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Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,746

Journal Archives

Maybe the Dems should go back to DC.

I think it looks terrible that everyone went home. Couldn't the Dems return to their seats in Congress and demand action? I know it may be an empty action but the Dems being home enjoying their break like the Republicans looks awful to me.

Who advised Trump to withdraw from Syria? Mattis didn't, Bolton didn't,

the Joint Chiefs didn't, the SoS and the new CoS didn't. Who, besides Putin, is he listening to?

We are now going to find out how really insane

this man who pretends to be our president is. He's tired of fooling around with the wall and his "fake news" witch hunt" mantras are not working so he's really going to get our attention by fucking the globe. This is the stuff of nightmares.

If I were the judge in the Flynn case

I'd throw the book at him. The guy has sucked of the public tit for decades and has violated his oath to us. It would also send a message to other so-called "cooperating" witnesses.

Has Trump gotten out of bed yet today? Just askin'. :-)

No mercy for there people!

None for Michael Cohen who according to one talking head "used to be a nice guy" or Flynn who supposedly was a "patriot" or SHS who wants to be remembered for her "honesty and transparency". And the countless others who checked their decency and morality at the elevator at Trump Tower and the door to the West Wing. No one should minimize what they've done to this country in the name of Trump. And that goes for their enablers in Congress. Michael Cohen should be on his knees tonight thanking God and the justice system for the light sentence he got today.

Poor Michael Cohen. Such a terrible fate for a nice man...


Nancy Pelosi walked a fine line today and did it well.

Here was a woman who has dealt with a number of Presidents over the years and I am sure has great respect for the office of the President. Today she was face to face with a buffoon, a liar and a pretender. She put him in his place but did it with grace and strength. I have only admiration for what she did and how she did it.

I think Impeachment will come over the Russian ties and not

because of Trump's payoff to the ladies. We don't know how many former presidents paid women for their silence...probably a few, but we do know that no president ever conspired with the enemy to destroy our Democracy. The bar is so low for this guy that only Russian collusion will bring the Senate to its senses and him down. I think the Special Counsel knows that too.

Canary in the mine....

Ayers. He didn't die but he came close to the edge.
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