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Right-Wing Extremist Violence Is 'Cultivated By Officeholders' Says Figliuzzi - Deadline - MSNBC

Amtrak's Acela line is speeding up thanks to infrastructure improvements in New Jersey

100 new units of permanent supportive housing open in Seattle

Great Mississippi Burning Quote

Neil Sedaka - Love Will Keep Us Together

Seattle City Council mulls plan to establish system to police alleged SPD chief wrongdoing

Southern Baptists vote on sex abuse proposals, debate women pastors

US supercomputer breaks exascale barrier

Call it faith; call it religion; call it spirituality. Whatever you call it, the genuine article is

Juanita High School student charged with felony harassment, bail increased to $200,000

'Insidious Threats To Our Democracy Happened Before 1/6' Says Rep. Murphy - Deadline - MSNBC

Fortunately there aren't many RWers in my sphere, but I've been hearing from others that the J6

Ron DeSantis Continues To Waste Taxpayer Funds To Pay For His Unconstitutional Culture Wars

Seattle's Redfin Confirms Layoffs For 100s Of Employees

Officials: Fraud suspect caught heading to Cuba on Jet Ski

Washington Tides To Hit Lowest Levels In Over A Decade This Week

Sunset, southern MD

Texas Paul Reacts to Herschel Walker Lying about being an Police Officer - MeidasTouch

Yikes, if true. Press Release on Lauren Boebert's Escort Career and Abortions

I must be a terrible person.

Accused Medicare fraudster caught trying to flee to Cuba aboard Jet Ski, prosecutors say

Ted Cruz is skeptical about red flag provision in federal bipartisan deal on guns

How Brazil's Javari Valley became a criminal haven

Rudolph Giuliani sues Smartmatic to recoup legal fees in Fox News lawsuit

I saw 2 groundhogs in my yard this evening

Candidates face off in South Texas special election to replace Democratic U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela

A deadly disease is wiping out Caribbean coral, researchers find

How Russia could collapse (again)

Missed certified letter today

Last week in the Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

Dinesh D'Souza dissed on Twitter

Proud Boys 'Had Another Agenda' On January 6th Says Documentarian Nick Quested - Deadline - MSNBC

GOP Senator Says Political Power Is More Important Than Gun Safety

She Helped Create the Big Lie. Records Suggest She Turned It Into a Big Grift.

GA-SEN: Hypocrite Herschel Walker has a secret 10-year-old son, who he doesn't see.

Drumpf loses court battles to James. Must answer her questions

BOMBSHELL Lauren Boebert Report Exposes Serious Dirt Hidden In Her Past

Twitter Users Hilariously Offer New Things Herschel Walker Can Lie About

Amnesty International concerned about "dismantling" of Salvadoran state

Bannon 'Legally' Threatens To 'Come After' Barr For Calling 'B.S.' On 'Idiotic' Trump - The Beat MSNBC

OPINION: White Americans must take a stand against those who enable supremacists

Herschel Walker is tied or in the lead in the polls

Surfside Beach investigating anti-Semitic messages thrown around town

Caterpillar relocates headquarters from Chicago area to Irving

TLP: Tara Setmayer and Rick Wilson on The Breakdown: January 6

As El Salvador's president tries to silence free press, journalist brothers expose his ties to stree

Democrats, GOP take contrasting views on LGBTQ survey bill

Rudolph Giuliani sues Smartmatic to recoup legal fees in Fox News lawsuit

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Rep. Cheney's recap of yesterday and preview

Ted Cruz still peddling baseless conspiracy theory that FBI incited Jan. 6 riot

Arizona Supreme Court says anonymous juries constitutional

Giuliani Attributes His 'Intoxicated' Election Night Meddling To His Love For Diet Pepsi

"Concerns about due process" over red flag laws?

Interesting. TV Guide shows Rachel Maddow show tonite.

Herschel Walker Says He's a Model Dad. He Has a Secret Son.

Pro-Trump Candidate Calls for Executing Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Patterson's comment on race....

Tara and Rick go live on The Breakdown.

Capitol Police officer dismisses descriptions of Jan. 6 as a tour

Liz Cheney issues devastating news for Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Here's another poll, not sooo bad. nt

GOP Plot EXPOSED to END social security and medicare

Rachel is on with the Maddow Show tonight and tomorrow night

Tweet of the Day

Report out of Russia (reliable source), Navalny has dissappeared

Students at Seattle Pacific took action at graduation to protest their president being homophobic.


Under Fire: Fox Pushed The 'Big Lie,' Censored Jan. 6 Hearing To Cater To Audience - The Beat - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Chris Hayes: How 'Team Normal' Enabled Trump And His Big Lie - All In - MSNBC

Likely Democratic nominee for the 2024 US Senate Elections from each state.

I would like to thank each and every taxpaying American citizen

Did Lauren Boebert pay taxes like the rest of us?

Is James Patterson's claim that white men face racism an enraging PR stunt from a former ad man?

Alexey Navalny transferred to maximum-security prison

Racist claimed to be trooper..flashes box cutter. And tries to stab

A baby husky and a bay girl are best friends...adorable...

Future Jan. 6 Hearing Witnesses Will Primarily Be From Trump World Says Lofgren - All In - MSNBC

US defence contractor in talks to take over NSO Group's hacking technology

Do bald face liars actually believe their lies? I have only familial experience with the sensation.

anyone follwing the severe flooding in yellowstone np that has been going on the last several days?

South Korea truckers' strike threatens to disrupt computer chip production

Why can't the War Powers include manufacturing affordable electric cars?

SCOOP: Herschel Walker has a secret 10-year-old son, who he doesn't see.

TX..woman strapped on gurney for mental eval pulls gun from holster and fires 2 rounds

GOP commission refuses to certify New Mexico primary vote

Apple's Backup Plan to Stop Antitrust Legislation

Criminal referrals? No worries.

Everything you tell your children they shouldn't do

Rachel will be back Wednesday Night!

Indicting Trump? Jan. 6 Committee Open To It As Chair Reverses - The Beat - MSNBC

hehe. the NY AG Letitia James was watching the hearings..

Texas Paul Exposes GOP Links to Extremist Groups - MeidasTouch

"Ukraine is one cause of the inflation"

Former Atlanta Mayor set to join the Biden Administration

Professor Tribe said the Slobfather should get

Extreme weather affects millions across US - ABC News

Uh,---Mr. Trump,---sir-----just a heads up----

A Paradigm Shift?

Patriot Front member kicked out by his mother after arrest

Tweet of the Night:

'Get a Great Fucking Criminal Defense Attorney'

The Daily Show: Geico to Pay Woman $5 Million for Contracting HPV & Google Engineer Suspended

Full Moon, 99% visible

Flooding, mudslides force rare closure of Yellowstone - Reuters

The Roe Decision Might Be Coming Tomorrow

Man goes on a first date with a woman and

WTF Texas!!!!! Republicans flip U.S. House seat in South Texas, historically a Democratic stronghol

Jill Wine Banks: Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani All Profited from the Big Lie

Rachmaninoff's 'Vocalise', Leonard Slatkin & Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Red Rider - Napoleon Sheds His Skin

The Daily Show - The Dailyshowography of Rudy Giuliani: Oozing Greatness

Wednesday Digit

Gotta love history, and somewhat relevant to today in some ways.

Newsmax Host: Pelosi Wants Kavanaugh Killed for SCOTUS Seat

That's just the way it is.... But don't you believe that DU

100 degrees here and the power went off.

Rittenhouse says he's going to Texas A&M; university begs to differ

Seth Meyers - Trump Responds to Ivanka's Jan. 6 Committee Testimony - Monologue 6/13/22

Republicans flip a Democratic-held House seat in South Texas, at least for now.

Andre Caplet's 'Reverie and Petite Waltz'

Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning

Please tell us where you are.

Gun extremists scream threats and "We will not comply!" (RI)

Rep. Raskin On William Barr: Just Telling The Truth Doesn't Make You A Hero - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Opinion: You may want to vote Democrat this election cycle

Neo-Nazi Kicked Out Of His Mother's House For Choosing Patriot Front Over Family

Documents Rediscovered: Sojourner Truth's Historic Fight to Save Her Young Son from Slavery

It came out during the J6 hearings that the trump cabal...

Herschel Walker Says He's a Model Dad. He Has a Secret Son.

Trump Understood His Actions Were 'Illegal And Corrupt' Says Legal Expert - The ReidOut - MSNBC

I don't care about her abortions

'The Music has Stopped' : Crypto Firms Quake as Prices Fall

State supreme courts: Bottom of the ballot but top concern if Roe falls

How to be a better straight ally to LGBTQ people

I just told him to not bother me. HONEST!

Assclown Alert: Spreading unfounded hate after the Uvalde shooting with Rep. Paul Gosar

Look who's taking a knee

Talk about the Child Tax Credit has completely disappeared

re: Jose Andre new space @ Old Post Office Pavilion

After Years of Victory Laps, the GOP Has Actually Won a Big South Texas Race

Got into a discussion with a friend about photographing glassware .

The Dandy Warhols - Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth

Pro-Trump Candidate Calls for Executing Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids

Lawrence: Prosecutors Are Watching Jan. 6th Committee's Case Against Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Pixies - Gigantic

Thank you Loraine at Jiffy Lube !!

The Toadies - Possum Kingdom

this is America

Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon

Seward, Nebraska just took a hit from hail as a supercell wrapped up over the city.

Boebert Supports Don't Say Gay law and says LGBTQ should stay in the Closet until 21 years old

The Flirts - Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)

Kim Wilde - Kids In America

Suzi Quatro - The Wild One

Guinea pigs at the buffet:

Lauren Boebert Says Rape Victims Need Guns Rather Than Access to Abortion


Democratic nominee for the 2022 US Senate Election from each state.

Kitty situps:

THE DAMNED - Jet Boy Jet Girl

Science Fiction Double Feature

Laurence Tribe: Even Trump's Lawyer Will Need An 'F'ing Great' Defense Attorney - The Last Word MSNBC

Johnny Thunders - Too Much Junkie Business

Monkey's Uber:

Bernstein and Woodward interview on Colbert tonight:

Top Criminal Defense Lawyer DISGUSTED by Kimberly Guilfoyle Grift

Trump gets a split decision in South Carolina as Rice is beaten, while Mace survives

Daily Show: It's time for Trump supporters to have "The Talk" with their kids about the police.

Strawberry moon photos.

Falling rocks at Yellowstone:

Major water cutbacks loom as shrinking Colorado River nears 'moment of reckoning'

Republicans in South Carolina oust five-term Congressman Tom Rice in their primary

Deep Dish Pizza project

This Week in Texas - The Rio Grande Valley - Beto O'Rourke

Mike Pence tells senior advisers to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee - ABC News

Lauren Boebart previous life

Gas prices are rising, so it's a good thing so many vehicles are secretly hybrid

Fed likely to hike interest rates amid soaring inflation - CBS News

South Florida synagogue sues over Florida's new 15-week abortion ban

Lawrence O'Donnell: Uvalde Coverup 'Scheduled To Last At Least Six Months' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Breaking: 2 southern calif police officers killed responding to domestic incident

South Florida synagogue sues over Florida's new 15-week abortion ban

South Florida synagogue sues over Florida's new 15-week abortion ban

Cindy Axne releases ad about Zach Nunn looking out for himself over Iowans.

Military clears cargo plane crew of that took off as Afghans clung to it - CNBC Television


One-on-one with Jan. 6 committee member Zoe Lofgren - CNN

Day 111: War in Ukraine - Operator Starsky

Johnny Marr - Easy Money

An actual Karen not being a Karen...

Fascist, Paramilitary Groups Seen Aligning With Republican Political Targeting - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Cambodia convicts opposition figures in mass trial - DW News

GT-R: How Nissan Created a MONSTER

Lawrence: Uvalde coverup 'scheduled to last at least six months'

Fascist Groups Best Understood As 'Nationwide Paramilitary Army': Expert - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Jan. 6 Committee's Presentation Of Facts Is Tacit Criminal Referral; DOJ Is Watching - Rachel Maddow

Rep. Lauren Boebert joked that Jesus didn't have enough AR-15s to save his life

Louisiana rape victim ordered to give custody of child and pay child support to rapist

PSA of the day (when you find out you didn't need scissors)

Ecuador police arrest top indigenous leader amid protests over fuel prices

Rep. Liz Cheney Previews Next January 6 Hearing - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Empty G's spreading a baseless, transphobic rumor that the tampon shortage should be blamed on trans

El Salvador Loses Its Crypto Investment As Bitcoin Shares Fall - NBC News

Jenny Hagel Trash-Talks the White Supremacists Planning to Attack a Pride Parade in Idaho - S Meyers

If SCOTUS announces Roe Vs Wade decision tomorrow

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/14/22

Stephen Colbert: Guests Journalists Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein on Nixon and TFG!

BREAKING: Former Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms joining White House in senior post

Breakfast Wednesday 15, June 2022

Endgame: The never ending saga of my wife and me through the USA insane legal immigration system

us circuit court: Unconstitutional to force girls to wear skirts because they are "fragil vessels"

Trump in 2024???

David Corn: The 1/6 Committee's Biggest Challenge: Assessing Whether Trump Is Bonkers

In Jan. 6 cases, one judge stands out as the toughest punisher

R.I. Senate passes gun bills amid dramatic debates, protests

Supermarket Scion Footed Bill for Kimberly Guilfoyle's $60K Jan. 6 Speech: WaPo

digby: Are we going to have a"White Boy Summer"

What is wrong with previous Democratic voting blocks??

I'm guessing Morning Joe is (finally) talking about Fox News...and Ozzie Osborne

2022 US Senate Elections in all of the states the Democrats are favored to win.

Wednesday TOONs - Rudy Juiced-iani

Bill Stepien Cashes In Spreading Trump's Election Lie

Biden tells oil refiners: Produce more gas, fewer profits

Ex-WVa councilman Eric Barber gets 45-day sentence in Capitol riot case

The question is no longer will people in Trumps inner circle be indicted. The question now is,

Dark Star.

Chris Hedges - American Republic IS DEAD

Egyptian woman Noura Essam, 23, safe after kidnapping by father

I'm the boss of my house

NOFX - Idiots Are Taking Over

Mayor Wu rejects City Council's proposed public safety budget cuts

State's highest court tosses gig economy ballot question

NYT Wordle 6/15 ***SPOILER THREAD***

Sky News Australia (Murdoch) is a global hub for climate misinformation, report says

Trump supporters 'aghast' at report Kimberly Guilfoyle was paid $60k of donors' money to introduce h

Yesterday, a Trump voter said this to me.

Former Rep. Riggleman: "Team Normal Was " the National Bar Fight Between Facts and Fantasy"


China says it might have detected signals from alien civilisation

A lesson in character

Marvel Announces Halloween Comic Book Extravaganza

Marvel Announces Halloween Comic Book Extravaganza

Comics Should Be Cheap (6/15/22)

The Webcomics Weekly #190: The Unique House of Rachel Smythe (6/7/2022 Edition)

The Rundown: June 15, 2022

The big corporations are beating us down. People won't unify to fight back.

Is Stepien's wife working on breaking the record for the longest labor, ever...

Democracy in America is a rigged game

HUGE shout-out (of appreciation) to the care-givers of the world

Here's the bumper sticker contest:

Mask up everyone. This is not a drill.

Huge majorities of Americans favor gun regulation.

Seven KC area schools cancel due to possible threat

On CNN just now: Don Lemon really bashing Biden over his age, claiming he isn't sharp anymore.

Man Given Jan. 5 Tour of Capitol Complex Captured Yelling Threats During Riot, Report Says

Democrats Fetterman, Shapiro show early leads in USA Today Network/Suffolk University poll

Its never fun to drink alone...

You raised $450.00 on June 14, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

A national debate over LGBTQ books has divided this Iowa town. Two library directors have quit.

DOJ Expects Transcripts from the 1,000 J6 Committee witnesses in September

You raised $15.00 on June 14, 2022 for OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

I think they may be onto something

Prominent Election Denier Adam Laxalt Wins Nevada GOP Senate Primary

2022 Horse Racing - 2022 Queen Anne Stakes at Royal Ascot

You raised $10.00 on June 14, 2022 Democratic Underground for Ukraine

US retail sales unexpectedly drop in May as inflation weighs on spending

What should be the collective noun for a group of incels?

Self-Driving and Driver-Assist Technology Linked to Hundreds of Crashes, U.S. Data Shows

EPA warns toxic 'forever chemicals' more dangerous than once thought

Faygo ice cream is really happening: 6 flavors to watch for

About that last race that was decided by delayed ballot counting in Clackamas County---

No signs of a DOJ investigation?

SCOTUSblog: Announcement of opinions for Wednesday, June 15

Looks like Randall Munroe has restarted his "What if?" column again!

Are Georgia Hispanics moving away from the Democrats?

Since 2020, 3 Fires Have Killed 13%-19% Of Earth's Sequoias; 2022 Drought The Next Bottleneck

June 15, 1963 📻

A heartbreaking interview with Seth Rich's parents on NPR today.

"Exxon made more money than God this year," Biden said.

146 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Southern Baptist battle goes full MAGA: Far right seeks to purge CRT and "Race Marxism"

Trump Jr. calls on Trump supporters to sign his father's birthday card -- and pay for the privilege

I believe MSNBC just stated the Supreme Court is handing down decisions

Biden nominates Brad Garcia to D.C. Circuit -- would be first Latino judge on that court

Herschel Walker, critic of absent fathers, has secret son he doesn't see

First SCOTUS case is George v. McDonough.

Data and statistics on guns

Man Given Jan. 5 Tour of Capitol Complex Captured Yelling Threats During Riot (Loudermilk)

Immigrants, Esp. Women Don't Feel Safe Walking Along Leesburg Pike, Falls Church: Pedestrian Survey

Why it matters that Trump's 'Election Defense Fund' didn't exist

Taiwan not so defenseless

About the investigation....Who is in charge of the Justice Department?

Beasley, Budd in close race for US Senate seat, WRAL News poll shows

President Biden Names Nineteenth Round of Judicial Nominees

Trump media venture faces new questions, expanding investigation

Biden orders oil companies to explain why they're cutting gas production as prices soar above $5/gal

OPINION: The Future Criminal Case Against Donald Trump - Neal K. Katyal

Surveillance footage shows a tour led by Loudermilk to areas in the House Office Buildings . . .

WHO takes a picture of a stairwell???

Archaeologists uncover remains of man crushed as he fled Pompeii

Trump may (literally) have to pay for his election lies

Proud Boys leader seeks transfer of trial after Jan. 6 committee builds case he instigated riot

3rd #SCOTUS op: Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo v. Texas

Leave Joe Biden Alone (not a hagiography but truthful and resonant)

How long will it take for Democrats to explain how wind and solar is now bailing out places of great

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- June 15, 2022

GOP commission refuses to certify New Mexico primary vote

In your opinion, which is better: Vox News or Now This News?

Folks complaining about gas prices

Wind and solar power are 'bailing out' Texas amid record heat and energy demand

Texas Republicans Plan To ABOLISH Mental Healthcare For Children

Wind and solar power are 'bailing out' Texas amid record heat and energy demand

Kremlin: Putin and Xi agree to expand cooperation 'due to the west's illegitimate sanctions policy'

"Conspiratorial Mindset": From Nixon to Trump, Lessons for Jan. 6 Hearing 50 Years After Watergate

Reading between the lines re Deshaun Watson

Papa lion and cub.

Loudermilk footage

Suspect in Buffalo grocery massacre charged with federal hate crimes

Documents Rediscovered: Sojourner Truth's Historic Fight to Save Her Young Son from Slavery

Hidden message on Polk County headstone raises concerns

Yellowstone Park has severe flooding while about 200 miles away, the Great Salt Lake is drying up.

Folks, let me be blunt. I don't want to "get" Donald Trump.

White Family in NJ sues school system for teaching that racism is bad

Why I am voting for Marie Newman in the June 28 Democratic primary.

Section 8 landlords to be fined $300 weekly until tenants ousted, HOA says

One of our local news outlets was just purchased by Gray Television

We don't know what we don't know. Garland inherited a snake pit at DOJ...

Here they are on Jan 6 threatening murder:

Great tweet:

Why did the Jan. 6th broadcast schedule change in the eleventh hour?

Would not it be obvious that those taking pictures SHARED those pictures with others

Two Americas or "Poll: Half of Americans now predict U.S. may 'cease to be a democracy' someday"

Rock Me On the Water - Jackson Browne

Democrats will official retain majority control of the US Senate.

The urge to sleep is a powerful, unstoppable drive in Kittens

J6 Committee sends Loudermilk a new request (6/15) about Jan 5 tours. Have video of group in Capitol

Time to examine the Mueller report decision by obviously biased Barr?

Well this tweet from Ted Cruz now makes sense:

Patti Smith - Because The Night (studio version + live in Dresden, June 9, 2022)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 15, 2022)

Electricity was a most WONDROUS invention

Middle Age Riot tweet defines Lauren Boebert:

J6 Committee comments & video about Loudermilk's J5 reconnaissance tour:

Fifi Rong - 'FORGET' (Official Video)

Fifi Rong - Forget (official video)

I saw my first Biden/Harris sticker on a very nice new car in Gainesville, FL

Please allow me to Democrat-splain something:

Loudermilk is going to get milked. What a coincidence, tours the day before the attack.

I saw my first Biden/Harris sticker on a very nice new car in Gainesville, FL

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet about Boebert

New Mexico secretary of state sues county commission over refusal to certify primary results

'The Music Has Stopped': Crypto Firms Quake as Prices Fall

So let's assume TFG is convicted of "something". How will the citizenry react?

New Mexico secretary of state sues county commission over refusal to certify primary results

Poll: Half of Americans now predict U.S. may 'cease to be a democracy' someday

Failed coup': Steve Bannon mocked in front of courthouse as he vows to 'govern for 100 years'

In my mind I can see Trump and Rudy living in the same Assisted Living Home.

Blues For One

Ancient DNA solves mystery over origin of medieval Black Death

Mike Luckovich-What happens when Herschel Walker opens his mouth

US expected to send $1 billion more in aid to Ukraine

Jeff Tiedrich tweet

Ukraine parades new French Caesar howitzer

Nuclear waste from small modular reactors

Christ at the cross - No AR-15, so he was crucified- Boebert babbling

Jan. 6 rioters own lawyers try to shut him up as he argues with federal judge

Ukraine needs more of these: Why Russia So Afraid Of US M142 HIMARS

Compilation of dog smiles:

Elon Musk throws support behind Ron DeSantis for president in 2024 while revealing he just voted Rep

Virginia AG Miyares: Loudoun Co. school board suit to halt special grand jury 'legally baseless'

The Committee: Using Trumps own people to present all the evidence is absolutely brilliant.

I bet if they look hard enough

Battle over A-10: Lawmakers seek to break perennial deadlock on retiring aging warplanes

How many are still in the DOJ?

'Stay in your lane': Loudoun Co. Commonwealth's Attorney Buta Biberaj to AG Jason Miyares

Gimme hug!


Fetterman leads Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race; governor's race tight: poll

The Long Shadow of Eugenics in America

Copycat bird:

Ukraine's female soldiers reflect country's strong feminist tradition

Brackney sues city for millions, claiming racial and gender discrimination [Charlottesville, VA]

Pointing out abortions is NOT slut shaming

Tiny puppy is so excited:

What I wish President Biden's message would be:

What were the results of yesterday's primaries? Did his endorsees win?

Baltimore Fire That Hospitalized 3 Investigated As Possible Arson

Man accused of killing Wicomico sheriff's deputy was set free 2 years ago by Baltimore authorities

Woman used an AirTag to track boyfriend, then ran over and killed him, police say.

Convicted 'Cowboys for Trump' founder threatening to throw out 7,123 primary votes in New Mexico:

TFG's circle is convinced that losing in the Georgia primaries actually proves them right, source

🚨🚨🚨 Full version of the "1776 Returns" document; PB plans to take the Capitol

Biden to send another $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine

Cornyn has been playing Dems on gun regulations.

Gov. Ron DeSantis responds to Elon Musk's likely vote: 'I welcome support from African Americans'

Herschel Walker, Liar.

Cat discovers the best part of a glass of water:

My favorite speed limit sign...

Supreme Court limits California labor law that allows private suits against employers

EPA must cancel popular Seresto collar over link to pet deaths, congressional subcommittee finds

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Are Leveling Off, Following Spring Surge

Tacoma police help wrangle 10 escaped horses in city's South End neighborhood

Bannons trial begins July 18th. He should be in prison by August.

Some Seattle area parents plan to skip meals to ensure children eat this summer

QAnon-linked Trumper claiming "decades" of votes illegitimate on verge of running Nevada elections

Gohmert called in the Public Session for the Moderna/Pfizer infants vaccine discussion by FDA VRBPAC

Bannon Offers Absurd Legal Argument for Executive Privilege

"He was bathing Seiko in tea tree oil and oil of oregano" Trial of man charged with "Animal Cruelty"

Just heard Yellowstone Nat Park to be closed indefinately. so much damage. msnbc. ..

'Family Values'....

An actual quote from Herschel Walker verbatim.

Man who attacked Capitol was given tour of building by Republican day before riot


Charlie Kirk to Dems: "...once you get displaced from power, we're not going to give it back"

Regarding casing the capitol on January 5th.

Trump and the Unspeakable

New Jersey touts abortion protections to lure businesses

Sometimes I really worry about the state of things, but then I realize...

So where the fuck are the headlines screaming, "Republicans in disarray!"

Pink Floyd- Pigs On The Wing (Part 1 and 2)

Why you might want to put a freeze on your credit reports, and how to do it

US prison workers produce $11bn worth of goods and services a year for pittance

Baltimore Fire That Injured 3 Investigated As Possible Hate Crime After Pride Flags Burned

Today's Supreme Court decisions: Interesting combinations of Justices.

Our battle isn't left against right. It's everyone with common sense against far-right extremists.

Fed hikes rates by 75BPS.

Fed raises interest rates by 75 basis points

Fed announces three quarters percentage-point rate hike to control inflation

Methane leak at Russian mine could be largest ever discovered

Liberals Rush to Spread Bogus Lauren Boebert Escort and Abortion Rumors

Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, racist rally apparently planned for Missoula.

Judge Dana M. Douglas nominated by Pres. Biden for the United States Fifth District Court of Appeals

Amazon taps Richard Sherman for 'Thursday Night Football' broadcast crew

So! Would you sign Trump's birthday card?

Cartoons 6/15/2022

Marysville Strawberry Festival is on, but key ingredient is late

Early win for DOJ in court against Bannon

Barr shows how Republicans might draw line on Trump

Moon setting reflections over river

Child care deserts in Texas hitting low-income families the hardest, research shows

Subpoenas Probe GOP Mission to Breach Georgia Voting System

538: The New National Congressional Map Is Biased Toward Republicans

"Absolute joke": Republicans "disappointed" after pro-Trump Nevada GOP primary loser cries fraud

Bill Stepien

Restaurant Loses Customers Over Sign Blaming 'Lazy Workers' For 50% Price Hike

More than half the money given to Trump's PAC was from retirees

Texas Governor's Race Tightens In Wake Of School Mass Shooting

Awwww. Napping brothers.

Critical Race Theory: The Real Reason for Today's Moral Panic

Humid before sunrise, southern MD

Judge Dana M. Douglas nominated by Pres. Biden for the United States Fifth District Court of Appeals

John Sweeney's Kyiv Diary day 111

I saw a Mercedes convertible with a TRUMP/MAGA bumper sticker.

NY gubernatorial candidate shares 'dirty words' he doesn't want in sex education classrooms

U.S. Supreme Court spurns Republican bid to defend Trump immigration rule

Alexei Navalny was transferred to IK-6 with a strict regime in the Vladimir region.

Pittie Jumps On The Counter To Be With The Cats

Dr. Anthony Fauci has tested positive for #COVID19

Fears for Taiwan as China lays groundwork for its own 'special military operation'

'I'm enjoying meself': 67-year-old crowd surfer hailed at Killers gig

Egg on the face of the WSJ: "The Capitol 'Reconnaissance' Smear"

C'mon, Trumpers, how much longer will you fall for the con? Oh, that long . . .

Marjorie Taylor Greene Argues Global Warming Is 'Actually Healthy For Us'

I never run with scissors! Actually those

BBC: Saudi authorities seize rainbow toys for promoting homosexuality

Which Democratic US Senator is a likely candidate for P/VP in 2028?

Wild Crow Becomes Best Friends With This Family

Why you should never bother arguing with a trumpster.

Did Ivanka buy ownership in some voting machines? I remember the rumor. Was it

Court document in Proud Boys case laid out plan to occupy Capitol buildings on Jan. 6

Dr. Anthony Fauci tests positive for COVID

Dr Fauci tests positive for covid19, per NIAID. Experiencing mild symptoms.

Texas Paul REACTS to Lauren Boebert saying Jesus needed an AR-15

An only slightly restrained rant directed at Q-anon/MAGA/Trump-humpers:

A dog shelter in Ohio lost power amid blazing heat. The community showed up to keep the pups cool.

Mo Brooks: 'Donald Trump has no loyalty'

Alton Police Chief gives emotional, detailed thoughts on beheading murder

The Tyee: How COVID broke Canadian society

Trans kids' treatment can start younger, new guidelines say

John Hinckley Jr. freed from court oversight after decades

The latest GOP primaries point to serious election chaos ahead

The January 6 hearings are all fine and dandy, but...

Breaking: Dr Fauci tested positive for Covid n/I

Pic Of The Moment: Today's Normal Republican News

Prominent Election Denier Adam Laxalt Wins Nevada GOP Senate Primary

UPDATED: FDA panel endorses Covid vaccine for youngest children

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Remarks on Changing Senate Filibuster Rules

MUSK legal to vote in Texas? - voted QAnon to flip Dem seat & calls for a Red Wave

Confederate flag wielding Kevin Seefried GUILTY on all counts

CA neighbors called police 8 times, each time "no disturbance... substantiated" at torture home

Presented For Your Amusement --- Q on MAGA violence

Mass shooting threat here in KCMO.

Sounds exactly like something an evil haunted baby would say (Twitter)

Cat looks unimpressed with humanity. But loves mice.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) continues to spout nonsensical Kennedyisms on Fox News

DJIA up 500+ points today

Document Lays Out Plan to Occupy the Capitol

grrrr. Frankie (pope photo op) says not to criticize putler's horrendous invasion

Mo Brooks: 'Donald Trump has no loyalty'

Liberals Rush to Spread Bogus Lauren Boebert Escort and Abortion Rumors

GOP Commission Refuses to Certify Primary Vote

when was todays hearing postponed to? thanks. :) nt

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Texas Governor's Race Tightens

What Doe v. Gomez means for future of abortion in Minnesota

Exclusive: US fighters 'captured' by Russian forces in Ukraine

Michigan cop charged with murder in Lyoya's death is fired

Charles Pierce: John Cornyn Was Less Focused on Judge Safety After the Terri Schiavo Case

Former Meadows aide may testify publicly after dropping Trump-linked attorney

Loudermilk is not helping his cause. Keep talking, jackass.

Senator Marshall offers legislation to lower gas prices

More than half the money given to Trump's PAC was from retirees

The stuff of nightmares: the ocean dwelling ribbon worm and its sticky proboscis (Twitter video)

Got them on the run ... Mo Brooks really?

The guy taking a picture of stairs at the capital. The FBI should be knocking on his door.

Every State But Florida Ordered Vaccines for Kids

Stop Spreading Those Deeply Misogynistic Rumors About Lauren Boebert

Paxton on Uvalde : "Life is short no matter what it is."

Confederate flag-toting man, son convicted in Capitol riot

Every State But Florida Ordered Vaccines for Kids

Pope Francis says traditionalist Catholics are 'gagging' the reforms of Vatican II

Nicolle Wallace for the win!

Here's what it might be like to travel on a double decker airplane seat (Nope Nope Nope)

Jumping the Gun - Maybe We Shouldn't Be So Eager to Attack

The Depp-Heard Trial Perpetuates the Myth of the Perfect Victim - TIME

US Senators Kelly-AZ,Warnock-GA,and/or Fetterman-PA being on the P/VP ticket in 2028?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 16 June 2022

Man Bites Dog: Mega-Corporation Says It's OK With Its Workers Unionizing

Man Bites Dog: Mega-Corporation Says It's OK With Its Workers Unionizing

Man arrested for threatening KC amusement park

This tarantula keeps a small frog as a "pet" to eat insects that eat the spider's eggs (Twitter)

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 15, 2022

NYT: "Far-Right Republicans Press Closer to Power Over Future Elections"

Desantis thinks he's being funny.

Did anyone interview Republican members of Congress and/or their staff after the attack?

Biden calls on oil companies to increase production after months of massive profits

Marsy's Law in action. We told you this would happen. You were warned.

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Another Republican Who Has Promoted QAnon Is Headed to Congress

'Jamal Khashoggi Way' sign unveiled in front of Saudi embassy in Washington, DC

BREAKING: Republican caught giving Capitol Tours digs deeper hole with ABSURD EXCUSE

Hummingbirds very active today. I hope they have babies in the nest

Which Republican candidate for the 2022 AZ US Senate Race is an easier target for Kelly-D?

Tweet of the Evening:

'Blood everywhere': Details on Walgreens murder scene

WaPo A Small County in NM shows where 'big lie' delusions can lead...MY County

Researchers Release Comprehensive Twitter Dataset of False Claims About The 2020 Election

Scoop: New CNN Boss Chris Licht Wants Staff to Stop Calling Trump's Election Claims 'The Big Lie'

A Comfy Dog Bed Specifically Designed for Humans

Gov. J.B. Pritzker traveling to New Hampshire, sparking presidential speculation

When you're really, really, pissed off: Elephant kills woman then returns to trample on her corpse

The Loudersourmilk Tour Instructions

Utopia - Last Of The New Wave Riders

Biden seeks to counter state actions he sees as anti-LGBTQ

Lauren Boebert Report Spills On SECRET Ted Cruz Connection

Lofgren confirms members were evacuated thru tunnels shown in Loudermilk tour video

Loudermilk does the dance

New Mexico Republicans refuse to certify election because it doesn't feel right

Guess who was the top spreader of doubt on Twitter of the 2020 election?

Just curious. How much is a carton of name brand cigarettes these days?

NM Supreme Court orders Otero County Commission to certify election results

Certified letter still a mystery.

WATCH: Rep. Loudermilk responds to footage of him leading a tour a day before Capitol attack - PBS

Mom confronts Betsy DeVos about mandatory internal genital inspections for children to play sports

Loudermilk Is Obligated To Come In And Testify Says Joyce Vance - Deadline - MSNBC

The Beatles - Yes It Is

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are likely to win.

Tarrio was given plans to occupy congressional buildings, Supreme Court

How about a battery that can charge from 0% to 80% in just over 5 min?

Group behind Trump SCOTUS picks brought in nearly $50 million in secret money

The Southern Baptist Convention turns back far right MAGA faction's takeover effort

Monthly car payments hit record high of $712 in May

Abbott misled us. He failed Texas. We must hold him accountable and save lives. - Beto O'Rourke

President Biden to Sign Historic Executive Order Advancing LGBTQI+ Equality

The Leader of Trump's Favorite 2020 "Audit" May Be Disbarred After Courtroom Meltdown

Unblocking the Black Sea for Ukrainian grain

Saudi authorities seize rainbow toys for promoting homosexuality

Ginni Thomas corresponded with John Eastman, sources in Jan. 6 House investigation say

Ginni Thomas corresponded with John Eastman, sources in Jan. 6 House investigation say

Jan. 6 Committee Releases Video Of Capitol Tour Led By Rep. Loudermilk - MSNBC Reports

The Leader of Trump's Favorite 2020 Election "Audit" May Be Disbarred After Courtroom Meltdown

True the Vote founder is a scam artist

Lauren Boebert target of wild claims spreading despite lack of evidence

True the Vote founder is a scam artist

San Diego Zoo Welcomes First Aardvark Cub in Over 35 Years

Looks like 40 million is not good enough to buy an election. There will be a runoff, but Karen Bass

Republicans want to 'reform' Social Security behind closed doors -- beware!

Bombshell Evidence: Trump Ally Led MAGA Fans On Capitol Tour Hours Before Attack - The Beat - MSNBC

CNN Chief Wants to Stop Use of 'the Big Lie'

Mike Pence's Former Counsel will be a witness tomorrow

Ginni Thomas corresponded with John Eastman, sources in Jan. 6 House investigation say

Libs of TikTok & the right wing media targeted a WI school for trying to protect a trans student

This Was Planned - The Lincoln Project