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msanthrope's Journal
msanthrope's Journal
February 6, 2015

It's Been Resolved? This Week Is SI Cover, Next Week is the 50 Shades of Grey Movie?

I just wanted to get the schedule straight here, since my stores of popcorn and bourbon are running low.....

This week is the SI cover, right?

Next week is the 50 Shades of Grey Movie?

Who are we sending in as our designated "50 Shades" watcher?

I nominate malaise, but I fear we might not get more than "go to the theatre, right fuggin' now."

There's always The Magistrate. I can't even begin to imagine the awesomeness of his movie review. "Whereupon the ubiquitous Mr. Grey began to oscillate the whip....."

Sid Dithers could write a review completely in smilies.

woo me with science would just give us 17 insane blue links.

So would ProSense.

Octafish would probably demonstrate the link between JFK and Christian Grey, via crop circles.

steveleser would make us listen to his radio show.

Skittles---now there's a poster who has long been into BDSM. But the ALL CAPS would kill us.

Third-Way Manny? We'd all get alerted on if we disagreed with him.

Aerows? Somehow it would come back to the damn raccoon.

Mineral Man? Hell, if I wanted to read an appliance manual.....

Trumad? He should stick to other balls. Footballs, baseballs.....

pinboy3niner would do it all in puns.

So would pintobean.

zappaman would just turn it into an anti-Jenny McCarthy screed.


sabrina1 would just drone on about drones....

sheshe would post Obama pics.

(Name redacted per request), seabeyond, bostonbean, redqueen????? Not going there, folks.....

Luminous Animal would just post whatever Glenn Greenwald had to say about how we shouldn't judge 50 Shades, because Obama probably tied someone up, somewhere....

Purveyor would let us know the RT point of view on this Western decadence.

Will Pitt would post a paragraph or two, then make us click over to Truthout.....

xchrom would post a review, then never come back to the thread.

Robb would just be a dingbat about it.

Hannah Bell would link to the WSWS review, and prove that Christian Grey was allegory for the Bilderbergers. (So would her latest incarnation. We see you!!!)

Skinner would post a review in ATA, then forget to reveal the thread.

graywarrior's shown an affinity for duct tape--I wonder if it would translate.....

rhett o rick would accuse us of enabling the cryptofascistauthoritarianscorpratists. Or the Stasi.

HERETIC I AM would post a complete review in pictures taken in his kitchen.

Who would you nominate to be our designated 50 Shades watcher?

TO THE JURY----This thread is COMPLETELY IN FUN--I will remove the name of any person who is offended....they can PM me.

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