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Remind me: what happened to the Filibuster? Cloture? Senate Holds on Nominees?

You remember, McCain's vaunted "Regular Order", the time-honored Senate traditions that the GOP used to prevent Obama from getting shit done and filling Judicial appointments?

I did see that Grassley is planning to do away with "Blue Slips" that allow Senators to reject nominees from their home states. Which is burning another tradition to the ground in the interests of exercising their power today.

Is every order of business in the Senate being done through reconciliation?

What is "Honest Loyalty", anyway?

Comey was willing to pledge that to *. But what is it?

Where to Republicans go to learn how to lie?

Their remorselessness is impressive.

Is there some sort of institute where they memorize talking points, deflection, and where to draw the line between lies of omission or lies of obfuscation, and flat-out falsehoods?

Does the Heritage Foundation run seminars or something? Their churches?

Or is it just innate to the mindset?
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