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Obese woman told she was "too fat to fly" home, dies of kidney failure

Mrs Soltesz needed to return to New York from her holiday home in Hungary to resume medical treatment. She suffered from kidney disease and diabetes and reportedly "did not trust" Hungarian doctors.

But the Dutch airline KLM was unable to get her on board a flight on which she had booked two seats to accommodate her.

She was then told to drive to Prague in the Czech Republic where she would be given seats on a larger Delta Airlines flight. But, according to Mr Ronai, she was unable to be belted into that plane and "the captain came out of the cockpit and made her get off".

Mrs Soltesz died of kidney failure before an alternative flight could be found.


I don't get it. They allowed her to board and fly to Europe no problem, but somehow couldn't allow her to fly back?

Sure, she weighs 425-pounds which is pretty big, but not THAT big. A single economy/coach seat can fit a 215-lb. person, so two seats should be enough to accommodate her.

Hell, at least she was considerate enough to book two seats. I've seen some real fat fuckers squeeze into one seat, and "ooze over" into adjacent seats.

Sounds like her husband has one hell of a lawsuit on his hands. Maybe that's what it will take for airlines to add more bigger seats instead of sandwiching everyone in like sardines in the first place.

Much Lower Turnout This Year Compared to 2008

In 2008, Obama got over 69 million votes, this year he's not going to break 60 million.

In 2008, McCain got nearly 60 millions votes, Romney got less than 57 million.

Lots of people stayed home.

2012 EXIT POLL DATA: How Often Do You Attend Religious Services?

More Than Weekly: 63-36% Romney
Weekly: 58-41% Romney
Monthly: 55-44% Obama
Few Times a Year: 56-42% Obama
Never: 62-34% Obama

http://www.cnn.com/election/2012/results/race/president (click on Exit Polls)

Going to church more often would seem to make you rather... (fill-in-the-blank)

Freepers Blaming Gary Johnson For Potentially Costing Romney Florida


Idiots. As if many of Johnson's supporters would have ever voted for Romney.
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