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Anyone Catch OutFront w/Erin Burnett Tonight on CNN Regarding the Contempt Vote?

She had an interesting interview with Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA), one of the 17 Democrats who voted with the Republicans in their contempt vote against A.G. Holder on Thursday.

You can see the interview segment here: http://outfront.blogs.cnn.com/2012/06/28/u-s-house-finds-attorney-general-in-contempt-of-congress-in-historic-vote/

He made an interesting point, that he didn't expect any sort of cover-up to be revealed by the documents, but was puzzled at why the Administration is refusing to just release them and let Congress do its job of being able to investigate the Executive Branch, when it is accused of wrong-doing.

Erin Burnett kept trying to paint him into a corner suggesting that his vote was motivated by fealty to the NRA, but as he responded, he doesn't agree with the NRA's conspiracy theory, he isn't running for re-election, and doesn't plan to run again in the future. So his vote was purely his own conscience and consistency with his contempt vote against Bush officials back in 2008 as well.

Just gives some interesting insight into why some Democrats voted the way they did.

As Seen on Yahoo! News Comments Tonight...

Yahoo's news article comments section usually mirrors Free Republic's, but every so often there is a gem:


One astute commenter:

I see so any putting down Fox all the time but none of you are capable of finding them wrong in what they say.......if they was wrong dont you think that the Obummer administration would have shut them down by now? o therefore there has to be truth to it

...and a brilliant response:

No honey, there doesn't have to be truth. The President hasn't shut down the National Enquirer either.

I so hope the SCOTUS doesn't strike down the ACA tomorrow. These people are going to go ape-shit.
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