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Americans are desparately poor, and Conservatives don't seem to give a fuck.

My Mother-in-Law passed 2 weeks ago, and we put a lot of her home healthcare items up on Craigslist, for free. 4 wheel & 2 wheel walkers, a shower chair, a wedge pillow, a toilet seat extender. Nothing fancy.

I got 15 responses in 2 hours and took the post down, started trying to be fair about who would should get it. 1st responder first? Worst tale of woe?

I wound up giving one of the 2-wheel walkers ($60 new) to a woman who sounded dirt poor. She drove from Graham, WA to Seattle to get it. 50 miles. She was white, overweight, probably mid-50s (same as me), had a bum knee. I wound up also giving her the shower chair I'd promised to the 1st responder, because she so obviously was going to need it.

Contrast that to yesterday's mind-melting article on Ben Carson's attempts to destroy HUD in the face of people spending 70% of their monthly income on rent: http://www.staradvertiser.com/2018/07/27/nyt/as-affordable-housing-crisis-grows-hud-sits-on-the-sidelines/

Carson doesn't want Section 8 recipients to get too comfortable in their homes. He can't seem to recognize that people are elderly or disabled, UNABLE to work, and they won't ever get better. Where are they supposed to go? What work are they supposed to do?

His solution? Triple the minimum rent.

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