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Oh hell yes!! The internet's has GAZPACHO POLICE memes

Much overused gif but this is me this morning

So this morning I see a tweet from Todd Starnes about Empty Greene. It was a transcript of what she said. The whole point of the former Fox News moron Starnes’s twitter seems to be for people to make fun of him. Everyone was replying “she didn’t say gestapo” as was in the transcript. Okay...no idea, then I see a clip on Morning Joe (Simpson’s Seinfeld Oliver Twist etc) and it all came together and I was howling laughing.

*** sweet mother ____ DU GROVELBOT you miserable whore ****


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Alberta lifting COVID-19 restrictions, ending vaccine passport program


Canadian province Alberta has announced it will lift a number of COVID-19 restrictions, including ending its vaccine passport program among residents, The Edmonton Journal reports.

Speaking at a news conference, Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney said the previous restrictions imposed by the provincial government have served their purpose since the omicron variant spread of the virus had peaked in recent weeks.

Starting Wednesday, capacity limits of under 500 for venues, libraries and places of worship will end, according to The Edmonton Journal.

"The threat of COVID-19 to public health no longer outweighs the hugely damaging impact of health restrictions on our society," Kenney said.

"We know that Karl Marx wanted to destroy the American family" - said today in public


A funny from the Facebook 😇 🎅🏻

Two Republicans spoke about children and COVID today 👀



Razzie Awards: Bruce Willis Bags His Own Category for 8 Bad Performances in One Year


Bad acting nominations went to “an otherwise great actress” Amy Adams with nods for both “Woman in the Window” and “Dear Evan Hansen,” LeBron James, “who most likely dunked his chances for basking in the cinema limelight by starring in ‘Space Jam 2,'” and Bruce Willis for, well, being Bruce Willis, apparently. Having appeared in eight projects that The Razzie thought were all pretty bad, they gave him his own category this year — Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie.


(Special Category)

Bruce Willis / American Siege

Bruce Willis / Apex

Bruce Willis / Cosmic Sin

Bruce Willis / Deadlock

Bruce Willis / Fortress

Bruce Willis / Midnight in the Switchgrass

Bruce Willis / Out of Death

Bruce Willis / Survive the Game

Vice President Kamala Harris - a simple visual aid

When folks don’t understand why it’s a big deal that Kamala Harris is the Vice President (no matter your political affiliation), it’s helpful to use a simple visual aid.

See the red box? Until then, she would have been enslaved.

See the blue box? Until then, she couldn’t vote.

The yellow box? Until then, she had to attend a segregated school.

And see the green box? Until then she couldn’t have her own bank account.



40 Of The Most Savage Things God Has Said On Twitter (New Pics)

Butt, it's funny 😁

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