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3 dead, 1 hurt in Thurston County shooting

Source: KIRO

Thurston County deputies are at the scene of a quadruple shooting near the east end of Lacey.

A woman and two men are dead. Another man, who called police, was injured.

Thurston County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Dave Pearsall said a man called 911 at 5:15 a.m. Wednesday saying his friends were dead, he was shot and he wasn't sure where he was.

Read more: http://www.kiro7.com/news/local/3-dead-1-hurt-in-thurston-county-shooting/356947860

It never stops - mass killings 1/week on average. This one doesn't quite meet the FBI's standard of 4 dead for a Mass Killing. Cold comfort.

Rude Pundit: Once Upon a Time, the US Believed in Genuine Gun Control

The LBJ Quote is Cash Money.

Nearly fifty years ago, in the wake of the assassinations of MLK and RFK and not that long after JFK, there was a moment when the United States Congress actually considered, seriously, strict gun control laws. As part of an omnibus crime bill that was debated in June of 1968, shortly after Bobby Kennedy was shot dead, gun registration and licensing was on the table. It was a fascinating debate in the nation, with bizarro bedfellows, as well as organizations and the media taking stands that not only seem surprising now, but are considered downright un-American in many quarters.

One extraordinary moment was President Lyndon Johnson's message to Congress on gun control as the bill was being debated. "I propose, first, the national registration of every gun in America," Johnson said. "Registration will tell us how many guns there are, where they are, and in whose hands they are held." He also proposed licensing. And, in case anyone wanted to fuck with the man with the big dick, he continued, "Nothing in these proposals will impair the legitimate ownership or use of guns in this country...Nor are they threats to the mystique of manhood or to the heritage of our people...The only heritage that is harmed is the record of violent death and destruction that shames our history."

Preach it, LB
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