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Russians rush for flights out amid partial reservist call-up

James Brown - Apollo '68 Live Medley

If you file taxes in these 17 states, you could be getting an inflation-relief check from the govern

Lindsey Graham crumbled almost immediately' after being hounded by angry MAGA fans

The GOP-Friendly Jet Company Making Big Bucks Off DeSantis' Migrant Stunts

Does anyone else eat unpopped popcorn kernels?

US 2, closed from Bolt Creek fire, is scheduled to reopen Monday

Federal appeal court is allowing the Justice Dept. to continue looking at seized documents.

Jan. 6 panel announces September hearing

Micheal Cohen coming up on All In on

GOP Candidate Said Women Shouldn't Vote

AG James. Shades of Barbara Jordan.

Scientists at America's top nuclear lab were recruited by China to design missiles and drones, repor

So Don . . . . how was YOUR day?, 'Vanka? LittleDon? How 'bout chew, Gums?

Master Vs. MAGA: Team Trump Rebuked In Court Over Stolen Docs - The Beat - MSNBC

Rory Gallagher - Cradle Rock (Montreux, 1975)

A Kansas deputy tased a 12-year-old autistic boy who was handcuffed, shackled and hogtied

Flights out of Russia sell out after Putin orders partial call-up

House Passes Overhaul of Electoral Count Act

The bloated tick and his family are done.

Writer Who Says Trump Raped Her Plans to Use New Law to Prove It

Bet he's wishing he kept his orange, oily ass on that escalator

Trump's song for the day...

What a day! 😊

Earth Wind & Fire - Medley: Africano/Power

US Republican politicians increasingly spread news on social media from untrustworthy sources

Jan. 6 committee reaches deal with Ginni Thomas for an interview

Trump Family, Employees Sued By NY Attorney General - Raw News And Politics

Heros of the siege of Mauripol freed in prisoner exchange.

Orianthi - How do you Sleep? (live, 2013)

Read the 11th Circuit panel's decision granting DOJ's motion here:

So, I ask DU, how would you deal with this....

Joe Biden's Approval Rating Now as Good as Ronald Reagan's at Same Stage

Double Charges?: Trump Facing Two 'Criminal Referrals' In Explosion Of 2022 NY Probe - The Beat MSNBC

Judge Watch

Senate, governor debates canceled in Ohio after GOP opts out

French guitarist Laura Cox - Sweet Home Alabama

Lindell is suing the FBI!

Doctor(D) and nurse(r) battle for toss-up state House seat in Allegheny County

10 Factors That Shape a Rumor's Capacity for Online Virality

Has anyone check Truth Social for ketchup, yet?

First, thanks for all the responses for my prayer request today

Letitia James Beat Trump at His Own Game

The judges who ruled against Trump

Who are these Trumpsters getting owned?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Judge Dearie Simply Applied The Facts And The Law: Joyce Vance - Morning Joe - MSNBC

I see the 11th Circuit has dunked on Judge Loose Cannon

Seems some folks want out of Russia

DOJ investigating Mike Lindell over potential identity theft, damage to protected computer

'I'd rather leave than fight': Russians react to Putin's draft

Pittie absolutely REFUSES to get out of the pool! Funny vid.


Jamie Raskin on Jan 6 Select Committee and Republicans complaining, Tweet:

Trump's legal bills are being footed by his donors

White House slams Michigan candidate's Plan B remark, says GOP wants to 'ban contraception'

Florida lawmaker plans to file lawsuit to block more DeSantis migrant flights


David Frum thread on Putin's mobilization speech

Talking Heads - Take Me to the River

Ha ha!

Climate-fueled wildfires worsen danger for struggling fish

11th Circuit is trending on Twitter

Baby Elephants Get Weird Walking....

Lebanese banks to remain shut indefinitely after economic crises

White House slams Ted Cruz for touting infrastructure project he voted against

NY AG Leticia James sues Trump, Don Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump & others in massive fraud case

bit o karma for these Russian dudes

Gov. Kristi Noem sued over release of travel expense records

I'm watching the Hannity Trump thing

Can AOC takes some credit for what happened today?

They allegedly called the son of Putin's press-secretary Dmitry Peskov, Nikolay, and asked him why h

Why Is NY State Trying To End Trump Org. Over Fraud? Report On The 'Lies' And Receipts - The Beat MSNBC

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to sight margin.

"There doesn't have to be a process. You can declassify documents just by thinking about it."

"The dictators always fall; you just have to be ready when they do"

Yes, I Have Mood Swings, They're Cheap, Why Do You Ask?

Habits - Vintage 1930's Jazz Tove Lo Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

The Leticia James lawsuit, happy as I am to see it, does more to confirm my cynical view...

BREAKING: Court of Appeals GRANTS DOJ Motion for Partial Stay In Trump Mar-A-Lago Search Case - MT

Still getting cat stuff together to get a new kitten

Iran Protests Intensify As Women Burn Headscarves In Defiance Of Police

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia, mobilization, reservists, and plane tickets....

I know this isn't going to go over well here, but not all republicans are bad

House candidate called himself a combat vet. Records show he wasn't...favored to win over Dem

Pat Benatar - Wuthering Heights

L.A. mayoral debate on NOW 7:00 channel 7 ABC

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

Michael Cohen: Trump Fraud Lawsuit Will 'Put An End To The Entire Con' - All In - MSNBC

Is it too soon to start a "Trump is Indicted" Forum?

Florida highway covered in Coors Light beer after semi crash

Gop platform

And the dancing

Sending POTUS a mental message

US Attorney General & Ukrainian Prosecutor General Met to Strengthen Joint Efforts - Justice Department


The 11th Circuit really came through for us! Trump loses in classified docs appeal.

Finally: Ron DeSantis gets what he deserves over migrant stunt - Brian Tyler Cohen

WATCH: Cops Shoot Man From Unmarked Car Without Provocation

Kimmel: Trump Lashes Out After Being Charged with "Staggering" Amount of Fraud

Following The Orange Kreskin's lead I

Tracking The Brazen Pattern Of Trump Fraud - All In - MSNBC

Deborah Lipstadt

Adam Parkhomenko: Other things Trump has done only in his mind:

Trump told Hannity tonight that "some people think" the FBI was at Mar A Lago looking for

On MSNBC with Lawrence O'Donnell

Russian version of MAGAts receive instant karma

Michael Beschloss - August 16 - credit is due for this

Ken Olin nails it.

Colorful sky after the sun had set.

Adam Schiff: Hi 👋. House Intelligence Committee Chair here.

I got "Medicare and You 2023" delivered to me today.

The Daily Show: Trump Sued By New York AG & Putin Threatens To Use Nukes

Tweet of the Late Night:

"The Weight" - I've heard this a gazillion times

Uh Oh, Donald - The Lincoln Project

Old and In the Way - The Hobo Song

Mrs. Betty Bowers on Don the Con and his spawn...

Trump is so screwed,

The Queen told friends she had no regrets a few days before her death,Tweet:

Appeals Court Rejects Part Of Trump Judge's Ruling, Allows DOJ To Resume Doc Review - All In - MSNBC

No links, but Faux just puts it in a side noted, not the lead, and calls it an accusation that they

Tweet of the Late Night #2:

Ars Technica: US installs record solar capacity as prices keep falling

Led Zeppelin - Travelling Riverside Blues (Official Music Video)

trump fiasco bringing out the great wit of some people

The Daily Show: Guest Beto O'Rourke - The Race to Restore Rights in Texas

Ex-Philly police officer convicted of voluntary manslaughter in shooting of unarmed man

The Daily Show: Guest Beto O'Rourke - The Race to Restore Rights in Texas

"Where I come from, my word is my bond"

Colbert will be a riot tonight

Tweet of the Night #3:


Hear that? That's the sound of ZERO GQP legislators coming to Orange Jesus's defense.

Jefferson Airplane - Have You Seen the Saucers

Trump Nemesis and 'Queen of Mean' Leona Helmsley Subject of Juicy New Documentary

How did an image of a fake Massachusetts flag end up in a brochure for Martha's Vineyard?

'Trump Family Was Running Fraud Business With A Real Estate Sideline' Expert Alleges - The ReidOut

I wonder if there is a way to freeze tfg's accounts so they don't stash it all overseas?

Ukraine Foreign Minister up on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, 2nd interview n/t

Wynton Marsalis - 2nd Line -

Ex-Mississippi Welfare Leader Indicted On Federal Conspiracy, Fraud Charges

Jeff Tiedrich FTW

My Pillow CEO, Trump ally faces probe for plot to target 2020 election computers

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump Could Now Lose Everything Including His Freedom - The Last Word - MSNBC

Is it me or is Trump truly and forever fucked?

9 House repubs Voted For Electoral Reform Act. NONE Will Be Returning In 2023.

Michael Cohen Tweet: "Ho-lee-s%t." Really great celebration


Trump just maxed out his judge shopping credit card.

Thursday Morning Happy Vibes Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a Positive Day Livestream

--trump said maybe they raided MAL because they were looking for Hillary's deleted emails--

Operatives linked to DeSantis promised to fly migrants to Delaware -- but left them stranded

Trump Took Advantage Of Fact That We're Not Tough On White Collar Crimes Expert Alleges - The ReidOut

Margaritaville (Live (1978 Version))

My Crime (Canned Heat)

Amanpour & Co.: Threats, Classroom Cameras & Politics: Why American Teachers Are Dropping Out

Charlie Pierce tonight...

Karine Jean-Pierre: America Is Helping Ukraine Fight For 'Its Democracy' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Cocteau Twins - Pandora

Wall Street CEOs Grilled on China, Russia Ties by US Lawmakers

Seth Meyers - NY AG's Bombshell Lawsuit Accuses Trump of Staggering Fraud, Seeks $250M: A Closer Look

Will the Judicial "wall" hold?

In the first day of Fitzmas ...

Marsalis Family - Struttin' with some Barbecue.

An oldie but a goodie...thank you Hillary 2016!!!

Shia vs. Sunni Which sect will be the future of Islam? Do we really understand the ME?

Happy to have lived so long as to be able to enjoy the autumnal equinox once more.

False Flag - HULU

My my, how Micheal Cohen has redeemed himself???!!!???!!!

Trump's Lawyers HUMILIATED by pro-democracy protesters entering Special Master's Court - Meidas Touch

Even if declassified, these are government documents that belong in the archives

Even if it goes nowhere in the Senate, Judge Cannon NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED

"Is this some sort of sick joke?? WHAT ELSE DO I NOT KNOW"

Fox news coverage of Trump fine: no victims named of said crime

THE SAFETY DANCE - Men without Hats

Killed for Walking a Dog

Trump PAC payments to law firm fighting New York probe top $1 million

Here is one tired reQublican to tired to move.

Deep Dive Into Trump's Finances - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Just by thinking it...hmm, wasn't that how Professor Hill taught the band to play John Philip Souza?

NY A.G. Lawsuit Accuses Trump Of "Staggering" Fraud - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Midterm campaign live updates: Hoyer predicts Dems will hold House and Senate

I Would Love To Tap In To The Calls Going Back And Forth Between Don Jr., Ivanka &.....

Trump Progeny, Eric, Ivanka, Jr., Inextricably Tied To Trump Org And Its Legal Woes - Alex Wagner

N.Y. A.G. James Files Massive Lawsuit That Could Wipe Out Trump Org - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Can you tell the entire history of antisemitism in just four episodes?

"Where was Trump when he learned about the lawsuit?"

Putin Increasingly Desperate, Dangerous After Failures In Ukraine Invasion - Alex Wagner (2 videos)

Trump tells Fox New "I can declassify docs just by thinking about it"!

Russia-Ukraine prisoner swap: Nearly 300 detainees exchanged in separate deals - Al Jazeera

Trump's mental powers reasoning - this is epic!

The Last Thing: Protecting Our Democracy - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Karmageddon coming for TFG and his crime family,

International arms fair held in South Korea as sales increase - Al Jazeera

Yale Prof. Timothy Snyder's class 5 The Making of Modern Ukraine

Australian Indigenous island community halts $3.6bn gas drilling - Al Jazeera

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/21/22

ALEC wrote anti-protest bill in TN to shield fossil fuel projects, farms

Stephen Colbert - Guest Dmytro Kuleba, Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine

Over 1,000 Russian Protesters Arrested After Putin Mobilizes More Troops

Fat Leonard scandal: Fugitive in massive Navy bribery case caught in Venezuela

Fat Leonard scandal: Fugitive in massive Navy bribery case caught in Venezuela

Russia must be punished for its crime of invasion: Zelenskyy - Al Jazeera

Anyone see the low hanging moon tonight?? Beautiful.

Ukraine's Mariupol defenders, Putin ally in prisoner swap

Researcher discovers a muscle that can promote glucose and fat burning to fuel metabolism for hours

Furious Navy Vet SLAMS MAGA Group who BLOCKED Veteran Crisis Prevention Hotline - Meidas Touch

Jury hears opening statements at NYC trial of Trump ally Tom Barrack

6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Mexico, 1 dead

Waning Crescent, 10% visible 9/22 southern MD 5:20 a.m.

Catholics outnumber Protestants in Northern Ireland for first time

Catholics outnumber Protestants in Northern Ireland for first time

Dammit! I fell again.

Heckler who slapped Giuliani on back can have charge dropped

How do we teach body autonomy when old men in legislatures claim that power?

Does Andrew Weissman ever sleep?

The Appeals Court ruled in my favor, they ruled Judge Cannon is an Idiot.

Thursday TOONs - In The Spotlight

A Kremlin ally died falling down the stairs, report says -- the latest in a series of unexplained ...

Chairman Powell speaks after Fed hikes interest rates by 0.75% to fight inflation -- 9/21/2022 - CNBC

Rethugs say why drag his little children

Ex-Putin Ally Plunges to His Death 'From a Great Height' at Moscow Aviation Institute

What Trump really said to Hannity. I have no defense.

Ralph Reed's evangelical group target Black and Latino Christians as GOP converts in $42 million bid

Coen brothers could do their next dark comedy on TFG

News reports listed TFG + family hotel/condo scams for years -- from ProPublica in 2018...

No let-up in hostilities in Ukraine despite prisoner swap

Bank of England hikes by 50 basis points, says UK may already be in recession

I didn't steal the chocolate chip cookies mommy, you told me they are mine.

Former officer who held down George Floyd's legs gets 3 years in prison for aiding and abetting ...

I guess AG James doesn't agree with the coward DA Bragg.

Breakfast Thursday 22 September 2022

Dem rout is on in MI

This Banned Books Week, we are spotlighting many of the LGBTQIA+ books being banned ...

Michael Cohen sees indictments coming 'real soon' for Trump's children (CNN)

Superintendent: No, EVSC doesn't provide litter boxes for students who identify as cats

Most Republicans Support Declaring the United States a Christian Nation

Melania HEARTS Christmas now that she is pimping her f*#!ing line of $45 CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS.

United States Gets Serious About Producing Hydrogen at Scale

On this day, September 22, 1975, Gerald Ford survived his second assassination attempt in 3 weeks.

How do you think the Slobfather and his spawn are feeling

Flashback: Elijah Cummings' closing remarks to Michael Cohen

NEW: Trump's DERANGED Mar-A-Lago Filings USED AGAINST HIM in NY AG Lawsuit - Meidas Touch

I wonder---is demonstrated stupidity and/or extreme and transparent partisan bias

Scooter was acting strange, this morning. And a new pic of Gwyn.

If TFG can declassify by "thinking," can he give pardons that way also?

Do you remember when Michael Scott ('The Office') declared bankruptcy?

QAnon fans celebrate Trump's latest embrace of the conspiracy

Art of the Week: Week of 9/21/22

The Rundown: September 22, 2022

Holy Batman! Are my eyes deceiving me?

New 'prophet' on the campaign trail with Doug Mastriano is a prayer-coin salesman who calls Biden th

Michigan Dems poised for blowout wins in November, Abortion ballot initiative up by 37%

Question For DU Attorneys

Ginni Thomas is bat shit crazy. I would not be surprised if she wore a Q hat to the committee hearing

If you could have seen the look on their faces this morning... lol

I just heard a loud snort, was that Donald JR?

Dr Oz PAYS addicts to shoot up for the Camera to be used in his Political Ads

Clintons missing e-mails have been declassified, Biden just thought about it.

I have a question about Ron DeSantis.

US Jobless Claims Rise Slightly, Still Near Lowest Since May

Senate ratifies international climate deal on refrigerants

History will record the Trump voters as the greatest suckers in our history.

How did Trump manage to get away with his brazen criminal acts for so long?

Ontario transgender teacher sparks controversy by wearing giant prosthetic breasts in class

About the Trump family, These fools were sure, "... that they were going to get away with it all"

Question about Trump's practice of inflating values.

The Last Day Of Summer /Fall Equinox 6:04 p.m. Pacific

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Listen To Her Heart (Live at the Fillmore, 1997) [Official Video]

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Yesterday was a really bad day for TFG

WT ever loving H? Trump Spokesperson FURIOUS Biden's White House Not Full Of Leakers

Jesus. Putin is doing a phenomenal job of depleting the population of both Russia

'Let's tell some truth! You're talking about truth, I'm giving you the truth!'

Something is happening in Russia ??

Stranded while war in Ukraine drags on, Kyiv City Ballet raises funds with performance at Detroit's

On this day, September 22, 1956, Debby Boone was born.

For those keeping score at home:

So tell me - in the last week how did you invoke your Secret Telepathic Unilateral Preemptive

Actor & voice over artist Allan "Rocky" Lane was #BornOnThisDay, Sept. 22, 1909.

The Trouble With Butter: Tight Dairy Supplies Send Prices Surging Ahead of Baking Season

Saudi Arabia plans to send female astronaut to space next year

The Trouble With Butter: Tight Dairy Supplies Send Prices Surging Ahead of Baking Season

You raised $250.00 on September 21, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Russian riot police appear to have killed a rioter.

Dog Found In The Middle Of The Road Smiles Now

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol's profanity-laced hot mic criticism of U.S. goes viral

Best Pic Ever Of Former Guy!

You raised $125.00 on September 21, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Barnes Senate WI

It's a scary time in America -- but know this: Donald Trump is finished

Not letting TFG off the hook, but . . . .

Connecticut public schools must now teach about climate change

47 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Voting Info

You raised $35.00 on September 21, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Dog With Short Legs Always Behind His Siblings But Doesn't Care

I hate to say it, but Biden screwed up.

Land World - a poem with a porpoise

We would live in a perfect world if Trump and Putin fell on the same day.

Robot Mourners at Chiayi Funeral as Taiwan's Population Shrinks

Kirtland's warbler could become Michigan's new state bird, giving robin the boot

You know what warms my cockles?

MeidasTouch: Donald Trump is a venomous snake. The only antidote is justice. (VIDEO)

Last evening I was out walking the neighborhood. I spy this bright orb in the clear eastern sky

Poland is distributing iodine tablets

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 22, 2022

Avenatti started the ball rolling ----

Several horrific tweets about Russia's new reality

50-year-old bird barks like a dog. And thinks he's the man of the house.

Judge blocks Indiana abortion ban week after it took effect

THESE are the races that will determine control of the House of Representatives! Please help!

Sometimes a MAGAt tweet is so weird you wonder if you're actually awake yet or still dreaming.

San Francisco: SFMTA announces opening schedule of Central Subway Project

"Art of the Steal": Trump Faces Greatest Legal Peril Yet as NY AG Sues Trumps & Docs Probe Resumes

Any trump flags out to speak of ?

Teacher quits mid-semester and calls for change

What camera do you use?

Teacher quits mid-semester and calls for change

Hungary's Orban Blames EU's Russia Sanctions For Energy Crisis, Wants Them Scrapped

random thought about traitor

Women Burn Hijabs in Iran as Protests Escalate over Killing of Mahsa Amini by "Morality Police"

Telepathy? Trump Claims He Could Declassify Documents 'By Thinking About It'

Early last evening, I was half-plugged into MSNBC news and heard one of the guests

Thank you, Mrs. Betty Bowers

What happens when a Confidential Informant becomes President?

Happy Autumnal equinox!!!! actually at 9p tonight.. Go out and howl at the moon while

Marco Rubio Appears to Have Compared Abortion to Vehicular Manslaughter

Laurence Tribe on the 11th Circuit's demolition of Trump and Judge Cannon

VeryInteresting meeting

Azerbaijan's Deadly Attack on Armenia Inflames Decades-Long Conflict in South Caucasus

Walter Shaub has it figured out

Fat Leonard arrested in Venezuela trying to board Russian flight.

Cuba's Deputy Foreign Minister on U.S. Embargo, Gay Marriage & Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Middle Age Riot tweet of the morning:

Jose-Diaz Balart had an excellent

For George McGovern. Sunset at Mt. Rainier.

If you are planning on being cremated... organ donation is a wonderful gift

Proof Trump has telepathic powers:

He says, "Send it to Mar-a-Lago or WHEREVER" :

How do I attach a file (photo) to my post in DU?

The Club for Growth? More like The Club for Billionaires. The capitalist class is fine with Fascism.

Sweet vindication - Judge Cannon implements the 11th Circuit opinion

Alex the slob jones is on the stand now

I am a big fan of the Goodwood meet.

Ukraine war: 'I will break my arm, my leg... anything to avoid the draft' Russian says

On September 20, 1973, Jim Croce and five others were killed in a plane crash.

Raymond Dearie must be wondering what

Does anyone think that Putins threat to start a nuclear war has anything to do with missing

To discharge my rage every time I see the Bloated Tick's foto, not in jail,

California Wants to Ban Diesel Semis by 2040

Chapel Hart fans? Did you know they'd covered the Georgia Satellites' "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"?

OOPS: McCarthy Accidentally Posts & Frantically Hides Extreme MAGA Agenda (But We Have Screenshots

A thorough rebuke of Judge Aileen Cannon's pro-Trump order

MAGAT who plotted bombing Democratic HQ in Sacramento blames beer for 'huge mistake'

You think Tiffany Trump is somewhere laughing her ass off?

Can anything be done to insure Trump doesn't leave the country?

Golden Earring - You're Better Off Free (2/3 of this track is a guitar solo)

US: Security Council must tell Russia to stop nuke threats

Stuffed and Red Wine Poached Pears Recipe (video)

Yum. Nyquil fried chicken

Owning the Libs!

After 11th Circuit smackdown, Judge Cannon retreats.

Public service announcement - I got my Omicron booster yesterday @ 3pm. It's now 8am CA time.

Happy autumnal equinox!

11th Circuit Says Trump And His Favorite Judges All Morons, Investigation May Proceed

Colombian president Gustavo Petro calls for an end to the War on Drugs in historic UN address

I found the right T-shirt

Republicans spend millions on TV ads for midterms, but why doesn't Trump?

this thing where Trumpers try to convince you that the economy was great in the winter of 2020-21,

I have to wonder if what is happening in Iran and Russia, will start happening here with a greater

Charles Blow: Herschel Walker Says He's 'Not That Smart.' I Believe Him.

A wee bit of dis and dat


Lots and lots of Thoughts and Prayers here. YouTube short

Tell me- Will you find anything more "AWW" than this today?

538: Dems extend generic ballot lead to 2 pts

It should never be forgotten that trump and hosts on fox supported Russia's invasion of Ukraine

3 Troubling Trends Among Anti-Abortion Pundits Calling for Post-Roe 'Shift in Priorities'

Woman accused of shoving her 3-year-old nephew into Lake Michigan is denied bail

Chinese state media claims U.S. NSA infiltrated country's telecommunications networks

What started with the murder of one woman has turned into protests that threaten to overturn Iran

Man Finds a Stray Cat In a Dumpster And Lets It Sleep In His Car

Was it the penthouse apt that was "33k sqft"?

'He's done': how Donald Trump's legal woes have just gotten a lot worse

Man admits to killing teen after political dispute in Foster Co., court docs allege

Trump Suffers Three Legal Bodyblows: Accountability in the Age of Absurdity

Bengal Cat Grows Fond of Adventures While Kayaking With Dad

On this day, September 22, 1943, Toni Basil was born.

What's more important: sucking up to the base, or beating up daddy's opponent?

Russian commentator on why Putin's mobilisation cannot work in russian society.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 22, 2022)

Doug Mastriano associate is a prayer-coin salesman who calls Biden the 'antichrist'

TFG says he can declassify stuff by thinking about it???

Vivaldi Four Seasons: Autumn (Autunno) Full, original version.

When Trump and the GOP lose the band-wagon fans

Louisiana 'Career Fair' Turns Into Church Group Telling Teen Girls to Forgive Rapists

'I'm thinking him into jail': The View's audience goes wild as co-hosts mock Trump's legal crisis

Iranian Women are fighting for their freedoms also

Would it surprise you to find out that a British baroness is apparently drafting laws that ...

CREW: Secret Service knew of Jan 6 but took no action to prevent the violence.

Trump's "peekaboo" nickname for Tish James could be racist, but it's also a type of shooting target

Found this classic. 2017

'I'm having a blast': 49-year-old college freshman makes football team

Michigan abortion proposal has strong support, poll shows

What you need to know to vote in Minnesota's November election

Operatives linked to DeSantis promised to fly migrants to Delaware -- but left them stranded

Trump's QAnon cult rally: So you thought the fever was breaking?

Operatives linked to DeSantis promised to fly migrants to Delaware -- but left them stranded

Lol the trump prison song

A ton of polls came out over the past couple of days

Michigan abortion proposal has strong support, poll shows

The heartbreak and cost of losing a baby in America

The U.S. and its allies are joining forces on chips. That could stop China reaching the next level

From the corner of Lat: 44.45N & Lon: 83.37W...

Watching The President's Cup. Golf. I wonder what has more prestige, the Ryder Cup?? Or the

3-year-old accidentally kills mom after finding 'unsecured' gun, South Carolina deputies say

Alan Dershowitz is seeking special master for My Pillow guy

Justifying raise in interest rates, read this. Very informative

This full page ad appeared in the Cape Cod Times today

Lawyer Reacts to Alt-Right Tiktok

Whoa! Is this the first step for Jared Kushner to flip?

Ordered pizzas for lunch dinner snacks this afternoon,Boog and Duncanpup

Officer restraint is [un]real. *Twitter*

Wow. This was written by a black man!

Russia drafts anti-war protesters into military amid nationwide demonstrations: monitoring group

Southern MD dawn, and moon! 9/22

Herschel Walker's Company Said It Donated Profits, but that looks like a lie

Donald Trump claimed he could declassify secret national security documents with his mind

TCM tonight:

Trump-appointed judge who granted his special master request 'abused' her 'discretion'

HBCUs got a windfall of federal COVID relief. Here's how colleges are spending it

Jared Kushner receives the Hungarian Order Of Merit

Christiane Amanpour Says Iran President Cancelled an Interview After She Declined to Wear a Hijab

The Tipping Point of Stupid

House moves ahead on policing legislation amid internal Democratic conflict

Noon, southern MD 9/22

Ukraine Prisoner Exchange Sparks Backlash in Russia

Blinken, Lavrov come face-to-face at U.N. Security Council showdown

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, the 11th Circuit, and documents....

After a private equity firm took over a hospital, all the workers were fired

Medvedev threatens to 'defend' annexed territories in Ukraine with "strategic nuclear weapons".

Spurred by USA Gymnastics scandal, senators roll out bill to reform the FBI's handling of child...

Maybe Putin's "mobilization" is an effort to further Russify Ukraine

Girl Didn't Expect Rescue Goose Turning Into Spoiled Child

Arthur thinks I need to take some time off

NEW: Judge Dearie has issued his first order, and it's a doozy

White woman who called 911 on Black bird-watcher in NYC loses lawsuit against ex-employer

Category 4 Hurricane Fiona approaches Bermuda, creates swells that could affect U.S.

Close your eyes and concentrate; and you too can Declassify Top Secret Documents. (Steph)

Judge Cannon has responded to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals stay decision

Iran Shuts Down WhatsApp And Instagram As Protests Spread

Iran's President abandons CNN interview after Amanpour declines head scarf demand

Long lines of traffic seen at some of Russia's land borders

NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere was beaten in prison by fellow sex offender, lawsuit says

GOP primary losers throwing party into chaos before the midterms

Your 2022 midterm prediction based on the current political environment

Alex Jones grilled by Sandy Hook families' lawyer over hoax claims, doubles down on 'deep state'

Norm Eisen: "Judge Dearie has issued his first order, and it's a doozy."

GOP Senators Reject Trump's Declassification Comments

What's the latest on Putin's health? I haven't seen anything for a while.

Help Me Understand This: Tr**p For Property Tax Purposes Values His Properties Low And...

Police: Driver admitted to intentionally killing teen at North Dakota street after political dispute

Mary Peltola Holds Big Lead in Alaska

students taken to anti lgbt church service instead of a career fair

Trump Organization suddenly 'in a world of pain' with cascading legal problems

So, all these people fleeing Russia

Virginia judge boots progressive prosecutor from second case

Mayor Bruce Harrell signs $6.5 million in Green New Deal budget investments into law

The motherfucker fucked with the wrong Special Master

Poor Melania

Woman With Severe Chronic Pain Was Denied Medication for Being 'Childbearing Age'

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban wants EU sanctions on Russia lifted by the end of the year

CA Attorney General Ruins LA Sheriff's Plan To 'Investigate' His Political Enemies

Republicans Block Bill to Disclose Dark Money

republicons in Senate block dark money disclosure bill. Dark money increase is staggering.

Lies, damn lies and statistics...inflation.

Lindell loses request for Special Master, court citing Trump's 11th Circuit beatdown

So the point behind NY AG's case is (looking for clarification)

India's sustainable cooling solution

Any news from Fani Willis?

Dear Podunk Savings and Loan:

Visibly Confused Trump Says He Can Declassify Documents With His Mind - Ring of Fire

More Pics And Memes That Capture What It's Like Living With Cats

Beautiful example of rethuglikkkins respecting law and order

Relative taking me on beach house weekend!

Is this New York law still binding? Juries in civil cases don't have to be unanimous

(Jewish Group) Iran Jews warned not to visit synagogues amid likely regime persecution

A Brief History of Men Today Are Too Feminine and Women Too Masculine

Did AG James make a criminal referral to the DOJ?

(Jewish Group) 'Hitler's Girl' explores British ties with the Nazis


(Jewish Group) Famous Holocaust survivor Edward Mosberg passed away at 96

(Jewish Group) LGBTQ club at Yeshiva U offers compromise amid court fight

Is the justice snowball rolling downhill?

LGBTQ club at Yeshiva U offers compromise amid court fight

FA chief says LGBTQ fans won't face arrest for kissing at World Cup

BREAKING: Republicans give up on Ohio-9 (Marcy Kaptur)

(Jewish Group) New indie production company Leviathan will make Jewish stories for film and TV

(Jewish Group) New security measures for Orthodox synagogues alert them to threats, even on Shabbat

Justin Hayward - Forever Autumn (Kenny Everett Video Show, July 1978)

Government Property

(Jewish Group) Progressive Jewish group launches think tank to counter spread of right-wing ideas

Ron DeSantis Did His Democratic Challenger a Huge Favor by Trafficking Migrants

Progressive Jewish group launches think tank to counter spread of right-wing ideas

Russia: 'It's a 100% mobilisation' - 50 year olds, students, protestors drafted.

Liberal Redneck - Stacey Abrams, Heartbeats, and Georgia

Trump's appearance on Hannity last night was filmed before 11th Circuit Judges made decision.

Can they call it a "War" now?

Vote for Val Demings for Senate - Don Winslow Films

Parents, students complain East Baton Rouge schools field trip was more like church service

(Jewish Group) 11 Essential Brisket Recipes for Rosh Hashanah

Parents, students complain East Baton Rouge schools field trip was more like church service

Big Sky is back......with Reba McEntire.....just started watching.

Federal Trade Commission Penalizes Company, but Junk Insurance Plans Continue to Harm Consumers

Russia is full of it.

How does one fall down several flights of stairs

Trumps accused of inflating value of Scottish golf resorts. (c'mon Scotland, sue the bastard)

2022 Republicans lie about everything, including military service:

Kaiser Family Foundation Releases Analysis of Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare Comparisons

FL migrant-moving company gave GOP $$, has ties to DeSantis' immigration 'czar' and Rep. Matt Gaetz

Jeff Tiedrich "Bad news morons!"

BREAKING: Corrupt Trump Judge Cannon issues new ORDER conceding DEFEAT after Court of Appeals

Trump Attacks New York AG As 'Racist' After She Announces Lawsuit - Ring of Fire

"My family lost our farm during Japanese incarceration. I went searching for what remains."

Biden vows US won't walk away from storm-struck Puerto Rico

Pastor John Barron needs money!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the DISCLOSE Act....

1939 Packard Twelve Series 1707 Convertible Victoria

Eliot Sumner - Come Friday

Did Tr**p's Lawyers Set Him Up With The Selection Of The Special Master...

Womp Womp of the Day (Amy Cooper, Racist)

MAL special master demands that TFG's lawyers back up his claims.

Rescuers Only Had 30 Minutes To Save This Deer

Bobby Short - Autumn In New York

Tenspeed and Brownshoe...Ben Vereen, Jeff Goldblum

Happy thread ... "Trump is 100% responsible for "the professional fees and expenses."

Dearie asks Trump lawyers whether they believe FBI lied about seized documents

Jo Stafford - It Could Happen To You

Operatives linked to DeSantis promised to fly migrants to Delaware -- but left them stranded

James' civil case shows how compromised DA Bragg is

On September 21, 2016, John D. Loudermilk died.

The Colorado River is dying. Can its aquatic dinosaurs be saved?

Kevin's Plan - The Lincoln Project

Al Jarreau - The Nearness of You

Judge in Alex Jones case chastised Jones and his lawyer today for political circus

'This Reversal Will Be A Permanent Part Of Judge Cannon's Legacy': Dave Aronberg

Another admission by TFG? In his conversation with Hannity last night, he pretty much admitted that

U.S. watchdog estimates $45.6 billion in pandemic unemployment fraud

Oops! Putin lovers & Karma

Two obviously "well off" widows were getting acquainted as they lounged in adjacent

Why is Berkshire National so interested in buying my

Two obviously "well off" widows were getting acquainted as they lounged in adjacent

All the Governor's Men (Important article about DeSantis getting rid of elected Dems)

39 Latin American recipes to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (and beyond!)

World Bank Leader, Accused of Climate Denial, Offers a New Response

These Catholic GOP governors are not pro-life: Expelling migrants is against the teachings of the...

Anybody noticed that Donald Trump doesn't mention the fact that his children

An Insurrectionist Underwear Model Is Finally Having His January 6 Trial

Meta Sued Over Tracking iPhone Users Despite Apple's Privacy Features

I want my lawyer!

Fusion dinner.

Alex Jones just cost himself alotta money

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #13-8: We Have The Meats And Also The Subpoenas Edition

Cartoons 9/22/2022

Snohomish Council rejects tax break on housing for low-income families

How vigilante 'predator catchers' are infiltrating the criminal justice system

Trump HUMILIATES himself on national TV with dumbest comment of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Yma Sumac - Taita Inty

Ridiculous Day With The Putter Today

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 22, 2022

It doesn't seem Judge Aileen Cannon has covered herself in glory in all this.

From Iran's streets to the U.S. ballot box, women fight back against the 'morality police'

"[I'll] give you an example; show you what I mean. Suppose you're thinking about a plate of shrimp."

Nazi Sympathizer Sentenced to 4 Years Over Jan 6

Leave no dog behind!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 23 September 2022

Fraudsters likely stole $45.6 billion from U.S. COVID unemployment insurance program

Iran protests rage as Mahsa Amini's father says authorities lied about her death

Hey, wait a minute! Darn.

Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Coming Home)

Wait...wut??!?!?? NASA slamming rocket into asteroid

Mike Lindell's motion to get his phone back and have a special master appointed was just denied

White House: GOP abortion ban would mean a nationwide crisis

Mike Lindell sues U.S., Att'y General and FBI head over cell phone seizure

PRISON - to Donald

"You're sending it to Mar-a-Lago or wherever."

DeSantis's cruel Martha's Vineyard stunt is a prime example of MAGA vice signaling

Has this ever happened to you? (too funny) ...

Will the "children" flip on him ?

Michael Cohen: Fraud lawsuit will 'put an end' to Trump Organization

Lindsey's "bold" pushback against TFG "thought declassification."

Jan. 6 Twitter witness: Failure to curb Trump spurred 'terrifying' choice

All dictators fall


I usually don't read YouTube comments, but this one...

Owl Kitty in "Ghost":

'I'm Mr. Q The Pedophile Or Whatever,' Trump Says In Half-Assed Attempt To Pander To QAnon

Damn! I hate financial surprises.

Reading book on iPhone in landscape mode on a stand; can I use my watch to turn the pages?

My retriever brought me my glasses. He's so sweet!

Tide - The Lincoln Project

Cat sits on human's shoulder to watch him shape pottery:

The Ghost in You

For the first time ever,

I just declassified, with my biggly brain, all orange anus' tax records. IRS, give them to whomever

Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up

Polite dog wipes his mouth after drinking:

Liz Truss tells Israel: UK could move embassy to Jerusalem

Follow me, guys!

Opinion Why zero Republicans have joined Sanders's warning of a Brazil coup

Dozens of Trump's fake electors hold powerful jobs in GOP politics - including as elections official

Psycho K9 Officer Caught on Dash Cam

GOP congressional hopeful running for AOC seat has serial criminal husband AND son

Mama dog watches over her premie puppies in an incubator:

Coulda Been Worse running ads in Texas

BREAKING: Special Master in Trump Search Case Issues DEVASTATING Case Management ORDER for Trump

Michael Cohen on Ari

Corn Maze for Trumpers!

NBC: Special Master gives trump deadline to back up his allegation that the FBI planted evidence

As things worsen for Trump I think we are going to see Dem candidate gains across the board.

Interesting comments by Dr Jack re: RTump's "declassification"...

Lawsuit: California utility targeted Asians in pot searches

STORMZY - MEL MADE ME DO IT 🔥🔥🔥- just dropped (video features Jose Mourinho, Usain Bolt, etc etc)

To GOP lurkers: He pled the 5th 100s of times, and took your money.

Are these guys going to prison going to come out even more militarized?

Trump Attorney Sidney Powell Expected To Testify In Georgia Grand Jury Investigation - MSNBC Reports

Miles Taylor: Trump Seems To Think His Presidential Powers Continue (MSNBC)

Trump is a "cornered animal" and more dangerous than ever

Second ancient canoe pulled from Lake Mendota--dating back to 1,000 B.C.

Liar Liar - John Fetterman

Trump supporters vs. Trump supporters in Youngstown

Deranged Trump claims he has TELEPATHIC POWERS to DECLASSIFY our Nations Top Secrets - Meidas Touch



3 Words that might totally destroy Trump .."Stolen Secret Documents" 3 More word about

Based on nothing but wooly bear stripes, dried newt entrails, and my bunion . . . .

Top GOP senators reject Trump's declassification comments and call for proper storage of secret reco

Boeing agrees to pay $200 million for misleading the public about the 737 Max

'Dilbert' Comic Dropped by Nearly 80 Newspapers

US Capitol rioter and alleged Nazi sympathizer sentenced to 4 years in prison

Late September Heatwave Flattens Records In Dozens Of Midwestern Cities

Senate Approves Kigali Amendment 69-27 - Why The Environmental Bipartisanship? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Glenn Kirschner & Carol Leonnig: Donald Trump's Judge Abused the Law. He Can No Longer Delay DOJ.

Dollar Store Monty Python

Special Master Orders Trump Lawyers to Back Up Claims

Western Wildfires Burning At Higher Altitudes; Direct Threat To Water Supplies

Trump Tries A Familiar Defense With NY AG Lawsuit: Throwing Other People Under The Bus - Deadline MSNBC

Richard Nixon exposed to radiation on Moscow trip in 1959, documents reveal

House GOP cuts loose candidate who misled about military service

Appeals court reverses Judge Cannon's ruling, FBI investigation of Trump/classified docs can resume

Duke Energy Leaks Sulfur Hexaflouride At Rate 5X Of Other Utilities; 25,200X More Powerful Than CO2

Tweet of the Day

Here's some interesting food for thought

Timothy Snyder: Referendums are Russian war crimes

Bank directors urge firing of Trump official in ethics probe

New Coalition Of Trolls, Libertarians & Right-Wing Assholes Sue Climate Scientists For The Lulz

MSNBC Slammed for Putting Chris Matthews Back On-Air After Sexual Harassment Claims

25% Loss Of Amazon Forests May Be Tipping Point, But Scientists Uncertain When System Will Flip

Dare I wonder if we are getting close to Critical Mass...

Traitor's latest excuse: NARA is full of left wing radicals.

Company hired to arrange DeSantis' migrant flights is tied to high-level official

OC man federally charged after video shows him punching attendant during LAX-bound flight, DOJ says

A Southern Ploughman's Lunch:

Here's some happy news - AZ Senate now leans Dem

What Could Come From Ginni Thomas' Meeting With The Jan. 6 Committee? - MSNBC Reports

15 Years From Now, Most Republicans will be Disclaiming Trump

Ok time to get a new desktop. My old one is from 2012 and no new updates from apple

AZ-SEN: Mark Kelly (D) leading Masters (R) by 12 points in Arizona Senate race: poll

GOP Election Official Arrested For Election Fraud - Raw News And Politics

Who's watching Hannity and Trump too? Seriously I suggest it.

House Passes Policing Bills

Trump has faced over 3500 lawsuits for stiffing businesses

Southern MD afternoon and sunset, 9/22 (last of summer)

With all the nuclear saber swishing these days it reminds of this.

Trae Crowder (Liberal Redneck): On Stacey Abrams, fetal heartbeats, and Georgia

'Central Park Karen' Amy Cooper Loses Case Against Ex-Employer