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Sen Chris Murphy tweet: FYI this isn't stopping. There have been 18 mass shootings SINCE Uvalde.

I like to read the weather apps for my area. It's nice to know things like

Wait a minute, so there are no TRIALS about the crimes of Trump but there is one about Hillary

Texas DPS says teacher closed propped-open door before attack but it was not locked

Feds Escalate Probe: Trump Ally Navarro Hit With Subpoena After MAGA Plot Admission - The Beat MSNBC

June 11th Gun safety reform march DC

Another Trumpian failure!

Def Leppard - Take What You Want

Jake Shimabukuro - Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover with a ukulele)

on the river, with the setting sun:

Sunset, southern MD

Trump-appointed judge slams Florida's attack on the First Amendment. That's a relief - Editorial

I have a question

"The Failure Begins with Greg Abbott": Texas Lawmaker Demands Gun Control After Uvalde Massacre

Where is the OUTRAGE? Where is the YELLING at the top of the lungs on MSM ?

Yikes........"deep throat" was revealed today in "Decades" tv show.

For those who believe federal prisons are a summer camp:

"The Failure Begins with Greg Abbott": Texas Lawmaker Demands Gun Control After Uvalde Massacre

Is Newsweek still an allowable source here?

Anyone know how long Rachel will only work 1 night on MSNBC?

DU Gardeners, I'm getting really ticked here and have a question

[Even the cases where] Republicans clearly and obviously violated the Constitution, are nail-biters.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

F the MSM and their reporting on shootings

Dan Goldman will announce for NY-10 tomorrow...

Anyone else watching "Theodore Roosevelt" on the history channel?

The Party of the Brave

Losing: DeSantis-Trump Law Defeated In New Free Speech Case - The Beat - MSNBC

Last Week in the Republican Party - May 31, 2022

Tucker Carlson admits he LIES to viewers in SHOCKING new interview

Hammers Kill More Americans Than Guns

By the numbers: Most active congressional freshmen

Who succeeds Pelosi,Hoyer,and Clyburn when they decide to retire?

Seven Child Deaths Linked to Hepatitis Outbreak

Houston's COVID cases are climbing again, wastewater data shows

Great work Texans! Booing Abbott one day & calling out Cruz the next.

Tedeschi Trucks Band has the premiere of their new album NOW on YouTube

What Other Countries Could Teach Ted Cruz About Solving A Gun Crisis - All In - MSNBC

The White House has one problem that rules them all: Gas prices

Tedeschi Trucks Band has the premiere of their new album NOW on YouTube

Lawmakers will basically have to start from square one on how to pay for a stalled Covid aid package

Cartoons 5/31/2022

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about disbanding Uvalde departments....

Losing: DeSantis-Trump Law Defeated In New Free Speech Case - The Beat - MSNBC

Duwamish recognition fight underscores plight of treaty tribes

This Best-Selling Novel, "I, Libertine" by FR Ewing, Was A Total Hoax!

Tweet of the Night #2:

Guardian: Peter Navarro subpoena suggests DoJ may be investigating Trump

Tweet of the Late Night:

From the days of Too Slim's "Chemo in Tennessee" Sessions

New York Times "Pitchbot" FTW !! (re Uvalde)

Tweet of the Late Night #2:

The Onion's "Interview" with Madison Cawthorn

I was thinking tonight about how history seems to be repeating itself wrt to the War in Ukraine

Anyone here ever order books from

Company to Las Vegas chapels: No more Elvis-themed weddings

Trump Policies Sent U.S. Tumbling in a Climate Ranking

Today's gorgeous daisy.

Rep. Jeffries: Why The Gun Violence Crisis Requires A 'National Solution' - All In - MSNBC

Lest we forget: Coronavirus cases worldwide: 533million. 6.3 mil dead.

Freddie was an unparalleled performer yes; but, listen without watching the video

Uvalde School Police Chief SECRETLY sworn in as City Council member today!

McConnell's statement proves GOP is a clear and present danger to all. THE WORLD & LIBS GET IT!

Supreme Court Loses last bit of credibility with SHAM Leak Investigation - MeidasTouch

Excerpt from President Biden's OpEd in tomorrow's NY Times

"Once a week, one news story, one thing you can do about it" [interesting idea]

Sarah Palin's former in-laws supporting and donating to her GOP primary rival

US Senate seats that the Democrats will definitely win in 2022 in order to remain in the majority.

Kimmel: Trump & Ted Cruz Headline NRA's Meeting of the Mindless and Republicans Blame EVERYTHING But

The Daily Show: Debunking Conservatives' Excuses for Gun Violence

Just discovered "Troppo" a great series from Oz.

Here's The DOJ Report Finding That Obama Officials Didn't Improperly Unmask Michael Flynn

NYT OpEd: Should We Be Forced to See Exactly What an AR-15 Does to a 10-Year-Old?

Well DAMN Lars Nootbaar (now with the actual clip)

These fucking idiots. They're gaslighting saying Biden isn't keeping guns coming from the border

Texas Law Enforcement vs Reality

Students Should Walk Out Of Schools This Fall Until Parents, Leaders 'Do Something' Tim Wise Says

World's Deadliest Avalanche in Peru Triggered 60-Meter High Mud Killing 30,000 People

My neighbours have Covid

A new Jomini is up:

Peter Navarro Subpoena Suggests Probe Into Trump

OMG, More Whining From The LEFT

How the Gun Industry Markets Weapons to Doomsday Preppers and Violent Extremists

BTS Visits White House For Asian Inclusion, Denounce Anti-Asian Hate - The ReidOut - MSNBC

"I've Covered Seven Mass Shootings. These Are the Memories That Haunt Me."

Not all kidney beans are organic, but all kidney beans are

Canada trying to crackdown on weapons may be more than just safety

Moms for Liberty Has Created Nightmares for Schools Across the Country

Republicans suck (Gun control)

Mike Duggan pushes back against report he outed FBI informant amid city hall investigation

Colombia election sees high voter turnout despite state repression

Lawrence O'Donnell: How Does A Texas Police Chief Go AWOL? - The Last Word - MSNBC

Individual Open Carrying AR-15 Gets Robbed at Gunpoint in St. Louis

What the ever-lovin' blue eyed goddam hellacious election move??? Georgia

The Republican Party today are the heirs of the Confederacy, nothing more, nothing less

In pictures: Ukraine's LGBTQ soldiers head for war (slideshow)

Netflix CEO Defends Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais's Transphobia (Again)

God! I LOVE Jimmy

customized caskets for Texas victims

The Second Amendment Is 'Legal Gibberish' Says William Hogeland - The Last Word - MSNBC

Chile: Apology For Sterilizing HIV-positive Women In Moment Of 'reproductive Justice'

After which failed pregnancy should I have been imprisoned?

Well another hurt Christian.....from Texas....and his CRT BS....

Man drowns in rip current at Annapolis state park.

Ukraine update: Russia is losing every day, but the cost of making them lose is painfully highU

Opinion John Durham's flop is only the latest of many Trump coverup failures

John Durham's flop is only the latest of many Trump coverup failures

Cartoon: The Left

Gimme Shelter

Europeans Make Major Sacrifice To Punish Russia For Ukraine War - MSNBC Prime

U.S. Supreme Court blocks Texas ban on social media censorship

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Supreme Court is on its way to becoming a hostile work environment

BLOG May 31, 2022 Perseverance Now Selects its Own Targets to Zap

U.S. marks Memorial Day weekend with at least 12 mass shootings

Finally a Cartoon about Guns/Abortion

Has Texas Turned on Greg Abbott?

Has Texas Turned on Greg Abbott?

'He shot my friend' - Survivor of Robb Elementary shooting shares account from inside the classroom

Judge: No 'speck' of proof in Palin's libel case against NYT

Feds Subpoena Trump Advisor Navarro With Eye Toward Trump - MSNBC Prime

Far Left Side, April 18, 2015

Life Is Cheap in America. That's What Makes Us Exceptional.

Durham Fails To Secure Conviction Of Clinton Lawyer: 'He Lost, Badly.' - MSNBC Prime

Woman seeking medically assisted death citing "abject poverty" gets outpouring of support

Number Of Times Republicans Quote CHICAGO Gun Deaths After Mass Shootings...

Malcolm Nance - "Defending Freedom on the Frontlines"

17 pictures that show how mind-bogglingly large the Universe is

So Barbara Ledeen, able to access classified at her job, is super friend of Ginni Thomas...

Biden admin will provide Ukraine with longer-range rocket systems

Latest Gun Massacres Move Congress To Act: 'This Time Really Does Feel Different.' - MSNBC Prime

Reefer Madness!

Does 'Top Gun' success at box office signal a return to theaters?

Indiana economist says focus on low taxes and less regulations has been a bust

Health and Human Services announces new office focused on environmental risks to underserved communities

Why Ukraine is pleading with the US for rocket artillery

COVID derailed learning for 1.6 billion students. Here's how schools can help them catch up.

This American Married Into Royalty--Now She's Dead

100% Ginni Thomas Needs to Go Under Oath! - Harry Litman & Al Sharpton - Political Voices Network

Video captures moment in radio call of child saying 'I got shot' - CNN

With the polls showing a 90% approval of gun policy changes,

Pretending Covid Is Over Isn't Working - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Fan makes one handed catch with baby in tow at Mets game!

Breakfast Wednesday 1, June 2022

Bill McKibben, American Idealist, Sours on America's Ideals

The Trump campaign's mixed messages to the Proud Boys

There's a vastly overlooked factor that's stoking record inflation: Rich people

Move Fast and Get Things Done

Taking care of people (full-time) is hard work

The repigs want to guarantee your Gun rights

My wife dressed up as a police officer in bedroom last night

What the discussion of "gun rights" is missing:

Two day old Wendy's chili

This is an interesting idea. Call it gun regulation instead of gun control.

Wordle 347 (*** SPOILER THREAD***)

Looks like MSNBC and CNN are going from the Texas massacre to "The Biden Whitehouse is

Wednesday TOONs - As American As Apple Pie

In need of a good pep talk?

Germany to send IRIS-T air defence system to Ukraine -Scholz

'It's going to be an army': Tapes reveal GOP plan to contest elections

Judge: No 'speck' of proof in Palin's libel case against NYT

Florida man again

"Our country is going to hell..."

Question for DU gardeners

Toronto comics festival boots NFT artist after intense backlash: 'We made a mistake'

Amazon's Comixology Removes In-App Purchases for Android Users, Angering Readers Yet Again

The Weekly Pull: Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis, The Closet, Marvel: June 1962, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (6/1/22)

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for August 2022

The Webcomics Weekly #188: Vixen: NYC (5/31/2022 Edition)

The Rundown: June 1, 2022

American Electrical Grid Not Designed To Withstand Impacts Of Climate Breakdown

Nearly 98% Of Deforestation Alerts Aren't Even Investigated In Brazilian Amazon

I'd be a lot more productive if this didn't keep happening.

I'll Play The Bues For You

160 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

40-Year Study Shows Declines In 70% Of Neotropical Bird Species In Panamanian Reserve

So is Peter Navarro a Target or a Witness?

Durham was a distraction away from Trump's connection to Alfa Bank in Russia.

Agatha Strongest Mexican May Pacific Hurricane On Record; Reforming In GOM, Heading NE (FLorida)

You raised $40.00 on May 31, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA

Where would you like to live, Canada or USA?

The misunderstood 2nd Amendment

Democratic Candidate Wears Noose In Ad

You raised $50.00 on May 31, 2022 DU for for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Nelson Riddle was born on this date.

This country cannot deal with miscarriages of Democracy

Donald Trump, criminal mastermind: Scholar Gregg Barak on the supreme con artist of our time

Andy Griffith was born on this date.

World's biggest plant discovered off Australian coast

Banning guns is the 'easy' part - enforcement and removal is the hard part

Girl Scouts of USA posthumously bestowed upon Amerie Jo Garza, 10, of Uvalde, TX, the Bronze Cross

Elon Musk ends work from home for all Tesla employees

Does Herschel Walker have CTE?

Pain of our Past (Charles Booker KY US Senate advert featuring him in a noose, & ripping Rand Paul)

Special Report: Passenger Rail Trends

My Hobbies :)

I don't care if if a teacher left a door open or closed the door and it didn't lock.

'EXPECT US' - Kremlin TV Names the Country Putin Will Invade Next

Disqualified Republican governor hopefuls battle it out in court

Making apricot jam

Jamming today

Husbands: Baby, I'll make dinner tonight.

Rising US traffic deaths put focus on one Philadelphia road

Can someone explain why more of my Latino brethren in Florida are not

Husbands: Baby, I'll make dinner tonight.

Musk on return to office (Bloomberg TV)


Florida Republicans beat the gun lobby. Congress hasn't followed.

Targeted list of "wokeness" in MO. All 12 locations are schools.

On this day 2 years ago, Trump unleashed what the NY Times called "a burst of violence unlike ..."

What Could Possibly Be Worse Than Big Oil/GOP Greenwashing? Why, Crypto Greenwashing, Of Course!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Disbanding Uvalde departments

June 1, 2020. Two years ago. My family watched this live on TV

Eleven people are dead and more than 20 missing after Hurricane Agatha struck Oaxaca state in Mexico

Manchin's complaints about GOP tax cuts were true, but incomplete

Big Rig Crash Sends Seven Tons of Hot Dog Filler onto PA Roadway

GOP election investigation costs rise to nearly $900,000 Up from the original $650,000

Judge denies request to enforce Kentucky's new abortion law, keeps block in effect

Jill Biden becomes 1st first lady to appear on cover of Harper's Bazaar in magazine's 155-yr history

Pittie Freaks Out When He Sees His Brother In The Car Next To Him

Rhiannon Giddens opera: Omar

Silver Spring restaurant donates almost $20K to families of Uvalde shooting

Jim Croce - Operator (live acoustic - nice performance)

No Proud Boys or QAnon symbols allowed at Trump rally

Fairfax Co.'s Descano: 'I will never prosecute a woman for having an abortion'

Trump-world Legal Memo that a judge ruled was likely part of a Criminal Effort to Overturn Election

Lovettsville residents frustrated after council rejects pride month proclamation * WTOP News

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's Pulitzer letter....

The Best AAPI-Owned Condiment Brands to Kick Up Your Cooking

Divided court blocks Texas from enforcing social media law

Justices allow depositions of Texas lawmakers in Voting Rights Act lawsuit

Symptom of what's wrong with the US economy

The Supreme Court Will "Reorder" American Society, Says Election Law Expert Amanpour and Company

When it comes to Trumps inner circle, what charges do you think Garland will pursue?

You can pass all the gun regulation you want but it won't matter

Rhiannon Giddens opera: Omar

I had a dream last night that Nazis had taken over America, only instead of Jews...

NYT: When Elon Musk Dreams, His Employees Have Nightmares

Scientists May Have Found a Way to Inject Oxygen Into The Bloodstream Intravenously

Pete Seegar, folks

Many Americans have forgotten this certain truth about freedom.

In the 2022 OH US Senate Race, Ryan-D is trailing Vance-R by 3 points. 39-42.

Beto O'Rourke renews calls for tougher gun laws after Uvalde shooting, including on assault weapons

Uvalde school district police chief sworn in as city council member a week after mass shooting

BLS Report: April job openings decrease; layoffs and discharges edge down to series low

Treasury secretary concedes she was wrong on 'path that inflation would take'

K-pop supergroup BTS visits the White House: speak to Asian American hate crimes

Here's a weird but effective way to find out if it's truly because people are "deranged"

Does my logic make sense here?

A LEGEND - The Story of Covefefe

What happens to the Uvalde school building?

Heard from Social Security disability today

Client-poaching costs IBM $1.6 billion in software case involving AT&T

Saw a disgusting sticker on a pickup today

13,042 new cases on the AZ Dashboard for week ending 5/31; 33 deaths

Job openings in April remain near record highs, U.S. employers report

DCCC chair: Cuellar, ahead by mere 177 votes, likely won South Texas primary runoff

K-pop supergroup BTS visits the White House: speak to Asian American hate crimes

Encore Episode: Tulsa Race Massacre

Scientists Find World's Largest Plant In Australia

Two Big Republican Lies Bite the Dust this Week

Question about selecting a VPN

Whoever said "Out of sight, out of mind." Never had a

I dusted the whole house once. It came back.

Empty spaces, broken hearts, in a Texas town gutted by loss

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 1, 2022)

Someone needs to send every single elected Republican in Texas...

Lawmakers propose new 'self-defense' high school graduation requirement

I just saw this Kentucky Booker for Senate ad. I got chills.

If you're reading this Mr. Yasko, it has now been 59 years and I still haven't used any

Manchin Suggests Cutting Drug Prices Is Possible

Ukraine losing ground in the East.

Plastic Pollution In The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Created Something Incredible

Memo Outlines 'Likely' Felonies by Donald Trump

Elon Musk tells Tesla employees: Return to the office, or else

Gov candidate Johnson denied spot on ballot

Deranged Far-Right Goons Direct Harassment Towards "Woke" Public Schools

TCM tonight:

Plastic Recycling Doesn't Work and Will Never Work

List of sexual offenders from the Southern Baptist Convention

Ken Griffin Has Given $50 Million to Richard Irvin

Paul Vallas enters Chicago mayor's race

Speaking of "without accountability" Megyn KELLY calls Jon STEWART a p***k & Woke


Two Lancaster County legislative primary races appear headed for a partial hand recount

A friend of mine is moving out of the USA later this week.

A pretty good pic of Arthur's stripes. Easy to get since he's sleeping. Again.

"And what is so rare as a day in June?"

Damn El! If you'd seen Aliens you would've know that bastard can't be trusted! 🚨SPOILERS🚨

JJ Cale and Leon Russell - Going Down (Tulsa, OK Sound)

Who erected the gallows on the Capitol grounds and started the "Hang Mike Pence" chants?

NRA donations to Senators:

Hapless Trumpist Mo Brooks gives away the GOP 'vote fraud' scam

Emma Thorne -- 10 (Bad) Questions For Atheists: Answered

Comedian Mercilessly Trolls NRA Leadership Straight To Their Faces

On this day, June 1, 1961, FCC-authorized stereo FM broadcasting began.

Creaky Blinder -- Ban the Bible: The Rise of Religious Bigotry

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Handy Dandy Playoff Notebook: Eight Wins Down, Eight More to Go

Inside the secretive, dubious, and extremely offline attempt to convert minorities into Republicans

Family-run company, worked 20hr days to donate 19 custom caskets for victims of the Uvalde shooting

'It's going to be an army': Tapes reveal GOP plan to contest elections

The right finds a Ulvade scapegoat: Women

Oregon Gas Utility Wants to Bill Customers Millions for Executive Bonuses and 'Misleading' Adverts

BTRTN: Biden and the Dreaded Bush/Carter Comparisons

BTRTN: Biden and the Dreaded Bush/Carter Comparisons

JJ Cale and Eric Clapton - After Midnight & Call Me the Breeze - Live

I keep getting spam phone calls lately from "Newamerican..."

Putin cannot declare victory in Ukraine... because he shifted the goalposts for victory too far out.

Just Like Heaven - The Lumineers (The Cure cover)

"How many more times?"

Putin Fires Five Generals as Russia's Military Failures in Ukraine Continue

An old classic for some good laffs for these days - REEFER MADNESS

Lawmakers propose new 'self-defense' high school graduation requirement

I never wanted to care about trans rights.

Toten Hosen - Hier Kommt Alex

I think people fear Nature

Parrot Who Got Stuck In A Sewer Is So Happy To Reunite With Her Dad

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard verdict in

Doctors Report Increase in Vasectomies Amid Reproductive Rights Debate

Mainstreamed White Supremacy Sits Behind Social Media Hate of Kamala Harris

David Corn: How John Durham's probe has exposed Trump's Russia con

They Insisted the 2020 Election Was Tainted. Their 2022 Primary Wins? Not So Much.

Woman gored and tossed 10 feet in the air by bison in Yellowstone Park

Herschel Walker's son is just as demented as he is....

"States rush to expand gun rights following massacre"

Nothing like Sharia: Muslims say their laws on abortion always take the mother into consideration

Just stoping by to say....

Flat House by Practice Architecture Is a Marvel of Low Carbon Design

Bo Burham deconstructing and righteously burning down Joe Rogan

How Democratic Senate candidates can put democracy on the ballot

One nation, under guns...

Soledad O'Brien points out how the political media is failing us....

Pineberries. Ever had them? Yum!

Next up.....Did Uvalde cops shoot one of the kids?

U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name

Cilic vs Rublev. spoiler.......

Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

How Often Do We Have to Get Covid to Stop Getting Covid?

Trial Diary: A Journalist Sits on a Baltimore Jury

Man dead after exchanging gunfire with Sedalia Police

Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days

Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana- D'espairsRay

Trump may owe his 2016 victory to 'fake news,' new study suggests

Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana- D'espairsRay

How Well-Barricaded Was the Texas Shooter in the Classroom?

Trump continues to file appeals to stop from being forced to testify.

Hinckley to get full freedom 41 years after shooting Reagan

Grand jury indicts Buffalo shooting suspect on terrorism charge

Did Jack Welch break Capitalism?

Asking for advice.

Mourners say goodbye to Uvalde teacher and her husband

****Johnny Depp wins defamation suit****

Documents Reveal Hundreds of Russian Troops Broke Ranks Over Ukraine Orders

Mary Trump calls Susan Sarandon a moron for suggesting it's pointless to vote for the Democratic Par

TFG is threatening - again - to sue the Pulitzer board

'Feckless' ammunition laws under scrutiny following Uvalde, other mass shootings

If you've ever watched a woman remove her bra without taking off her shirt you know why they should

House Jan. 6 Committee Gives Gym Jordan a Deadline to Testify

Leonard Pitts Jr.: So much for the good guy with a gun

Cause it's summer ... summertime is here ...

Russian journalist who won Nobel Peace Prize will auction medal to benefit Ukrainian refugees

Seattle Passes Bill Mandating Minimum Wage For Delivery Drivers

Stoned Roger is "getting ready to start suing people" over Sussmann verdict.

Should I clean or should I go now?

Ultra-MAGA candidate goes bananas during convention speech with graphic claim about 5-year-olds

Trevor Noah on the new and even more bullsh*tty excuses for gun violence from Conservatives

Cop Punches and Chokes Man - FIRED and CHARGED!

Transphobic bomb threats cancel school's in-person classes until end of year

Johnny Depp wins (mostly) case against Heard

Adams doubles down on in-person work, but acknowledges post-COVID reality

Best and worst states for LGBTQ folks? Divide worsens after 'Don't Say Gay,' report says

CNN: Jury Finds Both Heard And Depp Liable For Defamation.

This is a Black man that they need to teach about in schools - Dr. L.D. Britt

The final, brutal collapse of GOP's big Michael Flynn conspiracy theory

Cartoons 6/1/2022

Amber Heard's statement on the verdict.

Jetty Island ferry reservations open for the summer season

The 203 Worst (& Safest) Countries for LGBTQ+ Travel in 2022

Biden to hold virtual meeting with executives to address baby formula shortage

The lasting consequences of school shootings on the students who survive them

Right-Wing Extremists Eye Leaked Abortion Ruling as Opportunity for Violence

After mass shooting, NYC explores gun detectors in subways

Gridlock could delay COVID funds until fall -- or longer

FL prohibiting discussion of "social justice" in K-12 social studies textbooks

Doctors who worked before Roe v. Wade speak out: 'Many women died'

The label on my new sweater reads "Dry Clean Only". It's about to find out how I feel about being

Gosar strikes again after the Texas shooting, proving (again) that he's unfit for office

Doug Ford Is A Russian Asset

Talking Heads ... "Once In A Lifetime" ... for the afternoon crowd.

DC metro unemployment matches pre-pandemic level * WTOP News

The Framers argued that the militia would be safe from tyranny, not a police force against it

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about teachers, cats, and gas stations....

Sheryl Sandberg, No. 2 exec at Facebook owner Meta, says on her Facebook page she is stepping down.

Can they be bigger assholes? Yes. Yes, they can.


Americans about to fight on D-Day 1944. Sgt. Sandy Martin [top left] died on Omaha Beach.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Straight People Face Extinction

Vaccine injury compensation programs overwhelmed as congressional reform languishes

Uvalde police worked harder to keep reporters away than they did the actual killer

U.S. plans to sell armed drones to Ukraine in coming days

Distant osprey, close up geese/goslings

ACLU, Planned Parenthood file lawsuit in Florida, saying abortion law violates state constitution

The orange con is calling the Georgia primary fraud

Roger Stone gonna sue people over the Sussman verdict!

Uvalde police worked harder to keep reporters away than they did the actual killer

Ancient Bronze Age city reemerges from Iraq river after extreme drought

Cop Escalates Encounter - You Pay For Damages

I truly hate video meetings

Let us not forget to celebrate Pride Month

Democrats Should "Do Something" the Way the GOP Does Things

John A. Stoehr: What are Uvalde police hiding? It's not their incompetence and cowardice.

Durham's "investigation" has a certain

A doctor claimed he had a 'miracle cure' for covid. He's going to prison.

Mary Trump,"If we can make it as simple as possible, a vote for Republicans is a vote for fascism"

Buffalo shooting suspect charged with murder as a hate crime, domestic terrorism

What makes a Democrat different from a Republican or Libertarian or any other political group

Anatomy of a fake: What a viral fake news story about "race-based grading" tells us about our media

I've come to hate cowboy hats

The billionaire ex-Republican who could become L.A.'s next mayor

For 50 years, Alexander's been having terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days

Don't Be Cruel: Rights Management Firm Tells Vegas Wedding Chapels to Stop Using Elvis Presley Theme

how J Depp plowed thru $600m: 14 fully staffed homes, flew exclusively private, 10K a day security

GLBT Pride Month: The Stonewall You Know Is a Myth.

POTUS And The First Female VP Welcome The First Female Commandant Of The U.S. Coast Guard!

Sam Myers - I Got The Blues

Frame GOP's watercarrying for 1% as Representation Without Taxation.

It's 94 degrees in DC on this Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesday, it hit 96,

We voted! Our ballots are in the dropbox by the County admin building. How's it with you?

Revellers getting ready for the queen's jubilee....

This QAnon Leader Could Control Key Elections in 2024

AZ Republican senator, Kelly Townsend encourages vigilantes to camp outside ballot drop-off boxes.

This needs to be repeated ad infinitum:

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Pinocchio 2022 Trailer

So sad! No more Elvis-themed weddings in Las Vegas.

Who wins, Warriors or Celtics? In how many games?

Ah hello??? Anyone watching Ruud vs Rune??

House Republicans Bizarrely Gloat After Johnny Depp Verdict

Rep. Cawthorn's Crypto Wallet Reveals Undisclosed Trades Amid House Ethics Investigation

Right-Wing Activists Are Poised To Turn Election Jobs Into Propaganda

Austin police officers who were indicted over actions during George Floyd protests sue the city

Biden Not Alerted to Baby Formula Shortage Until April

Five injured victims remain hospitalized one week after Uvalde school shooting

Hinckley to get full freedom 41 years after shooting Reagan

House GOP to Unveil 'Climate Strategy'

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 1, 2022

Hinckley Had a Vision

Daily Distraction 1/06/2022

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 2 June 2022

Daily Distraction 1/06/2022 posted in Photography

So, I'm watching the new Obi-Wan series, and it's just as good as the original trilogy.

Kremlin warns Biden sending rockets to Ukraine 'adding fuel to the fire'

Well, if Elon puts it like that...

As we approach the anniversary of D-Day on the 6th of June when I've

Uvalde CISD Police Chief confronted by CNN reporter.

The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination

Reefer Madness: Laura Ingraham Blames Marijuana For Mass Shootings In America

Banishing slavery from supply chains (yeah Canada):

Ohio Senate passes legislation allowing school boards to arm teachers

Sometimes when I'm watching games I note that folks sitting directly

Who Actually Controls Gas Prices Climate Town

ACLU, Planned Parenthood file lawsuit in Florida, saying abortion law violates state constitution

Buttigieg says investing in transportation could be the answer to lower inflation

How 'Fear Of Communism' Is Impacting The Latino Vote - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Hidalgo aide says Ogg is biased, should be removed from vaccine contract case

Why Silicon Valley's Tech Titans Are In 'Serious Trouble' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

A Final Fuck You From Morrison Coalition; 176 Species Recovery Plans Dumped On The Way Out The Door

Scottish Salmon Numbers Lowest In 70 Years Of Record Keeping

HSBC Suspends "Who Cares If Miami's Under Six Meters Of Water?" Guy, Pumps $5 Billion Into Coal

Treasury Secretary Yellen Admits To Being Wrong About Severity of Inflation - NBC News

Trump was exactly what the GOP had wanted all along.

I do like June.

A perspective of the Heard-Depp defamation lawsuits and verdict

Multiple Injuries Reported In Shooting At Tulsa Doctor's Office

We, Democrats, also have a problem with younger males according to new SPLC

Pinochet's Constitution Utterly Privatizes Water; Reality Of Drought Widening Chile's Social Cracks

Listening to Weld tonite. Great live album by a great artist, Neil Young

Texas school lockdown under review; first public lockdown notice was 12 minutes after shots fired

Tulsa Mass Shooting, 5 Dead, Shooter Dead.

I don't want to say my Madoc is spoiled, but......

Kevin McCarthy's Big "Climate Plan" Rolls Out Tomorrow - More Oil, More Gas, More Bullshit

The White Power Mercenaries Fighting For The Lost Cause Around the World

No republicans voted to stop gas price gouging

Former Corinthian students get federal student debt erased

And now for something lovely - here's Shaggy at Brown U

Missouri elections clerk vows to remove people in court guardianships from voter rolls

Tell The Media Who Packed Up From Buffalo, To Pack Up From Uvalde

Fatalities reported, multiple people injured in shooting at Tulsa, Oklahoma, medical office

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