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I am very happy for this person, and those who will survive, but...

I am really tired of having to choose between having the poor starve and reining in the oligarchs. Seriously, this is a terrible deal over the long haul, but we were forced into it by the ruling class just to keep people like the author alive. This is an absolutely awful way to run a country.

Let me put this very succinctly:

This was not a matter of the (R)'s and (D)'s battling each other before we hit the "cliff". It was a matter of the governing class pushing us working stiffs to the cliff. I expect such treachery from the Repukes; it is their nature. However, I expect the Dems, especially the leader of the party, to fight against the (R)'s, tooth and nail. They don't any more. They offer us a non-fatal alternative, but do nothing to get us out of the death spiral.

I am happy that those who are on the brink got some relief, but this deal is a bad one for the nation as a whole. Period.

DU Rec for "saving" the desperate, at least temporarily.
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