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Name: Kathryn
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Virginia
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 12,647

Journal Archives

I want to do some informative videos on Bernie

When Obama was nominated as the Dem candidate, I joined up with some fellow Dem activists and created some hard hitting videos on McCain and Palin. Here is a sample of what I did with the help of some very talented people. Music and singing were all contributed by the same activists. The voice in the first video was the voice of Buick for years, and the singers are all professional singers in the NY area. If you have any ideas on what I could do for Bernie, feel free to share. I think a video contrasting Bernie and Hillary would be interesting.

Needless to say, when 2012 rolled around, I was less than enthused to create any new videos for the very disappointing President Obama, but I did muster this one up for a little fun:

First Hillary backer from '08 dumps her this time

This is a small story that could presage a much larger one in coming months about Hillary Clinton's last-chance bid to become president.

One of Clinton's more prominent backers for the Democrat nomination in 2008 has opted to endorse someone else for the party nod next year in Philadelphia. Former two-term Miami Mayor Manny Diaz said Tuesday he was going with Maryland's former Gov. Martin O'Malley this time.

The 60-year-old Diaz, a Cuban emigre and former head of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, is one of the country's more prominent and successful Hispanic politicians and a key "get" for any Democrat seeking votes in the crucial swing state of Florida.

Not only is Diaz prepared to endorse O'Malley, he's also put his name atop a breakfast for the former Baltimore mayor to meet-and-greet Miami Democrats on May 8. People attending such affairs are prime donor candidates.

Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/politics-andrew-malcolm/042215-749001-manny-diaz-backs-martin-omalley-over-hillary-clinton.htm#ixzz3Y48UqT9z

Hillary must feel so proud...One million dead from Iraqi invasion and occupation

Anyone who voted for this illegal war should NEVER become president of the United States. EVER.

A recently published report has revealed that the US invasion and occupation of Iraq was responsible for the deaths of approximately 1 million Iraqis, which is 5 percent of the total population of the country. The report also tallies hundreds of thousands of casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Authors of the report, titled "Body Count: Casualty Figures After 10 Years of the 'War on Terror,'" have told Truthout that other casualty reports, like the often-quoted Iraq Body Count (IBC), which has a high-end estimate at the time of this writing of 154,563, are far too low in their estimates, and that the real numbers reach "genocidal dimensions."

Joachim Guilliard, the author of the Iraq portion of the study, told Truthout that the new study relied heavily on extrapolations from a previous study published in the prestigious Lancet medical journal, which put Iraq's numbers at 655,000, but the study was published in 2006 and is now dramatically out of date.

"The numbers of Lancet, reaching genocidal dimensions, represent a massive indictment of the US administration," Guilliard said. "Most Western media are not interested in it. The IBC numbers, however, are [seen as] acceptable. They are in line with the general picture of the war in Iraq according to which the Iraqis themselves are primarily responsible for most violence."


If $842K can be raised for a pizza joint, what can WE raise for homeless children?

I hope we can raise twice as much...

There is much disgust and consternation in the LGBT community over a viral fundraiser effort, that has as of this writing, earned $842,387. Many have lamented, "If only our cause could raise that much money that fast."

I say, yes, we can.

So I looked and saw that Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund has set April 29 as the first national #40toNoneDay to end #LGBT youth homelessness! And I thought, would it not be totally awesome if we equality supporters (and pizza lovers) could match that #MemoriesPizza "charity" by April 29? Can we match their amount and help homeless youth get off the street, learn life skills and get an education and jobs?

I'm an dreamer, but I say yes, we can!

All proceeds will go to The True Colors Fund which works to end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, creating a world in which young people can be their true selves. READ MORE HERE…

The True Colors Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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