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Since you stopped by

Free COVID tests will be delivered BY Monday. Ordered on the 18th.

Not bad at all. 13 days is outside the 7-12 days but still pretty good.

I just got the USPS notification. Iím guessing they fit into a standard sized mail box.
This whole process is quite intriguing to me I must say.

Blast from the past for Fox's Douchey 😆


Gary Gary Gary 🤔😳 * ⚠️ Warning on content ⚠️

AG Miyares fires UVA's counsel who's working on the Jan. 6th committee

Virginia attorney general fires 2 lawyers for George Mason, UVA

UVA counsel Tim Heaphy was on leave working as the top investigator for the U.S. House panel examining the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

FAIRFAX, Va. ó Virginia's new Republican attorney general has fired lawyers for two large public universities, his office said, marking more significant changes by Jason Miyares while ascending to his new job.

Tim Heaphy, counsel for the University of Virginia, and George Mason University counsel Brian Walther have been let go, Miyares spokeswoman Victoria LaCivita told The Washington Post. School counsel within Virginia's public colleges and universities are appointed by the attorney general.

LaCivita said Heaphy's firing had nothing to do with that investigative role. Rather, she said in a statement, Heaphy was a "controversial" hire and Miyares' Democratic predecessor, Mark Herring, had "excluded many qualified internal candidates when he brought in this particular university counsel."


Sen. Tom Kaine's (Facebook) post on Thich Nhat Hanh

Let's make fun of England, I do say...shall we?

Now a "Dad's a KAYAK denier" ad 😆

First one was Momís a denier

"Ozark" 7 episodes on Netflix now. Season 4.

The first half of the final season is on Netflix.

Let's take a trip to Bizzaro land. Just saw these headlines

The former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis says the January 6 committee members are subpoenaing her because they're 'mad they can't date' her


Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis has a theory about why she was subpoenaed by the January 6 panel investigating the Capitol riot.

ďThe committee is just mad they can't date me," Ellis tweeted on Wednesday.

Ellis tweeted the comment after she and three other former Trump lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Boris Epshteyn, were subpoenaed by the January 6 committee.

Fact check: Rep. Ronny Jackson falsely claims undocumented immigrants have 'easier access' than most citizens to health care and voting


"In 2022, illegal immigrants will have MORE FREEDOMS and easier access to healthcare and ballot boxes than most Americans... Just think about that," Jackson, who has more than 190,000 Twitter followers, tweeted on Sunday.

CNN researched his claims in detail. They are not even close to true.

Facts First: Jackson was thoroughly incorrect. Undocumented immigrants are prohibited from voting in all federal elections, all state elections and almost all local elections; the vast majority of citizens have the right to vote in all three. And undocumented immigrants, unlike citizens, are prohibited from receiving health insurance coverage from Medicare, Medicaid (with the exception of emergency Medicaid), the Children's Health Insurance Program (though some states use CHIP to cover prenatal care for all) and Affordable Care Act exchanges.

"Rep. Jackson's statement is wildly inaccurate," San Francisco State University political science professor Ron Hayduk, who studies political participation and immigration and wrote a book on noncitizen voting, said in an email. Hayduk added: "I'm not sure what world Rep. Jackson lives in but it surely is not in the real world of the U.S. and its 50 states, even accounting for variations among states. The facts are clear and indisputable."
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