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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: California
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 16,395

About Me

What do I snare in my web, you inquire? All sweet things to savor, to hold close and dear; Moonbeams and laughter and lovers' sighs, Sunbeams and daisies and children's smiles. The holes in my web allow the escape Of fears and hurts, jealousies, hate; All loneliness, prejudice, anger, and pain, These pass through, transformed, to the ether again.

Journal Archives

My 1st hidden post & the National Parks "artist."

[font color="navy" face="Verdana"]Tonight I had my first post ever hidden, and I've been a member for over 13 years now. It was because I used the evil "b" word in reference to the young woman who arrogantly decided that her self-proclaimed title of "artist" entitled her to desecrate our National Parks with her acrylic paintings.

The "b word," to me, means a vile, obnoxious, nasty, selfish female. I haven't really kept up with the word's evolution from just being vulgar to having sexist implications. A feminist myself, I didn't intend any sexist meaning. (There's also a word for vile, obnoxious, nasty, selfish males that starts with a "b," but I've never been scolded for using that one.)

In any case, I greatly appreciate those jurors who kindly understood my reasoning even while disapproving of my angry, knee-jerk word choice for the vile, obnoxious, nasty, selfish female who did the defacing.

For the juror who said I "should know better," I humbly invoke age-related creeping decrepitude for my inattention to linguistic evolution and loss of impulse control. In the heat of the moment, I only recognized my intended meaning (see above), not the relatively new focus on sexist implications.

In any case, you'll all be very happy to know that the word expansion program I use on my computer now prints "__NO!__" whenever I type that evil word, so I won't make the same mistake again no matter how angry I get at someone's vile, obnoxious, nasty, selfish actions.

Adios to my first-ever hidden post... and hopefully my last.

Love you all...
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