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What I learned from the Olympics yesterday

I have been told that every time a ski jumper takes off it is NOT necessary for me to say


Olympic Teams Raise Concerns Over Quarantine Hotels


BEIJING — Not enough food. Inedible meals. No training equipment. Some Olympic athletes unlucky enough to test positive for the coronavirus at the Beijing Olympics feel their quarantine conditions are making a bad situation much worse.

“My stomach hurts, I’m very pale and I have huge black circles around my eyes. I want all this to end. I cry every day. I’m very tired,” Russian biathlon competitor Valeria Vasnetsova posted on Instagram from one of Beijing’s so-called quarantine hotels.

Vasnetsova posted a picture Thursday of what she said was “breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days already” — a tray with food including plain pasta, an orange sauce, charred meat on a bone, a few potatoes and no greens.

The rules for athletes who test positive say those without symptoms go to a dedicated hotel for isolation. Anyone who has COVID-19 with symptoms will go to a hospital. In both cases, they’ll be unable to compete until cleared for discharge.

Sen. Kaine's blood type

Well, I guess you all are stuck with me. 2 days out from surgery.

Hernia surgery on Groundhog Day.
The most pain I’ve had is after surgery not from the hernia.

All in all it was a good experience. We noticed the lump on the 13th, contacted my PCP on Saturday the 15th (VCU Health portal), consult evaluation with the surgeon on the 25th, choice of surgery dates 31st Feb 2 or Feb 9. I chose the second so I could wrap up stuff at work and get Short term disability going - no distinct answer yet but I took a week off anyway.

To give some insight into how a major hospital system works this is the board. It flipped over three times so about 60 surgeries that day. The guy who shaved me told me this was a slow day. They usually do 80-90 each day.

Don’t worry about HIPAA these are assigned numbers I’d guess due to HIPAA.

When I finally (2hours) got back to the prep room I told my wife “I’m good. Go get some lunch”. While she was at the Panera’s she saw and heard two parents meeting. One parent had to tell the other that their kid had committed suicide. My wife told me about it on the way home. Crushing.

The Doc, another department head Doc, gas guy, resident, and head RN all came in to introduce themselves and made sure they had my wife’s phone number and reassure us. Top notch.

18 days from finding it to going under the knife. Not bad.

Irony free zone. Laura tells the cult that people NOT in the cult...are in a cult

I only got through 3 minutes of it.
No irony, no self awareness, projection...oh and victimization —- basically the Fox News and talk radio gospel.

Jeff Zucker’s CNN, you see, spread lies about COVID. They did this endlessly with the same talking points used by different guests. 👀

Link to Fox New. Video is on the right side of the page

Dana Milbank WaPo piece - verbatim excerpts from Virginia history textbook.

Glenn Youngkin’s No-Guilt History of Virginia for Fragile White People


I therefore present these verbatim excerpts from the textbook (“Virginia: History, Government, Geography” by Francis Butler Simkins and others), shared with me by Hamilton College historian Ty Seidule, author of “Robert E. Lee and Me: A Southerner’s Reckoning with the Myth of the Lost Cause.” Let’s call it “Glenn Youngkin’s No-Guilt History of Virginia for Fragile White People.”

“A feeling of strong affection existed between masters and slaves in a majority of Virginia homes. … It was to [the master’s] own interest to keep his slaves contented and in good health. If he treated them well, he could win their loyalty and cooperation. … The intelligent master found it profitable to discover and develop the talents and abilities of each slave. … The more progressive planters tried to promote loyalty and love of work by gifts and awards.”

“Many Negroes were taught to read and write. Many of them were allowed to meet in groups for preaching, for funerals, and for singing and dancing. They went visiting at night and sometimes owned guns. … Most of them were treated with kindness.”

“Life among the Negroes of Virginia in slavery times was generally happy. The Negroes went about in a cheerful manner making a living for themselves and for those for whom they worked. … They were not worried by the furious arguments going on between Northerners and Southerners over what should be done with them. … The negroes remained loyal to their white mistresses even after President Lincoln promised in his Emancipation Proclamation that the slaves would be freed.”

There you have it. Historically wrong and morally bankrupt — but for tender White minds, discomfort-free.

My wife "they named the Washington team the Commanders?" She's a fan of

The Handmaids Tale.

The men in charge are called Commanders.

It’s amazing how Team Snyder screwed this up in new and inventive ways.

Commies is already the running joke
About a month ago they released a video of them deliberating - one version didn't blur out a piece of paper with Commanders on it. They also bought the domain name last weekend which, of course, was discovered.

Team Snyder 👍

Hey! Yeah! What she said


All aboard!!! (Warning language)


More news on Spotify_____ 👉🏿 👉🏿 🎤 💥

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