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Raven's Journal
Raven's Journal
October 31, 2022

Funny thing about people threatening to leave Twitter...

I keep seeing post from folks who are going to leave Twitter because Musk is going to change them $5 a week. Why not leave because Twitter is a cesspool run my a deranged maniac who is looking more and more like a stand-in for TFG? Leaving because of the money sounds a lot like the people who are going to vote for Republicans because of gas prices.

October 16, 2022

I need some advice!!! My son, Will, had a cat named Scout. She was a "one-person cat". She sat on

his shoulder everyday as he wrote. Will passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago. We have found a new home for Scout BUT SHE WON"T COME OUT OF HIDING in his apartment. After repeated attempts to catch her, we put a Have-a Heart trap (a large one) in the room where she usually eats and we put food and tuna in the trap. Still no luck. She was last spotted hiding in a small opening (for plumbing) in a kitchen cabinet. She was too far into to the hole to get to. I have a critter rescue guy coming this morning. Any advice or words of wisdom?

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