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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
December 31, 2011

This is good! Keep needling him.

Keep the pressure up. Keep provoking doubt. Keep sowing seeds of distrust.

Destabilize the enemy. More now than EVER.

December 31, 2011

Yeah, I'd have to agree.

We do need to show a HUGE and fearsome tsunami of support. Shake up the opposition and give the fearmongers something to be fearful of, for real.

Perception is EVERYTHING. We do NOT want to look like we're fracturing and fighting among ourselves! That implies GREAT weakness and instability! We can't afford that when we need to look like a HUGE unbeatable, unstoppable monolith, and an utterly united front.

December 31, 2011

EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! Let's go after their precious brand! And fuck it up all to hell!

The whole idea of making "republi-CON" synonymous with ick. Ie: bad, crappy, fucked up, dickishness, selfishness, pigheaded, backward thinking, neanderthalistic, cheapskate, stingey, antisocial, mean, shitty, self-absorbed, narrow-minded, knuckle-dragging, intolerant, pissant, hypocritical, lying, cheating, deceitful, war-criminal, nasty, idiotic, un-Christian, un-American, cruel...

You get the idea. We need to help our fellow Americans make that connection in their minds, and in their guts. And we need to do it like the bad guys (ie: republi-CONS) have done it) - repetition. Over and Over and Over and Over and Over... As frequently as possible! Let's give them a new identity (crisis)!!!

December 27, 2011

Somalia is a perfect place for them. I've been saying that for awhile - about the entire

wrong wing. Somalia is the perfect place for them. No government. A handful of ultra-rich, powerful warlords "run" everything (and own everything - what there is worth owning, that is). No order. No laws. No regulations or oversight. No nothing. TOTAL anarchy. But everybody's certainly armed to the teeth. Tons and tons of poor people but the have-nots have no voice, no representation, and no one who gives a damn about them. Utter heaven! Every teabagger's dream!

I wish we could export them all there. I'm sure they'd have a ball!

December 26, 2011

The emphasis will shift to the legacy he leaves behind.

Hopefully the calcium supplement he's received lately, for backbone reinforcement, will motivate him and his troops to push further with the positive things he was able to do during this term. Maybe building upon and reinforcing the health care reforms (which could use a LOT of tweaking)? Weaning us away from Afghanistan? Replacing eric holder (one of the most useless, unimpressive Attorneys General I've seen in a long time)? Replace tim geithner hopefully?

I'm hoping that the backbone he's started showing recently will remind him what REALLY works with the voters - and works AGAINST the bad guys - who I hope lose the House and don't even come close to taking the Senate. It would be lovely to see boner relegated to a mere two-year term as Speaker. He gets one shot, serves with extreme INdistinction, and buh-bye. I hate to see bad behavior rewarded. Which is why I hope the GOP gets its collective ass handed to it next November. They need to be shown that sidling up to jackasses like the teabaggers is NO way to win, longterm, and only alienates sensible, reasonable people with consciences and intelligence. A teachable moment for them. They certainly deserve it!

December 22, 2011

Oh great. Siphon off enough votes from Obama to a guy who seriously has no realistic chance against

a well-funded republi-CON.

Look, Obama's not perfect. But we do NOT need ANY diversion of votes away from him. Can you say Nader in 2000???????????? Do you REALLY want that????????

PLEASE, guys. Think about it before you cut off your nose to spite all our faces. Last time we thought we had a serious progressive shot at it, or wanted to "send a message" or some such fairy-tale crap, we got dubya for two terms.

I don't care how wonderful this guy is. And yeah, I know about him and there are lots of things I like about him. But he doesn't have a prayer - except to peel away enough votes from Obama that we get a republi-CON in the White House.

December 19, 2011


This is something we've been working toward, FOR YEARS. Working toward, praying for, blogging about, petitioning for, protesting the continuation of, marching against, emailing about, writing our reps and our LTTEs about, agonizing about, and losing sleep over.

And once again - we were the ones who were correct about this. We called this from the beginning, and of course few people listened.

I'm just glad this day came. Let's get out of Afghanistan too! NOW!!!!!!! We need those billions of dollars HERE AT HOME!!!!!!

December 18, 2011

Why can't I recommend this one a MILLION times?!?

I really do loathe these people. They're against everything I believe in, and I'm against everything they believe in. They're for the 1%. I'd rather be with the other 99%. They have their roveworld. I prefer reality, which as Stephen Colbert points out, has a liberal bias!

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