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Name: Kathryn
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Hometown: Virginia
Member since: 2001
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Why Lisa Jackson is Leaving the EPA...The Keystone XL Pipeline

Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed has the scoop: Top Obama Environmental Official Departs Frustrated over Pipeline, Inaction on Climate:

Jackson "left as a matter of conscience," said Jeff Tittel, the director of New Jersey's Sierra Club chapter and a longtime friend of Jackson's. The EPA Administrator "has too much principle to support [the pipeline], between the climate impacts of it and the water quality impacts of it."

Lisa Jackson has been a bright spot within the Obama administration, fighting for climate and for environmental justice. She's led the administration in battling Republicans for clean air on mercury, soot, and ozone pollution. And, it turns out, she was battling within the administration as well:

A former senior administration official confirmed that disputes over Keystone were central to Jackson's alienation from the White House....

"It was all about Keystone for the last 16 months," said the former senior Obama administration official, who said Jackson's opposition to the project and her defeat in internal arguments meant that her colleagues had assumed she would leave after the November election, before she would be forced to work on any element of the implementation of Keystone.


Alan Simpson in rare interview describes Social Security as "insolvent" - A MUST SEE

I've been researching material to use in a video I'm doing on Grand Bargain II. In my internet travels, I stumbled upon this video that was posted on YouTube by a Social Security watchdog group called StrengthenSocialSecurity. At first I was going to use parts of this mother lode of all videos, and incorporate them into mine, but that won't be rendered for several more days. Having given it some thought, I felt it was important to post the entire video right now, particularly with SS & Medicare cuts back on the chopping block in the Grand Bargain II negotiations.

In this stunning interview, which appears to be catching Alan Simpson exiting a recent Debt Commission meeting, you will find him at his most arrogant (and very talkative) best. He refers to Social Security beneficiaries as the "lesser people" and states "the SS surplus was spent on the interstate highway system and all of the things people have enjoyed since it was set up." The interview (which includes great questions) advances to the point of discussing the pickle the government is in. He states "The United States Government has to take separate money out of some stack to get the IOU's out of Social Security. That's a double hit and that increases the deficit." Simpson goes into great discussion about the SS $2.5 trillion in IOU's.

Incredible, really. I hope you will agree this video is chocked full of insight into what's being discussed behind the scenes and know these thieves have no plan to pay it back. As Simpson said toward the end, "we've gotta make it work." Doesn't that just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

"The People Will Be Outraged If Congress Doesn't Cut SS, Medicare, & Veterans Health Benefits"

That's what Republican (and a few Democratic) politicians are saying today, and that's what the media is repeating. Over and over and over, ad nauseam. Do you people agree? Have you been properly brainwashed yet? Isn't it all deliciously Oilwellian?

Melissa Harris Perry Just Said: "It's Reasonable To Raise the Retirement Age"

It looks like the catapulting of proganda has begun. The pundits have the talking points and the Third Way Democrats like Van Hollen & Conrad have already put out feelers. I'm gathering all of the evidence and plan to put it together in a video. When you see anyone on the Democratic side pushing for these devastating cuts for the American people, please let me know and I'll be sure to add it to my video of shameful Democrats who plan to betray their constituents and destroy the pillars of the Democratic Party.

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Edited to refine the quote. Sorry sticklers, the actual quote is just as bad.
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