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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
August 25, 2020

That's a good idea!

Good grief, this is INTERMINABLE...

August 25, 2020

Gee whiz, how long does this go?


August 25, 2020

BOOM shaka-laka-laka!

August 25, 2020

Welcome to DU, forkol!

Well, the GOP operative Rick Wilson wrote the book titled "Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real about the Worst President Ever". And it looks like the Conway family is just another group of casualties on an ever-growing list.

August 25, 2020

As Jean-Luc Picard would say - "Make it so!"

OH PLEEEEEEEZE make it so!

August 24, 2020

Ooooooh! Save that milkweed! It's being ripped out rather recklessly, for no good reason.

I wish it grew out here on the West Coast. I'd grow some, myself! I have to read up on that. LOVE LOVE LOVE those seed pods! I wish we had 'em here for nature crafting! We have colder temperatures and a little bit of snow here in Oregon, as I've discovered. It snowed every winter back east, too. But we don't have the humidity here as is true back there.

And one other thing's for sure: I miss the fireflies! The only place you can "find them" here on the West Coast is at Disneyland if you go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride - and only in the top level where you just get in the boat at the beginning of the ride and glide past the restaurant that's there. There are a few mechanical "fireflies" in the landscaping around the restaurant. LORDY they made summer evenings absolutely magical! ENTIRE TREES were lit up with little random sparkling! Magical!

They. Are. Not. Here.

August 24, 2020

Gums goes to jail...

Full disclosure, I did not think up that nickname. I saw somewhere that donald's two sons by Ivana, his first wife, were referred to as "Junior and Gums." I haven't been able to forget that...

August 24, 2020

Welcome to DU, augyboston!

YEAH don't drink the disinfectant!

Although I wouldn't mind seeing LOTS of disinfectant to sanitize the White House after the trumps vacate. God only knows if he's going to have the bed peed on, on his way out. Note to White House staff: Get all new mattresses! And call the fumigators - have the whole place tented!

Heck, I'd even call an exorcist - AND some tribal chieftains and holy men - to make sure the building's been purified of all leftover evil hoodoo. I'd get rid of ALL the "gold" colored stuff in the Oval Office - the drapes, the big oval area rug, EVERYTHING. NO MORE "GOLD" ANYTHING in there. And I'd get a new chair for the Resolute Desk. I would NOT want to sit in any chair trump sat in.

August 24, 2020

Well, you know that saying about the broken clock.

A broken clock is right, twice a day.

And frankly, I hope he's right about the MAGA/alt right moment being over, too.

OVER!!! For all our sakes!

And he's right about something else, too:

"Liberals are clearly more competent."

August 24, 2020

There certainly is that.

Hey, a vote is a vote is a vote. And maybe he's had enough of a bellyful to realize the mistakes of his (hopefully previous) ways. Time will tell.

I do believe in deathbed (and other) conversions.

Another vote that's NOT for trump is an okay vote!

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