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The oh so sad irony of May 1st ------- for W and all Republicans

May 1

2003 – 2003 invasion of Iraq: In what becomes known as the "Mission Accomplished" speech, on board the USS Abraham Lincoln (off the coast of California), U.S. President George W. Bush declares that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended".

2011 – Barack Obama announces that Osama bin Laden, the suspected mastermind behind the September 11 attacks is killed by United States special forces in Islamabad, Pakistan. Due to the time difference between the United States and Pakistan, Osama bin Laden was killed on May 2 in Pakistan.


9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 oh but actually killing Bin Laden???

This just rips my turnips!

"Mr. President about Bin Laden..." 9/11!
"Mr. President the unemployment numbers don't count the ...." 9/11!
"Mr. Secretary your agriculture policy..." 9/11!

But now A YEAR AFTER KILLING BIN LADEN half of every story (or the whole story itself) is those stinking Republicans whining about PRESIDENT Obama making too much about ACTUALLY DOING HIS JOB!!!

Give me a friggin' break!!

In fact W shut down the CIA office that was looking for Bin Laden. And, of course, HE LET HIM GET AWAY IN TORA BORA!!!

W's entire life is a miserable failure. I notice that in the anti-WE GOT HIM chatter they have even stopped trying their sad attempt to credit W with getting Bin Laden. 2 1/2 years later (or a "Governor Palin" as the kids say) you can't take credit for your FAILURE.

Take your "9/11!" and go sit in the corner and look at it for the rest of your miserable life.

Yesterday in history - April 30 - Coxey's Army~~~ and the politics of "The Wizard of Oz"

April 30

1894 – Coxey's Army reaches Washington, D.C. to protest the unemployment caused by the Panic of 1893.


Coxey's Army was a protest march by unemployed workers from the United States, led by Ohio businessman Jacob Coxey. They marched on Washington D.C. in 1894, the second year of a four-year economic depression that was the worst in United States history to that time. Officially named the Army of the Commonweal in Christ, its nickname came from its leader and was more enduring. It was the first significant popular protest march on Washington and the expression "Enough food to feed Coxey's Army" originates from this march.

Coxey's Army in culture

Among the people observing the march was L. Frank Baum, before he gained fame. There are political interpretations of his book, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which have often been related to Coxey's Army. In the novel, Dorothy, the Scarecrow (the American farmer), Tin Woodman (the industrial worker), and Cowardly Lion (William Jennings Bryan), march on the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, the Capital (or Washington, D.C.), demanding relief from the Wizard, who is interpreted to be the President. Dorothy's shoes (made of silver in the book, not the familiar ruby that is depicted in the movie) are interpreted to symbolize using free silver instead of the gold standard (the road of yellow brick) because the shortage of gold precipitated the Panic of 1893. In the film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, the silver shoes were turned into ruby for the cinematic effect of color, as Technicolor was still in its early years when the movie was produced. However, this theory was only advanced many decades after the book was written.[9]






Used 1977 Jeep CJ-5


Richmond, VA


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Luke--- really? .....not that there's,,,,well you know

Raid to Kill Bin Laden Helped United States, Panetta Says


I was awarded 7th place in the Richmond Times-Dispatch 2011 Correspondent of the Day

out of, obviously, 365.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch is notoriously conservative and the President and Publisher of the Times-Dispatch admitted so at the event.

I talked to my brother (who has direct opposite political viewpoints) about this yesterday and he said, "YOU aren't going to win anything from the Times-Dispatch."

90 minutes of speeches by the Op-Ed Editor and the staff, some Q&A, and then the "awards".
In the Q&A I asked how many Letters are submitted on a daily basis - about 100 "50 of which are readable"

The winner was an 11 year old who didn't like the new Amtrak rules setting the riding-alone age at 13
The runner-up was a soldier in Afghanistan lamenting not treating his mother better in a letter published on Mother's Day.
Good letters. The read the top 4.

My LTTE on the coming rightwing fury about the "Obama ending farm chores" nonsense

Farm chores, oh the outrage

Lookee Pa' it's another one of them fake rightwing outrage stories a'coming.

The new Department of Labor proposed law revisions are years in the making with considerable input from the farming community.

Lookee Pa', facts:

“the proposed regulations would not apply to children working on farms owned by their parents”, the Department of Labor stated in a press release last August (2011).

75 percent of the job-related fatalities for workers under 16 are from agricultural work.

The list of farm jobs that children under age 16 cannot be hired to do by nonfamily farms include: pesticide handling, timber operations, work around manure pits, and storage bins. Farm workers under 16 would no longer be able to harvest, cultivate, or cure tobacco.

If you hear it any different way it may just be the wind in the corn talking ya.

With 13 picks in 7 rounds for the Browns.... this could be the year!!

(fingers crossed)

I am keeping my phone open and fully charged starting Thursday at 7 PM.

This is my 23rd year of being "draft eligible" so, I mean seriously the lack of calls at this point is getting to be an old joke (I am looking at you Tom Heckert), this HAS to be the year....right?

Are you smarter than a Fox News viewer?

In 2005 the United States’ National Academies of Science joined the national science academies of Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom in making a joint statement about climate change. As to the reality of climate change, the academies stated: "Carbon dioxide levels have increased from 280 ppm in 1750 to over 375 ppm today - higher than any previous levels that can be reliably measured (i.e. in the last 420,000 years). Increasing greenhouse gases are causing temperatures to rise; the Earth’s surface warmed by approximately 0.6 centigrade degrees over the twentieth century." Fifty-four percent recognized that most scientists think that climate change is occurring. Sixty percent of daily Fox News viewers (compared with 25 percent CNN viewers) were wrong about the views of most scientists on this issue.

The Troubled Assets Relief Program won the support first of the Senate, on Oct. 1, 2008 and of the House, on Oct. 3, 2008. President Bush quickly signed the bill, called the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. But when asked which President had started the program, 40 percent believed incorrectly that TARP was started under President Obama, not under President George W. Bush. Fifty-five percent were correct that the program began under Bush. Forty-seven percent of Fox viewers were misinformed on this issue, but they came in third after those who get their daily news from network TV (51 percent) and from public broadcasting - NPR or PBS - (48 percent)

The stimulus legislation included about $288 billion in tax cuts. A modest majority of 54 percent of voters believed there were no tax cuts in the stimulus legislation, while 43 percent knew that it did include tax cuts. Sixty-three percent of Fox News viewers thought that the stimulus included no tax cuts. Some 52 percent of Network TV viewers were wrong, and newspapers and news magazine readers came in third at 47 percent. PBS/NPR audiences were best informed on this question.

According to the Tax Policy Center, 97 percent of US households saw their income taxes decrease. The center estimates that the Obama tax cuts saved these households and average of $1,179 in 2009. But only 10 percent of voters were aware that their taxes had gone down. A substantially larger number – 38 percent – even believed that their federal income taxes have gone up during the Obama administration. Another 48 percent thought their taxes had stayed the same. Forty-nine percent of Fox viewers thought that their taxes had gone up. Some 38 percent of network TV viewers (same as the national average) got it wrong, and 36 percent of NPR/PBS audiences got it wrong.

A total of 42 percent of voters believed either that Obama was not born in the US (15 percent) or that it is unclear whether he was or not (27 percent). Among daily Fox News viewers, that figure is 63 percent. Fifty-six percent of all of those surveyed knew it is clear that Obama was born in the United States. Some 45 percent of newspaper and news magazine readers got the question wrong, as did 43 percent of network TV news viewers.


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