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As I listened to Trump refusing to accept any responsibility for the near total failure of

the US response to the coronavirus pandemic, I could not help flashing back to one of the late Freddie Prinze's lines on the old "Chico and the Man" series: "'Ees not my zhyob, mon!"

Freddie was brilliant.

Trump?-----I don't have the energy or desire to start a list of appropriate descriptors for "it".

It might explain my attitude about some things if I tell you that, in the

midst of this Trumpian shitstorm, one of the results of Tuesday's election locally was that my county voted 74% in favor of joining with all other Illinois counties EXCEPT Cook (that's Chicago, of course) to essentially secede from Illinois and form a new state!

Maybe some of you can "reason" with such knuckle-dragging bigots and racists. I cannot!

This will be a "get off my lawn" post.

No responsible adult can be anything but angry and disgusted about the self-centered CHILDREN spending spring break partying at the beaches. But, it is not especially remarkable that these CHILDREN are self-centered twits who are convinced that they are invincible. We all had that attitude at their age. Besides, these CHILDREN have an excuse for their "I'm the only one who really counts" attitude. They are simply modeling the putrid example of the Orange Oaf.

They have heard all the stupidity gushing from the White House and their bullshit alarms haven't had time to fully develop. Most of ours have been blaring at constant full volume for over three years.

So, yeah, the spring breakers piss me off, but they are forgivable. Trump?


People, EVERY discussion of how we can survive this pandemic as a nation needs to

begin with a reminder that the current occupant of the White House is a rotten "human being"---seriously.

Don't believe anything he says.

Assume he will break every promise he makes.

He DOES NOT CARE about us.

Any plan with even a chance of success will have to overcome the ignorant, arrogant and shortsighted actions of the Trump regime to date.

There is no such thing as a Trump official who is "here to help you". They exist to keep him in power---period.


It just may be a good thing that I am voluntarily sheltering in place. If I was out

and about and someone said in my presence some of the made-up crap they are posting on line about Joe Biden, I fear my veneer of civilized human being might not be strong enough to prevent an "up close and personal" confrontation.

So, why does Deborah Birx tie a different tablecloth around her neck for each of

these task force pressers?

Damn it! THINK, people!

Do not buy into the Trump regime's meme that we should "save the tests for those who need them". And, who "really needs them"? The people who fit Trump's "guidelines du jour".

The brutal "prioritizing" of who gets tested is ONLY necessary because Numnutz totally screwed the pooch when he should have been nailing down a supply of the widely used WHO tests. THAT is what they are trying to avoid confronting with this "prioritizing" of our pitifully small number of tests as the WHO emphasizes "Testing, testing, testing!" as the best way to beat this virus. South Korea---for cryin' out loud---tested virtually EVERYONE and isolated the positives immediately.

Dear Leader cannot be seen to have made a short-sighted, stupid and selfish mistake. THAT is why we trail world in testing. THAT is why more of us will die.

The White House response to this pandemic has been a real Clustertrump. nt

These things are true:

Our nation and the world is being staggered by the global pandemic known as Covid 19.

Donald Trump and his transition team were briefed by the outgoing Obama administration on the necessity of preparing for a new flu or other infectious disease that could rise to the level of a pandemic.

Trump not only did nothing to prepare for a pandemic, he scrapped the team of experts President Obama had assembled and cut funding to the Center for Disease Control.

We have known about the serious threat posed by Covid 19 since at least last December.

Despite being urged by some in his own administration to take action to prepare for the inevitable spread of the disease, Trump opted to publicly downplay its seriousness and simply prohibit travel from China and INTENTIONALLY DELAY TESTING for the virus. He was concerned that too much public knowledge of the disease would negatively impact the market and possibly harm his re- election chances.

Despite weeks of assurances by the Trump virus team that "millions of tests will soon be available" and the PERSONAL ASSURANCE of Trump that "anyone who wants a test can get a test", the TOTAL of tests administered to US citizens to date is less than the number of tests South Korea administered DAILY to check the spread of the disease.

Trump continues to tell transparent lies about the nature and extent of the pandemic, preferring to boast about the "great job" he's done rather than actually deal with our reality.

We are very likely to exceed our medical system's capacity and the prospect of Americans dying of Covid 19 in hospital parking lots is not farfetched.

The American death toll is expected to be in the thousands.

There is a scheduled presidential election in November.
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