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Tax season. Amiright?

❤️ the Virginia State Police think they're funny...and they are ❤️😆

If you've never watched Fox News.

This pretty much incapacitates it


McLovin ❤️

What it was, was football 🏈

What it was, was football



First Super Bowl trivia - the power of TV.

Network crew fights
Erased tape
2 second half kickoffs.

This game is the only Super Bowl to have been broadcast in the United States by two television networks simultaneously (no other NFL game was subsequently carried nationally on more than one network until December 29, 2007, when the New England Patriots faced the New York Giants on NBC, CBS, and the NFL Network). At the time, NBC held the rights to nationally televise AFL games while CBS had the rights to broadcast NFL games. Both networks were allowed to cover the game. During the week, tensions flared between the staff of the two networks (longtime arch-rivals in American broadcasting), who each wanted to win the rating war, to the point where a fence was built between the CBS and NBC trucks.[29]

All known broadcast tapes of the game in its entirety were subsequently wiped by both NBC and CBS to save costs, a common practice in the TV industry at the time as videotapes were very expensive (one half-hour tape cost around $300 at the time, equivalent to $2260 in 2019 dollars), plus it was not foreseen how big the game was going to become.[33] This has prevented studies comparing each network's respective telecast.

In January 2011, a partial recording of the CBS telecast was reported to have been found in a Pennsylvania attic and restored by the Paley Center for Media in New York.[33] The two-inch color videotape is the most complete version of the broadcast yet discovered, missing only the halftime show and most of the third quarter.


Nothing was odder, though, than what happened when the third quarter began – something that really showed you JUST how awkward the whole affair was. You see, when the Green Bay Packers kicked off to the Kansas City Chiefs to start the second half, NBC was still in a commercial!
Not a big deal, though, right? So NBC was a little late – they’ll catch up, no?
The on-field officials were notified of the “problem” and actually called the play dead and had them RE-KICK the kick-off!!!


From a Nurse.

Saw this on Facebook from someone I went through high school with who’s now - long time - a nurse.

Shared from a friend…

If you have never zipped multiple body bags in one shift, you shouldn’t be deciding how much nurses make.

If you have never watched a person suffocate to death from their own blood, you shouldn’t be deciding how much nurses make.

If you have never been punched in the face for trying to assess your patient, you shouldn’t be deciding how much nurses make.

If you have never had someone beg you to not let them die, you shouldn’t be deciding how much nurses make.

If you've never had to look into parents eyes when the doctor calls the time of death of their child, you shouldn't be deciding how much nurses make.

If you have never told your family your shift was “fine” to spare them from what you saw that day, you shouldn’t be deciding how much nurses make.

If you’ve never felt ribs breaking from doing CPR on someone’s frail grandmother, you shouldn’t be deciding how much nurses make.

For years nurses have been underpaid and undervalued and no one seemed to care. Now that healthcare is on the brink of a collapse, everyone is concerned that somewhere, nurses are making $100/hr. I can assure you not every travel nurse makes that much. In fact, most of us make way less than that. Instead of focusing on the small minority of nurses making that money, let’s shift gears and focus on WHY nurses are leaving to travel. Perhaps it’s from the years of getting 1% raises and barely being able to pay bills. Maybe it’s because nurses are asked to do more and more with less. Maybe it’s from the terrible staffing ratios. The reasons are honestly endless. Let’s start caring about nurse retention, fair wages, safe staffing, etc. Studies have shown by 2030 approximately 1 million nurses will leave the field. Why aren’t we worried about this?

Copied from another nursing group
#MillionNurseMarch #nursesunite #nurse

Trump actually opened his hole about the toilet thing. He no longer like Maggie.

“Who would know that?”


During a call-in interview with the hosts of Fox & Friends on Saturday morning, former president Donald Trump lashed out at New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman over revelations in her upcoming book that he was known for tearing up documents and flushing them down the toilet.

Late in the interview, which ran over 20 minutes, Trump was asked by host Will Cain, "The big takeaway is that you have ripped up papers and flushed them down the toilet. What's your reaction on what you’re hearing on other mainstream media channels in this book by Maggie Haberman?"

Trump fired right back, "Yeah it’s fake news and she’s a fake writer. She got a Pulitzer Prize for Russia, Russia, Russia, and then they found out it was a hoax. And so did others. Frankly, the ones that get Pulitzer Prizes, they happen to work around you and around (Fox host) Pete Hegseth

Adding the report is a "disgrace", the former president ranted, "She made it up. I don’t believe they have sources. Who is going to be a source for that anyway? Who would know that? There's no source. They make it up. You know, they oftentimes, these fake writers like her, they act like they know me, like she knows me. I haven’t spoken to her in a very long time. She knows me no better than any other writer."

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