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Producer who made anti-Muslim film that led to riots, death doesn't exist.

An interesting new piece at the Raw Story website confirms that the supposed creator of the anti-Muslim film that has now led to several deaths doesn't really exist. http://www.rawstory.co...

Apparently, "Sam Bacile" (his friends would call him "Im," I'm sure, if he existed.) is a pseudonym, and the vacuous jerks who are perpetrating this mess of a video may very well have committed a fraud when they approached Israelis to finance the film.


Identity of anti-Muslim filmmaker called into question
Update (below): Film’s consultant confirms “Sam Bacile” is not real
A man who claimed he’s the creator of an anti-Muslim film that’s sparked violent protests in Libya and Egypt may not be who he says he is.

The mysterious “Sam Bacile” supposedly spoke to The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal and The Times of Israel, claiming to be a California real estate developer and an Israeli Jew who raised $5 million for the film from 100 other nameless Jewish donors.

However, since those stories were published, several cracks in that description have emerged, and now reporters are wondering whether he even exists at all.

The WSJ reported that he’s 52, but the AP placed his age at 56. Raw Story‘s own inquiries could not find a ”Sam Bacile” linked to any California court filing, which would be highly unusual for a real estate developer. He’s also missing from U.S. genealogy databases and the major social media networks.


So Sam Bacile is a pseudonym. I wonder if his real name is....Im Bacile.

The only thing more revolting than a chickenshit bigot is an anonymous chickenshit bigot.

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