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Profile Information

Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,221

Journal Archives

He's supporting Pelosi in order to spoil her chances

to be elected Speaker. I guess he thinks we're all stupid.

There were some great wins for us tonight and we should savor them. Some

new stars were made and if we play our cards right, we can finish the job in 2020. For those of us who might be let down by some of the results, just remember what you were feeling at about this time 2 years ago.

I'm off to the polls!

We open at 8 am and close at 7 pm and I'll be there until the votes are counted, secured and certified. We use paper ballots and have about 30 election volunteers to count them. It's rainy cold and windy here this morning but NH folks are used to that. I am going to be very interested in how many new registrations we get today and also how many people show up and want to change their registration from R to D (unfortunately, the deadline for doing that has passed).

I'll be wearing my royal blue fleece jacket and I'm so happy this day has finally come!

Mr. Trump, there is no "beauty" in barbed wire. There is only

fear, oppression, sadness, starvation and death. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a sadist and a madman.

The fact that Trump was cheered when he said this and that, as far as I know, no one has called him out on this, is heartbreaking.
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