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I have been here from the start.

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The Freeper Stare

I don't know what to call this - so I will call it the freeper stare.

I am light skin and lately, when I go in to less blue areas. I feel the stare from a white male. A hostile stare. One was wearing khakis and a white shirt and had shades. I stared back, and he brought his glasses down to show me a look of hate. We left the bar.

In a restaurant, I saw the stare of another woman of color. Same thing, just stare without a smile.

Today we are out having a few beers. Another hard stare. Narrow eyes staring at me, not a smile anywhere. He sat with four other women, and they were oblivious to his behavior. We ready to leave and we did not linger.

Anyone else seen or experienced this behavior?

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