC Streaming Service

JUST IN: Chuck Todd's MSNBC Show Moving to NBC Streaming Service

Senior Dog Helps His Mom Rescue A Stray Pup

Bette Midler has it covered

Tweet of the Day

Important article: What if the Shanghai lockdown isn't about COVID at all?

Gavin Newsom delivers scorching criticism of Democrats' response to protecting Roe v. Wade: 'Where t

Bette Midler FTW again: Fallopians 13:13: It begins with a 🍆

US artillery may reshape the war

World's biggest hydrogen trucks start work at Anglo American platinum mine

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Sen. Murray 'furious, spitting mad' at Supreme Court conservatives over Roe v. Wade

'Do not come to campus:' Bellevue College shuts down campus after threat

todays repast for lunch from meals on wheels is ,,

Washington Ranked No. 1 State For Nurses By WalletHub

House will set $45K minimum annual pay for staff, vote to allow union, Pelosi says

PSAKI can take care of herself but ABC's Cecilia VEGA been getting on my nerves forever

Sex Sex Sex Drugs Sex Sex Sex Sports Sex Sex Sex Money Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Cars

North Dakota legislator's home searched after inmate texts

Sister, I don't have a leg, could have had one but it is too late to think - Russian soldier

Court Orders All ISPs to Block Three Specific Services - Even ISPs Not On The List

What does the Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion mean for other rights?

It's Interesting That People Are Stressing about the US Providing Intelligence

The trials of Chief Justice John Roberts

First of 16 weekends of I-5 lane closures delayed by weather

Funny Sea Lion video on Reddit this AM, check it out ...

Taking a Stand for Abortion - What YOU Can Do.

Man who stormed Capitol in caveman costume gets prison

Sorry if this is a repost. Seriously WTF? We have replaced actual bare knuckles politics with snarky

Trump sought strike on top Iran military figure for political reasons - Esper book

Liars for a Lifetime

Labeled One of D.C.'s 'Worst Bosses,' Lawmaker Says Her Style Is Not For Everyone as Aides Speak Out

Seth Abramson says (12 min ago) that he has new info on SCOTUS leak coming very soon.

For the love of Zeus,

Xi Jinping attacks 'doubters' as he doubles down on China's zero-Covid policy

D.C.'s Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Ends At A Huge Cost

Filipino inquiry finds big polluters 'morally and legally liable' for climate damage

The part about the Cawthorn videos that bothers me is not what Cawthorn likes to do in them, but...

The Supreme Extreme Court.

Our City is having their once a year "clean up"........they won't take

Belarus plane arrest activist Sofia Sapega sentenced to six years

Poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade, Supreme Court gives Democrats a leg up in elections

Breaking - large explosion at a hotel in Havana n/t

Fallopians 13:13

Democrats v Magats

The implementation of tolls on Portland area interstates will be challenging

Ukraine's wheat harvest may fall by 35%, satellite images suggest

Amazon targets review firms with legal action

Facebook accused of deliberately disrupting Australia emergency services

I got my 2nd Covid booster April 20

In 2024, which Republican will challenge the following Democratic US Senators.

The 'domestic supply' is running out!

A ray does a somersault in the air:

Barry Goldwater's wife, Peggy, was a founding member of Planned Parenthood in Arizona.

OMG, This Is Where I'm Headed Next Week!

Trump rally in PA today.- The cult members and idiot TFG supporters are gathering

Kitteh creates "alarm bell" to wake up human for food:

Arizona school district bucks law on transgender student athletes

Senators Manchin and Sinema have helped destroy democracy

This dog poses dramatically with his empty bowl:

Judge: Marjorie Taylor Greene is qualified for reelection

Rudy Giuliani Backs Out Of Jan. 6 Committee Interview Because He Couldn't Record It

Fuck Esper! Fuck Milley! Fuck Kelly! Fuck Wray! Fuck Comey! Fuck ALL the coward enablers!

This dog is too impatient to just pose with his empty bowl:

The CIA Told Bolsonaro To Stop Undermining Brazil's Elections. He Hasn't.

Fluffy puppy sploot:

Long, long thread on election integrity & the expired Consent Decree of 1982

Things We Have Learned about the Russian Military and Its Capabilities

The Criminalization of Abortion: What to Expect In a Post-Roe United States

Insanity...LA & MO sue Biden over Hunter Biden laptop story

Russian navy ship reportedly on fire near Snake Island.

Daunte Wright's mother was detained after recording a traffic stop

Just got back from Dr. Strange - Very Mild Spoiler concerning origin of a character

Then the Supreme Court erected a fence around itself

Jeff Tiedrich tweet on abortion rights:

Middle Age Riot tweet about new press secretary:

I want to say alot but the moderators will think it will be too kooky

Cartoons 5/6/2022

County aims for denser, more affordable 'missing middle' homes

Middle Age Riot tweet about Mother's Day:

U.S. appeals court reinstates Florida voting limits that judge had deemed discriminatory

Schwab: Think 'why bother voting'? You may soon be right

Mike Pompeo Slams Trump-Backed Mehmet Oz as a National Security Risk

Everett council approves improvements for Interurban Trail

Comment: More than just abortion access is at stake here

D.C. Releases New Roadmap For Reducing Gun Violence

Could we please start calling fascists "fascists"?

New reparations focus: Black enclaves lost to development

UK Conservatives lose London strongholds, in blow to Johnson

But I don't WANT to take a bath!!!!!

MSNBC Boots Chuck Todd's Weekday Show to Streaming Service

United Nations races to rescue civilians from Mariupol plant

In a less frenzied market, King County's median home price is nearly $1M

In the pages of their newspapers, they downplayed Hitler's threat

I found a new commentator that is awesome. TEXAS PAUL REACTS GOP sorry SOBS

Putin's Propagandists Explain New Meaning of Nazism, and It's Got Nothing to Do With Jews

Local elections 2022: Tories lose hundreds of seats to Labour and Lib Dems; Sinn Fin set to become

Where Americans Stand On Abortion

The Republican vision for America - toon

TCM Schedule for Saturday 5/7/2022 - TCM Premiere: "No Man Of Her Own"

As the WNBA season begins, Brittney Griner's absence should rattle the country

'We should not defund': Democrats press Pelosi for vote on police funding


Giuliani backs out of scheduled Friday interview with Jan. 6 panel

FDA limits J&J COVID-19 vaccine due to rare blood clot risk

Omicron as severe as other COVID variants -large U.S. study

Tornado Watch for much of Southern Virginia until 10 pm

Mike Luckovich-Abortion: A decision between a woman and her travel agent

Cheap Trick - Surrender (Live from Budokan!)

Time the fathers pay for not practicing birth control.

The true meaning of pro-life

Tenn. governor signs bill regulating medication abortions

i am looking for a simple easy to use pedometer for my iphone se 22. thanks .

Steve Sack-Court Pack, G.O.P. style

I am pretty sure the R after a politicians name stands for Reptillian

Feminists rally for Argentine nuns who denounced archbishop

Texas Democrats letter formally notifying the DNC it plans to apply for early-state status in 2024

Texas Democrats letter formally notifying the DNC it plans to apply for early-state status in 2024

Feds Seized Items from North Dakota Lawmaker's (R) Home

Believe nothing until...

Smile! It's World Cartoonists' Day!

Endgame: The never ending saga of my wife and me through the USA insane legal immigration system

Russian Resistance threat for May 9th

Sheriff: Car linked to Alabama escapee, jail worker found

Thus spake FDR, on November 4, 1938:

Two Kindle book price drops - "Watergate" and "The Cruelty Is the Point"

Pete Buttigieg explains what's behind "don't say gay" thinking

Manifesto of the Unborn

Chuck Todd axed: Meet the Press Daily dumped by MSNBC and moved to streaming platform.

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 6, 2022

Ben Franklin Put an Abortion Recipe in His Math Textbook.

it's not brains or luck

Sinn Fein Becomes Largest Party In North Ireland

Placebo - Beautiful James

The Christians are cheating!

"It belongs to her."

America's Blue-Red Divide Is About to Get Starker

US could be 'global outlier' if Roe v. Wade is overturned. How do other nations handle abortion?

Wow! Now there's a potential forever home for TWO of the kittens!!

An Educated Electorate is the Key to Successful Democracy

Fake Republican outrage

The Great Rage

The Congress is in shambles, the Supreme Court is a pile of rubble.

Musk told investors he'd probably double or triple their money if they backed his Twitter buyout

Gerrymandering is the Fascist's Playbook

Pooty Poot to send 'doomsday' warning to West at Russia's WW2 victory parade

Belarus jails girlfriend of dissident seized after forced plane landing

Long Post. Many links. The 2022 Blues Foundation Awards were presented last night

Republican Who Allegedly Murdered His Wife With a Flower Pot Wins Local Primary From Jail

"not so bad as..."

N.Y. judge's son who dressed as cave man in Jan. 6 riot sentenced to 8 months

Still here, &

Texas Governor Wants To Abolish Public Education

Anti abortionists' contraception agenda

There are plenty of Democrats speaking out on the Supreme Court outrage. Here is one sample

Toris lose hundreds of seats as LibDems make big gains

'This is False': Elon Musk Disputes Devin Nunes' Claim Trump 'Encouraged' Him to Buy Twitter

Help. My son is drinking the kool-aide. He thinks DEMS stole his vote.

Transgender advocates say the end of Roe would have dire consequences

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Kicks

Should the SCOTUS whistleblower be protected under the Whistleblower Protection Act?

Musk's $44 billion Twitter buyout challenged in shareholder lawsuit

Nicaragua shuts down 50 non-profits in new crackdown

U.S. judge dismisses Trump's lawsuit challenging his Twitter ban

Something's coming in, southern MD.

What are the Democratic Party's chances in winning the 2022 US Senate Races in FL and NC?

U.S. judge dismisses Trump's lawsuit challenging his Twitter ban

Jeopardy, Spoiler

Dream A Little Dream of Me - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Railroaders quit after BNSF institutes 'draconian' attendance policy

New Poll Reveals Warning Signs for GOP on Abortion

The Louisiana law is the prelude to criminalizing birth control

Judge rules against plaintiffs in MTG case.

The Power Couple in the White House

CDC investigating 109 cases of severe hepatitis in kids across two dozen states, including 5 deaths

Susan Collins Says No to Democrats Abortion-Rights Bill Because It Contains Too Many Abortion Rights

Biden announces new $150 million weapons package for Ukraine

With the recent R vs W outrage, I offer up this protest video.

U.S. police trainers with far-right ties are teaching hundreds of cops

Red states are trying to.figure put how to prevent woman from traveling out of state for abortion

1972 postcard from Angeles Crest

40 Cops Arrive After Washington Sheriff Falsely Claimed Man Threatened Him. Man Was Delivering Paper

1972 postcard from Angeles Crest

Bystanders thwart kidnapping

Go See 'Happening,' the French Abortion Drama That's a Glimpse at Our Future

Rep. Adam Schiff wants to expand the court

Recently I've had to assist my spouse with some anti-coagulant medication

Is abortion fundamentally a religious issue?

AG prosecutors detail their case against former Brunswick DA (Ahmaud Arbery case)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why the democrats didn't codify....

I wonder how the Afghanistans are doing in this country now......

I had a feeling that the judge would allow MTG to stay on the Georgia ballot!

A Jeep Owner Is Being Sued Over the Death of a Dealership Mechanic

Junior Trump just can't understand why bombing Mexico is bad

Dozens of mail ballots are going to a GOP ward leader's South Philly P.O. box

Move over Chuckie! Psaki is possibly taking your slot!

Zoe Lofgren, on Ari Melber, said the Jan 6 Committee won't have even an interim report until fall.

'Freedom of speech goes both ways': Man ruins anti-choice protest with one sign

Jeopardy Regulars -spoiler

Infrastructure Pete explains Republicans' politics:

ZEN - The Life of Zen Master Dogen - Full Film

So what's next on the fascist authoritarian agenda?

Republican Florida politician caught on camera intoxicated after crashing his truck.

dr. Oz says big tech are selling children online.... no, really:

Police arrest dozens at numerous illegal street takeovers in L.A. area

Remember the line from "Wall Street?"

Great! Sunny caught my cold!

Racist Menu?

Pondering a Microsoft Surface tablet for my mom. Can I load e-books on it?

Parents face backlash after 6-year-old allowed to run full marathon: 'He was struggling physically'

Fox News, y'all:

'Replacement theory' fuels extremists and shooters. Now a top Border Patrol agent is spreading it.

Eisenhower on censorship ....

Here are my laws for states which legalize abortion post-Roe .

Help me out here. Re: Abortion

Hillary Clinton discusses war in Ukraine, democracy in the U.S. and future of Roe v. Wade- PBS NewsHour

Let us never again repeat Graphic reality warning

White House walks a fine line with intelligence sharing in Ukraine

TFG slammed by former Pentagon chief: 'He believes he has Putin-esque like powers'

Judge dismisses Trump's lawsuit against Twitter

Meghan McCain's memoir should be sent to Ukraine, because it BOMBED.

Researcher discusses start of BA.2.12.1 variant in Central New York that has now become dominant.

Trump Proposed Launching Missiles Into Mexico To Destroy Drug Labs, Esper Says - Morning Joe - MSNBC

The protestors fighting for abortion rights in New York City

Amazon fires senior managers from unionized Staten Island warehouse