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Antifa: 99.9% correct, or 100% correct?

Seems like their concerns and arguments have been vindicated. They warned us. They said the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, and the 3%ers were all Fascists and should be opposed, with force if necessary, every time they show their faces.

And Fascists they are.

Instead, they became Trumpism's useful villains, accused by paranoid, violent yahoos across America of planning schoolbus invasions of small towns most Antifa escaped as soon as they could. 41 towns full of gullible marks to con.

Not to mention "burning down everything last summer", as my Dad put it.

They stayed away from DC on 1/6. Why act when your enemy is busy hurting himself?

Asked my Trump-voting Dad if he was watching events in DC today.

I was factual, and did not provoke with my opinion: "National Guard coming to clear the Capitol of Trump Supporters."

His Response: "Not as bad as all of your friends last summer burning down everything."

Now I feel like I've failed as a son. How could I let him get so brainwashed? It is a sad day in America, and it should have been a happy one. Everything Trump touches dies, and he touched our Democracy.
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