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Member since: 2002
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A Haiku for bird feeders:

The birds disappear
Whenever the hawk is near
He has too eat, too

Being the "unsophisticated and naive" codger that I am, I have a suggestion.

Whether by letter "cc'ed" to the press or on TV the first time they get the mike, Democrats on the powerful committees ruled by traitorous insurrectionists should ASK them to explain why they should not be expelled from Congress per the plain language of the 14th Amendment?



NEVER pretend they are legitimate.

So, the Chrisleys, the "squeaky clean" CHRISTIAN couple who, for years, hosted a TV show and

held themselves up as paragons of virtue and "proof" that God rewards the hardworking faithful---are starting their prison sentences. He will serve 12 years; she will serve 7. It seems their "success" involved frauds that yielded them over 30 million dollars and funded their $300,000 a year clothes spending.

But, hey---at least they weren't gay and didn't do doobies, amiright?

Will the DOJ survive Jim Jordan's criticism of it? Both of the people who respect him think not. nt

In rereading the great Michener's "Poland", I was reminded of just how entangled that nation

has been throughout history with virtually every country or province around it, including Ukraine.

In the chapter dealing with the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany, I was struck by the following passage about a brutal Nazi commandant:

"---he believed without question that Germany was intended by destiny, OR GOD IF ONE WISHED, to rule Europe and that Adolph Hitler had been brought to Germany from Austria to lead the nation to SUPREMACY. Therefore,---,( even for trivial rule violations )--- no punishment could be too severe."-------- ( EMPHASIS MINE )

The Nazis believed that Hitler had been chose or anointed by God and that ANYTHING they did to support his vile whims was "doing God's work".

If that is not enough creepy similarities between the Nazis and the "evangelical" Trumpies, consider this: the uneducated "judges" put on the bench by the SS wore RED CAPS!

"Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind

wonderfully."------Samuel Johnson

The reason for that "concentration", of course, is impending death. And, impending death is something those of us who have already surpassed our "three score and ten" are usually willing to acknowledge. Both the healthy and the frail must acknowledge that we have significantly less future than we've had past.

And, it seems to me I am probably not alone in "concentrating" my mind; winnowing through my thoughts and concerns and discarding the "chaff".
Some of what is left is comforting and may even bring a smile, but some of it is painful to consider. There were certainly more than a few times in my life when I was "less" than I should have been; less kind---less brave---less generous---less tolerant---and, most hurtful, less loving than I "should have---could have" been.

And, I am left with the knowledge that there are no "re-takes" possible for those sad scenes. All I can do at this point is try to be a better man during whatever days I have left and hope I am fondly remembered when I die.

Introspection may be a flaw, I suppose. Sorry if some find the above maudlin nonsense.

Do you think the Repubican-candidate-for-the-state-legislature New Mexico Special Prosecutor who

just charged liberal Alec Baldwin with involuntary manslaughter would have charged his conservative younger brother Stephen in the same circumstances?

Most attorneys I heard comment on the situation thought it very unlikely he'd be charged with anything.

Trump and Santos remind me of how my Dad once described a well-know liar in our small town:

"He's such a big liar he has to have the neighbor call his dog."

Rural folks will understand.

For Trump folks: I am sad to say I can't say what I want to say with just small words. It is hard

say things just right and not use words with more than one---"sill a bull". ( I know, I know! )

How's this: Trump is NOT a good man. If there is one, he will burn in Hell!

He hates black folk.

He hates Jews.

He hates "girls".

He likes the Klan.

He likes those who kiss his ass.

He LOVES your cash.

Find a friend to read this to you if you must. It's all good; he loves fools.

Can he win next year?



ECONOMY!" presser and ad scripts are not already written?
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