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2/22/22 - Don't you know the deuce is still wild

Oh, you're going to giggle. 😁 oh, yes you will.



Why were chainsaws invented? 😳😳👀😱

Two doctors invented the chainsaw in 1780 to make the removal of pelvic bone easier and less time-consuming during childbirth. It was powered by a hand crank and looked like a modern-day kitchen knife with little teeth on a chain that wound in an oval.


Rory McIlroy tabs the Saudi Golf League 'dead in the water,' asks 'Who else have you got to fill the

Rory McIlroy tabs the Saudi Golf League ‘dead in the water,’ asks ‘Who else have you got to fill the field?’


McIlroy also aimed a few arrows at Norman and his leadership team.

“I knew the way these guys have operated and it’s all been smoke and mirrors and they’ve created rumors and spread rumors and tried to play one guy off another and said one thing to one manager and said a different thing to another manager and just sort of created this chaos and confusion around that group, and everyone’s questioning everyone else’s motives so they’re just kind of playing everyone off one another. I think it’s nice now that we all can sit down and say, look, we’re all on the same page here,” he said.

In addition to blasting Norman, McIlroy saved some choice words for Phil Mickelson, who was quoted by Alan Shipnuck in a story on the Fire Pit Collective as being in cahoots with the Saudis in order to leverage as much as possible and overhaul the Tour’s structure.

“I don’t want to kick someone while he’s down obviously, but I thought they were naive, selfish, egotistical, ignorant,” McIlroy said. “It was just very surprising and disappointing, sad. I’m sure he’s sitting at home sort of rethinking his position and where he goes from here.”

Finnish Skier Suffers 'Frozen Penis' During Cross-Country Event at Beijing Olympics


A Finnish skier competing in a cross-country event at the 2022 Beijing Olympics finished in 28th place after suffering perhaps the strangest malady of this year’s Winter Games: A frozen penis.

Reuters reports that Remi Lindholm, a Metallica-loving skier on Team Finland, began suffering frostbite on his third pole during the 50km mass start race event Sunday; the event itself was conducted under such brutal, frigid conditions that the race was first delayed by an hour and then shortened to 30 kilometers instead of 50 to protect the competitors, who wore a thin layer.

Reuters notes that, somehow, this isn’t the first time Lindholm’s penis has froze mid-race, as a similar incident happened during a cross-country skiing event in Finland in 2021.

Immediately after the race, Lindholm sought relief in the form of a waiting heat pack. “When the body parts started to warm up after the finish, the pain was unbearable,” the skier added. Thankfully, Lindholm’s injury did not prevent him from enjoying his nation’s surprise gold medal in the Men’s Hockey event as well as Sunday’s closing ceremony.

This is NOT funny. It's not, it's just not. 😳👀😆

Fox News, it is FRANCE - Macron of France. 😆👀🙄

They finally mention Macron in the 3rd paragraph here.


23 Women Who Made Us Laugh On Twitter This Week

This is a funny website



Preparation H has a new Facebook marketing program.

P. J. O'Rouke has passed. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed his writing.



P.J. O’Rourke, the conservative satirist and political commentator who was unafraid to skewer Democrats and Republicans alike in best-selling books like “Parliament of Whores,” in articles for a wide range of magazines and newspapers, and on television and radio talk shows, died on Tuesday at his home in Sharon, N.H. He was 74.

The cause was complications of lung cancer, said Deb Seager, the director of publicity at Grove/Atlantic, Mr. O’Rourke’s publisher.

Mr. O’Rourke’s political writing was in the caustic tradition of H.L. Mencken. As writers and commentators go, he was something of a celebrity, welcome on talk shows of almost any political bent and known for appearances on NPR’s comedy quiz show “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me.”

He was a proud conservative Republican — one of his books was called “Republican Party Reptile: The Confessions, Adventures, Essays and (Other) Outrages of P.J. O’Rourke” — but he was widely admired by readers of many stripes because of his fearless style and his willingness to mock just about anyone who deserved it, including himself. In “Republican Party Reptile” he recalled his youthful flirtation with Mao Zedong.
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