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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
January 30, 2013

TOLL FREE Capitol Hill numbers!

Here in my sig line, just below. I checked 'em a few weeks ago and these are the four numbers that still work.

January 30, 2013

A pleasure!

Chickenhawks. They've been the bane of our political existence for at least a generation or two.

They wanna sit back in their air conditioned comfy rooms and easy chairs and go "Rah-Rah-Rah! USA-USA-USA!" from the sidelines, while sending our sons and daughters out into harm's way. I would rather listen to someone who's been there. And done the dirty work. And seen - and experienced - the bloodshed and pain and horror first-hand. And got their hands dirty. And had skin in the game. Rather than some pansy-ass with nice soft clean hands who's never been there and can never know. You shouldn't send other people into hell unless you've been there yourself, and you thus FULLY UNDERSTAND and empathize with what you're asking of them.

Not just sympathy. EMPATHY. Empathy is when you've been there yourself. You've faced it yourself. You know - from hard horrifying first-hand experience! Not from easy chairs and weasel deferments and insulated, air conditioned offices and quiet, peaceful surroundings. And as we all know, the republi-CONS and CONservatives just don't do empathy. A pity, really. No wonder they're such warped human beings.

January 30, 2013

Hey, whatever works!

I hate it that I've come to this - 'cause I try to be at least somewhat conciliatory. But I'm sorry - these folks have just fucked EVERYTHING up that they touch. They're DIRECTLY responsible for the meaner, angrier, nastier complexion of our country. THEIRS is the hate radio poison that limbaugh and Pox Noise and all the rest of those vermin appeal to, and gain strength and power and influence from. THEIRS is the side that clings to those "Second Amendment Remedies" - brought up originally by one of THEM (sharron angle, hello!). It's THEM.


What does our side do? At worst? Well, consider: the "Extremists" on our side do things like chain themselves to trees. Throw paint on somebody's mink coat. Go on a hunger strike. Stage a sit-in or a tent city or an Occupy. Seems as though their side is much more likely to grab some hideous assault weapon and go on a rampage. How many so-called "lefties" have been behind the trigger at these horrible massacres? How many gun nuts are on our side? How many on our side think you need to mow down a bunch of innocents to make a point? How many obsessive-compulsive paranoiacs with untreated anger issues are there on the left, anyway?

Even if there ARE some, it strikes me from a lot of longtime observation that the wackos on our side are VASTLY outnumbered (AND CERTAINLY outgunned) by the wackos on the so-called "right."

The tendency that I have observed again and again among the left is NOT the attitude of shooting first and asking questions later. Our side seems to go for the talking and questioning and analyzing first, and maybe getting physical sometime down the line - MAYBE.
However, the tendency that I've observed many times over the years is ABSOLUTELY an attitude of shooting first and asking questions later.

Mind you, I am not a professional sociologist or psychologist here. All I know is what I've observed over many years. And these tendencies are what I've observed over many years.

January 30, 2013

How 'bout a teaspoon? In honor of the teabaggers! Or maybe a thimble.

I find I'm in agreement with those who shouted "YEAH!" last year at one of the republi-CON primary debates, wherein the moderator asked - after a fairly cold-hearted bean-counter answer from one of them up on stage - "what should we do? Just let 'em die?"

I would be VERY delighted to see the whole republi-CON party die. ESPECIALLY in the states, where, unfortunately, they have wangled their way into majority power-holders.

January 30, 2013

Welcome to DU, JoeBlowToo!

Glad you're here! This is hilarious! I don't care if it was staged. It's still a gun buffoon demonstrating how he gets his!

January 30, 2013

Welcome to DU, healthnut7!

Good to have you with us! As a retired journalist, I am personally insulted every moment that Pox Noise remains on the air. Their perversion of the craft of true impartial news coverage just GRATES!!!!

January 30, 2013



Thank you for posting this, Playinghardball!

January 29, 2013

It's just heartbreaking. I don't know what hurts more -

thinking of what that man went through - and so close to Christmas - OR the just plain shitty reaction from the gun nut contingent who insist on the right to massacre. That's all it is when you're talking assault rifles, weapons that can mow a multitude of people down in the span of a mere minute. That's a massacre. No one's trying to take single-shot weapons away. Nobody's trying to take anyone's rifle away, or handgun of any kind. If what these people are insisting on is wanton access to assault weapons, then what they're advocating the right to massacre. Someone took me to task on it here recently, and I just wasn't in the mood to argue. Nevertheless I stand by that wording.

January 26, 2013

Welcome to DU, Apophis!

Glad you're here! There's all sorts of good stuff here, as you've already discovered. LOTS of creative and articulate people with sharp eyes, sharp ears, and sharp minds!

January 25, 2013

I've hated his guts ever since he did that!!!! ASSHOLE!!!!!

Fuck you, sack-o-shit. HOW DARE that chickenhawk accuse Max Cleland of being unpatriotic for opposing the war in Iraq, and even daring to question his patriotism for ANY reason. Max Cleland gave three of his limbs in service of this country. You do NOT disrespect that. You just don't. And if you're a chickenhawk, you shut the fuck up! Unless you wisely get down on YOUR intact knees and thank him for taking that grenade explosion so it wouldn't have to be YOU.

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