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Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,556

Journal Archives

Kavanaugh's description of his young celebate life doesn't jibe with his yearbook description.

His insistence that he studied, went to church and did charity work would seem to leave little room for palling around with a guy like Mark Judge. If I was a Senator questioning him on Thursday, I would go bullet by bullet through that yearbook page and ask him to explain each and every one of those entries. There is nothing in that yearbook description that even comes close to suggesting that he had any interest in academics, church or charitable activities...nothing, nada, zilch.

"His past is our now." Quote from a teenage girl on Kavanaugh. From the mouths of babes! n/t

What if Mueller hires Rosenstein? Don't

pay any attention to me, I'm just punchy from all this news.

About Dr. Ford's trip to Washington...

I heard on the radio this morning that Dr. Ford was driving to Washington because she does not fly. Does anybody have more information of this?

Classmate of Ford's on "All In" just now

absolutely fantastic! Her last words "we (women) will be taken seriously".

Where were the parents???

I know, I sound like an old fart but it sounds like Kavanaugh and Judge were falling down drunks. How did they get in the house at night? Did they drive home from these benders? How do you not notice and worry about behavior like this? I was a single parent, working and going to school and my kid seldom got by me. I could tell by the sound of his footsteps what shape he was in and I always, always ,always called him on it.

"One of the finest people I've ever known"...Trump about Kavanaugh...

given the people Trump hangs around with, that's not much of a character reference.

Republicans have an interesting problem with Kavanaugh...

There are plenty of other qualified ( and probably already vetted) candidates to take Kavanaugh's place. The only thing that sets Kavanagh apart is his apparent willingness to give the President a pass on almost everything. The Republicans could produce another candidate that checks all of their boxes except that one. The only reason to fight to keep Kavanaugh would be to save the President. How much heat are Republicans willing to take to protect this President at the possible expense of their own jobs.

A thought about Mueller...

I guess it's crystal clear by now that this guy is a brilliant lawyer and strategist, but he's also running a small law firm and managing to keep all his attorneys on track and absolutely closed-mouthed about this investigation. It's not often that you see one person with all of those attributes.

Something to remind our MAGA friends of:

All these guys who have flipped? They are all Trumps best buddies...the best of the best, as he likes to say. So don't blame us or the Dems. He picked them and now he's stuck with them. I just wonder what his "second string" would look like.
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