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Gender: Female
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 37,549

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I just got blocked from the BS group...though I will wear his credentials on Election Day.

So, I got blocked from the Bernie Sanders group. Mind you, not for anything that got hid by a jury. Not for anything that was derogatory towards Sanders himself.

Ironically, if he is the nominee, I will be wearing his credentials on Election Day....as with every single Election Day since I was 24, I will be an election protection attorney for the Democratic Nominee. I will be on the front lines, as an attorney, protecting the franchise of every voter.

Turns out....the Host that blocked me, had a previous issue with me, over my incredibly "mean," but incredibly funny thread about 50 Shades of Grey....she was not the host who locked it, but since the Host who locked it refused to hear my appeal, she decided to have an extensive PM discussion with me over my intemperate use of humor.

Here is that locked thread, in all of its glory....


Could I repeat the PM exchange? Sure, but why bother? Just know that that I got blocked---a lawyer who will proudly wear Bernie Sanders credentials if he is chosen as the Democratic nominee, was blocked from a group dedicated to winning over voters to Bernie.

FYI---I have not mentioned the name of the Host, because it is not important.
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