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Profile Information

Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,743

Journal Archives

This is a must read.

It explains a lot:


Insanity in real time...Collins screeching at the Judiciary Committee and Trump

tweeting his balls off. Keep it up fellas!

"Russia, if you're listening, the GOP is with you...

your man is in the White House and we've got his back."

That should be the Democrats' mantra from now on.

Red Herrings...the Republicans are slinging them.

Here is their history:


I broke my pelvis.

Any advice?

Hey boys...just shut the door behind you when you leave and take the nuclear codes with you. Oh, and

leave the lights on.

"Who the hell voted for this guy???" Exclaimed my friend last night. He did. Go figure. n/t

I wonder what his dreams are like.

I'm up most mornings just when there is enough early light to to let the dogs out without worrying about critters waiting for them in the back field. Mornings are my best time of day. I get my coffee, check the newspapers and then take a little inventory...what do I have to do today, do I have to be anywhere. I'm retired now, so things are a little different now than when I was working. In those days I'd click off in my mind the appointments I might have, clients I was going to be seeing...pretty much the same routine, just different subject matter.

The other thing I do in the early morning is think about the day past, analyze it, gather up any loose ends and bring them forward.

Like all of us, this exercise is not always pleasant. The day after my father died, the reality of the loss slammed me in the face like a stone cold fist. And so on with other matters in my life...a lousy job for a client, hurting a friend, doing something really stupid.

That's what sleep is for. It cleanses, renews, recharges. A good night with good dreams, or maybe no dreams at all, helps with the day ahead, its obstacles, it's frustrations.

I won't go any further with my meanderings but it struck me this morning that this President does not have any good dreams.He never has a good morning. He never looks back and takes stock and he never looks forward. He lives in the snake pit of his mind and he goes to bed every night with his demons.

Not good. This doesn't bode well for us.

These days DJT reminds me of the picture of Dorian Gray or the guy in the last scene of

Raiders of the Lost Ark...his skin seems to be melting down his face.

Can Donald Trump invoke Article 25 on himself? Seriously,

Can he go to his Cabinet and the VP and say, "Look, I'm not well, please take me out of here in the nice, comfy white jump suit that Melania made for me"
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