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Home country: US
Member since: 2001
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Journal Archives

Why Cats Are Awesome

Credit to catster.com Cat's Meow blog. The full post is here

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Gingrich

Meet World's Richest Cat

(Newser) – Now that's some serious scratch—Tommaso, a 4-year-old former stray, is now the world's richest cat, the inheritor of $13.4 million worth of properties around Italy, reports the Guardian. Tommaso's rich owner, a 94-year-old childless widow, died last month, leaving her entire estate to her cat. However animals cannot inherit property directly in Italy, so the widow named a cat-loving nurse she met in a park as Tommaso's trustee. "I had no idea the signora had such wealth," said the nurse, identified only as Stefania.


I wonder when Tommaso will get a visit from the Meowfia, now that he's a 1 purrcent fat cat.

Here's the Daily Beast's report:


Let me try to make heads or tails of this twisted Repunk thinking

Repuke tyrants like Lindsey "Closet Case" Graham think it's Stalinist to protect consumers from dangerous products, food poisoning, and getting ripped off by con men on Wall Street, to mention a few, but it's as American as apple pie to allow the legalized kidnapping, torture, and murder of innocent American citizens whose only "crime" is questioning the decisions of crooked politicians, business cheats, and corrupt judges--and turn around and call them "terrorists"!.

Since when are nonviolent, peaceful, democratic protests amount to "acts dangerous to human life"? I don't see any 99 percenter trying to intimidate or coerce the government to do their bidding, and they're the ones roughed up, arrested, and sometimes tortured under contrived charges. IMO, the real terrorists are the ones who have robbed the country of its traditions of freedom, liberty, and justice: the banksters, Big Oil, Big Agribusiness, the lobbying industry, and the shadow electoral system. If there's anyone who deserves to be summarily arrested and held indefinitely, it's the corporate vultures running this country into the ground.

meow2u3 to Graham: are you illiterate, or do you think you can pick and choose which Constitutional amendments to abide by or shred if they get in the way of your fascist fantasies of dictatorial power?

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