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Hometown: MI
Home country: USA, for now
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 36,392

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Like most Limbeciles, you've got it backward

Your problem is not the poor taking some subsistence from the pittance you pay in taxes. Your problem is that your employer doesn't pay you enough for your hard work to feed your family.

Also, the taxes of others pay for the roads you use to get to your slave-like job, the clean water that comes from your tap, the schools you attended (though you seem to have gotten little from them), the FDA that makes sure the medicine you take for your paranoid delusions is safe, and so on. You get back way more than you pay

Finally, believing what you hear on Hate Radio and Fox "News" is a mental illness. If your job affords you health insurance, you should take advantage of it and try to re-initiate contact with reality.

When Big Media tells the campaign they shouldn't be attacking...

Here's what I would respond:

"Well, David (Gregory), unfortunately for us, the president, unlike Candidate Rmoney, doesn't own 1000 radio stations broadcasting throughout the country 24/7. If we had millions of watts of free propaganda running constantly like the governor does, our campaign would be much easier."

Edited for attribution

To those who think we're fighting sensible folks

A few days ago this thread appeared. Many joined in saying how no, the Repukes are good people, should be treated with respect, etc.

Well, for you folks, here is a SMALL sampling of news from our enemies, just over the last few days

Jan Brewer Asks Supreme Court To Strip Benefits of Same-Sex Partners

Worst TB outbreak in 20 years kept secret

Joe Walsh (scumbag-IL) criticizes Tammy Duckworth for talking about her military service

Wisconsin Lawmaker Introduces Law To Classify Single Parenthood As Child Abuse

Rick Parry Turns Down ACA

Repub Rep: I Donít Think Someone Who Is Diagnosed With Brain Tumor Should Have Health Care Provided

Please wake up and realize what we're fighting against
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