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Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,639

Journal Archives

I wonder what the President's flag orders were to public entities like

states and cities and towns. Usually an order comes down from the WH about lowering the flag and for how long. Does anybody know?

The problem that I am having is

that I am so gobsmacked by what has happened to this country that I tell myself it can't be real, that it will soon pass, that it is an aberration that will end with the November elections, that it is all one man's doing and will end when he goes away or is sent away. I feel this way because I need to love and respect my country and I am in the habit of trusting that the people I send to Washington will, when push comes to shove, do the right thing. None of this is holding anymore and I know that I am in denial. As bad as things are, I know they can and will get worse. I suspect I am not alone in feeling this way and I am at a complete loss as to what to do about it.

McCain's passing is going to be quite a problem for Trump.

Wall to wall media coverage and then the funeral that he has been banned from attending. Then, the renaming of the Russell Senate office building from a southern segregationist to an American hero. For the "look at me" President, this is going to be hard to endure, not to mention whatever happens to come up in the corruption investigations going on on several fronts. The next several days may well produce a "perfect storm".

If I was DJT, I would be planning my way out now. I

would realize that my presidency being at stake is the least of my worries. My freedom, my children, my billions...especially my billions are at risk. I would negotiate a pardon for me and the kids with Pence and cut my losses while I can.

Lanny Davis is asking people to contribute

to a fund that will likely pay his legal fees. As a retired lawyer, that makes my skin crawl. I'm also wondering why we should pay someone to tell the truth.

Has Trump made a statement about Kofi Annan? n/t

I was just thinking that Melania's coat

message was another way to say "Let them eat cake."

Delay in Manafort trial...is it possible

that PM sees the writing on the wall and is going to plead?

I don't believe a word

of the Trump tape where he feigns surprise at Omarosa's firing. He knew and she's a dope if she doesn't think he did. For a guy who has made a career of breaking every rule, he could have called Kelly in and told him to keep her and put her someplace where she wouldn't do any harm. He didn't because she had lost her usefulness to him. She had a negative standing with black and brown Americans and she was a pain in the ass.
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