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Refinancing in the time of pandemic

So our refinance is ready. We are closing on Wednesday. Could get some money back at the signing.

We have some pressing matters out of town so we werenít sure when we could actually do the signing.

Title agent: When are you available on Wednesday?
Me: Well Iím back in the office but I can come to the signing at lunch time
Agent: Oh no, weíll just send a notary to your house.
Me: Really?

Yep. Really. Weíll do it sitting at our dining room table.

Get of OUR lawn! Okay I heard a new "interesting" excuse for Trump's speech from the WH

Driving home today I flip over to the local guy on the megawatt RW Station.

You see, thereís nothing wrong with Trump giving his profoundly acceptance speech from the South Lawn because itís part of the residence. The residence is not covered by the Hatch Act.

I know this is old news at this point, which is why I was so surprised to hear it being discussed, but I actually started laughing. Yes this is RW talking point so alert if you want.

I did find this which must, in some way, be where they came up with this.

The act also does not apply to ďrooms in the White House or in the residence of the Vice President, which are part of the residence area or which are not regularly used solely in the discharge of official duties.Ē The New York Times reported Monday that a Trump speech from the confines of the White House was under consideration.


Painting with roses? Chadwick Boseman tribute


Too funny. Melania's green dress gift to the internet.


Well it's back to work for me tomorrow

Full staff back. Full time.
This should be my last week only going in two days a week (since early July) but a coworker is on vacation so I have certain duties to cover. Iíve been teleworking since March oh and how I LOVED IT. No commute - beach attire - at least lunch with the family - my office was my recliner (itís called a laptop for a reason) - still doing the normal amount of work.

Last week was basically all back in except for me and a few others.

I have my own office and my wife bought me a little (dorm room size) refrigerator so I donít have to even go into the common kitchen room. Iím going with sandwiches and things that donít require microwaving. I snuck the fridge in a few weeks ago when it was still a split crew. We have a cafeteria on site but itís not open yet. Really good but everything will be pick up once it opens.

Less than 20 people total in my building. Iíd say about 100 on the whole job site but they are mostly still at home. With vacation and two people who have big concerns we arenít still really full. No elevators.

I wonder if I should wear this.

You may start hearing about "6% COVID CDC" here's the explanation






Trump's alternate-reality bounce

This is from an article titled
On Google news
New Poll shows RNC didnít help Trumpís approval ratings

At the link
Poll: Bidenís approval rating got a convention bounce. Trumpís didnít.

If a spree of Sunday-morning retweets are anything to go by, however, Trump is a believer in the bounce ó and in the ABC/Ipsos results being an outlier. The president boosted tweets and analysis from right-wing Twitter account @PollWatch2020 more than twenty times, including polls from the Democracy Institute and the Trafalgar Group showing him winning nationally and in key swing states.

Thereís plenty of reason to be doubtful of those numbers, though: The Trafalgar Group gets a C- in FiveThirtyEightís pollster ratings, and the Democracy Institute isnít even listed.

Also of concern is the fact both groupsí numbers fly in the face of just about everything else out there ó in Michigan, for example, Bidenís average lead stands at 7.1 percentage points, and that includes the Trafalgar poll that shows Trump winning. In fact, Trafalgar has the only FiveThirtyEight-recognized poll this month to show Trump winning by any margin in the state.

This isnít the first time Trump has rejected reality as presented by reputable pollsters:

But trying to quash polls that donít look good for your campaign isnít a great reelection strategy, especially when most of the polls are in consistent agreement. In the key swing states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Biden still retains a lead, one mirrored in national polls.


College football started last night. Central Arkansas 24 - Austin Peay 17. TD on first play.


MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- College football in America returned at 8:07 p.m. local time on Saturday in Alabama and immediately went off the rails.

After a nothing-to-see-here touchback to start the game, Austin Peay running back CJ Evans Jr. cradled an option pitch near the 20-yard line, split two would-be tacklers, raced down the sideline, reversed field and, clearly running on fumes, cut back to avoid one last defender and reach the end zone.

"God damn mask!" a referee shouted, unaware his microphone was on.

The 2020 college football season kicked off with 2,000 people in the stands and reminders everywhere that this was an unprecedented season. Jake Crandall/USA TODAY Sports

But in truth, tailgates like Butler's were few and far between. Tailgates weren't allowed on city property, if we want to get technical about it.

The smell of booze and barbecue -- the real scents of football Saturdays -- was noticeably absent. It was like walking into your neighborhood bar in the cold light of day; you understand where you are, but it's somehow unfamiliar.

DU - a piece of advice $

Refinance your home if you can. Iím not selling anything here Iím just saying.

A few weeks ago I told my wife I was going to just look into it. Yes we are rolling the refinance fees into the loan - we bought the house last July and started with a nice chunk of equity - but weíre never selling this house. Well we might sell when we retire in about 15-20 years.

Bottom line is that our rate dropped by almost 40% and our monthly payment by $500.

Look into it.

***RNC Convention #2*** THE PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT (Ivanka)


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