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Charles Barkley's advice on reining in Warriors' Draymond Green: 'Clock him one time'

Manhattan judge keeps costly contempt-fine threat dangling over Donald Trump's head in NY probe.

Peter Navarro says he'll eat dog food

Chris Hayes I tonight - An American Coup n/t

Republicans Only Feel An Urgency About Guns When They Are Near Brett Kavanaugh's House

STUDY: Washington state saw 10,024 percent jump in catalytic converter thefts since 2019

Ted Lieu: I just thought I would recite for you what Jesus Christ said about homosexuality

Has anyone EVER been charged with an attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice?

'Predatory' company accused of scamming Washingtonians into $30,000 for online training courses

PG&E pledges net-zero emissions by 2040, will keep using gas

More Emails on the way by June 13th

The Janes Reminds Us of the Horrors of Criminalized Abortion

Furious Texas Paul Explodes on Failed Texas Governor - MeidasTouch

Every Accusation is a Confession. How's this for a message?

Cute 3-year-old drummer with real talent:

Moody Blues - Never Comes The Day (live in Paris, 1969)

Memo to the media: GOP policies -- not the rare liberal prosecutors -- are driving crime

Dan Rather: Once Upon a Time... Telling the story of January 6

Wisconsin governor asks GOP to repeal dormant abortion ban

newly released audio from Kevin McCarthy and Debbie Lesko.

Ana Navarro FTW

Kushner Distanced Himself From Trump Ahead Of Jan 6: Peter Baker - MSNBC

James Webb Space Telescope suffers 1st noticeable micrometeoroid impact just months into flight

Well that's embarrassing. The Kavanaugh would-be assassin is a local kid.

Mass shooting at Hill Comorah NY

Laurence Tribe: McConaughey's speech "is the clearest call for needed change I've heard."

Millions in Southwest bracing for 'dangerous and deadly heatwave'

Florida undercounted COVID cases and deaths, failed to get test results, state audit says

Cenk Uygur takes aim at Adam Smith

Gun Safety Is A 'Moral Issue' Not A Political One Says David Hogg - Deadline - MSNBC

TRIGGER WARNING: This 11-min video demonstrates on chilled pork roast the damage from AR-15:

Tweets from Sara Spector, former Assistant DA in Uvalde

HOW DO I GET RID OF the toenail fungus ad? Not asking how to get rid of

Why do we have to BEG our legislators to protect our children?

ELECTIONS As Clackamas tally drags on, Oregon state House race uncalled.


Male-Karen Hotel Owner Refuses To Repair Flooded Bathroom

Anybody here going to a March for Our Lives demonstration on Saturday the 11th?

I anyone else having problems playing Netflix?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Former DOJ Prosecutor Reveals Trump's link to Seditious Conspiracy in New Indictments - MeidasTouch

The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a * Special Marine Warning

The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a * Special Marine Warning


'We're all afraid': Massive rent increases hit mobile homes

'It's Time For Congress To Act' On Guns Says Ron Klain - Deadline - MSNBC

If Dwight Schrute was Australian:

Male-Karen Hangs On Black Man's Car Hood With All His MAGA Might

Pregnancy Has Risks. Without Roe, More People Will Face Them

Two guys are sitting at a bar.

The anti-Trump Conservatives and pundits are disappointed by last night's primary

Tweet of the Day

Joy Behar Says Gun Laws Will Definitely Change 'Once Black People Get Guns in This Country

Rep. AOC on Gun Reform After Buffalo, Uvalde Shootings

See GOP Rep. Deny Jan. 6 'Insurrection' On Eve Of Key Hearing - The Beat - MSNBC

One of Trump's favorite election conspiracists pocketed millions while looking for fraud

Democratic Sen. Jon Tester Opposes New Restrictions On Semi-automatic Weapons

SC is one of the worst states for mass shootings this year, data shows

One of Trump's favorite election conspiracists pocketed millions while looking for fraud

Chris Hayes to Mo Brooks

Abortion opponents once agreed rape and incest were 'exceptions.' What changed?

Happy Pride! download my album Tell Me That Youre Gay/L.A. Shake

Time for the truth about January 6

Western artillery already making difference for Ukraine -regional governor

Top Republican (Steve Scalise who was shot!) makes Outrageous comment on Guns - MeidasTouch

WTF Mo Brooks is on MSNBC

Biden: Tuesday primaries sent 'clear message' voters want tough-on-crime policies

Dick Durbin (D-IL) likens Fox News and Tucker Carlson to the KKK:

Texas Legislators Propose Law against Drag Shows ... And Not Guns

Gun control in Japan - Should be US model

Parking will shift at Lynnwood Transit Center June 13, 2022 to Spring 2023

The Lincoln Project-Ron Johnson want you to believe that the violent mob that stormed the Capitol

The Lincoln Project-Ron Johnson want you to believe that the violent mob that stormed the Capitol

Actor Cary Elwes tweets:

PREY Trailer (2022) Predator 5

GOP sets its sights on Bob Casey's Senate seat

Trump and Co. as they try to downplay the January 6th insurrection and the videos that the

Matthew McConaughey's Speech The Other Day Should Be Required Watching For All.....

STRANGE NEW WORLDS adds Jesse James Keitel in guest-starring role as the new nonbinary character

I would like to participate in the live event during the hearings

No one is saying "Stop shooting people" . "we don't approve of killing people" I know it its said

Please Jan 6 Cmte, no opening for Wingnuts saying is-that-all-you've-got. Thank you very much.

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Fox not airing the committee....

Jonathan Frakes of ST:Next Gen asks a big question (about ET's)

Don't Forget the First Half of the Second Amendment

Cartoon: Uvalde Converse By Clay Jones -June 8, 2022 3:44 PM

Rep. Connolly Hopes Uvalde Family Testimony Will 'Unharden Hearts' In Congress - Deadline - MSNBC

Kimmel: Fox News Hypocrites Outraged Over Biden's Interview & Secret Service Prank on Cousin Mikki

You know what? I'm starting to doubt the actual strength of right-wing militancy

Gold Guns Girls - METRIC

The Alternative to Police That Is Proven to Reduce Violence

South Dakota voters reject GOP effort to block Medicaid expansion

*The Janes Watch the Movie on HBO now, ch. 501

The bad mouthing of Jamie Raskin has begun. Can't do his job because of his sons suicide

Krugman with a detailed thread on inflation

Gun Violence, Texas Schools. - Beto O'Rourke

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are most likely going to win.

Gun Violence, Texas Schools. - Beto O'Rourke

Toto - I Will Remember

Sotomayor, joined by Breyer and Kagan, points out law has shifted the law rightward

The Greg Kihn Band - The Breakup Song

Raffensperger Could Testify Publicly

To Ari Melber: 10,000 national guard troops 'WERE NOT ORDERED BY TRUMP'


GOP congressman: National Guard movements show Capitol Police 'wanted' January 6 to happen

TCM later:

Journey - Only The Young

I did not start my public education until first grade.

Katie Porter steals the show, demolishes gun argument - Brian Tyler Cohen

How Liz Cheney Ended Up On The Front Lines Of The Jan. 6 War - All In - MSNBC

Some of these politicians should write jokes for Kimmel...

Ted Cruz mocked in Mexico as country's president airs video of senator fleeing gun question

AZ US Senate candidate Blake Masters attacked and assaulted 73 yo man

New state rule could cost Washington coffee stands thousands, business owner warns

It was Never about Hunter Biden...

Rep. Raskin: Jan. 6 Hearings Will Spur 'Multiple Breakthroughs And Epiphanies' - All In - MSNBC

As much as it will disappoint people, I'm not convinced evidence will come out implicating Trump.

Ted Cruz mocked in Mexico as country's president airs video of senator fleeing gun question

Drink This Jamaican Rum Cocktail to Celebrate Gemini Season

Russian fascist colonel admits to torturing Ukrainian POWs.

Man planned to kill Texas Congressman because he was taunting him with 'eyeball emojis'

Your Zen Moment...

The Daily Show: January 6th Hearings Promise Bombshells & PGA Golfers Flee to Saudi League

Tonight: Joe Biden on Jimmy Kimmel (ABC)

Best strategy: 2 years of eating prison food without spending your half million nest egg on lawyers...


I can't help but loving this

Seth Meyers - Fox News Won't Air First Primetime January 6 Committee Hearing Live: A Closer Look

One by mb Bach's son, some by Bach, one by Errollyn Wallen, unrelated to the Bach Familia. 😁

With J6 committee public hearings set to begin, we ask: why has DOJ apparently chosen to go second?

We were in a shock throughout the viewing of "The Janes" on HBO

Uh, wha, KIMMEL+BIDEN gone because of b-ball?

UT-SEN closer than I would have expected...


14,677 new cases for week ending 6/7; 40 deaths

Chris Hayes: Why It Matters If People Watch The Jan. 6 Hearings - All In - MSNBC

Will Nebraska build a $500 million canal just to own the libs?

Vos appoints GOP attorney Don Millis to serve on Wisconsin Elections Commission

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 9, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Prime Time Theme: Revisionist Westerns

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 10, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Judy Garland

President Joe Biden Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live

I am a new widow asking for help. Thank you all so much!

Lawrence O'Donnell: For Republicans, 'Guns Are More Important Than Children' - The Last Word MSNBC

A family was sitting at the dinner table, enjoying Sunday dinner.

Why is Sweden's government risking Nato talks for a single MP? (likely no Nato for now for us)

What hard candy do you have in the house now?

(Jewish Group) Swastika drawn outside Brooklyn yeshiva, suspect sought

Note to Hope HICKS: *This* could make you TONS of cash: Drumpf said you didn't BELIEVE!

(Jewish Group) Khamenei: 'Zionist capitalists' plague for world even before Israel

She Helped Create the Big Lie. Records Suggest She Turned It Into a Big Grift

Well-Being Among LGBTQ+ Americans Rests Well Below the Nation's Average

Jake Cohen: Being Gay And Being Jewish Have Dictated My Career

(Jewish Group) Jake Cohen: Being Gay And Being Jewish Have Dictated My Career

Katie Porter: Special interests are lying to the American people to block gun legislation.

'The Blood Of These Children Is On The Hands Of Texas Republicans': Texas St. Rep. Crockett - ReidOut

Jan 6th hearings


'Infuriating': Teachers Union President Blasts GOP Idea Of Arming Teachers - The Last Word - MSNBC

Brookings places retired general on leave amid FBI probe

The History of Ethiopian Jewry

Capitol Officer Dunn: Jan. 6 Hearings May 'Shape The Future Of This Country' - All In - MSNBC

12 GOP senators oppose bill to expand health care to veterans exposed to toxic burn pits

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Florida Man planned to kill Texas Congressman because he was taunting him with 'eyeball emojis'

Controversial DeSantis aide belatedly registers as foreign agent

Spit It Out Joe - Look Directly At The American People And Tell Them.....

Free Gas Cards Are the GOP's New Campaign Gimmick--and It's Legal

He Won't Talk To Jan. 6 Panel. So Why Is Mo Brooks Talking To Chris Hayes? - All In - MSNBC

Federal investigation into law enforcement's response to Uvalde shooting won't be criminal, DOJ says

Putting Taser Drones In Schools Won't Stop Shootings

since guns are allowed by the US constitution (federal) maybe gun crimes should be federal crimes

Do Republicans really care about the future of our kids.....

Warren To Biden White House: 'All Hands On Deck' For Supporting Reproductive Rights - The ReidOut MSNBC

The Lincoln Project-Carnival Cruz called the events of January 6th a "violent terrorist attack,"

CBS News Preview of the 1/6 Hearings:

The Lincoln Project-Carnival Cruz called the events of January 6th a "violent terrorist attack,"

The Center Lane is Wide Open

Former Conservative Debunks Right Wing Myths about the Economy - MeidasTouch

Wednesday night: How much rain did you get? The Beltway didn't see that much but

Jan 6 Committee's intel could be used to sue TFG into oblivion-even if he isn't criminally charged

How The Internet Became a Doom Loop

Thoughts & Prayers

First Jan. 6th Public Hearing Preview - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Uvalde Victims Testify At Gun Violence Hearing - The 11th Hour - MSNBC *GRAPHIC*

Mexican megachurch leader gets more than 16 years for abuse

Why San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin was recalled.

Here is a link to Select Committee coverage

Fox News' Caravan Coverage 'Playbook' As January 6 Hearings Approach - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

A New Mystery Signal Is Repeating From a Distant Galaxy, And It's a Weird One

My birthday photos

Ospreys and herons in Huntington Beach, California

IMF, Argentina reach staff-level agreement, unlocking on $4.03bn

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

This is what Russia is waiting for:

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/8/22

Paraguayan cartel leader dresses up as woman to escape jail

Stephen Colbert - Guest Congressman Adam Schiff previews Thursday's January 6th Committee Hearings

Hunger surges in Brazil in 'historic setback'

Activists try giant screen to clean up Guatemalan river

Ron Filipkowski tweet about Peter Navarro & Mike Lindell:

As climate catastrophes multiply, Republicans rethink denialism

Fisherman Who Saw Missing British Journalist Arrested in Brazil on Weapons Charge

House Republican Confronted Lauren Boebert for Jan. 6 Tweets "Telling the Attackers Where We're At"

Media set up for Jan. 6 hearings in Capitol Rotunda:

Breakfast Thursday 9, June 2022

So nervous for the hearings

Matt Gaetz and MTG say Jamie Raskin unfit due to son's suicide

Hey Way Too Early asshole host


A rare orchid, thought to be extinct, has been rediscovered in Vermont

Good morning! Together again (briefly)

Stepfather found guilty of child abuse after a Florida restaurant employee saved a boy with a note a

Life in Oceania magastan.

Re: today's hearings....

Exclusive: 220+ CEOs call on Senate to pass gun legislation

Happy Hearings Day, DU!

Abortion Rights Activists return in rain to Brett Kavanaugh's home

Out-of-town media prepare to tell us what the San Francisco recall REALLY means

Mother says San Antonio police killed her 13-year-old son and it took them five days to tell her

Mortgage activity hits 22-year low as rising rates bite housing market

Someone in Uvalde, Texas needs to get canned.

The January 6 Committee Doesn't Need New "Bombshells." We Already Know What Happened.

On June 8, 1789, James Madison introduced the Bill of Rights to Congress.

For those that block out what the Committee has to say:

There is no general hate speech exception to 1A, which means that hate speech is protected speech.

Nixon conspired with milk industry to raise prices.

French lawmakers pledge support for Taiwan on island visit

Some thoughts about the recon traitor tours at the capital.

Senate confirms Biden's judicial nominee Nina Morrison

NYTimes Wordle 6/9

Help me understand President Biden's trust for Mitch McConnell. When

It would be smart, if the committee ended each hearing with a cliff hanger.

So Fox News will not cover the hearings live but they will wait until afterwards to comment on them.

Whenever you hear a Republican speak about January 6th...

HAHAHAHAHA! Colorado to Investigate Lauren Boebert for Alleged Misuse of Campaign Funds

Problem Solved!

Attempting to stop or slow a motorcade presents a life-or-death situation.

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 6/8/2022

Art of the Week: Week of 6/8/22

The Rundown: June 9, 2022

Charles Kernaghan, who crusaded against sweatshops, dies at 74

Florida 10-year-old faces murder charge in shooting. "You shouldn't have messed with my mother."

Greece: Appeals court overturns seizure of Iran tanker's oil

Cole Porter was born on this date.


Skip James was born on this date.

Les Paul was born on this date.

Jackie Wilson was born on this date.

Jobless claims rises 27K to 229K

Fuck you Jack Del Rio

The GOP is making the Star Wars seem more and more realistic

A Good Day to Begin the 6 January Hearings because it's the anniversary of

The recession will hit in the first half of 2023 and the Dow is headed lower: CNBC CFO survey

I Only Have Eyes For You

Pelosi: "Your political survival is totally insignificant compared to survival of our children"

Another one arrested

Thursday TOONs - Get In The Car, Mike

aging love.

The new court's absurd inhumanity: To preserve procedure, an innocent man must die

The new court's absurd inhumanity: To preserve procedure, an innocent man must die

Remember - The Lincoln Project

are you happily alone?

E-Flyer Ad from Ollie's.

Mark Meadows spotted making a get away

Bernie to Dems: Change course before you nosedive in November

Abortion access supporter calls on other fathers to join him for civil disobedience.

How Trump and the GOP drove up gas prices

What is the truth with this so-called attempt on Kavanaugh's life?

What punishment would you prefer for Trump if he is found guilty of treason?

Man Films Owls To See What They Do When He's Not Around

Question: What will happen in Congress after the J-6 Hearings are completed?

Marco Rubio Calls 1/6 hearings garbage

How is the Pig feeling this morning ?

In a healthy American society these events would be the cause of great concern.

The horror...

The question I heard on MSNBC that required a change in channel.

Louis Gohmert thinks the US isn't praying enough.

I believe today will be remembered as the beginning of an historical event.

Lauren Boebert caught on tape being confronted by GOP colleague on Jan. 6

Matt Gaetz and MTGreene: Jamie Raskin is a 'communist' and unfit to serve due to son's suicide

So tired of this fiction: "it was all so much better when we had "prayer in the schools." Here we ar

Sincere question: What will the Jan 6 committee accomplish if it doesn't change anyone's mind about

The Jan. 6 Committee Should Keep Calling It an Attempted Coup

Group aiming to defund disinformation tries to drain Fox News of online advertising

152 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the House gun control bill....

Watching these pre Wimbledon tennis matches.......I'm noticing a lot more drop shots being

Name and Shame White Christian Nationalism, the Ideology Behind Jan. 6

Make Up Your Mind - The Lincoln Project

Brightline aims to start Orlando service by Christmas, Edens says

Carol Burnett's invisible husband is Mr. Spock?

Parents of trans children sue Texas to stop child-abuse investigations

Spain evacuates 2,000 as crews race to counter wildfire

Before you vote for your Congressman...

Report: Chesapeake Bay's health making gains; Pa. still needs to meet its clean-up commitments

There is more than enough evidence already implicating

FBI raided home of Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley this morning

Britons sentenced to death after 'show trial' in Russian-occupied Ukraine

The Lincoln Project-#January6thHearings

The Lincoln Project-#January6thHearings

Opinion: How NIMBYISM chokes off affordable housing even in Big Sky Country

State Senate Democrats walk out of hearing over bill to ban teaching about systemic racism

FBI arrests Michigan GOP governor candidate Kelley during raid

FBI arrests pro-Trump Michigan governor candidate who stood on Capitol steps on Jan. 6

To make sure it never happens again?

On this day, June 9, 2021, a supercell mesocyclone was photographed south of Malta, Montana.

Ahead of Biden Visit, U.S. Mission to Palestinians Rebranded in Symbolic Upgrade

Military aircraft carrying five Marines crashes in California

One great reason to watch today's January 6 hearings?

Thailand legalises cannabis trade but still bans recreational use

Russia starts Baltic Sea drills following Swedish Nato bid (ironically our bid's likely dead for now

Out of curiosity, have Republicans ever exposed groups of Antifa to back up their claims?

Adam Schiff also doesn't understand why Garland refuses to indict

Happy National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day! Yummy 😋 or Yucky 🤢?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- June 9, 2022

Pic Of The Moment: Brett Kavanaugh Leaps Into Action After An Armed Man Is Found Near His Home

Host of Hardball calls out Fox "News" for what they are

New vaccine (Novavax) may be option for troops with religious concerns

Lucas Imbiriba - Malaguena

Name and Shame White Christian Nationalism, the Ideology Behind Jan. 6

A message for

Up Town Funk..Don't believe me, just watch...

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - The Battle of Evermore (live in Chicago, June 7, 2022)

Vernon Jones shows he will say or do anything to get elected

Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart, updated June 2022

Moscow Mitch demands security for supreme court judges.

Petty & Moronica

I finally finished my first necklace.

Having just filled up my car with gas, I'm thinking about prices, so

NOPE - Final Trailer

"A Thought is Just a Passing Train" John Moreland

I Went on Strike to Cancel My Student Debt and Won. Every Debtor Deserves the Same.

The DOJ should, must, indict the Big Lie to death. It's are only hope.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 9, 2022)

Talked to clerk at local P.O. telling me local Amazon Delivery Services have stopped operating.

D.C. chiropractor who stormed Capitol arrested on Jan. 6 charges

Russian military invited into Nicaragua

NOPE - Final Trailer


'Some of the dumbest moves I've ever seen': Alex Jones' lawyers are at war with each other

Toten Hosen - Das ist der Moment

'Some of the dumbest moves I've ever seen': Alex Jones' lawyers are at war with each other

Florida busted for under-reporting covid deaths early in the pandemic (listen up, Bill Maher).

Ukraine says troops holding on to Sievierodonetsk, advance in south

The Green Book, which guided Black travelers through a segregated and hostile America

Britons sentenced to death after 'show trial' in Russian-occupied Ukraine

Does anyone know what is taking so long in the investigation of Matt Gaetz?

DeVos says she talked 25th Amendment, resigned after Trump crossed 'line in the sand' on Jan. 6

Jan. 6 Hearings to Open as Proud Boys Members Are Indicted for Seditious Conspiracy

Here Are Coverage Plans for the Primetime Jan. 6 Committee Hearing (Ad Week)

Justice Department opens probe into Louisiana State Police

Trump Lawyer Who Mapped Election Reversal Must Give Up Files

If Only All Politicians Were This Honest! Best Campaign Ad Ever!

Russia arrested an Orthodox Church priest who said troops fighting Ukraine are going to hell, report

Have you ever wanted to build your own synthesizer? You CAN! For FREE!!!

NASA's new powerful space telescope gets hit by larger than expected micrometeoroid

NHTSA Upgrades Tesla Autopilot Probe Into Emergency-Scene Crashes

Turkey's Erdogan warns Greece to demilitarize Aegean islands

Dammit... it you can afford a giant SUV or Truck ... you can afford 5, 6, 7 dollars a gallon

British Fishermen and Brexit I Documentary

Has there ever been an AG with a fuller plate to deal with than Garland?

Shishito Sauteed Shrimp Recipe (video)

Wheat Harvest Outside Ukraine Is Also Under Threat, Adding Pressure to Global Supply

Are Democrats too gentlemanly and respectful to Republicans?

The media questions whether or not the Committee can get people to watch or listen to hearings?

US Supreme Court rules against Blaine innkeeper

My hats off to you!

McConnell CANNOT STOP WHINING about Boof Boy. One effing tweet after another.

Sen. Chris Murphy: Raising the age to buy AR-15-style rifles is off the table in gun-control talks

SCOTUS upholds Border Patrol thuggery once again

"Hey, everybody, I'm eight beers in! Who wants me to sing Bohemian Rhapsody?"

Kevin McCarthy is yelling:

Good to see Amy Winehouse and Abraham Lincoln getting out to a Canadiens game together ...

Carl Paladino: Hitler is "the kind of leader we need today. We need somebody inspirational."


FBI arrests Michigan gubernatorial candidate on charges related to involvement in January 6 riot

Ketanji Brown Jackson is going to show up to her first day of work like 🤣


Maybe Brett should resign from the SCOTUS, I would if I were him

Republicans panic after seeing room layout for primetime Jan. 6 hearing

Trump now says: "what happened on J6 was...the greatest movement in the history of our country to

Russia says West risks 'direct military clash' over cyber attacks

Joe Biden jokes that when he needs to flush sensitive documents down the toilet he calls Trump


This emu was facing homelessness. Then she met the man of her dreams.

IF an embryo could be successfully removed from a female

Penguins: A vacationing couple taking a stroll on the beach.

Greek court overturns decision on U.S. seizure of Iranian oil cargo - sources

Woman Sings To A Rescue Cow And Wins Him Over

I thought Kavanaugh already has marshals posted at his house?

Dogs at doggie daycare go out to play--& 2nd tweet shows one after 1st daycare day.

Large law enforcement response at Olivia Park Elementary in Everett after temporary lockdown

Personal trainer:

It's a huge conspiracy. The radical vegans have set

The June/Spring photo contest ... moving pictures ...

MAGA Senator Cornyn Nuts

Fred Hutch announces data breach: Unauthorized party hacked into an employee email

Justice Department opens probe into Louisiana State Police

a bouquet of kittens:

TFG Soils Himself on social media Ahead of Capitol Riot Hearing

The other day I saw someone come in to the gas station and

Here are the 5 House Republicans who broke with the GOP on gun rights to support a nationwide

Fold-up Shine Turbine offers "wind power that fits in your backpack"

My new baby, Luna

PGA Tour suspends all players taking part in first LIV Golf tournament

DeVos discussed 25th Amendment-ing TFG:

Andre Geulen, Savior of Jewish Children in Wartime, Dies at 100

Yes, the threat is ongoing.

Pelosi: House to vote next week protecting Supreme Court justices and their families after man arres

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Peter Navarro seen leaving town while mumbling something about dog food

Woven perches Sakinaw Lake House on rocky hillside in British Columbia 💚

If the right wing loses, even in a landslide, they say the election was rigged and storm something:

Feeling anxious.

Tonight's hearing:

Teslas with Autopilot a step closer to recall after wrecks

Alex Jones-bankruptcy scam- Right-wing conspiracy outlet Infowars moves to exit bankruptcy

Alex Jones-bankruptcy scam- Right-wing conspiracy outlet Infowars moves to exit bankruptcy

Jesse Lee Peterson praises white supremacy


Beck - Season 8 - MHz Choice.

Marjorie Taylor Greene(GA) and Lauren Boebart(CO) for the US Senate in 2026?

NO! NO! NO! No protection for the supremes until we have protection against ASSAULT RIFLES!! CRAZY,

Who is likely to be the Republican nominee for the 2024 OH US Senate race?

FQX noise & Jan 6th Toons

Children are like waffles, the first one is always kinda

Most Care More About Curbing Violence Than Gun Rights

J.D. Vance and Peter Thiel Accused of 'Secret Website' Shenanigans

Anybody know much about Daniel Lambert running as a Dem for FL's 17th Cong District?

New Emails - Sen Mike Lee of Utah was a participant in the plot to keep Donald Trump in office

I'm in a good place now!

If we do not double down and protect the environment.. everything else is on the waste heap

The best nicknames are the ones people

Utah Senate Race Is Close

The Chesapeake Bay watershed spans more than 64,000 square miles,

I was thinking about Lauren Boebert's mileage reimbursement

How about we put Boof Boy through active shooter drills

Help push DU's support for Sen. Warnock over the $500 mark!

Ex-Meadows Aide Replaces Her Lawyer

Help push DU's support for Sen. Warnock over the $500 mark!

Awww. I just received a beautiful flower arrangement for my birthday, from my 'Fur Babies'.

Cartoons 6/9/2022

Daily Distraction 9/06/2022

The Chesapeake Bay watershed spans more than 64,000 square miles,

I joined an exercise class and was told to wear loose fitting clothing.

Daily Distraction 9/06/2022 Posted in Photography

The Chesapeake Bay watershed spans more than 64,000 square miles,

Smoother sailing: Arlington airport gets grant to fix runway

Despite pleas, Community Transit sticks with vaccine policy

Out Front - GOP before and after Jan. 6

New vaccine may be option for troops with religious concerns

Prosecutors: R. Kelly should get at least 25 years in prison

Microsoft to limit noncompete clauses, drop NDAs for US employees

DOJ says in court filing that Peter Navarro has repeatedly lied

Miami Cubans oppose Democrats' Spanish-language radio deal

Paine Field is charting a course for its next 20 years of growth

I love you Joe, I really mean that sincerely.

Oh, this is really rich! Love it.

Democrats in Congress should attach

Why do parents buy their children toy guns?

White House Outlines Covid Vaccine Plan for Children Under 5

Grand Rapids, MI Officer who killed motorist to face murder charges

(Jewish Group) Boston Jews say a pro-Palestinian group's map of local 'Zionist leaders and ...

A Racist Researcher, Exposed by a Mass Shooting

A Racist Researcher, Exposed by a Mass Shooting

Hearings guide: What to know as the Jan. 6 panel goes public

Police officer who killed Patrick Lyoya charged with murder

"no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons"

VoteVets - Charity

Witness transcripts

Debunking 5 top inflation myths

GOP Candidate Carl Paladino Calls Adolf Hitler 'The Kind Of Leader We Need Today'

3 Big Lies about January 6: A Quick Fact Check

Google misdirects one in 10 searches for abortion to 'pregnancy crisis centers'

The first one's always free...

Is this a scam? Got an email from Yahoo...

Biden says he is weighing executive orders on abortion rights

DOJ says it still hasn't received any of the Jan. 6 committee's transcripts despite ongoing talks

Justice Department opens probe into Louisiana State Police

If the price of gas is in part determined by the oil futures market and Russia and the

Panel to connect Proud Boys and Oath Keepers in Capitol attack conspiracy

Panel to connect Proud Boys and Oath Keepers in Capitol attack conspiracy

'These people should be put to death': DFW pastor calls for LGBT people to be executed

Breaking : cop who killed Patrick Lyoya charged with 2nd degree murder

Former Child Star Ricky Schroder Has Insane 'Demon' Theory About Pride Month

It's crying time for Republicans.

Without the hearings even starting, this is my response to TFG, Maga's, R's, et al.

Former SE MO Police Chief Sentenced on Civil Rights Charge

'Baby Holly Marie' found alive more than 40 years after her parents were found murdered in Houston

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles

Jesse Watters: Did Biden Send Guy To Call Cops On Self Instead Of Murdering Brett Kavanaugh?

Today's mass shooting: Smithsburg, Maryland.....3 dead, 4 wounded

Mass shooting in Maryland, just west of Camp David, congressman says

CNN - Shooting with multiple victims near Baltimore.

How to Watch the Jan 6 Committee Hearing Live Online

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about where America stands as the hearings start....

Fireflies Unlimited

Has the Jan. 6 committee finally found its John Dean?

Navarro: "I've got to raise that money. I can't kill my retirement!"

Three Foreigners Fighting Alongside Ukrainian Forces Sentenced to Death

Kinzinger on tonight's hearing: "It'll change history."

Kevin McCarthy humiliates himself with dumbest response of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Aware of Injuries Inside, Uvalde Police Waited to Confront Gunman

Why is Navarro worried about paying for his retirement?

2 people stuck in tank of chocolate at central Pa. M&M factory


N.Y.C. is lifting a mask mandate for toddlers on Monday.

Virginia General Assembly abandons Commanders stadium bill

If the SEC allows this to go through, they should be fired on the spot.

BIDEN:"I think these guys and women broke the law, tried to turn around a result of an election..."

Can some refute this data, on shootings, I am having trouble.

Everywhere I turn online, trumpers are having conniption fits over the Jan 6 hearing tonight.

NASA inspector general issues a scathing report on moon effort

NASA inspector general issues a scathing report on moon effort

Can the DU Wet Blanket Brigade give it a brief respite for now?

Biden Expects 'Mini Revolution' With Many Politicians Voted Out If SCOTUS Overturns Roe

PM Update: On the cool side tonight, and it's quite delightful Friday.

The Supreme Court Is Reportedly 'Imploding.' Just in Time!

A Texan's Guide To Trump's Coup

Rick Scott channels Bell & Howell

I'm thinking tonight is only Episode One, Season One: Insurrection Day


Jim Jordan seems really scared.

Do you think Trump, Meadows, Eastman and Rudy will watch the hearings? LOL.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 9, 2022

The Washington Post Fires Felicia Sonmez Amid Week of Infighting

GYM Jordan should look over here and be very afraid.

Katie Porter Calls Out The Corporations Robbing America

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 10 June 2022

I partially agree with Kevin McCarthy

'Boogaloo Boi' charged in fire of Minneapolis police precinct during George Floyd protest

I want a T-shirt that says "Just shut up, man"

NOFX - Punk in Drublic (Full Album)

They Might Be Giants Postpone Tour After John Flansburgh Involved in 'Serious Car Accident'

Robert Mueller

Moderna Says New Vaccine Booster Shows 'Superior' Response to Omicron; Yearly Booster? New Variants

Michigan police officer charged with murder in killing of Patrick Lyoya

Tweet of the Day

Signed up for The Atlantic 'Peacefield' Newsletter/An excerpt from the latest one...

Lynda Carter for the Win

Jill Filipovic: Freedom for the Few

Oh No, All Michigan GOP Gov. Candidates Arrested Capitol Rioters, Frauders, Or Just Morons

Multiple victims reported in shooting in Maryland: Sheriff

White Man With BLM Shirt Gets Attacked By Senate Candidate And His Supporters

This is the way it goes.

Female hummingbird has learned to use the new feeder

Jan 6 day one

What Is So Rare As A Day In June - By James Russell Lowell

MTG rights are "fragrantly" violated

They didn't give a shit when Sotomayor was threatened plus others

"Jan 6 Insurrection Hearing" starts at which starts at 8 p.m. EST. (no text)

Disabled Teen Who Fled Ukraine Meets John Cena, the Wrestling Star Who Motivated His Journey

Which pre-hearing coverage will be best?

ANTIFA did January 6. These people are not deep thinkers: (55 second clip)

U.S. House approves massive $31 billion "Ike Dike" project to protect Texas coast from hurricanes

Uvalde superintendent says district to hire more police

POLICE RUSH TO WEDDING As Britney Spears' Ex-Hubby Tries To Crash Event

My "WTF?" story of the day...

Could be a whole bunch of republicans

South Korea makes big bet on energy transition to hydrogen


When something traumatic happens--something done by humans--

Supreme Court appear poised to reverse 'Miranda"

Reported Wagner mercenary base hit by Ukraine

This is SUCH an excellent article:

Authorities: 3 dead, trooper wounded in Maryland shooting

So... What are tonight's Snacks of Choice?! (gotta have some fun w something soooo serious!)

Green Day last night

Betsy DeVos says she resigned after learning Pence wouldn't support invoking the 25th Amendment

Climate change: New Zealand's plan to tax cow and sheep burps

Russia was in the Capitol January 6.

Greg Allman - I'm No Angel (studio version + live in Macon, 2015)

PBS Newshour is just incredibly compelling tonight.

'An Attack on America': Former Federal Judge J. Michael Luttig, Who Advised Pence's Team (video)

Mary Trump is on Ari now n/t

Preview of J6 committee public hearings: what do we expect to see & what happens after we see it?

Illegitimate definition

Video obtained by Jan. 6 committee shows new scenes of Capitol violence: Exclusive

I recommend listening/viewing J6 hearings on CSPAN so you can avoid the constant chatter from

Once the Jan 6 Committee pulls back the curtain of the corrupt GOP...

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #21: Best Of Season 12 Edition

Examining the sequence of events during the assault on the U.S. Capitol - PBS NewsHour

To indict Donald Trump, prosecutors will need to prove intent. Well, here it comes

Excerpt from Chairman Thompson opening statement

As we count down these last 90 minutes before the first public presentation by the

Jamie Raskin Confident that DOJ will take down traitors - MeidasTouch

Per schedule, Jan6 hearings not being shown on South Florida PBS stations

GOP Rep Lauren Boebert 'covered up' off-roading accident that could have sunk her political career

The J6 hearings are going to make this a tough couple weeks in Red State

WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 1 - PBS NewsHour

The weight we have placed on children's shoulders.....

Father and son went to US Capitol on January 6 'to bond because they had not had a close relationshi

Watch the JAN 6 Insurrection Hearings LIVE - MeidasTouch

MTG-My rights were fragrantly violated when I was served Gazpacho from a peach tree dish.

Washington Post fires reporter over Twitter slapfights

Never ending saga of my wife and immigration is coming to a end soon: Small hiccup

MSNBC: The January 6th hearings. CNN: Attack on Democracy: The January 6th hearings.

Can someone start a 1/6 thread, for those of us who can't watch live

How easily a teen can buy a gun and bring it across state lines.

Over 80 feared dead in attack on Catholic church in Nigeria

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Uvalde class mates to be buried next to each other

Who's got the popcorn?

Started my car..super loud noise..catalyc converter gone

'Christian' Fascist Really Hopes Russia Nukes The U.S.

I know Fox News is not covering the J6 hearing, but...

One of the top things I want to see shown

Is faux propaganda network allowed

Jan. 6 Committee Will Seek To Paint A 'Full Picture' Of Events Leading Up To Riot - Deadline - MSNBC

Peacock has hearings can stream from roku or smart TV.

Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchison changes lawyers.

pbs doing the hearing live on youtube. much better preshow than msnbc nt

I turned C-Span on at 7pm and there was Keven Mccarthy talking about the Democrat political

Who do you think

Chuck Todd and his crew tried to invite a deceased congressman onto his Friday show

The Isle of Man TT was last week. 3 racers died. The race will go on.

We can't go back. - Beto O'Rourke

Chuck Todd & staff are really on top of stuff...

The Walking School Bus. What a wonderful idea!

I admit I have a nagging worry about someone doing something to deflect attention from the hearing

Russian oil and gas exports help the Kremlin add $9.5 billion to an emergency fund as bailouts pile

It was a common tactic during the traveling carnival/circus world

How fitting?

18 U.S. Code 2384 - Seditious conspiracy

Tweet of the Evening #2:

Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward slammed after calling Phoenix a 'hell hole'

* 1/6 Committee Hearings discussion thread NUMBER 1*

"It's all part of the plan" quote from The Joker // re: Kavanaugh threat

McCarthy Yells On House Floor, Demands Passage of Bill to Protect Families of Supreme Court Justices

Has the committee YouTube channel

Police in Uvalde were waiting for protective gear during shooting